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1[Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ Empty [Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ on Sat Dec 24, 2016 4:54 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Special Chapter: Treasure Island?
Event Task:

Task Name: Treasure Island?
Tier: 3
Location: Universal
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Treasure Island!

Word is there's a map that leads to untold riches from a lost age. The map itself is said to look like a like nothing more than an old piece of parchment with no real significance. However it's been stained with blood from changing so many hands over the centuries. Even before one piece became a legend in itself, treasure island was already a mythic place. Said to make the Fake gold city of Noland Blanc look worthless by comparison. However the map is also said to have been cursed and that anyone not worthy of the trek is bound to meet misfortune and mayhem upon picking up the cursed map.

Enemy Details: 50 T0 pirate grunts, 3 Ships surrounding a flagship with the map, 25 T1 pirates marksmen, 20 T2 Pirate swordsmen.

Note: For those that don't have cursed hands and touches one of the Map they are thrown into a coma and only can escape by fighting themselves in their mindscape.
[Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ A12901232-15

Gusts of the harsh world of a pirate kicked in during this time for Jacky, it was at this time the blue haired punk known as Jacky struggled in the beginnings of his journey to come. Stranded amidst the infested population of Pirates that Jaya had, the youth was forced to come up with beli by doing jobs and tasks assigned to him by the visitors and residents of Mock Town. In this day of age of being a pirate, no Pirate ever was handed a grand ship to sail out to sea aboard. Ruckus from his initial arrival into Jaya's Mock Town did not lend Jacky an easy entrance to the people's trust as Jacky also took in a former Marine sailor whom was infamous around the area for his annoyance. Around this exact time that the youngster was sweeping up and taking care of island bandits for an elderly couple, vicious sails and jolly rogers scuttled across the ocean's blue waters whom held a valuable that would soon be fought over.

Beyond the town of the Mock, laid a white dressed male with a badge or shall I say pin of an anchor attached to his sailor outfit that symbolized his passion for navigation and adventure throughout the seas in general. Under an balmy palm tree with coconuts hung up on and under it's cooling leaves, the white dressed male relaxed with both hands behind his head; laying on his back. "I wish Jacky could hurry and rack up the money for a Log Pose already! It'll be boring if we stay here any longer. Just take a look at the shining radiant ocean! Can't wait to set out! Imagine all of the cute girls and delicious food out there waiting for us!" Is what the formerly affiliated Marine had thought as he stared at the sky and sea with it's morning sun being flung high in the sky as a new day dawned upon the duo.

"Oi! Jacky! You get rid of those damned bandits yet boyo?" An elderly woman asked Jacky as her husband stood behind her with a wooden cane. "Yup! Taken care of! They even returned your money that they said they had already spent on booze!" Confirming that Jacky took care of local bandits in which had tampered around with an elderly couple located on the outskirts of Mock Town. "Anyways! I'll be off for now! Need to look for Joey! He always wanders off into the outskirts for some reason..." Letting the elderly couple of Mock Town know about his temporary absence from jobs as he took his reward for taking on the bandits. Though it was the outskirts of Mock Town that Jacky was at, there were talk among the people of the town as Jacky strolled out of town in search of a friend of his.

"Oi! Isn't he the kid that everyone has been talking bout lately? I heard he somehow escaped from one of the marine captains who chase down Pirates escaping to Mock Town." Discussing rumors circulating around Jacky's sudden appearance within the area of Jaya, the town's people glanced at Jacky for a bit before then going on with whatever they were doing previously. Catching slight ear of the people around Jaya mentioning him, Jacky wondered if he had really made an impact within the island. Although they mentioned Jacky, this was the case for lots of pirates that happened to grab any sort of attention even if for a few minutes.

Pouncing as if he was a mountain tiger onto a few fairly large stones, Jacky climbed up toward a higher elevated piece of land in which resided a dear fiend of his; Joey. "Yo! What are you always doing Joey? Like your always up here just staring off at the sea. Anyways, have you seen any ships lately? I heard from one of the bandits I just chased down that they were to invade a few pirate ships carrying a valuable item with their group of fifty." Questioning Joey on if he happened to witness any ships sail past Mock Town into the wilderness of Jaya Island. "Actually, I saw not a few ships but instead it looked like it was a whole fleet of Pirates trying to conceal themselves within last night's fog. You better chase them down, they could very well be hiding a shit load of cash. I'd go with you but I'm sure you can handle it on your own Captain! Your bounty did go up after all! Take a look! Its rose all the way up to one hundred million!" Mate of Jacky's showing him his new bounty after causing an uproar in Mock Town on the first day of his arrival in town.

