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1To Paradise (Task) Empty To Paradise (Task) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:38 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
The night was wet as the newly rebirthed Edward ran through the streets of Goa Kingdom and back to his home. It didn't take long for him to burst through the door to see his wife holding a shotgun at the two men he had knocked out before. "Edward what is going on and where is our son." Screamed Melinda as she saw a saddened Edward.  There would be a pause of silence before Edward would say "He was taken and I am going to get him back." Knowing fully of what the Yami Yami could do Edward would hold his hand out towards the man on the left and motion for his wife to move out of the way. "Now either you can tell me where your people took my son or you will die." Only a fraction of a second would pass before the man his hand was pointed to would scream and say "I ain't saying nuthin." Edward would rush forward covering the 2 ft distance as he would knee the man in the bottom of his chin. Knocking 3 teeth out of his bottom row.

The man would fall slowly to the ground as Edward would now eye the second man "Now your fate won't be as pleasant as his" said Edward as he rose his hand towards the other man, a smokey black like substance appearing around his body. The man would begin to tremble in fear as fumes would begin to be smelled in the air "Baltigo! They are going to the Red City! Please Don't kill me"! screamed the man as Edward would do the same thing he did to the other to this one. Putting his hands to his sides he would eye his wife and say "Honey i am going to go get our son back. Lock these guys up in the basement. I don't know how long I will be gone, but I will be back." Said Edward as he rushed out of the door and head d towards the docks which were 100 yards away from his home. He needed to find a navigator and a ship that was setting sail towards the Grandline.


[/spoiler]To Paradise (Task) 110
Character Name: Edward Kenway
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Martial Artist and Marksmen
Tier: 1
World Position: None
Fate Perks:
Devil's Meddle
Hawk's Eye
Cursed Hands
Diligent Spirit
Hard Worker
Fate Points:

To Paradise (Task) 210
Primary: Strength- 1.5
Secondary: Speed- 1.5
Non-Prioritized: Durability- 1 and Perception- 2
Stamina: 150

Haki: Unawoken
Kenbunshoku Haki: None
Busoshoku Haki: (Perks)
Haoshoku Haki: (Perks)

Devil Fruit: Yami Yami no Mi

To Paradise (Task) 310
Link to Primary Skill Set:
Link to Secondary Skill Set: No
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: No

To Paradise (Task) 410
Weapons: None
Assassins Attire
Ships: None
Pets: None
NPCs: None
Grunts: None

To Paradise (Task) 510
Completed Topics
Completed Topics This Tier[/spoiler]

2To Paradise (Task) Empty Re: To Paradise (Task) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:07 pm


Dawn Island, it was a nice change of scenery for Ataru especially after his incident in orange town. He was just relaxing at the docks, he didn't have much on his schedule no word from higher had been sent in a while. He knew he had to become stronger but it didn't seem likely he would do it with Yak he seemed to vanish. For now he was going to have to either find a crew or make enough money to buy his own ship. While walking through the docks he smelled something savory, his curiosity got the best of him and he followed it. After moving through a couple side allies he cornered the smell. Turning the corner Ataru smiled to see the smell coming from a ham cooling. Waiting proved to be useful as someone came out to check on the ham. Approaching the girl Ataru spoke "How much for a piece of that ham it smells delicious". She smiled at him and cut a slice for him and placed it on a plate telling him how it was for her family and that it was free for the compliment. Ataru thanked her and started walking back towards the main area of the docks. Eating his slice of ham with his hands carefully to not burn himself.  

He was contemplating starting his own adventure when he saw a familiar face. It was Edward, he approached to greet him. He seemed to be in a rush from the brisk pace he was keeping as Ataru approached him he said "Hey Edward how is it going?". Ataru was sure he would be remembered, though he didn't have his skirt on this particular day, instead opting for black pants and a tan undershirt. If Edward said something Ataru would listen otherwise he was going to walk with him unless he shooed him away, all the while eating his ham.


3To Paradise (Task) Empty Re: To Paradise (Task) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:29 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
As Edward ran yards down towards the docks he would see a familiar face. The young revolutionary ataru he had met months back at a revolutionary meeting. Maybe he could get the young one to help him get the things he needed. Stopping by the kid who had already greeted him, Edward would say "Lad I need your help. Maybe if you help me you can get your name up there to n the ranks. I am looking to subdue a crew and get them to take me to the grand line. If you are up for this follow me....if not stay here I guess. I am going after the fancy looking fellow probably a new generation pirate. He is the one dressed in green." Said Edward as he sped off once again towards the docks. Coming within a few feet towards the docks he would see the teenager dressed in green ordering folks around to put supplies on the ship and prepare for travel. On the ship holding the wheel he could see a purple haired girl with a compass pole object in her hand. A log pose! Something that even Edward knew would get them to the grandline.

