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1Building Blocks (Task) Empty Building Blocks (Task) on Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:55 pm



Task Name: Building Blocks
Tier: 3
Location: Alabasta
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: With Elizabeth captured by Alabasta forces and thrown in a holding cell until further notice. With Bazel just returning to Alabasta he has heard whispers of Elizabeths capture and imprisonment which prompts him to save her.
Enemy Details: 50 Tier 1 Guards.

Boss Name: Butch Magnus
Tier: 4
Description: A big ol fat dude. He's 8'11 and he weighs an excess of 500 LB.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Savage
Equipment: Metal Club 3 feet long
Specs: 6 Strength, 3 Weapon, C haki

Her eyes were so dull and her body was so limp. It was a sight unlike anyone had ever seen from her before. She lay on the cold, hard floor with her head throbbing And her body aching. Sacrificing herself to save those children seemed very brave her and very caring, which she held with great pride in her heart. However, she could have done without the excessive beating and being throw into such a dark, solid environment. It made her feel horribly confined and terribly frightened. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but feel the joy of saving the young ones and being the distraction to allow for their escape. Besides, she new her brother would save her eventually, so she'd simply have to stick it out. Although, certain obstacles were becoming a challenge for the young woman.

Being thrown into the prison, not so bad. Being beaten to the point she had large bruises and a bleeding lip, didn't bother her one bit. Even still, she had the courage and strength to muster up but the warmest of smiles. Her heart was still pure with very little anger evident. She felt no sorrow for her own self but for others was a different story. However, there was one man who refused to give her even the slightest break. There was one man who wanted nothing more than to see her suffer and break her very being. He wanted to kill the one person that Elizabeth held most dear to her heart, Bazel.

This man was quite the hefty soul weighing in at a weight Elizabeth could only think to be at least five hundred pounds. Considering her height compared to his, he seemed to be at least eight feet tall or taller. Even though he looked exactly like an inflated marshmallow, he was more brutal than an angry bear and certainly caused more pain than the sugary snack his build represented. This man would find himself staring into her cell and order at least one single guard every hour or so to release their wrath on the young woman causing her excruciating pain. If she wouldn't tell them where Bazel could be found, then she would die with the marines just hoping for him to return to avenge her. They would destroy him just as they had most of his family, even if that meant going after another but indirect form of family. As she heard a heavy door slide open, she knew the hour was almost up.

WC: 422

2Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:16 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Home in Alabasta, Bazel was finally getting to spread his wings as he returned home and see his people. Bazel was a local celebrity around the parts of Alabasta but he wasn't trying to be seen right now. As he walked around town you could clearly see he was wearing a beige cloak which was wrapped around his face, along with most of his body. The things Bazel had to do to avoid trouble in places like this. Walking into one of the local bars here Bazel wasn't surprised when he walked in nothing but silence filled the room. Pirates stopped playing pool, bandits stopped drinking. And Bazel and his men were just looked at. Bazel would remove the cloak revealing himself to those in attendance "AYEEEE, BAZZY" yelled everyone in the bar, They would raise their beers and their pool sticks all happy to see the local star from Alabasta. "Good to be back everyone!" said the smiling Bazel as he began to walk through the bar pulling up a seat directly in front of the bar owner. "It's good to see you here kid. Kids all around town are sporting your jolly roger"

The bar owner was an older man named Merk. He had known Bazel since before everything went sour with his family. "Haha, I didn't think on an island the Marines police so hard would have such a pirate influence." joked Bazel as he looked around and saw nothing but pirates. The old man would hand Bazel a mug filled with Bazel's favorite brew. "You have something to do with that even if you don't want to believe it." said the old man. "You and your sister are local heroes around here. People respect that. It's a shame she was arrested for standing up against the marines." Bazel put his glass down as he looked at Merk "Hm? Who had the balls to take my sister out?" said a smirking Bazel as he drank from his mug. Scrubbing the counter Merk would glance up towards Bazel "Butch Magnus. A Commodore who is stationed at the local prison. The one you ended up in every weekend haha" Bazel would drink what was left in his cup before he stood up and slid the mug back towards Merk. "Take care of my boys, I'll be back shortly"

"Will do Bazzy" said Merk as he continued to scrub the counter. It was now Bazel would exit the bar and proceed to make his way to the prison. His younger sister was in trouble and Bazel would be damned if she stayed in that prison any longer than she already has. Bazel couldn't face his parents knowing his sister was in the situation she was in. After a lengthy trip, Bazel had made his way to the prison and there he was at the entrance of the prison where two guards stood. One at each side. This was a regular entrance, bars all around the fortified prison with two stones pillars separating the bars that were forged into a door. "What is your business here" Bazel vanished as he appeared directly in front of the left guard punching him through the stone pillar. The other guard was just now realizing what happened but by then it was over. Bazel had unwrapped his chain from his right arm and slapped the marine with it. Storming through the gates Bazel was here to cause trouble. "All guards on alert. We have a break in." said a large speaker as sirens began to go off.

3Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:19 pm



Multiple footsteps would be heard in the hall and they would only grow louder as they came upon Elizabeth's cell. The young woman would struggle to sit herself up but eventually would. Her back would sit flat against the wall and her legs would cross in front of her. As she looked upward, the purple eyed female would smile brightly at the two guards standing in front of the bars. "Welcome back, y'all. Did you miss me? I sure didn't miss you," her grin would only grow after speaking those words full of pride. However, a familiar and quite fresh face would appear behind the men, which would cause the woman's stare to grow cold. Nonetheless, she continued to smile, even if it did hold a bit of a menacing feel. "Welcome to my cell, Commodore. I would invite you in but that's not my decision to make now, is it?" The green haired female would sigh before lifting her head to look up at the ceiling. [color=#0099ff]"Quite cheeky[,"/color] we're the only two words the man had managed to muster up.

With a click of the key turning and the sound of sliding metal, the cell would open and purple eyes would dart to the Commodore. The three individuals would enter and the cell would close once more behind the guards. "Well, Ms. Elizabeth. I can already assume you know exactly who I am, correct?" "How could I not?" The prisoner would roll her eyes at such an idiotic question. "Then, let's cut to the chase. Just tell me where your brother, Bazel, is because we already know he's going to be somewhere near you. That's all we want and in return, I'll pardon your little incident. What do you say?" The young woman would yawn not even taking the man's words into consideration. "Listen, how many times have you come in here already? Actually, it doesn't matter. Whether it's the first or the hundredth time, I'm going to tell you the same thing continuously. I. Don't. Know. Now, that doesnt mean he won't find you soon, though. Just be patient," the green haired girl would smile slyly, as she stared at the man known as Butch. Although, he still wouldn't accept her answer.

With a few swift kicks to the sides and a hit to the chest, Elizabeth would find herself gasping for air on the floor of her cell. The Commodore would stand over her as he glared at her menacingly, "You're going to regret this, pirate scum." About this time, a surprise call over the speakers would alert the facility of a break in. Catching her breath, Elizabeth would listen to the many words being spoken. "Who would even dare break in to this prison? What do they want? Where did they come from?"

"Actually, Butch, you're going to be the regretful one. I told you he'd come find you, The woman would grin as she lay in the floor and the Commodore's eyes would widen. "Son of a Bitch. Well, Let's move!" The three men would scramble out of the cell locking it on their way out. Elizabeth would smile as she lay on the cold, hard floor, "I knew it. I knew he'd come," her whispers would form a confident atmosphere around her. She would always believe in him.

WC: 613
TWC: 1,035

4Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:16 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
It was clear what Bazel was here to do. He wanted to save his sister, in order for him to do that Bazel had to get in this prison and save it. As he began to run towards the front entrance of the facility Bazel was met by a wave of Marines who weren't worth much of a hassle as the jumping Bazel would release a wave of punches towards the bevy of men who would fall after a blessed punch from the firebird himself. With the batch of men downed Bazel would make his way through the front door where he saw two staircases, one on the right side and one on the left side. In front of him was a open area where a desk and back rooms were. Bazel would proceed towards the left staircase where marines were running down as he made his way up. There was seven marines there and Bazel. Running up Bazel would attempt to run through them all but they would all grab Bazel by his clothing, pulling him backwards until the arms of Bazel began to glow with a red hue and the smoke began to release from his body. The marines let go from the burning pain as Bazel turned around and started swinging knocking them all down the stairs.

Continuing up the spiraled staircase Bazel would continue to fight his way past guards who were keen on stopping Bazel. Once Bazel had reached the top of the staircase Bazel would begin to look around. There was four directions he could go in. "Uhh..." looking left Bazel would run down the hallway he saw labeled as "Storage". If Bazel had a chance of making it out of here he had to get Elizabeth's gun. This hallway seemed to be clear as Bazel found a room labeled "weapons". The alarms were still going off "Intruder is in the building, storage department" and immediately Bazel looked up towards the top right corner and noticed a camera den den mushi. After going through boxes of storage of weapons and items Bazel had found what he believed to be Elizabeth's rifle attached was a bag of her bullets. "Gotcha" Running out the room Bazel would see a wave of marines all prepared to take him down. It was then a fist came through the wall on his right. The force from the fist would send Bazel flying through the floors below back towards the lobby.

5Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:40 pm



It had been but just a few minutes since the Commodore and his two guards left Elizabeth's cell. This had given her a bit of time to recover her breathing and her composure, although she could still feel the slight pain of bruised muscles and organs. Nonetheless, she needed to do all she could to help her brother with every guard on the move and the Commodore after him as well. However, it wasn't quite her time yet. It just wasn't quite meant to be. So until that moment came, she would think of her brother and be confident in his words that he would protect her. She would sit in silence with her eyes to the ceiling.

After a few moments of sitting silently, Elizabeth would hear the sound of footsteps down the hall from her cell. They would grow louder and louder only making things more tense within her confined space. Who could it be? What were they doing? Within a matter of seconds, a guard was standing outside of the metal bars facing her. The green haired female would stand slowly with a small wince. After getting used to the pain, the young woman would speak her mind, "I just don't think y'all will be enough. If that man you call a Commodore is the best here, you might as well run while you have the chance. That arrogant fool." With a light chuckle following her speech, the guard would respond, "Keep your mouth shut." "Am I frightening you? Well, I'm the least of your worries. Just watch they'll be sending you out of here straight to your grave," the young woman would speak with a grin. Then, the guard would move towards her and unlock her cell. Bingo.

The cell would swing open as the guard came at the girl ready to put her out, however Elizabeth had a different plan. As the man threw his fist towards the young pirate, she would move to the right just missing contact. Her right hand would swing around grasping the back f the man's head before slamming his face directly into the wall. Unconscious he would fall to the cold, hard floor with a small blood dripping from his forehead. With a grin, the woman would exit the wide open cell closing the door behind her. Purple eyes would look left and purple eyes would look right. After just a second, Elizabeth would hear the intercom sound, "Storage room? Well, new adventure here we come," the girl would speak not knowing exactly where she was going. All she knew was that she had taken a right.

She had run a good distance down the hallway to the right of her cell before heating a loud smashing sound. With a estimated guess of where the sound came from, the pirate would keep running towards it. She was determined to find her brother and get out of this little piece of hell.

WC: 512
TWC: 1,547

6Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:05 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"Ouch" said Bazel as he remained on the floor in the lobby smashed into the ground. The granite tiles under Bazel had broken and the debris had gotten all over his clothing. Bazel would begin to cough as he slowly rolled over to his left where he saw the desk that he had previously seen before. "That's a big guy, I didn't come prepared to fight a guy like that today" turning over completely Bazel would be staring at the ground pushing off all fours to stand up and heard something but couldn't pinpoint what it was. Within seconds the man who Bazel assumed punched him had come through the hole he created when he hit Bazel. "What brings you around these parts of town today?" joked Bazel as he stared down the giant brute. The large man would crack his knuckles "Well, Bazel Wiggins. Get to finally see you at my fine prison here boy" this guy had some weird accent that Bazel wasn't a fan of. In his left hand was his sisters gun and in his right hand was his chain wrapped around his fist.

"Your sister broke out. She's upstairs right now, I saw her running down the hallway right before I jumped through this here hole." said Magnus as he pointed at the hole he just created. "Well then.. I guess the only thing I can do is fight you fat boy and get to my sister." Bazel would say that before he took of running towards the marine leaping into the air cocking his right leg back with a spin before going forward with a leg caught on flames. He was trying to connect with the chest of the marine. His leg would meet the forearms of Magnus as he blocked the kick but it knocked him over the desk that Bazel had seen when he first came in. While Magnus was in the pile of rubble Bazel would open up the chamber loading it up with some of his sisters bullets. "Oi Lizzy! Make it to the hole" yelled Bazel as he chucked the gun up through the hole. Hopefully Elizabeth reached the gun by the time it landed. If not she had to fight her way to it. Right now Bazel could really use her help down here.

7Building Blocks (Task) Empty Re: Building Blocks (Task) on Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:56 am

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
OOC: Since Elizabeth quit im just gonna exit.

It was always during combat that Bazel felt bored. Especially when it came to fighting marines. They were so linear in their dictation towards pirates that it drove Bazel mad. Bazel wasn't in the playful mood and wouldn't waste anytime on an opponent as weak as Butch. Bazel would turn to Butch and set him ablaze with a stream of fire coming straight from his mouth. With Butch charred Bazel would fly up through the aforementioned hole and rescue his sister and her gun. It was time to leave.


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