"Damn.. they really want my head after that incident on the first day here. To think that I'd obtain a bounty so early on, having not even established a crew or set out to sea with a ship of my own. Welp, I'm off to steal some valuables from those pirates!" Announcing his personal invasion into the fleet of pirates whom he heard are in possession of a valuable item, Jacky pounced off the cliff and onto the top of a Mock Town building in which appeared to be a salon. Jumping with a spring within his step, Jacky landed onto the town's flooring and went over to the lighthouse located at the ends of the town. Charging his fruit's battery with the lighthouse's battery, Jacky set out with his battery filled to the maximum amount. Racing throughout Jaya Island's wilderness, Jacky carries a bandit who he encountered earlier morning in order to successfully locate the the whereabouts of where these pirates will be stopping.

"Yo Baldie! So what exactly are they holding in their possession that is so valuable?" Asking the kidnapped bandit he is carrying, Jacky undoes the tape on his mouth. "I'll never tell you! I know who you are! Your that kid who caused a wreck within Mock Town all for protecting some annoying marine! I'll never tell a stupid brat like you the location!" Vowing to never speak of the location of in which the bandits were going to invade the pirates. "If you don't tell me where the pirates will be stopping then I'll have no choice but to turn you into the marines! Ehe! They'll pay a nice price for a bandit like you who has probably stole tons from helpless people!" Blackmailing the ballsy bandit, Jacky takes aloft a smirk.

"Okay! Okay! The Pirates are stopping at the bridge between Mock Town and South Grave! Listen! As crazy as it sounds, they have a map to a map. By now they must have already gotten their hands on the second map. This second map is said to lead to the location of a legendary island and it's name is... Treasure Island!" Speaking of the location in which the Pirates shall be stopping at along with details on what type of valuable they have possibly already obtained by now. "Tr-Treasure Island!?" Is what Jacky exclaimed as his soul was shook to the core by the reveal of this legendary island's map location amidst Jaya Island though probably already claimed by the unknown Pirate crew.

Utilizing this bandit as a source of navigation, Jacky went on through the wild of Jaya until he encountered a fleet of ships all starting to depart from Jaya Island. "Shit! They must have already taken off with the map!" Pondering to himself on how he'll catch up to the departing band of Pirates. "Uhm.. Not to disturb you but there is still a ship that has yet to depart. Now I beg of you please! Release meeeee!" Revealing that there is still a remaining ship whom has not set out with the other ships, the bandit begged to be freed. "Jackpot! Aight.. You're free!" Untying his navigation tool, Jacky set forth to take over the ship.

WC: 1330
WC Total: 1330
WC Required: 2400
Stamina: 310
Electrical Energy: 20/20 - Lighthouse's Battery Consumed = 20

Voltage Vault

2[Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ Empty Re: [Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ on Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:24 pm

Dynamo Jack


Dynamo Jack
Bouncing his foot off the ground's sandy coast with a hopping spring, Jacky takes off on a sprint over to the soon departing ship. "Yoooo! Wait up homies! You left me! The hell you think your doing leaving me on this island!?" Directing aloud shout over to the departing band of pirates, Jacky attempted to fake as if he was a fellow pirate on board their ship. "Oi! Anybody recognize that kid? Isn't he uhh that choreboy we hired to scrub the deck? What the hell is that kid think hes doing heading into Jaya's bridge? Lower the plank for this scrub can get on!" Falling for Jacky's act, they lowered and let down a gangway onto the sand for the assumed choreboy in which was about to be left behind. "Wait a second.. Commander! That isn't the choreboy we hired! Jeffry is right here!" Catching on to Jacky's little act, they panicked as Jacky closed in on them. "Wait then... who in the Davy Jone's is that!? Raise the gangway! I repeat! Raise the gangway! That isn't our choreboy!" Asking to elevate the gangway in order to stop Jacky from boarding on, the commander found out the truth of Jacky's scheme.

