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1Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:53 pm


Task: Casting Clues:
Task Name: Casting Clues
Tier: 1
NPC or PC: Npc
Location:Yotsuba Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Following their clues discovered from Ohara, they head to Yotsuba island, and discover seeds of corruption and investigate.
Enemy Details:0
Boss: none

Syndra and Elisa are still on Ohara. Syndra is laying in her bed. She  just wakes up from a dream about cats. After waking up Syndra doesnt act like being awake. SHe actually wasnt really awake her mind was lost in her thougths. Its now a week ago since ELisa fought Lauthric. For days Syndra did all she could to figure things out. THe problem is that she learned that finding clues isnt her best skill. In the past week she learned alot fromthe books inthe big tree biut non o it had the infromation she reallywanted to know. All  she knew is that Lauthric send assassins after Orlando. Where they are who they are or their intentions are still unknown.

Syndra shakes her head and the troublesome thougts away.  SHe gets up. THe bed near her in the room was Elisa's but their is no sign of her. The two woman ha grown closer to eachother inthe past week and being together startedto becme normal. Syndra felt comortable with ELisa around like they know eachother for years. Syndra gets up onher feet. SHe gets tot he window and opens it. SHe leans forward and looks outside as she hangs outside of the window. The sun shines in above her and the wind blows through her red hair. Down on the streets are people walking and Syndra can smell food. Immidiantly her stomach starts to make sounds. SHe quickly gets downstairs and orders a sandwich. While she eats her breakfast Syndra thinks of the clues again and gets a hunch she is missing someting. In her mind a weird idea pops up of assassins dressed like marines but she threw that idea out of the window of her mind of how idiotic is does sound,

After Breakfast Syndra goes upstairs to take a shower. Besides the bad results of the week she keeps her head held high. She takes off her clothes and steps naked under the shower. She careully makes sure the door is locked. SHe then turns onthe shower and steps in the water. WHile she is showering she sings some songs she learned on her travels and for a moment forgets all the bad things that happened lately.

2Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Re: Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:41 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Early morning had sprung into the delight of midday as the light shined through the window, refracting into a singing spread of light engulfing the room; Elisa was up ready and dress she had discovered a few notes of Lauthric recent history while searching the harbour last night for any vessel that was suspiciously still in dock from their arrival on this Island. By chance it had marine uniforms baring the mark of the 153rd branch of the naval force known as the marines. "Syndra! were leaving in 20 cookies" she yelled quite loudly in order to make sure Syndra could hear her. Though their was originally 50 cookies on the steel tray placed on the middle of the wooden dinning table centred inside the living space. Were 30 of these cookies already gone..? "18................* 5 seconds later*........... 10!".
Elisa would be eating the cookies one by one without a moment of mercy or consideration for sharing with Syndra they were just that good that not even Elisa could resist their temptation.

At the harbour would be a fishing man who had agreed to take them to their next destination at the cost of the Elisa redecorating the vessel left by Lauthric to the point of non recognition for the fishing man to take ownership of, the vessel would be painted, repaired and upgraded during the night. Black rims, a triple kited mask for speed and a bears face subtracted into its frontal point. "8!!...pgjaakpoe their jgaj'c beeee a[ok[k alllll aj[g-kwe goorng soon!". speaking with her mouth full.

Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Rzw76K1

3Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Re: Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:47 am


Syndra is still showering when Elisa yells to get dressed quickly. Interupted inher sining queen shower moment Syndra is suprised by ELisa's yelling and she quickly tries to get out of the shower. On her way out of the bathroom she slips and falls on the floor. The water made the floor slippery and her head bumbs hard agaisnt the floor. Blood is flowing down but Syndra is in t much of a hurry to care or notice it. She slips and slides over the floor untill she is finally out and on save grounds. Their she dries hersel with a towel. She puts on her clothes and does her hair quickly. She then ggets her bag stuffed adn on her back.

A moment later Syndra is downstairs and standing next to Elisa who is eating cookies like a wild animal. Syndra watches with a face of someone who just saw a crazy mad woman. Syndra orders a sandwich instead and follows ELsia outside to the harbors.

