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1[Event] Freedom for All Empty [Event] Freedom for All on Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:21 pm



Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution

Cyrus had finished his training with Cappadonna, or Daniels as he was apparently named, and made his way back to the docks of Mock Town. It would seem, finally, after all this time the Revolutionaries had finally decided to get their asses in gear and deliver Cyrus’s two ships as well as the beginnings of a crew. Down by the docks he could make out a massive ship that looked as though it had been dredged up from the sea floor itself, but not in an old, rickety, probably going to sink kinda way. Instead it appeared more doom and gloom, like a ghost ship, seeking revenge on those that dare sank it. Spooky. Cyrus liked spooky. As for the other ship, well it was a submarine so Cyrus couldn’t see most of it, but from the little that did break the surface, he liked what he saw. It appeared powerful and deadly, or at least the top fifth of it did as it floated idly beside the larger spooky ship. On the dock, standing in front of the two ships was a fishman from the Revolution.

Cyrus approached, greeting him with the standard Revolutionary greeting, grabbing the other’s forearm as they did the same. It was an old tradition, used by the army both for tradition and as an old fashioned way of checking the other person for hidden weapons. Hello there sir, I see my ships have arrived. They look wonderful I must say. My thanks to the shipwright who designed them. The fishman smiled, showing a row of razor sharp teeth, Ah so you are the infamous Cyrus Kincaid, your wanted poster doesn’t do you justice. The ships and crew aboard are free for you to command but I’m afraid your time on Jaya isn’t quite done just yet. With that the fishman handed Cyrus a file report, which had been sealed in some form of waterproof wrapping, before jumping off the dock and into the sea below without another word. Cyrus tried to watch the fishman depart, but the waters were too dark and the fishman too fast. Instead he inspected the file, which was surprisingly thick, but did not open it. Deciding it would be better to do so after meeting his new crew, Cyrus climbed aboard the larger ship to meet them.

Aboard he introduced himself to the various men and women of the Revolution who manned the ship and kept her running. They were a merry bunch, seemed relatively cheerful but also ready to stick a knife in the kidney of anyone stupid enough to cross them. Cyrus had a feeling he was going to enjoy these people, even if he didn’t stand a chance at remembering their names. Hearing that they had an onboard doctor, Cyrus decided to personally meet the man himself. After all, it was never a bad idea to be friendly with your crew’s doctor. Knocking on the infirmary door, Cyrus stepped in, Hello, my name is- he paused, shocked by what he found on the other side. In front of him sat a relatively large man who was inspecting, what Cyrus believed to be, was a mummy on his operating table. At the very least it looked like a very old corpse. More odd than that was the young woman slouched over the back of the doctor, her hands attempting to play with the man’s…unmentionables through his pants. Each time she tried to grab at them playfully the doctor simply slapped them away and continued inspecting the corpse on his table without a word.

Honestly Yuri, you’re no fun anymore. The girl said, a slight pout on her face as she gave up on the man’s genitalia and stood upright. Suddenly noticing Cyrus in the doorway, her eyes fixed on him as a devilish grin came across her face, Ooooh looky here, a new play thing. I don’t remember seeing you on board on the journey over. The girl said as she seductively sauntered over to Cyrus. Ignore her, the twat wouldn’t know a good tool if it slapped her across the face. All the same to her. The corpse suddenly spoke, which apparently meant, it wasn’t a corpse at all but instead just a very, very old woman. Hey fuck you, you old hag, get your own toy. The younger girl shot back, now standing directly in front of Cyrus. Cyrus looked at the girl, then at the older woman still lying on the table and then finally at the doctor who didn’t even look up from his examination of the older woman.

Um…right, hi. I’m Cyrus Kincaid and I think I’m your captain. Cyrus said, clearing his voice and trying to take control of the fairly hectic situation. Finally, the doctor decided to look up from his work. Dah so you’re the captain then. My name is Yuri, this is Old Mei, he said, pointing to the not-corpse, and the one about to grab fer ye cock is Zoe. Charmer she is that one. The fishman who brought us over mentioned we have a mission, which I assume is the thing you’re holding in your hand. So what’s the plan captain? At this point the old woman had decided to sit up, apparently her check up was over. She eyed Cyrus carefully before saying, Christ, he’s our cap’n. You’re what? Twelve? Honestly the Revolution is recruiting younger and younger these days. Anyway, like Yuri said, I’m Old Mei and I’m your new navigator. I was told you’d have a Log Pose for me. I…ahem…lost the last one in a street game of poker, but not this one, I’ll hold onto this one. Regardless, like I said I’m the navigator, Yuri over here is your doctor, shocker I know and that one, Old Mei said, pointing a decrepit finger at Zoe, that one, well she doesn’t have a specific purpose. She just likes to shoot and fuck, and admittedly I can tell you first hand she’s competent in at least one of those areas. Old Mei finished, though Cyrus noticed she didn’t clarify which area.

