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Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Bazel had been transported back to the ship along with Gideon with the help of Trisha who they ran into on their journey on the battlefield. "I'm Faust by the way" said the man who was attending to the wounds of his crew mates. "I'm Trisha.. Trisha Devaroux" said Trisha as she watched Faust stitch up Gideon's wounds "Devaroux.. Like Melissa?" said Faust which shocked Trisha "You knew my sister?" asked the surprised Trisha "Yea, who didn't. She was the first person I met that was a pirate before Baz. She was a cool girl, sorry for how things ended" said Faust as he continued to fix up Gideon. "Indeed, If it weren't for how things ended with her and Leparo, I'd commend her as well" said Kash who seemed to be at the entrance of the medical room. Trisha took her stance as she looked at Kash who somehow got her way on this ship. "You can put your weapons down, I didn't come for a fight. I came to relay a message to Bazel." said Kash. The white haired woman looked around for him and noticed he wasn't here "Where is he?" she asked. "Bazel heals on his own. I put him in his cabin" said Faust who directed Kash to his room. It was then Trisha would follow the woman as she grabbed a barely conscious Bazel's attention. "Stay sleep, for now we set course for Alabasta" said Kash. The Red Wing Pirates seemed to be preparing for a grand adventure.

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