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Free Agents
Free Agents

This is your DESTINY [Private] Clouds-castles-cityscapes-fantasy-art-anime-cities-wallpaper-1

The King was well, thanks to Lyoko's quick act in giving him surgery. His mother came home just in time to see the king reacting to her son's treatment but she acted as though he was healed under her will. The people of Ilusia were still rebuilding from the attack of the Titan about two and a half weeks ago, the same day Lyoko had given the surgery. With the forest being destroyed it gave the people space that they'd never had before and so the King put money into all shops and homes that the people would create in hopes of expanding the land they occupied. It was working. Within a week people had built shops and more homes ultimately transforming how Ilusia looked. Many of the structures weren't done yet, so the people really had more work to do. If it wasn't for Lyoko giving the King the idea, it probably wouldn't have been done. Lyoko also decided to take it upon himself to fight the revolutionary army back with both the Army of Ilusia, and the Marines. It was working. Ilusia was blooming more than ever. Citizens worked, finally opening shops and excited about the renovations. The Kingdom radiated positive energy.


Meanwhile at the Royal Castle

"Come, son." Nonchalantly, Lyoko made his way to the chair in front of his father before sitting and waiting for him to speak. Lyoko still wasn't over the fact that his mom had something to do with his father almost dying - I mean how could you even get over something like that? His father was healing, yes but the young Mink knew that things between himself and his mother were getting worse. As much as he wanted to tell his father to be careful around his own beloved wife, he couldn't. Instead he told one of his trusted friends and member of the royal Army to watch his father and remain cautious of the queen while he'd do the same. The King didn't need any stress in the condition he was in and breaking news as bad as that to him would only give him a hart attack."Father, I know what you're going to say so I'm going to tell you now...I'm not ready." Lyo was serious but even his father was able to break his seriousness with a chuckle. The prince laughed just as his father did and for a moment the two drowned in laughter.

"You are ready, Lyoko. You're my son." The laughter died down as the white haired man sighed. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, his father began. "Look at me for goodness sake... I'm an old bastard! Hahaha! My son, This land needs a fresh, young, appealing Prince who knows the trends these days and has a clear idea of what the people want. Look around, out of all the land I own, I only occupy a small space and if it wasn't for your brain we wouldn't have successfully expanded! There are revolutionaries on my land and I for one do not have what it takes to get rid of them, but you obviously do! Under your command, the revolutionaries have been pushed back. How are you not ready?" The man stopped, locking his eyes onto his son's face as the half blood gazed out the window behind his father. "What if I mess up? What if I'm not strong enough? Father..." the prince paused before looking into his fathers eyes, his wrinkled face never ceased to put him at ease. "These people speak so highly of you and what you're capable of, how can I ever compare?"

The King chuckled at his son's words. The day was only beginning yet they were having such an important conversation. It wasn't really a problem for Lyoko though, he was just glad that his father was in good condition. "Don't be a fool Prince! Haha! You're stronger than I ever was at your age." Lyo's eyes widened at the comment. Was he serious? Perhaps he was just saying that to flatter his son into becoming more comfortable with the whole king thing. "Why are you so shocked? Look at the queen - a beautiful mink who excels in the art of Electro." As much as he wanted to puke, he didn't. It was truly sad how he could speak so highly of the queen, oblivious to what she had done. Alas it wasn't his place to tell his father, it was his place to protect his father. The situation was complicated.

"Lyoko, let me tell you a little secret." The King hushed for a moment, his eyes facing the floor as he took a deep breath. "The queen is not your biological mother." The young prince raised an eyebrow and slightly leaned forward. As much as he wanted to scream out of shock, he remained calm. If the queen wasn't his real mother, than who was? Why was he just finding this out? "So then who the hell is my real mother?!" "Her Name is Destiny Ridgets...and she's apart of the Gorosei." Lyo couldn't believe his ears. "Wh-what? A member of the Gorosei? Why haven't I seen her, and what does this make Kimoko then?!" Frantically the young man asked questions. He wanted to know who exactly this woman was. "The Queen is your aunt, but don't forget that she raised you, son. Your mother is a very very private lady. We were young and inlove, stupid really. She hid her entire pregnancy because she thought it would jeopardize her position as Admiral. After giving birth we both knew that our paths wouldn't lead us together again. Our love was true though, so every month she would send her sister to check on me. Needless to say me and Kimoko loved and each other, and raised you together. Of course now I'm sure the Gorosei knows she has a child."

Lyoko looked down before sitting back again. If he had the blood of a Gorosei member in him then he was probably naturally talented right? Or maybe not but he'd like to think so. He still couldn't entirely wrap his head around the whole thing, it was extremely hard to take in. He had a deadbeat mother, and the woman who he thought was his mother was his aunt. "Well...

"You see Lyoko, your family are natural leaders. Becoming King is your Destiny."

A sigh was released from the mouth of the prince whilst his father smiled, knowing he had successfully influenced his son. Honestly, Lyoko wasn't upset at all. He was only slightly confused but excited to know that the woman who he was protecting his father against wasn't his biological mother. Lyoko looked up with a fierce and courageous look in his eyes. With a slight smirk he spoke confidently, surprising even his father. "I'm ready. I'll transition in another month, I need the correct training to do so." With a nod his father struggled to stand, Lyoko helped him to his feet and the two walked towards the door of the room. "Good, because I have something I want you to do for your first duty as pre-king, hoho!" The half blood chuckled before opening the door to the room and exiting, closing the door behind him and slowly making his way to the lower floor with his father.

"There's a Reverie tomorrow. The higher ups are sending transportation to pick you up. I've already let them know that you'll be coming in my place." "So you knew you'd convince me huh? Sneaky old bastard." The two men laughed ferociously before the conversation was brought back. "This is a very serious meeting and all the nobles will be there. I want you to gather whoever you want to ensure your safety during your travels and make sure you say whatever you feel needs to be said when you arrive." Lyoko nodded. "Alright, let's get something to eat and we'll talk more about this, I'm hungry."

~ EXIT ~

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