Okay well, nice to meet you all. I truly look forward to working with everyone aboard. With that, Cyrus popped open the waterproof jacket of the Rev orders and pulled out a rather thick file. Skimming it he frowned, How odd, I never heard of a place like this on Jaya. It appears the Marines are conducting research in a facility on the far end of Jaya. About as faraway from Mock Town as you can get. Thinking about it again, Cyrus realized it was no wonder he hadn’t heard of the place. He had spent the vast majority of his time in or near Mocktown just like the rest of the citizens. In fact, the citizens of Mocktown most likely had no idea what was going on on the other side of their island. Anyway, according to the intel, this facility is experimenting on humans. It all seems pretty shady and the Revolution wants us to break in and destroy the entire compound or at the very least let the…hmm…the experiments I suppose would be the best way to put it, let these experiments free to rampage through the compound and effectively stop whatever research the Marines are trying to conduct. The three others remained silent for a moment, taking in what Cyrus had just said before Yuri finally spoke up, Looks like they gave you a map, here spread it out or her and let’s have a look. Yuri said, pointing to some more papers in Cyrus’s hands before clearing off an exam table. Old Mei jumped off her own exam table and followed Cyrus and Zoe over.

Judging from these blueprints the place seems relatively well guarded. Our best bet would be to sneak in. We could outright attack but they outnumber us by…well, judging from these rough estimates, by over one thousand. Cyrus let that hang in the air between the four of them for a moment before continuing, Look, I know we just met. I can’t ask any of you to do something this ridiculous for our first mission together. I’ll go in alone, all I ask is that you have the sub waiting for me nearby if I need to make a quick escape. In response to this idea, Zoe burst out laughing, Ha, fat chance Cap’n. We’re a crew now, which means you’ve got our backs and we’ve got yours. We signed up for this crazy shit when we joined the Revolution. Don’t think you can get rid of me that easily, and I’m not just saying that because I think you’re cute. She said with a playful wink. Aye, the girl’s right. We’re in it for the long haul Mr. Kincaid. Cyrus frowned in thought, Alright, well thank you, all of you. Honestly I think our best bet would be to have a small cell enter the compound and start causing as much damage as possible. We get in, we release these…things, whatever they are, and we get out. Kill any Marines we can on the way. The rest of you wait nearby on the ships and when we call for you, bring the ships around and start bombarding the compound, covering us while we escape. Old Mei grinned, Sounds simple enough youngin. These old bones weren’t made for sneaking around at night, but I’d be more than happy to lead the hellfire charge we’re going to rain down on those bastards.

Cyrus could only chuckle at that, Alright, it’s settled then. Let’s start preparing to head out by nightfall. That gives us about two hours.


WC: 1613

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Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution

They had left the docks of Mocktown and pulled the ships up around the eastern side of the island. According the map provided by the Revolution, this compound was tucked into an alcove in the cliff face of Jaya Island. As a result, the cliffs surrounding the small natural bay offered plenty of cover for the three Revolutionaries to disembark and begin their hike through the overgrown sections of Jaya Island. The hike was long and relatively uneventful, taking about an hour before Yuri, Zoe and Cyrus actually crossed over the top of the hill they had been climbing and got eyes on the compound below them. It was a relatively impressive looking set up. Large guard towers, barbed fences, plenty of Marines walking the grounds both as armed guards and scientists. Yuri gave a low whistle, far too faint for anyone below to hear as the three of them inspected the compound for access points. They’ve got quite the operation down there. Cyrus nodded in silent agreement as he scanned the area. Meanwhile Zoe inspected her two revolvers, making sure they were clean and fully loaded before placing them back in the holsters on each hip. Cyrus had decided on a small cell for an easier break in, but looking down at the imposing odds they were up against he somewhat regretted this decision.

Well, no time like the present. Cyrus said with a sigh before picking up Crow and beginning the decent down towards the compound. As he walked and the other two followed him, Cyrus spoke in a hushed tone, From what I can tell there’s a blind spot thanks to a natural rock overhang down on the left side of the compound. The guard towers shouldn’t be able to spot us if we move in its shadow. No moonlight from this angle means we should be able to make it to the fence undetected. I’ll take care of the fence and the guard in the tower from there. Once we’re beyond the fence and out of that natural shadow we’re going to have to move quickly and carefully. His two comrades simply gave a silent nod of acknowledgement as the three of them descended to the rock overhang, covering themselves in the shadow of darkness it offered. As they approached the fence, Cyrus watched the guard tower carefully. He could just make out a single Marine, sniper holstered over his back, scanning the inside of the compound rather than outward where Cyrus and his comrades were. This was because of the cliff wall that Cyrus and company was hiding near. There was no reason to look out and search for intruders when a massive wall of stone blocked anything beyond 10 feet out.

