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1[ARC/Task] Rise & Shine! Jaya Arrives!⚓  Empty [ARC/Task] Rise & Shine! Jaya Arrives!⚓ on Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:39 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Chapter 2: Rise & Shine! Jaya Arrives!
Arc Task:

Task Name: Chapter 2: Rise & Shine! Jaya Arrives!
Tier: 1
Location: Jaya Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Waking up from a long nap, Jacky finds himself on the island of the Jaya with a bear cradling him as he awoke from his sleep. Having to scuffle with the bear to escape from it's clutches.
Enemy Details: (1) T1 Bear
Boss: No

(Task Track) Peeking above the horizon, intense rays of light beam into the forests of an island renowned for it's majority pirate populace; known as Jaya. Warmth engulfed the blue haired boy's body as both the sunlight delivered from the sun itself and the cuddly bear cradling Jacky did its job to warm him up. In result, the gradual intensity of heat along with the dazzling morning light; woke the slumbering pirate. "Errgh... Its so hot... Yet so cuddly..." Mumbling under his breath, Jacky swept his eyes open at a slow pace. Raising up an index finger to rid disturbances from under and around his eyes, anything stuck on from his lengthy nap, Jacky awoke. "Hm..." Baffled by what he met in his plain of view, Jacky blinked a few blinks until realizing what was in front of him. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" Repeating the word multiple instances, Jacky attempted to wiggle himself out of the bear's makeshift cradle arms. "Gerrrrr" Dragging back Jacky as he tried his hand at escaping, Jacky came to a conclusion. "If he wont let me leave then I'll probably have to use force..." Anticipating that he'll have to battle with the brown furred beast, he strives once more to flee yet the bear does not loosen its grasp, it tightens its grip on Jacky. "Fine.. Suit yourself!" Settling his decision, Jacky flung his arm back and catapulted his fist right between the brown bear's eyes. "Groaarrrrr" Crying out of pain from the punch, Jacky took this moment to break free from the brown bear's clutches. Escaping the bear's arms, Jacky set himself into a defensive stance just as the bear prepared to attack back at him. "Heh... Want a piece of me!?" Taunting the bear, Jacky awaited for the perfect moment to strike it down. "Grrrrroaaaaaa!" Snarling at his target, the monstrous bear leaped at Jacky with a clawed paw raised up into the air, ready to slam down it's razor sharp hazards onto the pirate boy. Maneuvering as if he was dancing with the bear, Jacky takes use of the bear's momentum and juts his fist into the side of it's face. Bringing the beast down, causing impact to the ground due to the creature's large weight, Jacky took a short pause. "That was just a piece of me!" Allowing debrief from the impact subside, all that was left now was for Jacky to figure out where he was and how we got there. "Hm.. Now that I have that done with.. How did I even get here anyways? All I remember was that I was on my way to Jaya, until the ship I snuck onto was hit by a storm... Could of sworn I died." Pondering on how he is even still alive in the first place and his current location in the Grand Line.

WC: 470
WC Total: 470
Required WC: 1200
Stamina: 310
EE Energy: 0/10

Voltage Vault

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