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1Setting Sail [Travel] Empty Setting Sail [Travel] on Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:45 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
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It was time for the Red Wing Pirates to set sail and their captain was already at the shores. The submarine wasn't submerged yet as Bazel himself had sat on the edge awaiting the arrival of his first mate Giddy. He had went into town to explore Alabasta a bit before the crew had set off and Bazel could get his sister. With the latter already accomplished Bazel had his sister sleeping in one of the rooms on the Desert Star where she would be recovering from her wounds thanks to care from Faust until a later time. Bazel was a tad emotional thinking of leaving his homeland after finally coming back here after such a long hiatus. Considering everything Bazel knew when he returned he would be taking Alabata back for himself and his people. The Red Wing Pirates would eventually have sole control over Alabasta so the residents here didn't have to worry about the marines anymore. Looking towards the main city Bazel waited for the arrival of his men. Adjacent to them though, was this ship with blue sails. It looked gorgeous, Bazel wondered who it belonged to.

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Approaching via camel, walking to the side was his Super Spotted Duck, Jun-Jun. The camel was pulling a carriage which contained the supplies he'd picked up the city where Kyo was located. Shrouded under his poncho, his body still aching from his trail with his Chi master tutors, the man's reformed Chi centre still pulsated with excess Chi. "I wonder if Kyo found the docks. I kind of lost him on my way to Katorea." Gideon said, as he inched closer and closer to the docks. Arriving dockside, Gideon noticed a figure on the deck of a huge ship, a passion lit inside his heart, he couldn't wait to inspect the ship as soon as he noticed the ship had carried Baz. Setting the camel free, Gideon and Jun-Jun scaled the wooden attachment which escorted him to the ship. "Are you going to just sit there with that glazed look on your face Baz are ya' going to help me lift this shit on the ship, punk!" Gideon exclaimed, heckling for Baz's assistance.

Setting Sail [Travel] UIrxeeW
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3Setting Sail [Travel] Empty Re: Setting Sail [Travel] on Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:40 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
Kyo had already landed on the ship once he saw the blonde boarding it. To be honest, he wondered if the blonde had thought he had disappeared or something. Before he left he had told Xena and the cyborg to follow the boy so they could get to the ship. He could see them boarding the ship behind the boy as well. They should have already explained that they were friends of the pirate. By the mast of the ship he would lean up against it. The blonde walking his way as he would say "We leaving already?" He had seen some black haired fella leaning on the railing. He would guess that it was the captain. He didn't seem like much, but looks could fool you. Putting his arms on his chest he would say "Xena help prepare the ship I guess. With your knowledge we can leave even faster."

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