Turning back to make sure Yuri and Zoe were good before making his move, Cyrus held a finger up to his lips. The other two nodded in acknowledgement as Cyrus activated his ROOM. Several cuts of the fence in front of him were all it took for the metal caging to fall harmlessly to the ground. For everyone within the room, the hole in the fence would make a rather loud noise, but luckily it was only the three of them. The sound of the Revolutionaries breaking in would not go beyond the confines of Cyrus’s room. Without the protection of the shadows, the merry band of thieves would have to move quickly and at the right moment so as not to be noticed. Ahead of them was a ten-foot stretch of grass and open space between their current position beneath the guard tower and a door leading into the actual laboratories and compound. Above, Cyrus could make out the top of the guard’s Marine issued cap turn towards the west and away from the direction they would need to run. Without a word, Cyrus took off at a full sprint, his two comrades trailing behind.

Without pausing Cyrus pushed into the door, not wanting to be spotted outside. Unfortunately he did so just as two Marines rounded the corner into the hallway he had just entered. Lacking any form of hesitation, Cyrus flourished Crow and stabbed each surprised guard in their throats. The only sound a slight whisper as the air escaped their lungs before they dropped to the ground. Help me with these two. Cyrus whispered to Yuri as the larger man entered the hallway from outside, trailed closely by Zoe. The two men half dragged/half carried the dead Marines into a side room and dropped them behind a desk. From the looks of it this was an office type area, though not particularly lavish so, Cyrus gathered, probably not an office of anyone terribly important. Alright not even a minute in this dump and we’re already leaving bodies. Zoe said, taking a shot at Cyrus. It couldn’t be helped unfortunately. Besides, I doubt that’s our last kill for the night. Don’t forget this place is manned by over one thousand Marines. Cyrus countered as he cleared off the office’s desk and unrolled the map the Revolution had supplied them with. Zoe, watch the door for anyone else, I need to call in to Old Mei and the rest of them. Cyrus said as he pulled out his Den Den Mushi. Come in Dreadnaught, Dreadnaught do you copy? Cyrus spoke into his snail, a hushed tone so as not to attract any attention from outside. Dreadnaught reads you loud and clear, go ahead Captain. Cyrus sighed in slight relief at the sound of Old Mei’s voice. He wasn’t sure if they Marines would have some sort of jamming device or not once they were actually inside. This would make things much easier. We’re currently in the Northwest sector of the compound and have made our way inside. Judging from the map we need to move towards the center, that’s where we’ll supposedly find what we’re looking for. Depending on any opposition we come across this may take anywhere between five and twenty minutes. Once we reach the center and secure the area, we’ll call again for some cover fire. Cyrus instructed.
Roger dodger, Dreadnaught over and out.

Alright, from what I can tell we’re in this hallway here. Cyrus said, indicating their position on the map.  It looks like there should be a row of elevators down a hallway adjacent to this one, on our right. Those elevators should take us down,[/color] he flipped to a new map, this one of a basement level, to the laboratories. Which is most likely where our new hellacious friends are being held. Yuri nodded in agreement and said, Dah, sounds good to me. Lead the way captain. Cyrus began rolling up the maps just as Zoe spoke up, Get down and shut up, I think someone’s coming. She said, ducking out of sight of the doorway and pulling out one of her revolvers. Cyrus dropped to a squat as Yuri moved towards the wall. Outside they could make out the sounds of more Marines, at least two walking by and for a moment Cyrus thought they would pass by without incident until one of them stopped and noticed the light on in the office, “Hey Weston left his lights on again. Honestly I don’t get how that man became an offi-“

Unfortunately for the Marine he decided to speak as he opened the door and as he did so, Yuri sprung into action before Cyrus could even stand up fully. Pulling out his expandable bo staff, Yuri swiftly slammed the talking Marine’s nose upwards, pushing the cartilage directly into his brain and killing him instantly. As the first Marine dropped dead to the floor, Yuri spun his staff before stabbing the end forward into the other Marine’s throat. As he gasped for air with a broken adam’s apple, Yuri silently stepped up to him and, taking his head in both hands with his bo staff on his back once again, the large doctor snapped the man’s neck without a word. Huh, you weren’t kidding about the body count thing. Zoe said to no one in particular. As Yuri dragged the new bodies into the room with the rest, Cyrus poked his head out the door and began moving down the hallway, keeping his back up against the wall. Behind him Zoe and Yuri followed after turning off the office lights and closing the door behind them. As the map had shown, several dozen feet down the hallway was another one that jutted out to the right. As they turned the corner, Cyrus spotted the elevators about twenty yards away. Unfortunately about ten yards away was a group of two Marines and two scientists. Down! Zoe yelled as the Marines, startled by Cyrus’s sudden appearance but well trained quickly scrambled to raise their guns. Cyrus however did as he was told and above him Zoe’s twin revolvers rang out, expertly dispatching the Marine guards and the scientists.

