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1[Time Skip Task] New Home Empty [Time Skip Task] New Home on Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:03 am



Task Name: New Home
Tier: 1
Location: Karakuri
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Emil has arrived on Karakuri and is taken to his new prison. The revolutionaries have a base hidden underground where he is brought to. Stripped down and thrown in a 50x50m cell with dead bodies of marines a few captured animals are thrown in there with him which is announced as his food.
Enemy Details: 10 T4 Snow Wolves  1 T4 Lapahn
Boss: No

His wake was slow and gradual as he caressed his chap lips with his tongue. Still blindfolded and handcuffed Emil had been stuck in his prison on the ship of the revolutionaries. His sense of time had been distorted was he trapped for days or weeks he had no way of knowing stuck in darkness. One thing for sure was that the air was notably colder as if they were in arctic weather.  Emptiness was the only whole feeling he had at the moment. His tears were gone he was emotionally exhausted."Get up" Drawn to the words Emil turns his head towards the sound."Get up let's go."  His mind had been groggy Emil forgot about speech at all during his time in here. Rising he walked towards the voice before a the sound of screeching metal filled the air before leaving. Someone had grabbed his arm and was leading and Emil simply followed. In hostile territory with dulled senses and a bullet wound weren't odds he was even going to fight against.As Emil was led off the ship and finally stepped on to whatever island they had been on he felt the crunch of was most likely snow. However he wasn't aware of a island under revolutionary control which snowed.

The extreme cold was having some type of effect on him. His body shivered but burned at the same time the sensation was all he could feel. He did his best to not drag his feet keeping his captors from becoming aggravated which was a struggle in his own. After what felt like a while they were finally in a warm place. Emil breathed the warm air letting it heat up his body with a internal relief. "Is that him?" A new voice it sounded raspy and worn. Belonging to a old man from the deepness. "Yes sir, took on 100 of us by himself." The person who had been guiding him had said. Emil jumped when he felt the old man's touch against his bullet wound causing him to wince in pain. "It's infected. Follow me i'll fix you up young man." Emil was caught off guard when he heard the words. Why would they help the enemy? No matter a sort of longevity was in his step as the soldier dragged him off presumably with the old man. After another round of walking Emil was suddenly pushed in to a chair before being strapped down. "It'll be over quick but to null the pain-." Mid sentence he had felt large rough hands shove something down his throat gagging from the action. Suddenly his senses became almost woozy and distorted within a few seconds.

That's when the pain started the old man who had been a doctor had opened up Emil's wound with forceps as fresh blood poured out. Emil did nothing but groan at first until the man shoved his fingers inside making him scream in agony. He could feel the stubby fingers inside him reaching for the bullet . But just at how fast it came the pain now subsided."You may have taken on 100 of our men young men but I know that you didn't kill a single one. We recognize that even though you are the enemy and powerful you do not abuse your strength. Consider this our only act kindness." He would say as Emil panted before being unstrapped and dragged out the chair along the floor. His blindfold and cuffs were taken off and he was thrown in a cell. Disheveled from the drug he shook his head taking in the surroundings his vision coming back to him. Looking around he saw the scattered bodies of marines all of them dead in what seemed like a carnage."Here's your dinner." A voice said had said from a den den mushi above as the ceiling opened up. Emil rose and sloppily stepping back still affected from the drug.

A few objects fell down from the shoot. The white wolves had dropped down from the ceiling. They spread out looking at him with hungry red eyes.In sync the wolves charged at him slashing at different angles. Dodging he received cuts along his arms and chest but kept all of his limbs. Through his distortion everything started to move the more he whipped his arm unleashing a rankyaku towards the wolves able to hit only 6. The remaining 4 didn't let up as Emil continued his sloppy dodging. However as time went by the effects of the drug started to wear off. His agility steadily making his movements more sharper however painful to do so. Emil slipped up tripping over one of the marine courses. The snow wolf came in for the kill but Emil easily used his hand to support himself as he threw a kick at a low angle to smash the jaw of the wolf. Another strike to it's throat would kill it as quickly dealt a finishing blow to the others attacking him leaving only 6 left. Panting he stood baring his own fangs. No way he could lose here he had to stay strong; he doesn't deserve the satisfaction of death yet.

This time Emil went on the attack running at them at normal speed whipping forth another rankyaku at the wolfs he already hit slicing their faces. From his side the surviving wolf contested against him as Emil spun around it's swipe bringing his leg up. Off center the wolf completely open Emil dropped his foot like an axe slamming it in the ground. The crunch of bones beneath his foot could be felt. He fell to the ground exhausted the drug having run it's course.
Food they had called these animals which would go to waste. Walking over to the small objects that had fell it seemed they were lighters. "Is this some sick joke." Emil whispered to himself over the realization as he looked to the scattered marine bodies. That's what killed them, and since no one had been strong enough to defeat the wild animals... Amidst his thoughts a blow to his side sent skidding a few meters.. Getting his footing he looked up at the massive rabbit. Furious was the only thing to describe his feelings. Pure white fury making his very body tremble as tears came crashing down. All this senseless slaughter and for what?" WHY!?" Emil roared in agony as the Lapahn came at him.

Clenching his fist Emil used a simple feint to draw the beast in before jumping above it. He swung with all his might and activating shigan at the last minute created a 2m large shockwave slamming it in to the ground a crater left from the impact. Landing on the ground he fell to his knees a puddle of tears forming as he punched the ground over and over." Why why why why.." Over time his right hand bled from the repeated blows as Emil cried out. Standing he walked towards the corner of the cell as the ceiling above finally shut closed. Sinking in to the corner and hugging his knees he once again escaped in to the darkness. The feeling of emptiness slowly becoming a more welcoming place than what was around him. Pain from his new wounds danced in his mind it's all he had. He rather die than eat those poor animals after he mercilessly slaughtered them. Surrounded by monsters he was damn sure to not become one in the process. He was stronger than that.

                          "Aren't I" He squeaked out his hope already beginning to diminish.

Word Count: 1,260

Stamina   125 /250  Haki 75/75

Skills used:

Skill Name: Rankyaku
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 15m
Speed: 2
Description:  The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. The default length with a leg or arm is 7m, while the width is up to .5m. This Rankyaku is solely used through the arms and legs with swinging motions.

Skill Name: Impact
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 10m
Speed: 2
Description: The user activating tenkai in their forearm and up  swings with all of their strength before using shigan with their arm to create a shockwave and send 2m air bullet flying towards the intended to deal massive blunt damage target.

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