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1All along the watchtower  Empty All along the watchtower on Mon May 30, 2016 4:51 pm




Following ancient instructions, Spook managed to find the path to enlightenment. Which was one of his impediments, and perhaps would eventually lead to his downfall. What did he learn from the episode of his crew crashing, and him joining the marines? Not much, at least – nothing inspiring. There was nothing about the actions of Spook that made him seem leader, other than the way he structured having conversations with other people. The way he expressed his opinion and asked for the opinions of others was unique – in terms of personality- types Spook was considered a leader. But that didn’t mean that he wanted to be a leader, while he’s a control freak he has an issue with people being led under him. The term, ‘socio wolf ‘, was a concept he seemed to be most interested in. Was this conventional wisdom or was this Spook being too ego- centric? This remained unknown and irrelevant at the time – surely a chapter for another time. Spook did not spontaneously find out about the light house which he remained in the wake of, away from the location but still having a good observation point. He used his binoculars to scout around the area to make sure there weren’t any guards around that might have interfered with his business. Was he to assault the light house or use the people inside as a source of information? Probably a bit of both, though by deciding to pull through today he would commit actions that cannot be reversed by any means necessary. What are our minds made for? Thinking – and that is what Spook did. What was the best plan for a good approach in order to resolve this situation and get everything he needs in order to carry through? Spook was an excellent student of history; he learned a lot with precision. Implications of the past were as clear as day to him – which enabled his intellect to know that assaulting this beach today might negatively influence his reputation within the navy. Though he had built up to a certain point where things could be forgiven, at least, according to himself.

Near the beaches of cacti and other lifeforms Spook began to approach the lighthouse. He stood out, in the open. Allowing everyone around him to see him – which stated his non-lethal intent. His business was to go in and have a gander at what the man inside the house is doing, and then eventually use him for more information about the fruit. The devils fruit, the one which originates all forms of darkness, void. Et cetera. Assume that the man inside knew everything that Spook needed to know. Wouldn’t that make him a sensitive target? And a VIP for perhaps some – or those or him/ her who own the fruit wouldn’t want the secrets of the fruit and its powers to be revealed? All of this and other repercussions are something Spook decided to plan out maliciously after the fact. The marine soldier Spook stood at the large gates of the lighthouse. As he was about to enter he noticed the rusty doorknob. He had a double take, was he sure he wanted to put his hand on this? What If he left fingerprints behind? What if… the door knob is poisoned, and the people who regulate this lighthouse have a secret entrance? So his options were as following:
- Wear gloves
- Seek another entrance
Or say fuck it, man up, and kick the door open to announce his entrance to every soul in the third dimension. Of course, why not do that? His teenage mind took over, he took a step backwards and motion himself in a way that his foot would target the side of the door with the rusty hinges. With a simple kick the door hinges broke through and the door was kicked in. Meaning that the people inside the lighthouse had to have felt that, even if they were high up in the tower.

It was empty, at least, that's what it seemed like. But it was far from that. As Spook walked a few meters into the place, a voice spoke from a corner covered by shadow.

'What is it you seek here?'

'...' Spook responded.

'Glory, fame?' Han questioning Spooks motives

'I've been on a duck chase for a long time, which led me up to here. You must know why ...' Spook said, with confidence. His weapon ready at his side.'

Han got out from the shadows.

'I'm not interested in fighting.' Said Han

Spook examined the man, he had a scruffy beard and wore a strange outfit. It was the opposite of eccentric, as if he had been away from civilization for years on ends. Other than that he was huuge.

'The fruit, that's what you seek for, isn't that right?' Spook gave a slight nod in response to Hans question

'It belongs to a marine... Maybe that much was already known to you. You came here seeking for answers. Force the hand of the marine and make them come out for you...'

Spook listened carefully as the man was reaching his hand into his pocket.

'! THE OWNER OF YAMI YAMI IS BAKU; navy- admiral !'

Spooks hairs stood straight on his neck. His skin shivering as the mere name dropped the rooms temperature by a few degrees. At least that's how it felt like. While Spook was lost in a train of though the long katana of Han lashed out at Spook. Spook couldn't react in time, this man was quick. Spook used the tip of his spear to fend of the katana so that it would graze the side of his torso instead of the center of his chest. Which he achieved, barely. The katana cut through his armor like butter. This was worrisome, Spook had no time to think as he reacted instinctively. From the point of the slash Spook couldn't reach forwards with his free hand in order to grab Hans wrist. His katana was too long, and the way he lashed out in a thrust made it harder for Spook to reach him and disarm him. So disarming was no longer an option, considering the awkward position of his spear because of the fact that he managed to warp away the attack a few inches. He couldn't stab him effectively because he was motioning away from the katana to minimize damage. The only last choice he had was to fall back. The issues with fighting in this space was the room that was available. Close quarter to the extreme. The man with the katana would win from Spook in this room. Spook was lucky that his back was facing the empty hole where the door once stood right. While in motion, away from the katana he used the edge of his heel to motion him backwards. It meant that he would lose balance in order to get edge in terms of moving away. As Han was moving his arm back to strike the second time Spook was standing in the doorway. Whilst Han struck horizontally Spook used his leg to stomp on the door which made it prop up and stop the blow of Hans katana. Spook moved back further and corrected his stance.

