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1Wise Old Man [Arc] Empty Wise Old Man [Arc] on Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:25 pm



It was a beautiful day, the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. The docks was full of life as all types of individuals could be seen enjoying this fine evening. Walking off his boat, Ike, dressed in his usual attire: black capris that stopped at his shins, a red sleeveless zip up hoodie, sandals, and a black headband to keep his dreads out of his face. He walked across the docks observing the fine scenery that was bestowed upon him. Looking out at the open sea and feeling the soothing breeze caress his body and flow through his long dark brown locs. Ike could tell today was going to be a special day he could feel it as he turned away and started walking off the docks towards a section of the town. After defeating the bandit boss Erik, Ike, has become a small celebrity on the tiny island. While walking from the docks into town countless people waved to him or asked how he was. Giving his typically goofy smile he give them a nonchalant answer, "I'm fine" he then placed his dominant hand on the back of his head as he rubbed it. Suddenly while Ike was talking with the locals a familiar face, "Hey Ike!" It was Greg the man he saved from the bandits and also saved the town from. "Yo man how's it going? Hows your wounds?", the dread head pirate turned his attention to him as he smiled and spoke with enthusiasm.

WC; 256/250

Stamina: 250/250

2Wise Old Man [Arc] Empty Re: Wise Old Man [Arc] on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:04 pm



"I'm fine doctor said im healing nicely, but besides that the town wants to throw you a party tonight", he then smiled at Ike and nudged him slightly, "besides you deserve it you saved this town". Ike nodded as he smiled back, "I wouldn't miss it" and with that Greg left to let the others know he would be attending. He still had some time before its night time, so he needed something to do in order to keep him busy. Naturally, he walked back to the docks thinking about napping on the ship until the party started; while walking back he saw a old man fishing alone. The old man seemed like he was good health, so on a whim Ike decided to talk to him. "Hello mister; mind if I join you?", he spoke in a friendly tone. "Sure you can Ike", he then sat down by the old man but he suddenly realized what he said which shocked him. "How do you know me?", he spoke with a startled tone as he looked at the old man next to him. "You have an uncanny resemblance to man who came he years ago; not mention your well known here", he smiled at Ike as he looked at him getting a good look at him. "My father died trying to follow his dreams", Ike paused as it will stay painful to talk about, "but he inspired me to follow mine, so I am following mine to become the Pirate King"

WC: 255/250
Stamina: 250/250

3Wise Old Man [Arc] Empty Re: Wise Old Man [Arc] on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:08 pm



"That's a fine dream so you must have a strong crew", "I don’t unfortunately" Ike replied with a bit of misery tone. The old man laughed but quickly stopped and turned his attention back to fishing, "If I was you I would travel to the East Blue; you may find what your looking for there". Ike looked out to the open sea and back to the old man, "thank you" he smiled as he got up. The old man nodded to him before turning his attention to fishing once again. Not realizing how late it was the party must've been started, "Shit" he uttered to himself as he ran back to town to see if he catch Greg. While jogging the words of the old man echoed in Ikes' mind as he thought about if he should leave to the East Blue in the hopes of finding crewmates. While his mind was racing he ran into Greg who was already looking for him, "there you are I was looking for you everyone here come on", he lead him into the diner where everyone cheered as Ike entered. Without delay Ike waved back and sat down to dig into the delicious food that they provided. Although he was having fun at the party he just couldn't stop thinking about what the old man had said to him. As some time went by and the party came to in end Ike was already back at the docks and was getting ready to board his ship when Greg came running after him, "Wait! You'll need this!" He screamed holding a large sack of food. Ike thanked him and boarded his ship ready to leave and travel to the East Blue.        


WC: 297/250
Stamina: 250/250

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