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1Is it Time (Task) Empty Re: Is it Time (Task) on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:42 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote

Kyoto S. Rikaru

Kyoto would sigh slightly as she walked around one of the many marine strongholds. Well, one of the most well known strongholds. It was quite magnificent to say the least. Though, some of it was still getting repaired. A couple months ago it had been attacked by some group of pirates. People that Kyoto had already forgot about since they were off the map. Now, now she had new things to worry about. Things like how was she going to get Rear Admiral. Sighing, she would continue to walk around. She had finally gotten out of the Four Blues, but was that good? Was she done there? Did it still have use for her? She couldn’t answer these questions by herself. She would squeeze her hands into fists, thinking about her devil fruit abilities. Truth be told, she had developed them to such where she figured out how to make them even more powerful and stronger. Even her haki had come in handy when using them. The fruit gave her the abilities to make barriers out of thin air, some of them invisible and some of them not.

Continuing to look around, she would come to hear some pretty shady voices. Well, the voices weren’t shady. Just what they were talking about. “Look, if they could do it then we can!” said the voice of the man with a combination of a whisper and a scream. “But boss, we aren’t like them. Sure, our bounties are pretty high, but not like theirs.” said another voice that received some grunts and yes. Hrm, maybe 4 or 5 of them thought the Kuja, but what were they trying to do. She would decide to wait a bit. “Look, if they can destroy enies...we can as well.” Her heart would drop upon hearing this. She would think about what to do. She could let them walk seeing as she didn’t really care much. Or she could stop them right now. Getting a name for herself in Enies. Probably even getting to meet some important people. She would think only for a fraction of a second as she would twist around the corner and stare the group of six in the face.

“Now, now, now. What do we have here.” said Kyoto as she would smirk. As she stared at them, they seemed pretty basic. Though, one of them made her cringe. He was naked with 3 legs and 1 eye. What the hell was he? A devil fruit? Her stomach would try to empty herself as she thought of a devil fruit that made someone look like that. Shaking her head she was about to speak, but was rudely interupted when the deformed man said “Kill her, she can’t go ratting our plans.” The others would mumble something about ok boss and rush towards the Kuja. Though, she wasn’t having any of that. As they would get within 5 meters of her. She would conjure an invisible barrier, just tall enough and wide enough for all of them to run into it. She would smile as they would fall onto their backs and onto each other. “You people should watch where you’re going. We don’t want anyone breaking any bones.” They would grunt at her as they would get up and begin charging back towards her again.

“Lady Kyoto, are you around here.” said a voice she easily recognized as Lucian. She would frown, she wanted to end these idiots herself. Sighing she would say “Yes I am here, but stay out of it. I am trying to do something.” She would her the octopus man reply as he said “What are you talk--” he didn’t get to finish his question because just as he turned the corner he would come to see Kyoto’s eyes sharpen. “You guys are terrible. It is time to end this.” An aura of hot pink would erupt from her body and spread out in every direction. Easily overcoming the bodies of the grunts as it touched them. Knocking them out instantly. She would smirk, she hadn’t used her Conqueror’s Haki in a while now. It really weakened her whenever she did. Staring at the deformed man she would say “Now, it is just me and you.” The man would stare at her as he looked really scared. “You bitc--” his words weren’t finished as Kyoto would shoot forward. Leaving dust behind her as a barrier would form around her hand, dark in color signalling that it was enhanced even more. Getting within 1 feet of the man she would send a punch directly for the man’s face. Though, he was ready for it.

Just as her punch was inches away from his face. His hand would rise. Glistening black as he punched her hand. Though, that was a mistake for him because just as his punch would hit the barrier. The power of it would come back 10 fold (was lying, only saying that cause it sounds cool). Just as the power came back it would come to break the man’s whole arm. Wow? That happened? She didn’t know her barriers were that strong. Smiling, she would proceed to attack the man while he was stunned. Once the barrier disappeared from her hand she would begin to send punches in his chest. Six of them to be exact. Just as she landed the sixth punch, she would jumped in the air and imbue her foot with haki as she shot down with it towards his head with such force that when it connected he would make a crater in the ground.

“That’ll teach you for fucking with the marines.” said Kyoto as she fell to the ground and wiped her marine clothing off. “I think we are done here Lucian. Let’s go find a place to eat.” Just as she was walking out of the alley a man would come to say “No, no, no. You are not quite done young commodore.” She would look up and see a man standing on top of rooftop. He was dressed in a some sort of cloak with red strings. Wait. She knew what that was. An admiral? But which one was it. “Just who are you. Judging from the cloak you are an admiral, but one who I don’t know of.” said Kyoto as she eyed the man. He would come to eye the young Kuja as he would say “Awe, so you are familiar with the cloak of the admirals. I am Oda Kimura. I am one of the Admirals. Probably the man that has the most authority in this place. But lets stop talking about me. I wanna talk about you. I have heard much of what you have done in the four blues and you have quickly made your way to the grandline for reasons I don’t know. Though, there is one thing I do know. You were denied of Rear Admiral because you have not made it into the Grandline yet. But now, now you are here. What do you think.” said Oda as he raised his hands in the air and looked around.

The Kuja would look around trying to see what the man was getting at. “Meh, it is a good place I assume. Haven’t seen much of it since myself come from the Calm Belt.” said Kyoto as she continued to eye the man. “I like that answer. Just know I will put word out of your arrival.” said the man as he would seem to disappear from sight. “Welp...that was weird” said Kyoto as she continued walking out of the alley way.


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