"Don't worry Commander! We'll take care of this runt! I doubt this kid can pose a threat to us adults who are wielding weapons!" Few of their crew's men deciding to take Jacky head on as they solely thought of him as a mere child. "Don't! I recognize that young man! Its the boy who appeared on Jaya about two weeks ago! Generator Jack!" Warning his comrades of the threat that Jacky poses toward the ship's inhabitants. "Dumb asses!" Climbing the gangway in which they accidentally lowered, Jacky soared his feet amidst the ship as ten men came at him in different directions. "Tesla Zip!" Spouting the title of his electrifying technique as he concentrated electricity within his legs prowess, zipping behind one of the men, Jacky grips onto the shirt of a man whilst ducking under an incoming slash from a pirate of a slightly better expert caliber. Flinging this man as if he was cake into three other men, the quad fell over board. "The name is Dynamo Jack! Remember my name well!" Is what Jacky announced as he glared intense full of fabulous spirit running throughout his veins, posing in a manner in which one would lay their forearms on top their knee while squatting down as that of a gangster. "Who is next?" Is what Jacky questioned as he still had a bit of electricity running concentrated inside those lower legs of his.

"Damn kid! Don't play with us!" Angrily assaulting Jacky with a jumping downward lunge, Jacky zipped to the left and with his right he pummeled the pirate in the temple with his elbow down onto the ground once the pirate missed. "Its all of your faults that I play with you! Now either fight with your life or go down with your life!" Striking a bluff of fear into the minds of the pirates whom Jacky has enraged, he pounces off into a different direction and takes grasp of a crate of swords they had kept if any of their current swords broke or were lost. Rushing on top higher ground, having pirates attempt to chase him down, Jacky lets loose the blades and has them cut a group of twenty pirates whom some were not cut as bad as others. With the crate still in hand, Jacky flung it toward the pirates and used it as a small distraction to knock down a few pirates over board. Having ridden of roughly around almost thirty pirates now, Jacky takes off on the remaining twenty members on board the ship.

Carrying a single sword from the crate, Jacky allows himself to become surrounded by the twenty enraged pirates of the ship. Swinging at Jacky's backside, Jacky notices yet at a slow pace and is cut in the process. Hurdling the sword in hand at the attacker, Jacky then follows up with a thunderous burst of built up electricity that burnt the skin and shocked those twenty pirates surrounding him. "Tesla Burst!" Is what Jacky bellowed as he went on a knocked down the distracted pirates overboard. Control of this ship that Jacky invaded had now been fully belonged under his command as he left a few pirates on board to keep hostage. Having the ship's navigator to sail toward the flagship, Jacky approached the location of the flag ship in one swift motion. Boarding the flag ship as the flag ship believed those aboard were comrades, Jacky started his flag ship raid. "Wait a second! That isn't our ally! Its an invader after our map! Sail the other way! Marksmen, Shoot that boy down!" Captain of the flag ship commanded his mates whilst Jacky struggled to hop on board. "Here I go again! Telsa Zip!" Exclaiming the technique where he channels electricity in his legs in order for he may higher his overall agility.

Task Track

Leaping off the edge of the ships deck, Jacky lunges forward to grasp hold of the flag ship to lift himself on board. "Shoot!" Captain of those ammo wielding pirates demanded, blasting their bullets at Jacky whom sprung out to take their valuable treasure. Maneuvering down with a leaping push, Jacky sends himself under the bullet's range though the bullets grazed his legs as he attempted to dodge the barrage. "Shit. They grazed me a bit. This'll be a bit challenging to pounce up there." Clenching on to the anchor with both hands, Jacky climbs up with his sole hands as his legs were slightly bleeding. Revealing himself to the enemy as he showed them that he survived their death trap, Jacky grinned as he stared at them with a slightly tired posture. "Shoot him men! Don't let him survive this time!" Demanding another barrage to be shot right through the invader's body, the captain assembled twenty expert trained swordsmen to slash at the boy if all else fails. "Tesla Burst!" Discharging a burst of electricity that burnt the hands of the marksmen squad whom were about to fire at Jacky, the electrical sparks that burnt their skin distracted them long enough for Jacky to dive into the squad of swordsmen whom then lashed out at Jacky's dare devil courage.

