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1 Maybe That Was The Wrong Thing To Do Empty Maybe That Was The Wrong Thing To Do on Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:57 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote

The ship had finally docked on the island of Jaya. Truth be told, the journey seemed to be really long. Maybe because it was the size of the ship and it being only her and one other person which was her navigator on the ship. She would sigh, at the moment her party consisted of two people. She needed to rise that if she was to become known throughout the world. Her head was aching as she walked from the captain’s quarters to the deck of the ship. The hardwood floors seeming to send the light that was hitting them from the light dials back in the air. She liked the way the floors was waxed. Smiling as she walked out onto the deck. She would see that it was storming outside. The sky was as dark as night. The thunderclouds bringing down rain and lightning almost simultaneously. Damn? Who had screwed with the gods while she was away in the blues. Her hair would become wet as it would come to stick to her face and ears. This had irritated her greatly. Moving the sticky hair from off of her face she would tie it into a pony tail and look at Mock Town.

She had remembered when she had first came to the place. It was an assassination mission to take out a high named crew captain. And of course like always she had completed her job. Leaving no witnesses, but she always wondered if she indeed leave witnesses. And if she did would the captain’s crew come back and hunt her one day. As she thought that a streak of lightning followed by the booming thunder could be heard. It was like she had cursed herself. As she looked down at the town she would see many people staring at the magnificent ship. One particular group dressed in blood red clothing stared her right into her eyes. She would see a streak of anger flash through their eyes as they came running towards the ship. Dammit, she remembered those blood red clothing from anywhere. The color of the Blood Pirates. So it seemed like that she had indeed cursed herself.

It was no pleasant. The navigator had already left into the town leaving her to fend for herself. Of course she could use her incarnates, but there was at least 50 of the crew with dogs and all. She knew her and her incarnates couldn’t take them out by themselves. She needed to think smart. Running back away from the edge of the ship she would go down below to the science lab. As she ran the lights would seem to dim. Were they taking out her Light Dials? And if so how the hell did they get on the ship so fast. She would only run harder. Arriving to the door of the science lab as she rushed in it. Purposely not closing it as she wanted them to know where she was. The science lab was built steel and the acid that she had gotten from the counter and had began pouring all over the floor would not decay or melt it. Though, the same could not be said for rubber, linen, wood, skin, and other materials. After she finished pouring the acid she would hide behind the desk. Her katana in her hand. Ready to slice and dice anyone who would get pass the acid.

She would hear footsteps running down the hallway as someone would say “Here, she is in here. This is the only door that is open.” looking at the shadows casted by the dim light she would count at least 15 men who had came rushing into the room, but as soon as they stepped foot in. Their shoes would quickly melt. Frying their skin as they fell onto the floor. Their skin melting. Aurum would smile and run on their bodies to avoid the acid laughing at their screams of pain. Her killer mode would activate as her red eyes would seem to glow in the darkness. Her Katana was in her hand as she ran down the hallways. Alerting the men towards her, but of course it wasn’t men that had found her. It was 3 brown dogs with pink noses. Maybe they were that new breed of dogs that she had been hearing about lately. Pitbulls if she wasn’t mistaken. Looking them into their eyes she would say “Such pretty little doggies, but you will have to come to an end.” She would rush forward at blinding speed as she drug her katana along the floor hard. Cutting it through the dod in the middle nose. Passing through the middle of its body, down its spine. Cutting it in half as it fell on the ground in two separate parts. Blood flowing everywhere.

The other two dogs would look at her and to their dog friend. They would seem to reconsider attacking her as they turned and ran away. “Nooooooope.” said the Kuja as she would summon two of her incarnates who had quickly grabbed the dogs and broke their necks. Killing them in the process. It was a shame she had to kill animals, but of course she needed to survive. As she ran down the corridors with her two black blobs of death she would come across 10 more pirates. Though these seemed to be more experienced. Thinking smart, she would summon the rest of her Incarnates which were 8. They would stare at the 10 pirates and say “Mommy why are the meanies trying to hurt you.” The Kuja would grin evilly and say “Their daddy died. Now kill them.” said Aurum as the blobs went and got an individual opponent. Aurum would leave them to their fight as she would run to the deck of the ship. She wanted the whole Mock Town to witness her take out these pirates and take their fame and riches. She was gonna teach the world that she was nothing to play with.

There were 25 men left. Each of them armed with sharp weapons. In the front of them was a man with blonde spiky hair who was howling in laughter. “This skank thinks she can come back to our town and dock at our docks after she has killed our beloved captain. Well we will teach her that she can’t. Crew attack.” said the man as Aurum realized he was the makeshift captain. Almost the whole of mock town had gathered and was watching up at the ship at the events that were about to happen. The 25 men would charge Aurum as she would charge them. Moving as fast as she could with her Katana in front of her chest. She would cut through one man’s body and quickly flipping the sword to the butt of it as she knocked one man down to the ground as a sword would pass over her head and cut a head off someone who was attempting to stab her in the head. 2 down thought the Kuja as she would shove her katana in the forehead of the man she was on top of. Getting into a dancing spin on her butt she would slice the man behind her legs off from the knees down as he would scream in agony trying to crawl away, but Aurum would come into a leap jumping on the spine of the man. Cracking it leaving him paralyzed.

