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1The World In My Palm [Stamina Training] Empty The World In My Palm [Stamina Training] on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:48 am


It was a clear day in Jaya as  the sun was still clearly rising.Nyu stood in front of the tree as she got in to a low stance. Shooting her back arm forward a resounding thud was produced from the impact as she immediately let out a barrage of punches. One after another each hit chipped away at the tree sending bark and chips of wood flying in to the air along with droplets of sweat that painted the floor. Increasing her speed her arms becoming nothing but a blur she would pause momentarily to bounce off the air near the ground multiple times to soar up 10m in to the air before spinning forward as she swung her leg at high speed to release a blade of air down and slicing the tree in half. Using her geppo Nyu safely made her way back down before plopping down on to the split tree that made for her new found seat. She wiped some of the sweat away enjoying the beautiful view of the Jaya forrest as she sighed from her quick workout. Sadly with no sword the girl could not train her swordsmanship and her martial arts were all that could be improved upon.  

Leaning backwards she looked up towards the sky and instead found a blade to her head a large burly man standing above her as he grinned making her grow her own."Hand over what you got now girly and we won't kill you." The would say with a smug look on his face."Seems I found some good training and entertainment." Nyu cooed dropping from the log with a roll as she brought her leg down on top of the man's head as his eyes rolled to the top of his head his sword slipping from his hands as she grabbed it and got on her feet slitting his throat the blood spraying as his body went limp. She stared at the rest of the who were on edge in the woods. Their numbers seemed to be at least 100 or so as she shook her her head and watched them all quiver in fear."Try to at least scratch me." Nyu would reply blowing a kiss as she got low and dashed forward straight in to the large crowd. Using the assist of geppo Nyu sprung in to the air with a elegant spin landing in the mass crowd of people with her foot in someone's face as they fell back to the ground. Surrounded they all roared as they came at her.

With a spinning back kick she released another 7m blade that would slam in to the first group's throats before turning around to slash a man in front of her with a vertical slash connected to another coming down. Dodging a incoming thrust from her left Nyu immediately duck out of the way as she tossed her sword high up in to the air hardening her fist with tenkai. She rammed her fist in to the man's crotch before uppercutting him  in to the chin quickly grabbing his body to use as a shield as it was impaled. Tossing the body along with the blades Nyu was quick to stand up and intercept all the incoming men. She stepped forward inside a man's swing with a knee to the stomach and threw a elbow towards his face. She threw out a kick to someone's throat before bring her leg back to strike another assaulter in the same area spinning under his falling body as she came out from under him to jump in the air and drop her heel down on another's head. Wanting to finish this off she used geppo once more to spring up in to the air as she grabbed her still falling sword. Dropping to the ground she rubber her hand against it looking to see how many were left. It wasn't like her to take so long with such children she thought sighing as flippined in to the over a man's shoulder slitting it open as she fell with attacking another man. The rest was like work as the numbers continued to dwindle and sweat flew from every one of her attacks. A slash here, a kick there, these men where no mach for her as she slaughtered every last one leaving no survivors except for one. Flicking her blade to the side cleaning it of blood she watched as the what seemed to be a young teen was left shaking in fear with his sword raised."Shame for you I leave no survivors, die with pride boy." She would say as he raised his blade and came running at her. She smiled admiring his pride as she got in to a low stance."Blood Moon!." Nyu roared dashing towards the boy with her immense speed. Her first strike was a diagonal slash from the right as she spun on her heel in a elegant dance slicing all around the boy in a complete circle before she stopped before tossing the blade to her side. As she started to walk away the boy's wound would suddenly appear and a spray of blood would fly from them as he joined his fellow comrades. Taking a seat on one of the fatter dead men Nyu wiped the sweat from her brow tired from the exercise.

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