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1You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) Empty You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:56 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Kyoto walked slowly in the town on Enies Lobby. She had just be summoned by Oda. The Admiral she had talked to the other day after defeating the pirates who had attempted to siege on Enies Lobby, had summoned her to the Marine Headquarters on the base. A place she didn’t even know existed due to her not traveling the whole of the island. Apparently, at the other end of the island was a large gate, which led to a long open aired passageway to another small island which held the main base for the marines. Though, only a chosen few were allowed entry. One of those chosen people being herself. Truth be told, she didn’t even know why she was summoned. Only that she needed to be there within the next hour or whatever she was going to given would be taken before she even got it.

So, as she walked slowly towards the backend of the island with Lucian to her right she would say “So, how are things going for you today Lucian?” asked the Kuja, who was rather small compared to the Octopus-Man who was standing and walking on his tentacles with her. Expecting a detailed answer, she would only receive a grunt in reply. She was getting quite annoyed. What was with this guy? She had only asked a simple question. “You know what Kuja. I am getting quite tired of you.” said Lucian as he sped forward in front of Kyoto leaving only 10 meters in distance between both of them. Still frowning, Kyoto would say “What the hell is wrong with you today?” He would smirk and say “Let’s begin training.”

The Kuja would calmly stand with her hands crossed over her chest as she stared at the Octopus Man. “Well, if it is a fight you want. Then a fight you will get.” said Kyoto as her eyes would sharpen. She wasn’t intending to use Haki, but if it came to it then she would. She would expect the man to come rushing forward and that was exactly what he did. Smiling, Kyoto was surprised he didn’t use any of his Fishman abilities. As the man got within 5 meters of her she would make a barrier construct. It was a 3 square. 2 meters in height and width. Although, it was invisible. So, as soon as the man continued to rush forward, he would run face first into the barrier as he bounced back. The pain of running into it doubling. “Now, you know that its bad to come rushing at me Lucian. Though seriously? What is up with you today.” she said frowning. Walking over to the man as she would help him up. “I am sure you’ve heard. Things are stirring within the Four Blues and not good things. Maybe we need to go back there and see whats up and if we must we need you to get better. Your haki is weak. It can be strengthened, but you never take the time to train it. For reasons I do not know why.” said Lucian as he fully stood, but not on his tentacles, which was quite rare.

Kyoto was puzzled as she looked at the man. “What do you mean? What is stirring?” said Kyoto as Lucian folded his arms and turned away from her. His back now facing her face. “I don’t know much, but I know it is important.” he said as Kyoto would frown even more. “I mean, even if we did help. How would we even get back to the blues. You do know we don’t have a ship. And even if I swim there on your back, we will get lost. We don’t have a log pose.” said Kyoto as she also folded her arms across your chest. Lucian would make laughing sounds as he said “You must be dumb. Meeting Oda Kimura, him bringing you applying for Rear Admiral up.” he would shake his head. “That day was destined. He wants you to become a Rear Admiral. The call to the headquarters is probably to give you the position. Add 2 and 2 together and you should understand.” said Lucian as Kyoto would begin to think hard.

They did say if she didn’t come in time, they would take what they were going to give to her back. She would sigh. Why hadn’t she thought about that? It was in plain sight the whole time. “Ok, I didn’t realize that. BUT IF that is what they are planning to give me. How do you suppose I get stronger.” asked the Kuja. “Easy.” said Lucian as he turned around at speeds Kyoto were frightened by. Punching the Kuja dead in the face, sending her flying backwards 5 meters or so as she stuffed her feet into the ground so that she only simply slid back. “That was a cheap shot...Squid.” A vein would appear on his face. “For the last fucking time. I am not a Squid.” said Lucian as he punched the air. Kyoto knew that movement. He was gonna attack the air. Or what did he call it again? Control the water particles? Smiling, she would cross her forearms over each other as fingers on both of her hands would cross. Summoning a barrier that looked like a pane of glass that was really dark.

The barrier was enhanced with both Haki and her devil fruit powers alone. She would keep focus as she felt the barrier weakening. Punch after punch after punch. She knew it was a strong ability Lucian was using, so she was going on all out. Though, at the same time she kept her mind calm. She did need to develop her haki more. At the moment it was considerably weak. Probably weaker than anyone’s Haki on Enies Lobby. She knew that she had the potential to become stronger in the ways of her spirit. She just needed to keep calm. She would close her eyes from behind the barrier. Focusing her mind on Lucian’s mind. Thinking of his emotions and trying to become one with his mind. Surprisingly, it had worked. It was like she was inside of the man’s body. There were many emotions running through it. Anger, Happiness, Joyfulness, Envy. Envy? She rarely read emotions, but when she felt envy, it surprised her.

