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1Jack Training Stamina {Open} Empty Jack Training Stamina {Open} on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:35 am

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
Stamina Training Rules:

*To increase Stamina is simple. For every 20 points you wish to increase it by you must dedicate 750 words. This word count must be done in a thread that gives no other rewards, no task, no hunt, no event, not even a social, this must be dedicated to training and training alone. You may increase your stamina by a total of 100 and afterwards it may go no higher. Zoan Devil Fruit users and Non-Devil Fruit users may boost their stamina by a total of 150 rather than 100. Upon completion of training one should seek approval for it on their character updates page.

"Jack The Cold Savage"

Jack The Drought
Jack Training Stamina {Open} B420d05c78c91ab393f7457e2f4a1d48

"I can remember it like it was yesterday. That fight with that bloody old geezer. I could have bloody died but it looks like God had mercy on little ole me. But I made that promise to train, and become stronger, and kill all those who use flames! I Jack the Drought will keep that promise today so help me God."

Jack had spoke in a loud enough tone for his voice to echo within the building of the base his company of grunts could clearly hear Jack as he spoke out loud. After a breath Jack continue, and said ," Today we shall train like no other Ladies, and Gentleman! Today I shall make you into a man!". There was a few cheers but majority knew that Jack was a pretty harsh mink if he was as cruel as he was in battle they knew the training would reflect him completely. Let be real they wasn't fools to think along the lines of harsh training in fact harsh was a complement . After a few minutes Jack had stood up, and his company of grunts follow him out the abandon building there location was about a mile from Mock Town. They had set up camp at a old abandon building somewhere in the forest the building was a former out post a pirate gang. That seem to abandon the building the a while back due to the amount of vines that cover the building.

The dense forest around the building made it hard to travel, and possibly trained lucky Jack have been here on Jaya Island for a while. Which is why he had already had a path leading to Mock Town, and a escape route behind the building leading deep into the forest if case something should happen. They also had a long hiking trail which was rarely use because of the unknown path it takes that, and no one had scouted it. Due to the terrain of the base of operation he didn't have a open field where his entire company could trained which is why. He decide it would be best to do simple exercise/ hunting. He had a couple of idea's flowing in his mind the first would be a lengthy jog , after he would order the grunts to break off into groups so hunting could begin.

Not only was this idea was good it was simple. He was going to run his entire company to the point of passing out then have them fight whatever that pop out the forest. It was pretty mean but all in all a simple training exercise. After all this training was to built the stamina of no only himself but his company of grunts as well. Times are hard in Grand Line so when they understood that then they may just come to understand the difference of power for each place. Jack had turn to his company of groups then said," ,"Alright lads we will be running first before training consider this a warm up fella! ". The company of grunt had sounded off with a "Yes Sir" well majority of them the rest just sighs because they had a feeling this was going to be a long day. They was probably right it just that Jack didn't tell them that which it made training all the more fun to enjoy.

After a few minutes Jack had lead his company on the unknown trail of course he had alert them of the danger of this unknown path, and gave a brief summary of the island wild life. So wilds animals could be spotted , and maybe even attack them that was the risk of the simple jog. Some seem hesitant about the jog now but Jack reassure them that dying by wild animals is better then getting kill by him. That quickly boost there self esteem why? Because the chances of wild animal attacking them are slim but the chances of Jack attacking them for not listening is 100% confirm. They had seen example of people who got on Jack the Drought bad side, and let me tell ya they didn't want any parts of that side.

The company had started there jog in a nice relax jog. At first it was nothing to hard but after doing it for long period of time it will be but they will soon find that out. As for the climate of Jaya island it was pretty normal well as far as normal get for this place. But Jack knew that one minute it could be normal but then the next minute a storm can come. That's life for ya you never know what to expect which is why Jack was well prepare to deal with stuff like this or so he like to believe. It have been only a few minutes now even those they just started the group started to show sign of getting tired as for Jack he slightly getting tired. But it was nothing he couldn't handle after all he was post to lead by example for his company to follow. A weak leader have no right leading a group. Why? Because that group would end up dead.

A slightly strong breeze had swept through the trail hitting the entire company. Which in return cool everyone out but it was for a moment. That very breeze also carried there scents of his company into the woods. That wasn't good. Why? Because the animals of Jaya Island well majority of them have keen sense of smell they would have a large scent of sweat because they was jogging for a several minutes now. It wouldn't be long until a select few predator decide to play food chain. But that would have the luck of meeting Jack the Drought, and I am sure that they wouldn't like the out come of meeting him. No body did thus far yet expect the old geezer who had the ability to conjure flames from his blade. That was truly a terrible day in fact Jack had nearly replayed that day in his mind for months now. Because he was scarred by the day that he nearly day, and he is also scarred by the attack across his upper body by the flames. He had decent burns across his body from that faithful day even the grunts knew the day as Old Geezer. They normally dance around the topic why because they didn't want to be the result of whip lash because of Jack ill temper.

Jack Training Stamina {Open} Akuma_by_isismasshiro

The sound of sniffing was produce by a single creature looking to patrol his territory, and quite frankly looking for there next meal. This is very bad thing for Jack, and his company. Why? Because the very thing they was hoping to hunt was about to hunt his entire company well not his entire company just the ones they can pick off well the weak ones that's. The creature was just in luck to because nearly his entire company was tired of jogging . Why? Because they had been jogging for quite some time now. The animal had pick up the company scent a while back, and have been tracking them for the pass few minutes or so. The animal had use the dense forest, and the terrain to remind hidden from the pirates. He was waiting to strike, and a opening to present itself so he could attack . This creature name was Black, and he was name by the locals of Jaya Island.

