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15Jaya Sure is strange :( - Page 2 Empty Re: Jaya Sure is strange :( on Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:19 am



devroux your free to post

16Jaya Sure is strange :( - Page 2 Empty Re: Jaya Sure is strange :( on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:23 am




Jaya Sure is strange :( - Page 2 B6a2d02c2c1fef99af86e648f7ae4b3ff9cef765_hq

So it would seem as though her counter to the sudden attack had been successful. She knew after this charade that these men bearing marine uniforms where not of the faction. It was simple to deduce, they had obviously spotted her, the fact that it had taken them barely any time at all to initiate an assault after her entrance gave her all the information she needed. Deducing that they where either simple criminals or full on pirates did not matter. Though one of them held a logia, a commonly known one made famous in recent time by one Melissa Devaroux whom had successfully assaulted and destroyed a mass portion of Impel Down. It seems that her death had initiated the fruit back in circulation and this large mink man had become the lucky one to ingest it. It would also seem this minkman was not as powerful as she had been in terms of the fruits use.

His aura was located, hiding within the snow covered by roughly 5 others, though whether these people were innocent civilians or hardened pirates was something she did not know. Nor in this place did she care, more than likely these were pirates. Jaya was filled with them on a much larger ratio of mere civilians. A sigh escaped her lips as she seemingly vanished from the area. Her sword already drawn prior to her disappearing act. Her vision honed in to the single location as she moved yet her minds eye allowed her to keep track of all that was currently within the area. Less than a second would pass in her clearing the distance. Her blade would already have found its target upon her re-appearance. Yes it is true that the man held civilians upon his "location" but the man was far larger than any of the civilians allowing body parts to easily be struck with ease without hurting those same civilians. Intending for her blade to pierce his right thigh given the location of his aura, the fact that he was merged with the snow would give no issue due to the material of her sword. Seastone with the ability to not only fully negate all devil fruit powers but to instantaneously drain the devil fruit eater of all power. Having already forgotten her sea stone cuffs her blade was the only way to incapacitate the mink.

If her attempt was found successful, the marine would get to work pushing the remaining civilian bodies from the males own, her haki keeping track of the other fake marines whom still remained out of action. She would ofcourse be careful not to dislodge her sword which now penetrated the logia users leg as well as the ground beneath. Upon the "civilians" being removed she would once more place her hand upon the blade. "You know, I can't stand people who disgrace the name of the marines, you wear our uniform but you are not one of us" she uttered as fire erupted from her sword. Now of course she would have to hold back her flames, as to not entirely decimate the entirety of the area with her technique. Thus with her releasing her flames solely through the body of the elephant mink man her blade had penetrated, his body would ignite in fire from the inside, would he scream? she hoped so. There would be nothing left of the elephant, nothing but ash.

With the distraction taken care off, the Rear Admiral would relieve the fake marines of their weapons including the flintlocks using her jacket as a makeshift carrier bag to hold them, she would proceed to return to the tavern which was now empty as of course many of the pirates had taken the chance to flee rather than to face the rear admiral. Only two remained, a male whom really seemed to have done nothing and Reina whom remained. "Your coming with me Reina, I'm not playing around" Cerulean would say as she attempted to grasp the arm of the female with her free hand while holding gem in the other. Intending to escort Reina back to her boat upon being successful [if successful] she would send some of her own marines to recover the 29 fake marines whom would then be brought in for questioning.

[if successful this will also be my exit]

techniques used:

Name: Dashing Swordsmen.
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 20 meters
Speed: -Own
Description: Empowering oneself with the will of the swordsman, the user amplifies their speed with or without drawn weapons. Lasting for a total of 3 posts per use the users speed is amplified by 1 tier. Upkeep paid per post

Haki still in use

Name: Ignite
Tier: 4
Type Normal
Range: Sword Length
Speed: Users own
Description: Ignite is one of the strongest contact based assaults that can seemingly ignite any material [goes by material list]. If clashing against objects the objects begin to melt, steam seems to be flowing form the users sword or swords when this is used. Now its true power comes from penetrating an opponent or object. Upon penetrating the object will combust in to flames as long as it is logically plausable to do so [thus humans will but something like stone wont because stone isnt flammable]. The size seems to be 30m's by 30m's a somewhat perfect square. Intended to be a proper killing technique.

17Jaya Sure is strange :( - Page 2 Empty Re: Jaya Sure is strange :( on Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:44 pm



As its been past each persons alloted time, I''m going to claim the above actions as set, Reina captured, Jack defeated his 29 followers imprisoned.

This is my travel to enies and time shall begin using the escort service.

Claiming rep from killing jack.


Fate point perk doubles this - 6,570,000.

+ whatever exp is due to me from beating him [1,500]

18Jaya Sure is strange :( - Page 2 Empty Re: Jaya Sure is strange :( on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:54 am



People really need to stop killing Crow's characters. Regardless, checks out, feel free to update your stuff.

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