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1[Open] Arrival in Paradise Empty [Open] Arrival in Paradise on Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:27 am


Kuro silently walked through the streets of Mock Town wearing his typical attire. A black shirt with a high circular collar and a pair of white shorts. The ground beneath his bare feat was warm and not too annoying. He had hitch hiked a ride to Mock Town on a pirate ship without any hassle.  Stuck at the bottom of the ship he hid for what seemed to be 3 days as he ate from the barrels of fruit lying around. Finally arriving he took the opportunity to leave without causing any suspicion whatsoever.

From what he could tell the town was somewhat peaceful despite the abundance of pirates. Two things that meant more work without too much trouble. From the scheme of the layout Kuro would most likely wait until night to do any of his work. He rather pick off people at night to decrease any suspicion. Luckily his reputation in the blues is less than trash here in the grandline. He's practically a nobody still and can easily combat most of the wash over pirates around here.

Having finished his travel throughout the entire town Kuro locked eyes on the far off jungle next to it. It would be the perfect place to sleep,eat, and hide during the day until things subsided and he was able to leave the island. But for now he needed to get some money and to do that he would need to gather information. That's why when the Sun Prim Bar came up in his sights he immediately walked in calmly heading straight towards the empty counter as he noticed the wanted posters lined up against the wall. A lone man sat behind the counter he looked up towards Kuro with hard eyes examining him, his worth even. "What can I get you exactly? He would ask setting the bottle he had been cleaning leaning against the counter top as Kuro would sit before him. "Information." He replied in his cold tone and empty eyes. Mentally he already thought over what he needed to know. Anyone connected to him that he could take out or even just someone he hates could be a perfect start for this.

2[Open] Arrival in Paradise Empty Re: [Open] Arrival in Paradise on Thu Oct 27, 2016 3:40 pm



[Open] Arrival in Paradise Large
'Without music, life would be a mistake.

The sun beamed down on Jaya, as the island suffered no one particular season affliction, it was currently Summer. The breeze stretched across the Jayan woods, blowing Junbei's bare auburn hair messily in the wind's whisk. In the jungle like terrain, Junbei trained with his tonfa, adjusting his body's movements to the rhythm of his Oto Oto No Mi. It'd be a while before he mastered the movement aspects but for now, he'd found more recreational type uses for the fruit. Closing his eyes, he'd envision several keys on a piano, using muscle memory for each note, he'd be able to recreate the sounds of each key on the piano. Every sharp, every flat, every basic composition, it'd come more and more to him as he playing on his air-keyboard. Ending his intermission, Junbei continued to train for an additional four hours or so, his sweat darkening the soil beneath his leather boots. Wiping himself off with a towel from his backpack, he'd been keeping low key, awaiting for Charlotte to finish her inspection of the Dutchman. Strapping his tonfa onto his waist, Junbei draped his brown cloak over his body, making him appear to be bigger than he actually was. As his sky blue eyes shot through the cloak's hood, Junbei began to trek through the desert, humming a simple lullaby melody as he advanced the flora heavy forest.

As he came closer and closer to the exit of the jungle area, he'd arrive on the outskirts of Mock Town. Entering into the city, he entered a bar by the name of Sun Prim Bar, pushing through the blinds at the entrance, Junbei made his way to the back of the small shop, taking seating by the tables, three away from the bar. Each about three meters in length apart, the man singled to the barkeep, who seemed to be caught up with his current customer. Whatever it was they were talking about seemed pretty intense from the look on the man's face. Raising his fingers, he signalled for two, ordering two rums but simply exclaiming, "Jolly Rum", a popular brand in Paradise. Though his entire attire was concealed, the cloak had become quite hot, though it was a windy day. Flickering off his hood, the man pressed back on the seat awaiting his service, watching the bustling crowd through the shops windows from his diagonally seated position, covering the first few windows near to the entrance and the bartender who had yet to serve him his drink. He hoped they served as well, he was starving, idle thoughts driven by his humming.


Declared Equipment :
Skill Used:
Stamina Count | Haki Stamina:

Stamina Chart:

  • Tier One- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 25 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 45 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 60 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 100 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 200 Stamina

With skills with upkeeps, the Stamina will be paid every post.

  • Tier One- 5 Stamina
  • Tier Two- 10 Stamina
  • Tier Three- 15 Stamina
  • Tier Four- 30 Stamina
  • Tier Five- 50 Stamina
  • Tier Six- 75 Stamina

[Open] Arrival in Paradise UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

3[Open] Arrival in Paradise Empty Re: [Open] Arrival in Paradise on Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:20 pm


It was a early sunrise as Nyu stretched her arms tired from being idle. Having just arrived in the grandline not to long ago she had a eventful week. First was stowing away on the ship she to took to get here. Then the rough awakening when traveling across the reverse mountain which was quite the unique experience if she did say so herself. In her cramped space under the ship she calmly looked out one of the many windows to take the second glances of the grandline or Paradise as some would call it. She had come back home in a way despite not being near Alabasta. Her time in the blues was short lived being only 2 weeks.

With a satisfied sigh Nyu turned to see the ship she had set ablaze be fully submerged along with the people she had killed on the ship. Nothing left but the fading smoke and steam.With a quick dust of her hands she was off to the beautiful city of Mock Town. The day was eventful as she spent her time checking out the town and it's people. Of course she collected the few bounties plastered along the wall considered trophies for the abundance of pirates that resided here. One in particular his name was Dirteh Dan with a 50,000,000 Bounty. And with her information gathering it was said that the tavern he mostly visited was named the Sun Prim Bar. That would be her main focus for today but for now her appetite needed to be taken care of.

It wouldn't be until later in the day when Nyu would have been standing in front of the Sun Prim bar as she promptly coughed in to her first to prepare her delicate voice before walking through the doors. Seeing the room desolate except for three people she figured it played to her advantage. However she took particular notice to the man sitting down at the bar with white hair. Making her ways towards him with the confident sway of her body and a grin on her face she close near him and slam the bounty on the table. If she had time to examine his face she would take a closer look to realize she had the wrong man and then chuckle. " My my, you look fairly menacing. Care to join me to hunt down this man?" She would openly ask. She did need candidates for her crew after all.

4[Open] Arrival in Paradise Empty Re: [Open] Arrival in Paradise on Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:30 pm



OOC: Leaving this thread due to inactivity and my thread count gone up to high famo.

After the barkeep reported he had no Jolly Rum, Junbei exited the bar, leaving a tip on the table clearing his tab from the day before. Walking into the scorching sun, the man exited the bar, looking back at the too conversing, titling his hid on and nodding to the two in acknowledgement of their presence. Entering into the blaring sunlight, the man entered into his intangible state, scuttling against the noise of the wind.


[Open] Arrival in Paradise UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

5[Open] Arrival in Paradise Empty Re: [Open] Arrival in Paradise on Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:14 pm


Nyu would take the man's silence for a no as she withdrew her hand along with the bounty."If you ever wish to join, you should see some havoc by tomorrow." Nyu would say waving before strutting out the doors of the tavern. It was a shame for he seemed to have been pretty strong from her guesses. But it didn't matter since she had a crew to kill.


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