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1Hand off of Daniel Bloom Empty Hand off of Daniel Bloom on Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:11 pm





Here, and Reward
Kronus had carefully squat down and hand off the infamous Daniel Bloom to the marines officials. He simply released his grip, and as soon as he did they marines quickly surrounded Daniel form there they quickly chained him up with seastone cuffs, and other binds.

Kronus had carefully watch this transaction. Why? Because he wanted everything to go smooth so he can get paid as a bounty hunter who earn this lick. The officials knew of Kronus arrival, and had his payments already wire to his personal account upon hand off.

After Daniel was secured he was rush off inside the building where he would be properly transported to Impel Down. Any information the official needed to wire Kronus payments was provided by Kronus after everything was settle Kronus left the area entirely. As he they hauled off Bloom he said
,"Let the Warden know I'm loo for a job, and hopefully he will consider me as Impel Down guard material. Oh, and Mr. Bloom nice talking to ya I hope everything works out for you see you soon bye!" With that he left.

Notes: Sabo told me to skip his turns. I have pms, and bacon backing me up with this Daniel will be transported to Impel Down due to his above note worthy bounty

Claiming bold

* Capture or Kill -Requires the bounty holder to have a bounty of 50,000,000 - 499,999,999. When someone capture’s another PC or NPC with the Capture or Kill Bounty tag, they can, A.) detain and turn the person in and receive the full Beli rewardor B) Kill the person and receive50% of the full Beli reward.

* Capturing a PC/NPC | Your Notoriety{37,081,200}+ 1.5x Target's Notoriety{ 202,328,750}

340,574,325 < New Bounty
3,162,000 New Beli

*Jail Rules*

*Bounty rules*

*Prior Capture Topic Successful*

2Hand off of Daniel Bloom Empty Re: Hand off of Daniel Bloom on Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:35 pm

Bacon is fluffy


Bounty reward: 75% of bounty as stated by the bounty rulez:151,746,562.5 rounded up 1.

1.5 x 202,328,750 = 303493125 bounty gained

New beli:3,162,000 +151,746,562.5= 154,908563

New bounty:37,081,200+ 303493125= 340,574,325

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Hand off of Daniel Bloom Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra

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