"Tesla Surge!" Inflicting dangerous shocks of electricity that coursed through their body, Jacky wielded a cutlass that had been dropped the second the electrical current ran through them. Searching for their captain around the area, Jacky notices the man start to run off. "Huh.. Trying to save that map of yours. Its best if you just take a break." Jacky whispered as he threw the cutlass as if it was a javelin toward the fleeing captain. Anchoring down the captain as the cutlass cut his left leg badly, Jacky continued to knock down pirates who brandished their blades at him. Carrying two blades on both his right and left hands, Jacky inserted the sharp things into two men whom Jacky received a cut from after shifting his attention for a bit. Discharging electricity into the two men via the properties the metal of the swords owned. For each fallen blade, there followed another wave of fallen blades as Jacky channeled electricity into the metals he hurled at foes. Doing this for ten of the remaining swordsmen that weren't shocked down by the dangerous strings of electricity from earlier. Taking cuts from these swordsmen of Paradise as he did this, it could be said that Jacky survived though not without about a dozen minor cuts around his body.

Marksmen from earlier on when Jacky tried to aboard the ship were not able to shoot at Jacky as they would end up injuring their comrades. "On to the marksmen squad! If your planning on shooting me then do it quick as I'm going to close in on you and knock you all down before that happens!" Dealing fear to these squad of marksmen as he warned them of their coming defeat, Jacky performs yet another attack to turn their attention as for he can approach close range to knock them down one by one. "Tesla Burst!" Burning the front line of marksmen's hands, Jacky takes this to his advantage in order to close in on the marksmen. As Jacky surged off this time where ten of marksmen suffered electrical burns, he filled their surprised faces with a fist fulls. Not being able to react properly as Jacky was in close range all they could do was attempt to flee Jacky's range which about ten of the men did but not with Jacky chasing them down as he finished ten of their comrades with a few punches to the jaw, temple, and or nose. "Tesla Taser!" Enveloping all of his knuckled fist in a highly concentrated amount of thundering electricity, Jacky has one of the men go flying a meter aback unconscious due to the striking punch; knocking over a few men in the process.

Launching an assault of bullets at Jacky in mid-range, one of them shot a bullet near his rib cage in where Jacky then had to struggle to reach the men with his already switched on "Tesla Zip" from before when he had to close in on them. Slight amounts of Jacky's boiling blood had spurted from the semi-deep wounds in which were given to him. As if the boy was a mountain feline, Jacky caught up to the marksmen and shot one of them with the man's pistol who he shock fully hurdled a punch into. "I'll become the most damn fabulous pirate this world has ever seen!" Grumbling as he let out a desperate shock of "Tesla Burst" whilst rocketing a regular punch at a marksmen. After this, the two other marksmen fell easily as Jacky caught up to them in close range with a few striving wills of determination. Achieving victory over this battle of a deathtrap, Jacky went on and took hostage the pirates aboard and questioned the captain on the location of the map on the ship.

Task Track

Upon discovery of this map though, there was a final trial awaiting Jacky whom wished to claim the map to Treasure Island to himself.  All that was left had been for Jacky to duel the only person whom matched his attributes exactly and this person was himself; Jacky J. Dynamo. Since it matches Jacky's attributes exactly, that would mean that they both; the Shadow and Jaacky are incapable of damaging each other using electricity. Touching it's blood stained parchment, the pirate youth was plunged into a realm within his conscious in which a shadow of himself appeared before him. "You are not worthy! You shall never discover Treasure Island! You are a mere child whom happened to eat a devil's fruit! Don't you dare lay hands on this map! You can't even beat yourself if you tried! You'll die within your own conscious before even laying your filthy hands on our map! Yiahahahahaha!" Insulting Jacky as all of the collective souls of those who died trying to find Treasure Island gathered within a sole shadow, laughing hysterically at Jacky whom stood facing the shadow of himself.