Not sure the unarmed scientists were necessary but thanks for the save. Cyrus said, getting up and making his way to the elevators,. He stopped by one of the dead scientists and pulled a badge off his jacket pocket. If I had let them live they would’ve raised the alarm. Zoe countered. Yeah well, with how loud those guns of yours are this place will be on high alert any second now. We need to move. Stepping into the elevator, Cyrus swiped the key card from the scientist through a slot in the elevator control panel before hitting the B1 button. Get to the sides of the elevator, I’m not sure what to expect once we exit. Cyrus instructed as they descended into the depths of the compound.


WC: 1625
Stamina: 420/450

Skill Name: ROOM I*
Tier: 1
Type Devil Fruit
Range: 10m
Speed: 3
Description: The precursor to all of the Ope Ope user’s techniques, the user creates a spherical space around his targets, in which he can manipulate anything he wants in a variety of ways; he cannot perform any of the other techniques in this skill set outside of this spherical area. The user can hold off on the activation of his ROOM by creating a small circle around his hand, which later will expand to form the ROOM itself. At this tier the ROOM can be made 10m in diameter and up to 5m high.

Skill Name: Amputate
Tier: 1
Type Devil Fruit
Range: ROOM
Speed: Own
Description: This technique allows the user of the Ope Ope no Mi to cut anything found within his ROOM with a sword or bladed weapon. When cut the target is not harmed even after the ROOM is dropped or the target leaves the ROOM. The cut target, if living, can still move and act freely on their own as if still connected. The target will remain amputated until the user puts them back together. If a Logia user is cut by this, any body part separate from the head can no longer turn into their element until reattached.

3[Event] Freedom for All Empty Re: [Event] Freedom for All on Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:10 pm



Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution

Well, Cyrus was right to say that he wasn’t sure what to expect once the elevator doors opened and truthfully they hadn’t expected the hallway to be completely empty. The elevator opened up into a small lobby area with other elevators across and next to their own. The lobby area itself was completely deserted, not a soul or a sound to be found. Anyone else getting a little creeped out? Zoe asked out loud. Cyrus had to admit this was…odd. Although he doubted the Marines had mobilized quickly enough to actually figure out where the intruders were and plant armed guards in front of the correct elevator in the time since Zoe’s bullets rang out, he had been expecting…at least something. Wasn’t this supposed to be an extremely important government lab? Something wasn’t right.

Stay close, stay alert, follow me. Cyrus said simply, walking out of the elevator doors and into the lobby, his left hand gripping his cane while the right was posed on the Crow head, ready to be drawn in a moment’s notice. From the lobby the hallway split in two directions, one to the right and one to the left. Remembering the blueprints Cyrus turned down towards the left hallway, his friends following wordlessly, that is until the right wall of the hallway opened up to windows and the Revolutionaries received their first look at these experiments. It also explained where all the guards were. Fuck me. Zoe said, releasing a low whistle from between her teeth. From the corner of his eye Cyrus could see Yuri tighten up and lean closer to the window for a better look. Whether the man was disgusted or intrigued Cyrus couldn’t be sure.

Down below was a holding area with rows upon rows of cages. About fourteen, by Cyrus’s count, were filled with beasts of different shapes and sizes. All were grotesquely disfigured but upon closer inspection Cyrus could make out fur of the Mink people, scales and gils of some grotesque fishmen, a winged longarm tribe creature, though the wings looked as if they had been stapled onto the back of them. Cyrus was both fascinated and repulsed at what the Marines had created. Some part of him knew that these…things should be put down and nothing like them should ever have the unfortunate destiny to exist ever again, but on a deeper level, the scientist in him couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was crude, from an experimental standpoint, but it was also the beginning of forced evolution. The World Government, whether they knew it or not, were attempting to force the races of this world into the next wave of evolution, effectively creating super beings.

As for why there was a serious lack of guards on this floor, well that’s because there were about twenty down below trying to corral what Cyrus could only describe as a furry winged creature with razor sharp claws, teeth, and…were those talons? Twenty or so Marines were currently attempting to catch and tranquilize a flying creature with nothing but pure murder in its eyes. Even as Cyrus and his friends watched the mutant creature dove towards the cluster of Marines trying to chorale it back into its cage, ripping off a huge chunk of flesh from one of the Marine’s shoulders. Then man went to the ground, blood pouring out of his wound, which only seemed to excite the other caged creatures all the more. Alright come on, I think the main control room is farther down. We don’t know how long that thing’ll distract them, so we need to start moving. By now they’ve probably made it upstairs to where Zoe took care of those- As if on cue Cyrus was cut out by the screech of an alarm that reverberated throughout the entire building. Hmm not a terrible response time. Yuri said observantly. We need to move, now. Cyrus ordered as the three took off running towards the lab door at the end of the hallway.

