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1I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:59 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Task Name:Scour the base!
Location:Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Bazel and Reina bust into the Government office, which is for all intensive purposes a ten story fortress. Here they'll scour the place for clues regarding the clues to Reina's real lead. Eventually the two split up to cover more ground and head deeper into enemy territory. The likes of which starts as an underground entrance leading into a massive underground labyrinth, whose main cross road is guarded by the Mad hatter.

"I'm coming Elizabeth!" yelled an angry Bazel as he continued to run up the stairs. Nothing could match his anger right now, especially now that he was fired up and prepared to fight. The spiraled stairs annoyed Bazel but the bevvy of marines that laid wake attempting to stop him made him feel better. One of the men Bazel had knocked downwards had managed to throw what appeared to be a net which caught his right leg. Bazel tripped trying to run with the net on his leg causing him to look down before going off in a fit of rage "GET OFF" screamed Bazel as he swung his leg outwards which caused the guard connected to the net to go flying with it crashing into the war causing the structure to be damaged. With that all those who were once opposing Bazel stopped in amazement at the raw strength the small pirate possessed. He continued upwards as the remaining Marine's faces were in awe. Once Bazel had reached what appeared to be the second floor he noticed a door that stuck out compared to the others, it was ten times larger and it couldn't even be opened. Bazel approached the door and immediately it opened up. Walking through it Bazel was immediately shut into the dark.

"What the hell is going on" Yelled Bazel as he was shrouded in darkness in a very large room. Suddenly a large bright light pointed on Bazel following by some very upbeat music. "Good evening everyone! Welcome to today's game!" said someone who sounded very happy to be speaking. "What the hell..." said Bazel as he stood there trying to see exactly where the light was beaming from. "Who the hell is that" said Bazel who was growing really annoyed by the playing around. It was then the lights came on in the room and Bazel was standing on an o in a room that featured several boxes that had x's and o's. He was confused as the yellow walls illuminated the room as the upbeat theme music continued on even going on with the commentary. "Today's guest star is a man who need's no introduction. He's red, he's hot, and he is a pirate.. Give it up for the Firebird Bazel!" said the announcer as the light gleamed back on Bazel. "What the hell did I just walk into just now" Asked Bazel as he looked around the room and noticed nothing as a means of escape.

As he took a step forward he would step on an x which resulted in the room he was in descending roughly 30 meters into the ground which left only a pillar with a door on the side opposite of Bazel. "The rule's are simple. Winner moves on" said the commentator. Bazel chucked his jacket down to the ground and wrapped his chain around his arm. Bazel was now prepared to get on with the name. "Who the hell is my opponent?" asked Bazel who was getting his answer soon enough ironically. "Good you ask! He is brave, he can shoot and he is your defending champion! Pepe Le Pew pew!" said the commentator before someone came through the door opposite Bazel. This man was short and had himself a nice gun on his person. Between both men was a good 70 meters. Pepe didn't look as if he was going to descend to Bazel's level as a means of making this fight fair. "I guess you're who i have to punch to get out of here?" said Bazel who was prepared to knock Pepe's face off. "It isn't that simple firebird. You'll see soon" said Pepe as he aimed his gun forward.

2I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty Re: I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:42 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
As Bazel stood on the arena facing the Pepe fellow he couldn't help but stare his opponent down. The man seemed rather short from where he stood but the gun he had was larger than him by a large amount. "So" said Bazel as he cracked his neck and stared down Pepe "Explain to me, why won't you come down here and fight me?" said Bazel who just wanted to get things started so that he could move on and go save his sister, but this Pepe guy wasn't down with that idea. "Because my job is to make sure you stay busy firebird, in order to do that I must stay up here" said Pepe who began to lie down on his stomach as he mounted his weapon and began to take aim. "So what you're the guy who's suppose to arrest me?" said Bazel with an intensity that defined him lately. "No firebird. I'm the guy who's going to kill you" and with that Bazel took his stance before the first shot was left off and Bazel with his perfect vision saw it perfectly. Bazel would quickly shift over to his right where he would step on the x box. "Nice shot"

The sarcasm in Bazel's voice caused Pepe to smirk as the x underneath Bazel began to glow turning him around instantly and he was greeted by the bullet which had ricocheted off the wall. Bazel once more dodged the bullet briefly but moved upwards one box now landing on a "o" box. This is where the box would cause Bazel to slip for some reason as another shot came out from Pepe's chamber which Bazel would nearly dodge as it grazed his right shoulder. Bazel would stumble back a few steps before gripping his shoulder with his right hand. It was then the light would start going off on the "o" that Baz had landed on. "What the hell" said Bazel as the o slid off the box causing a trap door to open trapping Bazel's leg in the hole which contained a very sticky substance that had his leg boxed in. "Game set and match" said Pepe who Bazel couldn't hear since the man was keeping his conversation in his area only. "Shit shit" said Bazel as he stared down the gun and Pepe who was preparing to fire the gun. If he could get Bazel here it was over for the firebird.

3I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty Re: I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:46 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Bazel's heart was racing as he prepared for the gunshot to pierce through his body and kill him. However when he closed his eyes and heard the trigger pulled he waited. He clinched his teeth and strained his eyelids at the level of strength used to close them. Bazel began to think of how he failed Elizabeth and didn't get to save her in the end. He thought of Reina who he had recently met and wondered if she could succeed where Bazel had failed and be the one to pull this entire mission off. The sound of metal piercing flesh could be heard as the white on Bazel's shirt would soon turn into a crimson red as pain seeped out from Bazel. He would let out a scream of pain as the bullet had pierced him in the shoulder opposite than the previous bullet. Leg still trapped in the ditch  Bazel would fall to the ground, his right arm gripping his left shoulder as the blood flooded his hand. "Hmm, you're quite the tank Bazel. Normally those bullets would have caused all kinds of problems within your arm. You are definitely a strong soldier. Banshee has it worked out for him" said Pepe to himself.