Spook powered through and corrected his stance. He was still in a loss of momentum, as his foot had its center placed on a plank, barely standing on the stairs that led to the outside. At least he could defend himself from this position, even though he was stumbling as he moved back. Han gave him no mercy and continues his thrusting manoeuvre towards Spook. The gatekeeper was like a master of the art of war. He seemed deeply knowledge about what he was doing and what he was supposed to do. He had the upper edge on Spook and held that edge for a very long time - it is rare, for Spook to be at this much of a disadvantage for this long (in combat). This happens rarely, the only time this happened was when he was facing off someone much stronger than himself. Which resulted in him having a nasty scar. Wanting to avoid such a situation Spook took a gamble. It was a wild gamble, it meant moving forward while feinting his backwards movement. It would mean that he couldn't strike for a while again. But, should he do this correctly it will decide the battle and the way Spook will strategize in all future battles. The gamble involved him feinting with his spear, making it seem like he's moving back. Leaning the upper part of his body back while keeping his shoes on the stairs. Which meant moving backwards, Michael Jackson style. And just as Han Hattori is about to strike, he should motion back more and more, until the katana goes past him, and then prop the spear back up and move up so he stands straight. Using momentum from this stance he would be able to use his spear as a thorn and stick it into Han.

He was a trooped, and did as he planned. Moving his torso back while keeping a steady footing Han was fooled - at least, that was Spooks perspective from what he could see. Seeing his katana move with himself, it suddenly changed direction. Han was quick, his wrist was like butter. He could move his katana with great ease, this was very threatening.

Had his plan been foiled?

Was this the end of Spook?

An ancient technique to winning any battle that is very toe-to-toe is gambling, it's still usable today. A winning strategy could be stabbing yourself but stabbing your opponent as well in the process. Was that worth it? Depends. What is the situation like? In how much shit is Spook in? In a quite terrible situation one should look for alternatives. Spooks alternative in this situation was letting himself fall (using the energy of gravity to aid his descend); this allowed himself to let him fall faster- making it easier for him to motion away from the strike.

By doing this he escaped the almost- terrible katana slash. His hair standing up right, shivering - not because he was in deep shit. But because it was exciting. Adrenaline had filled up his body from tip to toe. He almost instantaneously jumped up. His reflexes were keen. His adrenaline acted like a drug. He banged his head against the wooden deck when he fell, this would certainly play into effect later on. A concussion could certainly affect the way of thinking.

Han not giving any moment to rest continued his flurry of strikes. Spook managing to duck under a slash and somehow step backwards from one decided it was time to strike back. Since this was his first strike, he should be as deadly as possible. He had shown that he wasn't afraid of death, this certainly played into part in terms of psychology. Spook was still planning on stabbing Han through the thorn method that he had in mind. Which after evading two more strikes he had managed into successfully in doing.

'And zher I was'


Hans blood hitting the hot beach sand.

'You? Never'

'You will never win'

'Maybe from me...'

'.... but not from him!'

'He's not here to help you.' Spook said, being careless as Han simultaneously struck Spook as he spoke. Which resulted in Spook getting injured, a vertical cut from his wrist to his shoulder. Not severing any arties, it still bled. Spook twisted his spear before pulling it out, using his leg to kick Han away.

'Baku iz not something you need to fear anymore. It iz over, yur clock is ticking but for not much longer. You seem to poszes a zertain hatred towards him- as if ze robbed you of something. You were ditched here, and you've been here. Alone, for a long time. It's not hard to put one and one together, so how about coming clean and surrendering your revenge to me. The reason why you told me I can't beat him is because you couldn't, isn't that so- you superiority complex motherfucker?'

Han attempted to crawl away from Spook. Though this happened weakly. With his last attack that landed, Han was torn. He already was in pain before Spook arrived. Probably scurvee or whatever. He could notice it in his movement. Was Han in his prime, maybe 10-30 years ago- he would beat Spook in his current condition. Spook guessed that he and Baku raced for the yami a long time ago.

'It changes you, Baku used to be nice...'

'It's the powers. The might that the fruit carries with it. It opens up the abyss, Nietzsche etc.'

What will this fruit do with someone who already lives in darkness. 2 negatives cancel each other out, don't they? This wouldn't be too bad, Spook would finally be the embodiment for Justice - as he's been having a facade ever since he became a marine. He acted the part, and pretended to be a marine. Trying his best to seem normal wasn't a very healthy way of living. It took his toll on him, which is why he pursued his dream - which is the Yami Yami.

'Any final words?'

Spook asked, allowing a moment of respite as he readied his spear to give Han the death sentence. Spook was the judge and the executioner. This was Hans final moment, and as emotion as it was Han actively reached into his coat. As if he were trying to look for something. Spook allowing him to do so, as he was curious what he was grabbing. Maybe he had a scroll hidden? With the inscriptions and skills of Yami yami?


It was a den den mushi. Spook instantaneously while seeing this being uncovered from Hans coat moved his spear into his direction to kill him - as if he were in slow motion, with the spear being moved towards Han and him opening his lips to speak towards the den den. He was too late - Spook was too late. Han said the following before giving his last breath while Spooks spear tore him apart.

'Gaia' Han said, the next second his neck losing its power - he was dead. But... this meant that Spook was in a dire situation.




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