Without hesitating Cyrus burst through the door way and into a massive control room where scientists busied themselves with various experiments and paper work. A cluster of scientists was over by a large bay window, watching the events of the creature’s recapture unfold and taking notes of its movements and behaviors. Zoe, clear them out. On cue Zoe fired a single shot into the air, effectively silencing the entire room in an instant, Alright ladies and gents, we’re taking over so everyone out. I don’t care where you go, I don’t care what you do, just clear out. The silence continued as at least fifty scientists all stared the three of them down. Hey captain, Zoe whispered to Cyrus. What? They aren’t moving, why aren’t they moving? Cyrus wasn’t sure himself, luckily Yuri was a little faster on the uptake, Gun! The large doctor yelled before tackling Cyrus and Zoe to the ground behind a large desk covered in papers and computers. Shots rang out as scientists produced a pistol from his lab coat and began firing at the intruders. Taking the hint, the other scientists began producing weaponry ranging from small pistols to submachine guns and taking aim at the desk.

They’re all armed? Why the hell are all of the nerds armed? Zoe asked incredulously as she peaked out from behind the desk and began firing into the crowd of scientists. One man fell backwards, a fountain of his own blood spraying from his chest cavity. As a fellow armed nerd, I take offence to that. Cyrus muttered before generating a ROOM in the very room they stood in. Moving his hands upward, the various guns and weaponry the scientists were firing suddenly ripped free of their hands and moved towards the ceiling, gravitating towards the center of the room at Cyrus’s behest. Along with the guns came papers, flasks, and various other scientific equipment. They’re unarmed, let’s go. Cyrus said as the three of them sprung from their hiding spot behind the desk. Yuri moved towards the right, breaking bones, necks, and just about any soft spot on the scientists he could find with both his staff and his bare hands. At one point Cyrus watched him rip the lower jaw off a woman who was lunging towards a scalpel left out on the table. As for Zoe, she was like a ballerina of carnage, spinning and twisting this way and that all the while firing into the crowd of scientists with crimson accuracy. The walls became painted with blood and brain matter as the World Government employees found their final resting places in their own residence of work. Cyrus himself moved through the center of the room, staining Crow with blood as he cut down their would-be assassins. When the vast majority was dead or dying, Cyrus resheathed Crow and made his way over to the large bay window where the Marine guards had finally managed to capture and rejail the bird mink creature. They had no idea the massacre that had just occurred above them as they tended to their own wounded.

We need to find a way to let these creatures out, start looking around. Cyrus instructed his subordinates as he himself began searching desks and computers. As he did so a hand wrapped itself around his ankle, startling him. Looking down he noticed one of the scientists had been hit in the abdomen. Without medical attention he was going to die, hell even with medical attention he didn’t have much of a chance but for now it would just be a slow bleed out. “H-help me, ple…please.” He choked. Dropping to a squat, Cyrus said, Tell you what, you help me first and then I’ll help you. Where’s the cage release for those creatures? Is there a master key? The dying man shook his head before responding, “Main computer, center of the room. Should be…should be logged on. Fail safe, allows you to- to instantly lock or unlock all cages.” Cyrus nodded, Thank you, you’ve been a great help. before unsheathing Crow and slitting the man’s throat. Anything was better than that slow, painful death he was going to endure for the next twenty minutes.

We have company. Yuri said as he ran for the door, pushing a large desk in front of it and hitting the lock button. It wasn’t much of a barricade but it was something. From his position in the room Cyrus could hear the footsteps of the Marines before he could even see them and it sounded like a thunderous roar as dozens upon dozens of boots pounded towards them. Shit, we don’t have much time. Cyrus said as he dashed for the main computer console. The dying scientist hadn’t been lying as Cyrus quickly navigated the interface and found the execution sequence for cage release. Before clicking however, a file on the desk caught his eye. As he scanned over the various pages, gunfire erupted near the door. Yuri, having retrieved one of the scientist’s guns and Zoe both returned fire from their side of the door. Some Marines fell but there were plenty of others to take their place. Behind him Cyrus could hear more Marines running towards the other entrance to the main control room and he swore under his breath as he gathered up the files on the mutants and log reports of their progress. DUCK! Cyrus yelled to his two comrades as he unsheathed Crow and cut outward in a half circle. With his ROOM still activated he easily sliced through the massive bay window in the control room as well as some of the Marines unfortunate enough to fall within range and the windows in the hallway. Sheathing Crow, Cyrus hit the “all unlock” button and all hell broke loose.


WC: 1641
Stamina: 390/450

Same two skills as before.

