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Task Name: Opening act: help the local theater!
Tier: 1
Location: Jaya Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After changing his appearance to hide who he really is, Jade goes around Mocktown too see if there is anything to help with. He eventually finds a nearby theater that needs setting up but suddenly pirates come and ask try to raid the place.
Enemy Details: 3 T0 2 T1
Boss: No

"How the hell did I fall off of that ship!" Jade whispered aggressively to himself as he walked through the city his crew just tried to escape a few days ago. Luckily they all made it to the ship and off to Skypiea but while he was day dreaming over the edge, he fell off and had to swim back to Mocktown. Jade had contacted his crew but they informed him that because of how far they are it would be a little while before they could come pick him up, that upset the young man a lot. The songbird pirates had made a huge Ruckus on the way out of the place and he was lucky enough to make it back into the town without being noticed. After he had managed to sneak back into the town he quickly changed into some new clothes that consisted of a pink kimono, a white eye patch, along with traditional geta. It felt weird not being in his usual fancy looking attire but he didn't want to be spotted and attacked, well not while his crew wasn't here with him.

As Jade walked through Mocktown, getting out of his thoughts, he noticed that it was actually a pretty day outside. The sun was beaming bright and high in the sky, leaving no darkness of shadow in any crevices of the town. The towns people littered the streets with people selling food, parents talking, kids playing, and even some people even just basking in the glory of the day. After realizing that most of the people of the town were doing something, Jade decided he needed to do something to pass the time until his crew came back to get him. "Hm, it is pretty hot so I think I'll grab a milkshake first then do something else!" He said happily as he walked towards the nearest eatery, his geta clacking on the ground as he went.

He plopped down in a booth and giddily ordered his triple chocolate milkshake. It took no time for them to make the milkshake and bring it to him and as he sipped, he began to think of the things he could do with his precious time. "Just find a hotel and lay down? No, Don't leave this booth and drink milkshakes all day? No". Jade was going through a long list of things he could do until something finally stood out. "I can go around town too see if anyone needs help with anything!" He exclaimed as he began taking the final gulps of his milkshake, the young man was about to leave before he realized he wanted another milkshake and ordered one to go. "Man, I need to slow down on these things" he said as he walked deeper into town looking for anything or anyone that needed help. As he kept walking he felt like he would never find anything, he had finished his milkshakes ages ago and was beginning to grow bored.

Just as he was about to give up he saw a sign on a Mocktown theater door and it read "Helped wanted for setting up play". Jade smiled and ran to the door, entering the building and looking for a person. "Well, hello there" a strong voice called out from behind him, making him quickly turn around and grip onto one of his iron swords on his waist. When he turned around he saw a man that looked as if he were in his early 50s with a height of 5' feet, which made him looked sort of adorable. "What is your business here, sir?" The short old man asked, "Well sir I saw the sign and I wanted to help with setting up the play" Jade said with a smile that almost covered his whole face. The short old man looking him up and damn menacingly before smiling "Why I thank you and welcome to Mocktown theater! I'll show you right to the place we will be setting up" The old man said as he began to walked and gestured Jade to follow him.

After walking down a short corridor they reach a large room filled with man seats and a large stage in the center. It was decorated with Snow White walls, the utmost beautiful paintings , finished with golden chandeliers hanging from ceilings. "Wow" Jade said as he looked around before ending his gaze at the largest stage he had ever seen in his life. "Beautiful, right?" The old man said, "Well I will now show you who you will be working with and where everything we need is stored" He finished speeding off again. They made it to another room where he met all of the people he would be helping and where everything needed to set the stage up was located.

"Have fun young man and don't mess up anything!" The short old man said as he disappeared and left Jade with his temporary crew. "I hope everything goes well!" Jade said to himself as he looked at everyone, smiling.

Equipment Declared:
2x Iron Swords

Word Count: 843



The workers yawned as they took box after box from the storage room to the larger than life stage that sat in the theater. Jade was enjoying himself, well a little, helping out and everything but he was sort of tired after carrying so many boxes. "Can't quit now!" He said as he tried to pump himself up a bit more so he could actually start setting up the stage instead of just putting boxes on it. The young pirate sat down after putting five more boxes on stage as his feet began to hurt from his geta, man he wished he could get use to these things faster. As he sat down and removed his shoes for a bit, he over heard some other helpers talking, "Hey man, did you hear about that pirate crew that made all the fuss with the marines before leaving the island?". "Yeah man, they were so cool! But if I'm not crazy the eye patch guy over there resembles one of them" the other person said, making Jade's eyes go wide for one second before quickly putting his geta back on and running to find the old man.

After getting lost for a second Jade found the old short man, "Hey old man, we have finished moving the boxes what is next?" Jade said intently. "My name is Yushiro and actually I need you to run some errands before we begin" The old man said as he handed Jade the list of things he needed, "And please, hurry back, we need to finish setting up today" Yushiro finished before walking away from Jade. Sighing, Jade made his way out of the theater so that he could quickly run his errands and be back to finish setting up the stage for tomorrow night, which ultimately meant he wouldn't be getting any sleep for awhile. It took Jade a little bit longer than it should have to finish getting everything, as he decided to stop to get himself a milkshake, but was now on his way back to the theater. As Jade was a few feet  away from the theater doors, he could see two individuals standing in front of it as if they didn't want anyone getting in.