Bazel seemed annoyed by the bullets piercing his body. "He's far away. Even if I unleash a blazing fist attack or anything he'd shoot me down before I closed the ground needed to actually make an attack happen. Standing up Bazel would let go of his shoulder and let the blood drip from his arm seeping down his hand to the ground. He'd pull his foot from the goo that kept him trapped for the aforementioned shot to hit him. "Oi, Just know you got yourself a problem on your hands. I'm annoyed now" said Bazel as he continued to shake the goo off of his leg. Advancing forward he was ready for the Pepe fool to prepare his next shot. "He's stupid or brave. I'm scared it might be both" said Pepe to himself as he reloaded his chamber and prepared his next shot. The angry Bazel was prepared to unleash his rage on this man if he had to. Continuing to walk forward Bazel wasn't going to get hit anymore and knew exactly how he was going to stop the bullets. His irises changed to that of a bird's and he himself had a new level of vision.

4I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty Re: I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:54 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
It was clear the mood Bazel was in had went from bad to worse. He was no longer playing with his foe. He had cleared 10 meters in his attempt to get to his opponent. "BAZEL IS A MAN POSSESSED AS HE ADVANCED TOWARDS PEPE, WHO WILL WIN THIS ONE IN THE END? ODDS HAVE PEPE 7 TO 2 IN FAVOR OF PEPE" said the announcer who was calling the fight. Pepe who was trying to get a good shot on the man couldn't as Bazel kept advancing with each step disrupting the aiming of Pepe. "Something about him has changed. It seemed as if he were playing the entire time before this. I've never seen someone with that look in their eyes... He's possessed" said Pepe who was having trouble getting his hand on the trigger out of fear. By the time he focused again Bazel wasn't in his previous location. "Where did he go? He was just here" said Pepe who began to freak out even more. He couldn't see Bazel he began to move his scope and realize Bazel had reappeared some 10 meters ahead of where he was previously. "DO YOU PEOPLE SEE THIS SPEED? WE'RE WITNESSING GREATNESS PEOPLE!'

said the announcer who was probably more shocked than Pepe himself was. Bazel had nothing else to learn about Pepe and no reason to hold back. He was going to put an end to this. He would stop moving allowing Pepe to focus his weapon "Good, he's stopped moving. This is my chance" It was then Bazel would kneel as his legs would catch fire. It was then the bullet was released from the chamber and fired at Bazel, as the bullet approached him he vanished. "What... How is it possib-" Pepe was cut off by the sound of a bullet hitting the ground sounding as if it had fell from the skies. He looked forward and up pointing his gun directly across from him and it seemed Bazel had managed to somehow get himself this high in the sky. He was moving at a speed Pepe himself couldn't keep up with. "How is he doing this, I've never seen someone disrespect my marksmanship the way this fool has" said Pepe who was growing Angry. He dismounted from his sniper rifle and pulled forth two pistols. He'd aim them at Bazel before he let out a scream in rage. "If you really wanted this fate all you had to do was say so!"

5I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty Re: I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:03 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
"Bazel is literally on fire! Is this why they call him the fire bird?" said the announcer as people over the announcement speakers had went Crazy. Bazel was Still floating in the air preparing for the next attack. When he saw that Pepe had switched from his rifle to his pistol Bazel started smirking. He thought this would finally prove to be a challenge. Pepe would take aim at Bazel holding both his pistols forwards facing the fire bird fruit eater. He was angry that Bazel had made him look so weak to the audience watching the fight. "You come here and embarrass me like this fire bird? You think I will let this stand? You will die here and now!" yelled Pepe who let off a barrage of bullets from his gun all coming towards Bazel who hadn't even moved yet. His eyes noticed the items before he did and slowed them down in his mind. He was able to associate with them more than before which allowed him to properly dodge each bullet that came towards him. Bazel smirked facing Pepe who kept the same stupid smirk on his face that he had before hand. This caused Bazel to pop his eyes before turning around and noticing the bullets had ricocheted as they previously did.

"Shit" said Bazel who quickly kneeled before taking off as fast as he could mid air dodging the bullets deciding it was time to end this. "I'm going to go for the win now" said Bazel to himself as he dashed forward knocking each bullet down in his wake. He would continue until he reached Pepe who was preparing to aim his gun at Bazel. Quickly Bazel would kick the short man into the nearby wall causing a caving in the canvas. Bazel had approached the canvas and grabbed Pepe by the neck. "Where the hell is Elizabeth?" he asked angrily towards Pepe "With Banshee. If you don't get her soon you'll never see her again fire bird." Baz tightened his grip his anger growing he spoke once more "Where is he" he obviously wanted answers "If she can move like you maybe she'll make it an extra week" said Pepe before Bazel rammed his forearm into the throat of the sniper effectively knocking him out. Bazel would continue on through the door which Pepe had came from. It was time for Baz to go get his sister from Banshee and end this all once and for all.


6I hate Amusement Parks (Task) Empty Re: I hate Amusement Parks (Task) on Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:38 pm



Include your word counts next time

500,000 Beli
3,000,000 Bounty
13,000 EP
1 SP

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