Killed something like 65 Marines so far.

4[Event] Freedom for All Empty Re: [Event] Freedom for All on Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:10 pm



Cyrus Kincaid

Reaper of the Revolution

A lot happened all at once after Cyrus broke the windows of the hallway and control room as well as released all fifteen World Government science experiments. Firstly, the door behind Cyrus blew open as the Marines decided to use grenades to get in. Secondly, the creatures, smelling fresh blood immediately rushed into the control room and adjoining hallway where they began feasting on the fresh corpses as well as the bisected, but still very much alive, Marines Cyrus had created when breaking the windows. Basically everything went to shit really fast.

Cyrus bounded over the desk, tucking the file on the mutants into his jacket pocket. Yuri, grab some bodies and use them as shields against these things. Zoe, take down anything that comes near us. Cyrus ordered as his subordinates joined him near the now shattered bay windows. Yuri carried a body with each arm, bracing them as literal human shields as the creatures descended upon them. Zoe began taking shots at both mutants and Marines alike as Cyrus tossed a fresh corpse out the bay window to distract one of the mutants. Behind them, the Marines that had entered were too confused by the sight before them and the escaped creatures to get an accurate shot on Cyrus or his crew. We’re going to have to jump. Cyrus said and without hesitation jumped through the broken window and about ten feet to the room below that had originally housed all of the mutants. Tucking and rolling, the impact was jarring but nonthreatening. The sound of two more bodies hitting the ground and rolling behind him signified Zoe and Yuri had made it out.

Above them the creatures and Marines engaged in a bloody battle in which the mutants clearly had the upper hand. They were faster, stronger and far more resilient. It was only a matter of time before the made bloody work of the Marines and, to Cyrus’s dark realization, already some of them were realizing there wasn’t enough Marine to go around. Turning back as they ran through the holding room, Cyrus could see at least ten of the original fifteen creatures leave the control room and start tracking his, Yuri, and Zoe’s scents. Some flew, others crawled, and even others ran on two legs like normal humans. Regardless of how they moved, they moved fast.

Pulling out his den den mushi, Cyrus radioed to Old Mei, Mei, move in now. Start firing immediately. I don’t care where, just bury this place. We’ll find a way out. Cyrus screamed into the snail phone. I’m old not deaf, no need to yell. We’ll hit em hard and hit em fast boy-oh. Arriving at the far end of the holding room, Cyrus paused, unsure of which way to go. He hadn’t looked over the map too intently for the holding room considering he never intended to have to go in here himself. With the creatures close behind them however, Cyrus made the snap decision to go right. Good news, clearly there was an exit this way. Bad news, the only reason he knew that was because of the cluster of twenty to thirty Marines that had just appeared in the room through a doorway against the far right wall. Back to good news, there was a horde of bloodthirsty mutants chasing behind Cyrus and they were about to go head to head with these unsuspecting Marines. Take this turn, here. He called back to Yuri and Zoe before jumping down a hallway of cages just as the creatures turned the corner from the row they had come. With Cyrus, Zoe and Yuri out of sight, the creatures honed in on the unfortunate Marines. Shots rang out, man and creature alike screamed as they drew blood from one another.

Taking this momentary distraction in stride, Cyrus lead his friends past the carnage and through the doorway the Marines had come out of. With the door closed and sealed behind them, the three took a moment to catch their breath, Anyone else noticing that those things don’t seem to be allergic to bullets? They’re taking a beating but not even slowing down. Zoe said between breaths of air. I know, they’re magnificent. Yuri added. Yeah, and I’m the fucked up one.

Old Mei and the others should be entering the bay around now. We just need to find a way out and make it down to the sub across the beach. Cyrus said, standing up and ready to get moving again just as the door behind them was ripped off its hinges and the mutants piled into the hallway. Of the original ten that had been chasing them, the Marines had only managed to take down one while they themselves lay broken and dying. They just don’t stop. Zoe said, unloading several rounds into the cluster of mutants as they charged. As she did, a section of wall exploded off to the group’s left, revealing night sky and sandy beaches. Coughing, Cyrus yelled to his crew as his eardrums rang uselessly, Looks like Old Mei found us a way out, let’s move! Taking off towards the hole in the building, the three of them jumped through, landing on sandy beach but not hesitating for even a moment as the creatures followed suit. Outside the entire compound had woken up, guns blazing. The guard towers were alive with gunfire as the Dreadnaught unleashed fury from her cannons. To Cyrus’s right a cannon ball exploded in the crow’s nest section of a guard’s tower, effectively erasing the Marine from existence. Down by the water Marines boarded several vessels they had stationed there. Unfortunately as they did so the Nautilus torpedoes the hulls, both sinking and exploding the small fleet one by one and effectively killing hundreds of Marines. As for the ground troops on the beach, few Marines took notice of Cyrus and his small gang as they charged towards the water, the same direction Cyrus himself was headed.