Why was he being envy of her? She wasn’t anything special. Her mind would come to a blank as her eyes would sharpen even more. She hated that emotion. Her chest would begin to expand slowly as she opened her eyes. “I am not anything special!” she would scream as an aura of pink would explode from her body. The focus she had to keep the barrier up disappearing as she held her arms down to her sides. Hair flying wild in the air as the Octopus-Man fell to his knees panting heavily. “Damn, it has gotten even more powerful. Just 2 weeks ago you could barely affect me with it, but now. Now you ca--” his sentence wasn’t finished as he fell to the ground. Eyes open as he appeared to be dead, but he was simply KOed. This was the affect Haki had on people.

She didn’t mean to do it. Her spiritual energy had gotten out of control once again. Tears were about to flow out of her eyes, but she would stop them. No, she couldn’t cry now. Now ever. She was a Amazon. A Warrior of Pride. She was a Princess. A Woman of Beauty and Knowledge. Not letting her mind take over her body. She would walk slowly to the squid as she used all of her strength to hoist the man up on her back as she prepared to take him back to the hotel they were staying at until they left Enies Lobby. She felt bad. When he woke up she should apologize. Though, she couldn’t stay here forever. If he was awake he would want her to hurry to this mysterious headquarters and accept her position as one of the Admirals. And that was exactly what she was going to do. Walking slowly she would say “Lucian, I will try my best to get us to the blues to help out. But, you better be damn right that something is happening.” said Kyoto, although knowing that the octopus man or squid or whatever the hell he was couldn’t hear her.

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2You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) Empty Re: You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) on Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:27 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Kyoto walked around the island of Enies Lobby, wearing her Justice Cloak. It covering most of her body. It was strapped to her shoulders, so her arms weren’t exactly in the cloak. They were simply folded across her breasts as the cloak cover most of her shoulders and inner body. Leaving on her hands to be seen. Only a day ago she had just been granted the position of Rear Admiral and was tasked with a mission. Something that she didn’t even know was going on in the world. Oscar D Rose, a name she hadn’t heard in a very long time. Apparently the cousin of the Pirate King himself had risen back up to form an army. Though, the plot for the army wasn’t exactly known at the moment. Another thing was that something was stirring in the blues. It seemed like Lucian was right. A blockade had been put up in the Redline, Reverse Mountain, and Las Camp. Rear Admirals were tasked to go there, but Kyoto since being knew was allowed to stay in Enies. Though, she only saw that as her first test. If she was to stay on Enies while all the fighting was happening in the blues then she would be frowned at.

She needed to go and gather Lucian, so that they could get ready to travel to the blues the next day, but of course she needed to do something. She had to further train her haki before going to the blues. Who knows what types of enemies there were. That were going to to attempt to bypass the boundaries of Paradise. Though, there was one thing she hoped for. She hoped that pirates were there. If there were, she was going to kill every single and last one of them that dared to come her way in battle. Though, that was only if she made it in time to the blues. Although, it was a battle. It wasn’t going to end in minutes. It was going to take some time. Thinking as she walked to a secluded area in the town. She was going to train her haki. Even if it made her tired before she left. Coming to an alley, she would come to sit on the ground. Her back on the wall as she stared at the street up ahead. She would keep her eyes wide open as she would begin to calm her body.

That was what she needed to train with. She couldn’t be a master of spiritual powers if she couldn’t calm her body first. After calming her body. Exhaling and inhaling slowly as she would begin to focus her powers. Only yesterday had she figured out she could imbue her powers into 2 more objects. She would hold out her arms. They would bypass her cloak as they stretched out in front of her. Her legs would stretch forward as well. Using her hands, she would pull back her pants as she showed her legs below her knees. Inhaling and exhaling a single more time. She would begin to search for the power of her haki. And then she found it. A spark in her mind. That was what it felt like every time she used haki. Especially her Conqueror’s Haki. Upon feeling that spark, she would try to direct it to her arms and it had worked. Easily, her arms would begin to turn black with purple whenever light it. Now, for the hard part. After enhancing her arms with haki she would start on her legs. They would slowly begin to harden, but they were hardening wrong. It was as if someone were squeezing her legs as hard as they could. A cramp?

No, that couldn’t be it. She didn’t even feel tired or anything and she had been drinking water the whole day. Maybe she was just using her Haki wrong. Yeah, that was what it was. Inhaling and exhaling as she begin to focus her mind more. She would begin to see the haki of her arms disappearing as it would appear on her legs. Though, over her arms were splotches of black, showing that she could somewhat use Haki on all four limbs now. But, that wasn’t enough for her. She needed to perfect it. She couldn’t go into battle half assed and getting defeated easy. That would hurt both her reputation and pride. Sighing, she would begin to focus more. Trying to find a part in her mind that she had yet to awaken. Then it sparked, but even harder. Causing her hands to shoot to her head as her arms and legs were enveloped with Haki. She would breath heavily as sweat would begin to appear all over her body. “Who knew training your mind would be a workout.” said the Kuja as she tried to get up, but fell slowly back to the ground. Damn, that had took a lot out of her.

