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1A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya  Empty A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya on Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:15 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Task Name: A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Vulcan
Tier: 1
Location: Skypiea/ Open Sea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After the defeat of Dread and his men Bazel and his crew get their ship fixed before setting sail for Vulcan.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: N/A

OOC: This arc took place before Jaya was destroyed, hence why I'm setting sail for jaya at the end. It'll set me up for what happened to me on jaya.

The calm breeze against his hair was all Bazel felt as he awoke to the sound of wild life and slight noise from people. Jumping out the bed Bazel looked around and realized he was being taken care of by one of the elders. Bazel's breathing would calm down as he looked around and saw the room filled with villagers who wanted to make sure he was okay. "Did I win?" asked a disorientated Bazel who was still going through the ringer from his battle with Dread. "Yes you did Bazel. Because of you and your friends, the village has power again" Bazel would rub his right hand through his hair as he couldn't really remember how the fight ended. After he used Mach I everything went blank in his mind, It was probably because Bazel wasn't able to harness that type of power just yet. Bazel would attempt to stand but would quickly feel the strength in his legs give out which is when villagers would grab him and help him back to his bed. "You shouldn't be standing just yet. You exerted a lot of energy back there Your friends tell us that you never have to fight much."

Bazel smirked as he sat back on the bed and looked at his bandages "It's been awhile yea" said Bazel thinking back to his fight on Water 7 and his fight with Leparo on Vulcan. Usually Bazel had refrained from getting involved in these type of conflicts but now he was all over the place when it came to those. Especially when he met up with the song bird recently in the upper level of Skypiea. Bazel then got hit with a thought "Wait, my crew!" yelled Bazel who hopped out of the bed on the thought of his crew mates not being okay. "Kash and Sadie? Are they okay?! What about Faust!?" yelled Kash as he looked at the village elder pleading for information. "Well, Nick is okay. He came back to get some help as he needed to move the ship. As for your friend Kash and our own Sadie.. Those two had suffered some pretty harsh wounds. Only time will tell how they are feeling when they wake up, if they wake up." Bazel simply sighed as he didn't know things had gotten that bad here on Skypiea. "Please, show me to them?" said a remorseful Bazel who could barely look at anyone in the room. The door would open and Bazel would prepare to make his way to his friends.

2A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya  Empty Re: A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:06 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Bazel had been in the room with Kash and Sadie sitting up against the wall for days, no food nor water and his wounds weren't properly healing but he wanted to make sure his friends were all right before he started to worry about himself. Considering they were in this mess because of him Bazel held himself directly responsible. "How long has he been here Elder?" asked one of the villagers who was on his way in the room to check on the conditions of Sadie and Kash. "Five days, it'll make six in a few hours" said the elder who was present. Bazel was dead sleep now against the wall snoring up a storm until one of the monitors connected to Sadie started to beat which woke Bazel up from his sleep lunging up to see what was going on. Once alert he rushed over to Sadie with the others to see what was going on. "What's going on!" said Bazel who was trying to keep Sadie stable as her body proceeded to shake uncontrollably. "It's her body accepting the antidote we gave her. This is how the poison from Cesar's blade is coming out of her body" said one of the nurses.

As they injected the body of Sadie with a needle straight through her right arm she began to grow stable and relax. It was then Kash had lit up the room with a light cough followed by some words "Jesus kid, you couldn't recover any quieter?" asked Kash as she began to sit up in her bed. "How come the poison isn't effecting you as much as Sadie?" said Baz to his first mate who was waking up. "When your brother is Asher you have to learn to carry all that kind of healing stuff with you. And besides I am the medic of the crew right?" said a smirking Kash in the bed. "I'm good both of you are okay. I wouldn't hve it any other way" said Bazel with a smile on his face. He began to think about how anti social he was before he formed his crew with Nick. He could do nothing but chuckle at the thought of him being alone anymore. Just being around Nick and Kash and everyone else in the crew made Baz a stronger person. "Now. All we're missing is Nick and we'll be good to go."

3A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya  Empty Re: A Somber Goodbye! Setting Sail for Jaya on Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:04 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
It had been a week since Kash had awoken from her wounds making it roughly 13 days since the fight with Dread and his men. Bazel was mostly healed from the battle but he could still feel the nicks and bruises from the ordeal. He used the island as time to train and prepare for their next adventure. Kash had just gotten mobile again and was still pretty bandaged up from everything that went down with Cesar. They were awaiting the repairs to have been made by Nick and everyone else who was helping out around the village. "How long do you think Bazel will be here? Will he ever come back to help us if we need him to?" asked one of the villagers to the elder. "Perhaps, if he really is the child of prophecy . only time will tell how much we see young Bazel but he does indeed possess a large amount of power." said the elder as he looked at Bazel on the edge of the river working on his punching motions and his heat. The village had been increasingly hot since the arrival of Bazel and that didn't go un-noticed.

Kash would come out next to the village elders and join them in watching Bazel train against the river. "Sometimes I wonder how he got this strong but then I look at that Tomb and see the prophecy and then I realize he was always meant to be this strong" said a smirking Kash who would then limp off to g check on Sadie who had recently woke up and been confined to bed rest. Once in the room Kash looked over to the girl looking up at the ceiling "So, you're going to keep playing sick or are you acually going to get up and start participating over here." said Kash leaning against the wall looking directly at Sadie who laid in the bed. "Why are you here Kash?" asked Sadie who couldn't even look at Kash against the wall. "Came to see how long you were going to stay within the confines of this room is all." said Kash with a smirk on her face. "You know.. Bazel always likes people like you in the crew. That's all I'm gonna say" said Kash before she spunout the room. It was then upon her entrance outside Faust arrived in the river with the Red Desert. The crew would say their goodbyes as they would start to pack their belongings.



You didn't really do much in this so I'm just going to give EP for the CD stuff

5,000 EP
1 SP

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