Black have been lurking on Jaya Island since he was a club he have experience of this terrain , and quite frankly he had made a name for himself. Simply by hunting anyone who invade his territory or killing locals hunters or pirates looking to catch an easy meal. Eventually the locals had gave him Black a name, and a story to match his legend. After a while Jack had called his company to halt to take a break. Because he knew they couldn't continue any longer due to them being exhausted . As for Jack he was tired but not so tired that he couldn't continue.

Up ahead Jack could see something move. At first he had though it was his eyes but no something was appearing out the bushes just 6 meters ahead of him. What came out was a black grizzly bear. Jack had said,"Mr. Bear get the fuck out the way or die!" The grizzly bear had halted it movements then stand on it hind legs then let out a roar so fearsome that the grunts behind Jack was scared. But Jack the drought was all too pissed off that the fucking bear didn't want to fuck off. He was so angry that you could see the veins poking out from his forehead. That was a clear sign that shit was about to get real. With that the grizzly bear had darted forward attempting to ram Jack directly in the chest. Unfortunately for the bear it was met by superior force. There was no way it could run either. Why because the attack that was release can cover the distance of 20 meters, and the width of 15 meters in width. Since the bear was already darting toward Jack direction at nearly max speed it was nearly impossible to change his course. When it tried it would still be resulted in it being hit with a smashing force of snow which ultimately broke a few of it bones.

Which can be understand. The company of grunts watch in utter disbelief they couldn't believe Jack was able to release such a overwhelming force of snow in only a few seconds. Not only they couldn't believe it but the amount he release it wasn't his normal amount. The path up ahead was clearly cover in snow due to Jack attack the trees had fallen, and it was nearly impossible to move forward at less you was Jack. As for the bear well it laid buried in the snow it was still alive but moving wasn't an option not to mention it was badly injured. Jack had said You damn bear! Look at what you did I wasn't done training you filthy trash! Fuck it....I'm going home."

With that Jack the Drought had spin around as he head within the crowd of grunts heading for the back of the company the grunts had follow Jack. They was sure not to piss off Jack in the future. Because they didn't want to ended up like him. Well not like him but like the fucking bear who just bite the dust behind them. The walk back to the base was quite long they been jogging for majority of the day so there legs was sore. As for Jack he seem disappoint he couldn't help but feel like he was still weak even though the level of attack he displayed was no walk in the park.

He felt like he could have truly done some more damage if he really put his mind to it. Which is why he decide he needed to training like this more. So he can reach new levels of training he no longer want to be a weakling no he had wanted to become a force to be reckon with. As the company of grunts walk they had begin to whole conversation about life, stories, and thing along that line. As for Jack he remain in deep though well he was still alert he didn't want no surprise. Because the last prize cause him to close up the path that would take maybe days to melt or whatever. That just the snow damage never mind the fucking tree's that had fall due to the strength of Jack attack.

Jack had yell,"Shit, Shit, Shit is there nothing to do on this fucking island?" Jack was now thinking of his next move maybe he should leave this island, and go somewhere else. He didn't have many choices that was for sure. He would have to sit down, and planned carefully what to do no fuck up can be allowed. Because the grand line is a place where if you fuck up it could be the last time you do so. Jack stomach had growl maybe he should have taken the bear back as food. He had though to himself but in the ended he decided it would be best not to go back on the path . He would just send some people into town for food to bring back to the base.

It had taken an while but Jack , and his company of grunts had finally arrive back at the best. Shit it was nice to be back home. Jack had order a few grunts to go into town to bring some food back for everyone to eat. As that happen he had order a few more grunts to collect firewood so they could started a fire tonight to keep warm inside the base. It was getting dark soon so Jack had wanted to be nice and warm for tonight climate. After a few minutes everything was set up for the fire, and all they was waiting on now was the food to get here. The nights on Jaya Island are very interesting but what can you expect you are in the grand line after all.


Wish to attain 60 More Stamina
Needed 2,250 WC

WC: 2,256/2,250


Stamina & Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%

•-Depth: Jack have developed a natural ability which allows him to increase the range of his devil fruit abilities. How by simply adding more strength or force to his Yuki Yuki No Mi ability(or adding more snow). He can extend the range of any of his ability by 10 meters in height, and width too. Unfortunately this cost him 15 stamina to do which the additional two turn cool down.

Skill Name: Snow Rush
Tier: 1
Type Normal
Range: 10
Speed: 2
Description: Jack is able to generate a large Tidal wave of Snow form either his hands or chest forward. Which is about 10 meters long,5 meters wide, and 5 meters tall. This snow is release at such force that it can break bones , and is capable of causing foes to lose there balance, and fall. This technique can buried a person if they don't successful dig there way out.

Company of Grunts:


2Jack Training Stamina {Open} Empty Re: Jack Training Stamina {Open} on Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:29 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
My new stamina is 210

Jack Training Stamina {Open} Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

3Jack Training Stamina {Open} Empty Re: Jack Training Stamina {Open} on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:59 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
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