As she landed she would look around at the different faces. Fear and Anger were what she saw. She had taken down 5 men in a matter of 2 seconds. She was sure that the people were quite afraid of her now, but maybe she needed to show them that she could do more than just cut and jump. She would lean her head to the side as the rain fell on her face. The blood on her dripping everywhere. The people would seem to be covered by white sticky liquid. The Kuja would go running like a madman as she would grab at 10 mens’ souls. Instantly killing them as they fell to the ground. Their skin instantly pale and eyes losing their pupils. She would look around as fear would grow even more evident on the crowd. The people of mock would scream in amazement and fear as they had never seen anything of the sorts before. A woman who had simply ran past 10 men had killed them instantly. It wasn’t something that was seen often.

She would only stare at the rest of them which was the total of 10. Her Incarnates had jusr arrived back from their own battles. Blood spattering their black body as they ran behind their mommy. 11 Men vs 10 Incarnates and Aurum. She would smile as the battlefield was now even. This was her time to show the world what she was capable of. “Incarnates charge.” screamed the Kuja as the blobs would charge. Though as soon as she finished her sentence she would feel something strike her back sending her flying off of the ship and onto the cement docks. Standing up slowly she would look at the man who had jumped off of the ship. Not even in pain as he landed on his feet. He would only stare at Aurum from 10 meters away as she would feel something punch her again sending her into the ground. However, that was not the first punch as multiple punches had begun to pummel her into the ground. However she was enduring the hits waiting for the perfect moment to take out her secret weapon.

Getting up slowly would blood coming out of her nose and mouth she would say “You know, I haven’t had a fight this good since I killed your boss….Wait I am lying. I forgot I had simply cut his head off and left the hotel.” said the Kuja as multiple punches would hit her all over her body. Then she would see it. 8 arms were around her body floating around. So this guy seemed to have a devil fruit that summoned him more arms. That would explain why she couldn’t take his soul. She would frown, her katana was back on the ship. Thrusting her hand into her pocket she would bring out a black and white wand. Not doing no talking she would release its power. And atr blinding speed a red orb would shoot towards the man. While this was being done her body’s durability would seem to weaken. However it was no use now as the arms had disappeared and the man was on the ground in agony as he screamed and did multiple things. Scratching his skin off, clawing at his head, etc. That was the new weapon she had also obtained from the revs for her service. Smiling she would turn back towards the Town of Mock. Not caring about the man as she would say “Is this the best the Island of Pirates have. Simple tricks killed this man’s entire crew. And I will not have any more weaklings coming and trying to threaten me. If anyone comes to me and think they will kill me then keep thinking. I will now bow down to anyone and I will kill anyone I see fit. And if I don’t really like you. I will leave you in agony just like mister blonde spikes over there on the ground.” said the Kuja as she pointed the wand behind her.

Turning around and dispelling the curse as she put the wand in her pocket. She would pick the man up by his head as he was still crying from the pain. “Embarrassment is what I like best….Let this be a warning to all of you. “ said Aurum as she absorbed the man’s soul. His body would go limp in her hand and the crowd would scream in fear and anger. Her hand would thrust to the ground as the man’s head would impact it at full force and speed. His skull instantly exploding as it touched the ground. Brain juice was all over her hand, causing her to wipe it on the back of his clothing. She would kick the body into the crowd and say “Mock Town...The Devil Child is back.” she would turn around and walk back to her ship. Getting to it she would climb up the ladder that would lead to the deck. Upon getting on the deck she would look at the multiple bodies on it. “Dammit, looks like I am going to have to clean up.” Truth be told she had used up almost all of her stamina. She only had a little left. So she might as well get it over with before she went unconscious.

Slowly she would begin grabbing bodies and throwing them off the deck and into the sea. She didn’t really care about burials. After throwing the bodies off the deck she would look around at all the blood and guts. She would sigh as she would ignore it and walk into the captain’s quarter. Getting to it she would open the door seeing a man with octopus tentacles as a face sitting in her chair with his feet on her desk as he would say “Ah, you have finally arrived. I watched your little fight and I have to say….It was really not interesting. I’ve seen more better entrances thousands of years ago. “ he would seem to fall through the chair and through the floor. Behind her in her hear she would hear something sticky say “Now, I have been sent back by the gods themselves to help you on your journey. I don’t know why seeing as you aren’t really that good looking nor powerful, but if they have given me a second chance at life I can’t deny. Now solve this riddle and I will consider you useful.” There would be a long pause as the Kuja was to afraid to turn around. The mere presence of the man had seemed to frighten her. “What walks on four legs in the morning. Two legs in the afternoon. And three legs at night.” After saying the last word the presence would disappear.

The breath that she had unknowingly been holding would let out as she looked around quickly. “What the hell.” said the Kuja as she thought slowly and ran to her desk. A single book was on top of it and it read “The Tales of Davy Jones” as the title. A famed fishman pirate known throughout the world for his great swordsmanship and knowledge. Then something would click in her head. She had just talked to a ghost. Her heart would begin to pound hard as she fell forward on the desk. Losing her energy as she held on to her breathing. It would seem to become eratic as she would slowly fall to the ground. What did it meant. Why had she seen someone who has been dead for centuries. What was happening? Was her devil fruit powers obtaining new abilities? Could she absorb souls as well as summon them? A million questions would run through her head as she felt herself going unconcious. The day had been really tiring and thoughtful. She needed to train more whenever she regained her energy. Then it happened. She woul slowly drift off in to sleep.

It was time for the Kuja to get stronger

WC: 2600

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