"So your my Shadow? I heard about you from the captain of this ol ship you know! I felt like something was off when he just told me the location of the map so easily. After threatening to dump him in the ocean if he didn't tell me what was up, the captain began to tell me about how those whom didn't possess the "Cursed Hands" were thrown into a unconscious state. Then after being thrown unconscious, you'd have to partake in a battle against your shadow that simulated your every trait. After learning about that, I started to think about what I hate the most. Answer to that question was seafood and so I stuffed my nostrils with paper and caught a fish before coming here." Unveiling the trick up his sleeve, Jacky hangs the fish in front of him and took upon a smirk. Due to Jacky's plan of capturing a fish, this in turn hindered his Shadow Clone's focus during the match as his Shadow couldn't stand the foul smell. Exchanging sets of punches with one another, both Jacky and his Shadow began to brawl to the death. "You'll never reach my treasure! Our Treasure! Everyone whom died for this Treasure will never let the likes of you.. find it! Your're better off dead, twerp!" Vanishing in an instant to then reappear behind Jacky, grasping him in a choke hold in an attempt to suffocate him. "Why!? Why do work your soul so hard!? What is the purpose!?" Pummeling his elbow into the Shadow's torso, Jacky escapes it's sturdy hold. "Because.. If I can't have it then nobody can! That is what I devoted myself to! Its my purpose!" Answering Jacky's previous question as the Shadow itself vanished and appeared once more before Jacky in an attempt to strike him down though the fish's stench was vigorous. "Then your just making it harder for others! Not just for others but for yourself! Just give it a rest!" Pulling back his arm as the Shadow did, Jacky and the Shadow both delivered one another a fierce fist full of willpower; to protect Treasure Island and to discover Treasure Island. Dissipating slightly as Jacky landed a punch onto the Shadow, Jacky resumed to exchange punches as he fought will the study willpower of that of a wall. There was rarely signs of the Shadow vanishing but just enough to invigorate Jacky's dragon like willpower. That second in which the Shadow hesitated from approaching close, Jacky launched a burly punch into the Shadow's stomach. "Tsshhhh" Dissolving away out of Jacky's conscious, the Shadow and all of the wills whom cursed the parchment dispersed. "Hmph!" That was the end of Jacky J. Dynamo's extraordinary tale on how he who owned the willpower of a unbreakable diamond stole a quite remarkable parchment that was said to lead to Treasure Island; a mythical island spoken about in legends.

WC: 2412
WC Total: 3742
WC Required: 2400
Stamina: 170
Electrical Energy: 0/20

Five Tier 1 Used = 5 EE Spent, Three Tier 2 Used = 15 EE Spent, Total EE Spent = 20

Skills Used:

Skill Name: Tesla: Taser (Quantity Used: 1)
Tier: 1
Type Devil Fruit
Range: Contact
Speed: Own
Description: Coats the user's chosen fist in a layer of electricity that when on contact; delivers an electrical shock.

Skill Name: Tesla: Burst (Quantity Used: 4
Tier: 1
Type Devil Fruit
Range: 10M Diameter AOE
Speed: 2
Description: Building up a concentrated amount of electricity, the user is able to let out that electricity in a burst of sparks capable of producing T1 Burns.

Skill Name: Tesla: Surge (Quantity Used: 1)
Tier: 2
Type Devil Fruit
Range: 20M
Speed: 3
Description: Similar to "Tesla: Burst" this technique bursts out electrical energy but in a different manner. By concentrating electricity into only one his fingers, the user is able to blast seven strings of highly concentrated electricity capable of shocking the target. These bolts/strings of electricity are limited to 20M, they are only slightly larger than actual strings.

Skill Name: Tesla: Zip (Quantity Used: 2)
Tier: 2
Type Devil Fruit
Range: 15M Travel
Speed: Own
Description: With the electrical energy stored within the user's body, the user is able to concentrate energy into his legs. Enabling the user to sprint at max speed off the bat.

Voltage Vault

3[Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ Empty Re: [Event Task] Treasure Island? ☠ on Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:49 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Max rewards.

Beli: 1,500,000( 3,000,000)
Bounty/Rep: 25,000,000 ( 50,000,000)
EP: 25,000 ( 50,000)
SP: 3(6)

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