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3You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) Empty Re: You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:13 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Today was the day. Kyoto had gotten a great night of sleep, but the training she had did the day before wasn’t enough. She had developed both her Conqueror and Armament Haki, but she still had yet to increase her Observation Haki. The reasons she didn’t know why. Truth be told, Observation Haki was always her weak point. It was the hardest Haki she tried to learn. Mostly due to it feeling the emotions of others. Something she hated to do. She didn’t know why, but whenever she used her Observation Haki it felt like she was prying to far in a person. She still could remember the feelings she had gotten from the Octopus-Man. Well, one feeling in particular. Envy. Why was a nobleman as powerful as Lucian envious of her. She wasn’t anything special. Sure, she was born into royalty. Sure, she rose slowly in the Marine ranks. Sure, she did other things. Sighing, she would continue to walk on the streets. Unknowingly bumping into a male she didn’t even see as she walked. “Oh, sorry sir. Didn’t see you there.” said Kyoto as she reached her hand out to help him up.

As he was about to take it, he would look at her face. “Rear Admiral Kyoto?” asked the man quietly as pulled his hand back and began to help his own self up. Dusting off his black suit and taking off his white gloves and stuffing them in his pocket. He would grunt and say “I didn’t know Rear Admirals were so rude.” he would begin to turn away when a purple blur would shoot across the cement and in front of the man after he had turned around. “Now, that was rude.” said Lucian. Dammit, Kyoto thought she had bailed on his ass. He always seemed to find her. How the hell did he do that anyway? When she had the time she would need to ask him more about his fishman abilities. “Lucian Syfer as well? It seems I am meeting a lot of important folks today.” said the oily black haired man as he would smile and turn sideways, backing up slightly as he kept both of the people in his sight. “Don’t worry Kyoto. I know this guy. Stein Chinjao, of the Chinjao Family. He is a Bounty Hunter for the marines. Not a bad one, but he chooses to end his enemies in harsh ways…” said Lucian as both he and Kyoto eyed this new figure.

As she stared, she would see that he didn’t look like anything special. Seem to be like any ordinary civilian. Though, behind those eyes of smartness. Kyoto knew that there were some tactics. She would begin to think. Chinjao? Where had she heard of that name before. She knew it was one of those families that were high up on the food chain. While staying in her father’s palace. He had a picture with the names of all the high families and Chinjao had been on the top, next to the Syfer’s the family that Lucian is in. “So, let me get this straight. Two nobles, in the same place, at the same time. Well not nobles...I am sure this Stein isn’t one. But people of royal blood.” the Stein person would nod as he stared at Kyoto. “Yes, it wasn’t coincidence. I just wanna see what you are made of.” said Stein as he rose his foot and stabbed it into the ground. As soon as it touched the ground, the earth beneath her feet would begin to shake. Sending Lucian flying. Though, she would hold her ground as she created a Spherical Barrier around her body. Upon seeing the rocks stop moving, she would release the barrier.

“What the hell bruh?” asked Kyoto as she put up her dukes. The Stein person would smile as he would begin charging forward. Though, Kyoto was ready. Her Observation Haki would activate as she prepared to use a ability she rarely used. Though, as she activated it. Her observation area would grow even more larger. Taking in the emotions of everyone within 50 meters of her. Her head would begin to hurt as she rose her hands to her head. Unable to stop the emotions from pouring in. Love, Lust, Hate, Envy, Jealousy. Hundreds of emotions were pouring in. She would fall to her knees just as Stein got to her. Kicking her in the chest, sending her flying backwards. Though, it wasn’t a normal kick. The kick had sent her flying backwards 10 meters and it felt as if she had been echoed backwards. I know, sounds weird right. The emotions still pouring into her she would begin to breath slowly. She needed to calm down.

Her haki was only getting more powerful. She just needed to focus on one person. She would inhale deeply then exhale, letting out a deep breath just as Stein got within 5 feet of her. All of her thoughts would mix with his, just as he through a punch. Though, this one he was ready for. Just as the punch was one inch away from her face. She would form a square barrier that was only 8 inches in length and width. It was enhanced with both her devil fruit powers and haki. So as the soon as his punch hit the barrier it would break every bone in his hand and forearm easily. He would scream loudly as he said “Dammit, thats what I get for picking fights with a Rear Admiral. Kyoto, maybe we should team up sometime.” said Stein as he grunted slowly. The onlookers who was watching coming to carry him to the hospital.

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4You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) Empty Re: You was Righ, I was Wrong (Training) on Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:51 am



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