Things quickly changed however as the mutants broke out onto the beach and began feasting upon Marines left and right. Knowing that looking back would only slow them down and ultimately be their demise; the Revolutionaries booked it down towards the water and the docks as the sub pulled up beside one. Fuck, it’s got me! Zoe suddenly cried out and Cyrus turned, just feet from the beginning of the dock. A furry, octopus looking fishman had grabbed old of her ankles with several of its tentacles and was pulling her towards a very large, very well armed set of razor sharp teeth. Cyrus watched her unload a full clip of bullets into the creature but the thing didn’t so much as flinch. Shit. Cyrus swore under his breath as he sprinted towards the creature, moving like a blur and pulling out Crow as well as the hidden sickle of the cane. With two quick slashes the monster received a mouthful of fire rather than Zoe and screamed in pain, releasing her from its grasp. Yuri, grab Zoe and get to the sub. I’m going to make sure this place ceases to exist. Cyrus called back to his doctor as the larger man grabbed  Zoe in his arms and carried her towards the docks, at least one of her ankles clearly broken by the beast.

Placing Crow in the strap on the back of his jacket, Cyrus cracked his fingers before generating a ROOM in his palm that quickly stretched out to cover the entire beach and the vast majority of the compound including the entire building itself. Sweat began to poor down his brow as he had never attempted a ROOM this large before, never mind what he was about to do next. With both hands he began raising them upwards and as he did so, brought up bodies, creatures, fence, weapons, the guard towers and just about everything else you could imagine. At first the compound didn’t seem to move, but then, with a horrible grinding that split the night air, metal ripped free of metal and concrete. The majority of the entire building ripped free from the ground and the few parts that Cyrus’s ROOM didn’t encompass as it rose into the air along with the Marines, scientists and Mutants. Cyrus’s hands were shaking now as he brought everyone and everything higher and higher into the air. From the docks Yuri and Zoe simply watched in awe, even Old Mei seemed to have ordered a ceasefire, as the Dreadnaught remained stalled in the water, silent. Finally, it became just too much for Cyrus and he dropped his hands and so with it…what seemed like the entirety of the world.

The building came crashing down from hundreds of feet in the air and as it did so must have triggered a severed gas line. Balls of fire erupted all along the broken compound. Guard towers turned to splinters as they touched down upon the earth once more. Bodies snapped, bones reduced to dust and insides exploding outwards, their skin sacks no longer able to contain them. Cyrus was panting as he watched the carnage unfold in front of him. The heat from the fireballs singing his eyebrows and face as sweat, grime and blood mixed into one. He looked down at his left breast as he felt something wet begin to touch his skin and found blood oozing from his chest. That didn’t seem right, that wasn’t his blood. He hadn’t even been touched the entire time they were in the compound or on the beach. What Cyrus hadn’t realized was a Marine, a well skilled gunman had taken a shot at Cyrus while he rose into the heavens and ultimately towards his doom.

Cyrus fell to his knees, exhaustion and blood loss overtaking him as his grunts rushed from the submarine to their captain’s aid. As Cyrus scanned the beach, half focused, he noticed odd shapes rise from the fires and carnage that he had created. It couldn’t be…but it was. Some, not all, of the mutants had actually survived the destruction Cyrus had wrought. They were beginning to rise once again and seek out fresh meat and yet…Cyrus couldn’t move. As he watched the live action horror movie unfold in front of him, he felt powerful arms scoop him up and begin carrying him down the last bit of beach and onto the docks where the sub waited. As the hatch closed, so too did Cyrus’s eyes.

~ The Next Day ~

Cyrus awoke in the Captain’s quarters of the Dreadnaught, groggy and somewhat confused. He sat up but only made it halfway before the pain in his chest forced him to rest on his elbows. Grabbing his left breast he found fresh, white bandages and an interesting lack of shirt. Peeling back the covers he found himself dressed in pajama bottoms…meaning someone had changed him. Good to see you’re awake. Yuri’s booming voice surprised Cyrus, nearly knocking him out of bed. That marksman’s bullet missed your heart by about two inches, almost nicked an artery. You’re going to be sore for quite awhile, but it should heal nicely enough. So long as you do not have any infection. Cyrus nodded, taking in what Yuri had said. Where are we exactly? Cyrus asked, his mouth dry and his words sounded funny. Out at sea somewhere. After we moved you from the Nautilus to the Dreadnaught’s sickbay, Old Mei turned us seaward, wanted to get away from the island and those creatures as quickly as possible. I believe she mention something about waiting for you to tell her where to go. So far we have not seen any more of the mutants, Jaya’s problem now. Yuri said with a bit of a snort-laugh.