He had a bad feeling about everything but Jade threw the feeling aside and smiled as he reached the door of the theater. "Why hello" Jade said, smiling, as he tried to go through the door but was stopped by the two men. "Sorry, no one can go in" The larger guy of the two said as he put his hand in front of Jade, "I don't think you understand I'm helping these people set up, I have to go in and help" Jade said as he kept his smile up. "Like he said, no one goes in, now beat it before you get hurt kid!" The smaller guy said to Jade, which was annoying the young man more and more. He knew that these guys were up too no good and wondered what they were doing inside, hopefully no one was being hurt. "Come on now! I'm helping the old man here.." Jade was cut off by the larger guy "I'm giving you one more chance to run before I hurt you, kid!" The larger man finished by pushing Jade away. "I've had enough of this try me if you want, Bastards!" Jade said sternly as his smile faded, he was not going to be harassed and kept from going back in.

"Alright then little bastard!" The larger one said as he tried to punch Jade but he dunked down and came back up, thrusting his sword pummel into the guys stomach. As the larger guy went down the smaller guy tried to attack him as well pulling out a sword and trying to deliver several slashes to Jade's body. Jade just leapt back several times to avoid the blade of the goons sword but eventually had to draw his own sword and par with him. "You are actually pretty good, for a child!" The goon said as Jade suddenly disarmed and landed a vertical slash to the goons chest, making him fumble to the ground. "Okay now to check on the theater!" Jade exclaimed as he rushed inside to see a mess inside the theater lobby chairs broken, holes in the wall, and rubble everywhere. "What in the world?" He asked before he heard a yell come out from the end of the corridor, he hoped whoever it was wasn't hurt or worse. He rushed towards the stage room and really hoped he wasn't too late for whatever was going on.

Enemies Left:
1 T0 2 T1

Word Count: 777



Just as Jade finally reached the stage room, he could hear three voices and the voice of old man Yushiro. He peeked from the doorway to see every worker and even the owner yushiro on the stage, being held at sword point by a blonde haired, black haired, and a giant man. "P-please, tell your captain ill have his money soon, just don't destroy the theater!" Yushiro begged as he fell to his knees. "Pirates? I should have known" Jade said as he began walking to the stage where they held everyone, the two from before had pissed him off and seeing these people pissed him off even more. He wasn't leaving until these two were going bleeding from every poor of their body. "Sorry old man, you're already late! I got to teach you a lesson now" The blonde haired man of the three said as he made a fist and cocked back, ready to punch the old man in the face.

"Don't you dare!" Jade yelled from the pathway that led directly to the stage. His voice made all three of them turn around at once and when they did they all began to laugh. "Haha, a kid? Get out of here son, this has nothing to do with you" the blonde haired man said as he continued laughing. "How did Neji and Mo let you in anyway? They are suppose to be guarding the door" the blonde man finished. "Oh, those two weaklings? I took care of them already" He said smirking, Jade was trying to tease them so they would come off of the stage and attack him. "What? There is no way a punk like you took care of our guys!" The giant yelled back, "sorry guys, I'm not just any kind of punk" Jade replied as he ripped off his eye patch to show his scared eye.

Everyone looked shocked at first, speaking in whispers, before the pirates started to smirk and speak again. "You're that kid from that crew that caused all that trouble with the marines, even took out a Commodore! It would bring great praise to kill someone like you!" The blonde haired pirate said as he jumped off the stage and into the air, aiming his sword directly for Jade's head. "Sorry but it won't be that easy" Jade said as he drew one of his iron swords and clashed with the blade of the other pirate. They parred with each other for a little, the other pirate seemingly gaining the upper hand due to being a bit faster than Jade. Makin matters even harder for Jade, the other two Pirates began to join in a three on one fight. "Damn, you guys are pretty good!" Jade said smiling as he finally took out his second iron sword and began to over power them a little. One of the pirates tried to cut Jade from above but he dodged and sunk the top of the blade into the ground, using it as a leverage he spun around and kicked the blonde away.

The other two tried too come from the front and back of Jade but he dunked down and made their blades collide with each other's. Taking this as his chance, Jade took one of his blades and swung his sword, making the slash resemble a crescent moon. This cut through most of their low torso, sending them to the ground screaming. "You little!" The blonde haired man tried to stab Jade from behind but he quickly turned parred his blade with one of his own and sent the other one through his stomach. Jade flicked away the blood that was on his blade and walked towards the stage people, picking up his eye patch as he made his way. "S-stay away!" They all said as he came close, it seemed that his display of trying to protect them made them even more scared.

"Trust me I won't hurt you" Jade said as he smiled and walked towards Yushiro, helping him off his knees. "But-t you are a pirate like them" Yushiro said as he got from the floor, wiping the dirt off of his knees. "Yeah but I'm not trying to hurt you like those guys, I just want to help set up the play" he said "Also please don't let anyone know it's me, I don't want to make a scene again" Jade finished. He hoped that they saw that he really was just trying to help and didn't want to hurt a soul. "O-ok fine I won't! Just get rid of that mess!" Yushiro said as he pointed to the blood covered bodies on the floor of the walk way, "don't worry, I got it!" Jade said with a smile.

A few hours later, Jade had gotten rid of the body and blood, even managing to restore most of the main lobby that the pirates destroyed. The only thing that seemed wrong was the body of the two he knocked out had disappeared, meaning they must have awoke and ran away. Jade really hoped that they didn't come back again and cause more trouble but he knew he wasn't that lucky.


Word Count: 865

Bacon is fluffy


Post 1: Loively opening post, made use of your previous arc well and managed to write an understandable post. Guy falls off ship,, changes clothes and looks to be productive. Very Happy

Post 2:I liked the back and forth and build up to the actual fighting. Pretty good there jade. Would be nice if you gave me more of an idea of what skills you used so I can understand why he was disarmed and how you left a flurry of attacks. Yes I can look for your skill set,but that's not my job at the moment. It's yours to let me know what you're using and to create the image if you want a better grade. Good build up but needs a little work on the rp part of the attacks.

Post 3: That was truly eery, the non chalant way you said getting rid of the body lol.

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