WHen the two woman arrive at the harbor Elisa si still stuffing her face with cookies. As a prank Syndra walks a little slower to get behind ELisa. While Elisa is talking to the fishman with cookies inher mouth Syndra sneaks up behind her and pushes with her hands agaisnt the cheecks or ELisa. Who is forced to spit pout all the cookies all over the fisherman's face. Syndra giggles and and smiles at ELisa. That is for not shaing big sister. Syndra kisses Elisa quickly on her cheeck like sisters do and runs on board. Come sis Elisa lets go

4Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Re: Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:21 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Elisa is forced to loses her pernicious cookies to the fish mans face. Elisa eyes glow red as if a red sun was being born as a wild anger burst with the pits of her soul, growing with each crum reaching the floor with a soft bounce never to be eaten. She holds her anger as they got onto the vessel in order to travel "So Syndra have you anything to say". Elisa would ask with a tigers grow flowing through her voice as if sanity was leaving her. If Syndra wouldn't apologise for her actions she might trigger something within Elisa that had never been seen before in all of her life time.

The fisherman who was infact also a fishman born in the grandline had started to row the boat as the two laddies sat across from each other with a slight tension in the air with the death of the cookies due to Syndras practical joke. "Laddies, Do you mind if i take the scenic route in order to catch some fish on my ways?", Elisa would rapidly reply to him in a harsh angry voice as if she was prepared to rip his head off with her nails slowly "You Want to go fishing!, you want to interrupt our trip for Fishing!...alright sure". Her attention would return to syndra as her mind wondered into creativity "Syndra did you hear that...Fishing? Fishing?" obviously the joke was withing Elisa mind only as she pictured Syndra in a giant fish costume made from Fish.

Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Rzw76K1

5Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Re: Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:34 pm


On the vessel Elisa talks to Syndra about the pronk. Elisa seems upset about it and Syndra immidiantly feels bad. Seh looks at ELisa with puppy eyes and grabs her hands. Syndra pressed Elisa's hands agaisnt Syndra's chest. Im sorry for that prank and that you couldn't finish your cookies. I tought it was funny to prankt he fishman. I wont do it again. Can you forgive me? I will buy you cookies later owhen we arrive alright? Deal? Syndra lets go of ELisa's hands and waits for the forgiving words of ELisa.

If Elisa would still be angry Syndra would run and hide. If Elisa will forgive Syndra. THen she will smile and run off happy to explore the ship and get rid of her bag. After putting her bag in her room or escaping Elisa's rage Syndra would get on deck and stand at left side of the vessel. Leaning against the railing Syndra enjoys the wind in her hair making her a beatifull sight to look at. The fishman stops looking at the sea and steering th ship for amoment to catch a glimp and stare at Syndra before returning to his duty's. Syndra didn t bother about the staring eyes in her back. She felt it buurning but she just ignores i and enjoys the moment.

After 3 days Elisa and Syndra arrive at the island of their destination. THe two woman say goodbye to the fisherman and then move further into the city. While walking Syndra asks ELsia a question. Why are we here sissy? What did you find out?

{Exit - Moving to next task}

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6Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Empty Re: Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) on Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:57 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
With events unfolding naturally with the two laddies arriving on Yotsuba Island a place where events were starting to unfold with time lapsing with each moment. " know the man who attacked us... he owned that vessel we used and his record history of travel had its previous location stated as here in its ships manifest..... Thus! something or someone on this Island is connected to that man" Elisa starts walking along the wooden boardwalk of the port in order to process into town. Within Elisa Darkwalkers vain a drowned out calling was raising as the cookies she had eaten were not ordinary cookies but intended to sabotage Elisa mind at a specific point in time; in fact these cookies cells within Elisa bodies were being controlled by a man counting extremely slowly ontop the tree of Ohara were the clash had taken place.


A woman with white long hair, a pale face covered in a hooded red cape covering her from reaching eyes of the public; 6 foot tall wielding too very unique blade held at her sides with both her hands place on their hilts at all times "Out of my way". The marines guarding the entrance to the keep would steady move and apologise to the approaching lady apologising as she passed, she didn't give them a single moment of her eyes sight as she marched forward with a firm post towards the council chambers in which visitors would discuss issues with the leading marines. Despite having easy access to the marines headquarters she was no marine but a dangerous visitor.


Casting Clues (Arc task 1 Eve+Syn) Rzw76K1

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