Right, okay. Tell her I’ll be out in a few minutes and we’ll plot a course together. Yuri nodded as Cyrus rose from bed and made his way over to his dresser. I took some files from the compound last night, are they still in my coat? Yuri paused at the door, No, that same fishman who brought us all to Jaya to meet you boarded a few hours ago. He asked if we managed to recover anything from the labs and I told him of the files you took. He took them and left without another word. Cyrus nodded, processing what Yuri had told him. It was odd that the fishman knew to show up so quickly. Cyrus hadn’t even radioed in their mission completion yet and he couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps they had been watched since the very beginning. Oh Yuri, one more thing. Who changed me…while I was um, sleeping? The large doctor turned to Cyrus and, for the first time since Cyrus had met him, simply smiled before leaving the Captain’s quarters and shutting the door behind him.


WC: 2148
Total Mission WC: 7027 (2800 needed for T4 task)
Stamina: 165/450

TLDR: Picked up the entire building/lab along with everyone in it and dropped it from way the f*** up effectively crushing it and making it go boom.
Ships also shelled the beach/compound beforehand with cannon fire.
Some mutants hinted at escaping.
Rev higher up mentioned who wants info on mutants given info.

Skill Name: Zetsumei Dansu: Lust
Tier: 2
Type Melee Weapon
Range: 10m
Speed: 3
Description: This technique may not seem like a proper assassination technique initially and outright it most certainly is not. This technique involves the user imbuing their weapon with fire (aka the flames of lust). The user then uses the scythe hidden within their cane to pull on the air, creating a vacuum of wind in front of them. By slashing at the wind vacuum with the fire imbued sword, an outward (away from the user) explosion occurs (10m long by 5m wide), dealing second degree burns to anyone unfortunate enough to be hit and burning wood/cloth. The sudden explosion quickly consumes the oxygen in an area, making the flames generated in the explosion only last for the duration of the explosion itself. This is a very flashy and loud technique, which is exactly the point as while it’s used to cause large scale damage, it is also a great distraction. While the target is focused on the large eruption of fire, the user can use this distraction to dispose of the target effortlessly.

Skill Name: ROOM V*
Tier: 5
Type Devil Fruit
Range: 75m
Speed: 6
Description: The precursor to all of the Ope Ope user’s techniques, the user creates a spherical space around his targets, in which he can manipulate anything he wants in a variety of ways; he cannot perform any of the other techniques in this skill set outside of this spherical area. The user can hold off on the activation of his ROOM by creating a small circle around his hand, which later will expand to form the ROOM itself. At this tier the ROOM can be made 75m in diameter and up to 50m high.

Skill Name: Takt III
Tier: 5
Type Devil Fruit
Range: ROOM
Speed: Own
Description: This is the ultimate version of Takt, allowing the user to lift entire buildings within his ROOM (or things of equivalent size to a 10-story building. The user can do this by either using hand gestures or using a pointer such as a cane. Once lifted the person/object can still move their appendages but cannot move from the location the user puts them until the skill ends. (Marksman can still fire bullets at the user but they cannot get closer to or farther from the user).

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Bacon is fluffy


Post 1:
Story development: 9/10
I'm impressed with the halloween ship introduction and the banter of the crew. Definitely deserve some props for the lowkey harem and way you're developing each npc, as I can get a better read on them than cyrus sometimes. Granted this is my first time reading one of your threads kin. :3 But so far I like it kin.

Post 2:
Story development:10/10

Solid muther fucking snake. You guys be taking peeps out left and right. The addition of the call to old mei to map your your general location in the compound was good. If you don't marry zoe this is all easily 0/10 :3

Post 3:
Story development:10/10
hehe those fricking grangster scientists. I love how zoe tried to be nice and it ended up getting you guys fired at. The bird monster and implications were also crafted very well. The story has a nice flow that doesn't seem forced in the slightest. Even the mention of the guards corralling the bird at the time when they came out of the elevator was nice.

Post 4:
Story develop:8/10
Bad news I don't have any Pizza rolls
Good news: I like the old woman's banter with cyrus. Boy-oh Wink
Give zoe an IC ring.
Anyone else noticing that those things don’t seem to be allergic to bullets? They’re taking a beating but not even slowing down. Zoe said between breaths of air. I know, they’re magnificent. Yuri added. Yeah, and I’m the fucked up one.

Changed to 9/10
It's a cluster fuck but he saved zoe q.q Best otp 2016 GIVE THIS MAN A REWARD

10 OUT 10

Too much water



10/10 It's a master peace

2,500,000 Beli x 2 that's 5 mil
40 million on bount x 2 = 80 mil
35,000 EP x 2 that's 70k

I thoroughly enjoyed that read. :3

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
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Gonna amplify this by a further 100,000,000 bounty

Ic event and a great job done.

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