Smiling deeply Edward would come to stand behind the fellow who was ordering the people around and would whisper in his ear saying "How bout this. If I fight you and your crew you will take me to the grandline....but if I don't do as you please" said Edward as the man would turn around quickly as he would back up Fromm edward. The man would unsheath his steel cutlass and say "Who in the hellbare you". A glint would appear of Edward eyes as he would say "I am the Devil"


4To Paradise (Task) Empty Re: To Paradise (Task) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:30 pm


Edward told Ataru how he needed help in taking down a crew, and Ataru did need to start thinking about his career as a revolutionary. He tossed his ham in the nearest garbage bag he saw on the road as he followed Edward as he ran deeper into the docks toward the ports. After a little bit of running Edward ran up to some teenager at the dock, Ataru chuckled wondering if this was the captain he spoke of. The response from the teenager gave Ataru all the warning he needed, he quickly unsheathed his sword using the flat he didn't intend to kill anyone here. As a crew of 10 men quickly assembled behind the teenager who had unsheathed his cutlass, Edward said something but Ataru was already focused on which men he would be going for. When the fight started Ataru rushed into the 10 men leaping and striking the front pirate on his temple.

He sized up the men that were around him there were 4 not counting the 1 that he had knocked out with his initial charge. They surrounded him with their weapons drawn murderous intent on their face. It seemed that we had angered them in some way Ataru thought to himself chuckling. He decided to use a bit of scare tactics to help improve his advantage on his first parry he used his slicer partially destroying and charring a pirates cutlass. He then smashed his pommel into the man's chin knocking him out while eliciting gasps from the pirates around him. Another pirate had slashed at Ataru and he took a cut while trying to dodge it completely. He then swung the flat of his blade at the attacker who failed to block it in time falling to the ground like his companions. There were two left as Ataru looked over at how Edward was doing before he continued fighting.

WC: 317
Defeated: 3 T0
Stamina: 125/150
Skill Used:

Skill Name: -Slicer
Tier: -2
Type -Normal
Range: -Melee Range
Speed: - Character's Speed
Description: -Ataru channels his energy in creating minor fire around his blade he then leaps at the target channeling the power of destruction into a diagonal sword slash from left to right. The fire causes second degree burns if the target is hit by the swing the fire quickly dissipates after the swing. If the swing connects with a material instead it follows the damage chart interaction.

5To Paradise (Task) Empty Re: To Paradise (Task) on Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:51 pm

Go D. Naraku


Go D. Naraku
Edward being at least 10 ft away from the young revolutionary would smirk with envy as the boy had begun to fight. Using that as a signal for himself, Edward would lean backwards matrix style as the sword of the pirate captain had been coming at him at regular speeds. His heightened perception would allow him to dodge it as the sword sailed over his right angle shaped body. Using this to his own advantage. Edward would lean backwards even more as the palm of his hands would come to touch the ground. As he felt the wood on his pants he would push forward with his elbows causing his lower body to surge through the air, hitting the cutlass wielding captain in the chest, making him soar through the air. Edward himself landing on his feet would catch a glimpse of fire surrounding the blade of the young spy. Smiling Edward would begin to use some tricks of his own.

Already knowing how to use the Yami yami due to the vast research the Assassins did on it, he would hold his hand towards the captain as a deep black smoke like substance would appear around his body. Giving the captain a glare he would say "Say good bye to your crew for a while." Smirking Edward would activate his Black Spiral. The man would come flying towards him and due to the kick Edward had delivered to him the captain's sword had sailed out of his hand. When the man was only an inch away from the out stretched hand of Edward he would Release the gravity manipulation of Black Spiral and thrust his own body forwards. Putting his momentum into his out stretched arm as the palm of his hand would connect to the man face sending him surging towards the ground at a speed of an avaerge man running.

Upon impact with the hard wood the skull of the man would crack open, thus knocking him unconscious. Looking around at the others he would say "I suggest you take this as a warning and take me to the grandline. Look what I did to your captain if he was the strongest amongst you I would consider you all fodder" said an impantient Edward as he would see the men lower their weapons. Taking this as a yes he would begin to board their ship that looked like it was strong enough to enter paradise. Sighing he would realize that this would be his home for a while.

Exit task will end when paper posted

Wc 420

6To Paradise (Task) Empty Re: To Paradise (Task) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:45 am


Ataru was fighting the remaining two men, they were attempting a flank maneuver. Their movements were to obvious and Ataru saw it coming instead moving at an angle to keep them both in his sight. He made a slashing movement at one but he leaped backwards as the other moved forward to stab Ataru with a cutlass. Ataru took the stab in his shoulder while connecting the flat of his blade with yet another head. That's when everyone stopped fighting as Edward used his devil fruit.

At the sight of the captain being dispatched the men laid down their arms, it was an impressive sight Ataru had to admit. Their was something to the devil fruits but he still preferred his ability to be able to swim. He sheathed his sword as Edward took control of the ship. Ataru would separate from him there waving to him and saying "I'll see you in the Grand line sometime". He wasn't ready to head out just yet. He had decided he wanted his own ship he wouldn't be restrained by trying to find ships in port. He smiled at his realization walking back into the town looking around at different inns. He would need somewhere to stay while he devised a plan to acquire the funds needed to buy a ship. He would begin looking in the docks as that was where the cheaper places were. Ataru had a smile on his face it had been a while since he had a good breather, he really needed to get his blood pumping like this more often.

WC: 264

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