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1Little Birds Empty Little Birds on Mon May 30, 2016 2:06 pm


Event Task:
Task Name:[EVENT]:So It Begins..
NPC or PC:Event
Crew, Team, or Personal:N/A
Description:Due to what has occurred over on Enies Lobby recently, word has begun to spread far that the marines plan on sweeping through the blues to prevent other pirates from uprising and of half of Enies Lobbys destruction. By looking around your local area and talking with maybe the right people, you actually begin to gain some insight on this and find out marines are beginning to mobilize.
Enemy Details:10 Tier 1 Enemies, 1 Tier 2 Enemy

Walking around some of the camp ruins of the area, Kash was simply reflecting on everything that happened with Niles. The rest of the crew was back on the ship resting, they had decided to dock here just to relax.

Kash was still an emotional mess but she was slowly returning to normal. She still hadn't talked with Leparo about everything that happened in Illusia. So there were still feeling about that lingering as well. She decided to explore simply to be alone for awhile.

As she wandered she could see the old settlements where people lived as work for the bridge was being done. Fragments of their lives left behind, telling tales about what kind of people lived here. Kash had come across one small home, half destroyed and wondered how it happened. She could see a small bed inside and a worn bear. A child's room.

Kash was never fond of cute toys like that when she was a child. She was always up to no good, doing things she had no business doing. Her brother would trail behind her those days and her parents hated the influence she had on him. My how things have changed now though.

As she would walk on, Kash could hear the collective footsteps of a group nearby and would duck behind a wall. Peering around the corner Kash could see what looked like a roving gang. What were they doing here? From the looks of it, they were carrying boxes and sacks of random items. Treasure hunters?

Kash Stackz
Little Birds 3HFFct5278AYU

2Little Birds Empty Re: Little Birds on Mon May 30, 2016 2:39 pm


"Crazy right? They burned down they just went in and attacked Enies Lobby," said one man in the group as the others walked and listened.

Kash decided to stick close, walking between building and structures to stay out of sight. Who attacked Enies Lobby? This was the first time she was hearing about it and it intrigued her.

"They had to be some idiots to think that would work," said another man.

Kash was actually getting annoyed that no names were being mentioned in this story. Who would think it a good idea to attack Enies? They had to have balls of steel to do something so reckless. They actually sounded like the type of people Leparo would be friends with. Kash rolled her eyes at the thought of Leparo saying they were going to attack Enies. She'd jump ship then and there probably. But then again, a part of her found it exciting.

"Well you know the marines weren't too happy about that either way. I hear the pirates were captured or maybe killed, either way they're not going to be setting sail anymore probably. They did all that just to cause trouble for everyone else. Now the marines want to come into the blues heavily to snuff out any pirates they feel would be a problem. Sucks to be them.

The group of men would stop suddenly and one in particularly would begin walking around. He looked in Kash's direction and would duck back around the corner. Did he spot her?

"You might as well come out, I know you're there," he would say. His gang of men all reaching for their weapons and looking around themselves.

Kash Stackz
Little Birds 3HFFct5278AYU

3Little Birds Empty Re: Little Birds on Mon May 30, 2016 7:20 pm


"Okay, you caught me," Kash would say, stepping out from the ruins with her hands up and looking down slightly as if embarrassed.

"Who are you?"

"Ashley," Kash lied. She was about to put on another one of her faces.
A group of treasure hunters love when they felt like they've struck gold. Kash was gonna be gold today.

"Ashley who? And what are you doing out here...following us?" The man would say, stepping forward ahead of his men.

Kash looked at him for a second. He actually didn't look like a bad guy, but she wasn't the best judge of character these days.

"I've been here for awhile, looking for antiques and relics. Saw you guys and thought you may be onto something good honestly. Looks like you have quite the haul. So I was going pick off of you," she would say. People tend to believe everything you say after you confirm some of their suspicions yourself.

"I knew it, get the hell out of here you rat. You're not going to be moving in on our haul," he would say pointing aggressively to nowhere specific.

"Okay, okay. It's just, I was also interested in what you guys had been talking about. About Enies Lobby. Could you tell me more?" Kash started to dig.

The men observed her and a few began to whisper amongst themselves. Kash's eyes would narrow, wondering what was being said all of a sudden.

"Why would something like that interest you?"

"Wait boss, I think I recognize her. From Illusia, she was with those pirates that robbed the bank at the center of town. They completely destroyed the place. She's a wanted criminal," one of the other men would suddenly say.

"Well, well. Boys, I believe we've struck gold. We got ourselves a bounty." the leader would say. The vibe he was giving off had completely shifted.

"Bounty hunters..." Kash would say to herself, coming to the realization.

The men would draw their swords and begin taking steps toward Kash, surrounding her.

"We could do this the easy way or-"

Kash wasn't about to wait for him to finish his sentence. She had closed the distance between herself and the leader and unsheathed her blade, striking him down in one motion. She did not kill him, just severely injured him enough so that he wouldn't be able to move. Kash would engage the other 10 men, one after the other in order to immobilize them. Eventually there would be 2 left standing that would turn and flee.

Normally Kash would kill all of them with no survivors, but she was trying to change. She let them go and would turn to return to the ship. She had heard enough anyway. The marines were going to have a much larger presence in the small blues. They would be on a witch hunt for any pirates trying to make a name for themselves.

[End Task]

Kash Stackz
Little Birds 3HFFct5278AYU

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