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1Island Description Empty Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:39 pm


Island Description B9f314de-e039-432c-9c46-bdee7ca0111b
Island Description: Arcadia is a massive island that is rumored to have risen from the sea in ancient times and placed itself among the clouds. Supposedly an elite order of magicians cast a spell on the island to raise it into the sky and out of harms way from the numerous Sea Kings and beasts wreaking havoc on the island. Arcadia is a Spring Island, renowned for the beautiful flowers and greenery that flourish throughout its grounds. The island itself is geographically separated into two rings, an upper and lower. While the upper ring houses The Citadel, the lower ring is made up of residence, shops, and various other buildings you’d find in any other town across the world.

The Citadel is the massive building in the center of the island; resembling an impenetrable castle and is where the Yakkai-kon reside. The Citadel houses a vast collection of knowledge, possibly the largest library in the world. The monks of the Yakkai-kon have dedicated themselves to recording and studying this knowledge, memorizing nearly every text they come across. They have completed dedicated their lives to this task, eating, sleeping and living modestly all within the walls of The Citadel, rarely ever allowed to leave Arcadia itself. Instead they rely on The Coursers to venture out and bring back new tales and texts for them to record in the history books. The Yakkai-kon have no interest in anything other than knowledge and as a result will trade in only this currency.

Branching from the base of The Citadel and following the natural geography of the island are four towers sitting atop the four peninsulas of Arcadia. The towers, while shorter than the peak of The Citadel at just over 400 feet, are meant as watchtowers. They are manned by the Coursers who patrol the skies for threats while watching the happenings of the world below, ready to report any new experiences or sights back to the Yakkai-kon.

For as long as anyone can remember, Arcadia has existed this way, free from the World Government. They are a surprisingly well fortified society, while passive in nature they will not hesitate to raise arms against those who may threaten them or their vast collection of knowledge. Aside from the Yakkai-kon and the Coursers who work for them, the island itself isn’t heavily populated, with a prosperous town on the South side of the island. The rest is dedicated to the rare plants and shrubbery that grow naturally on the island. If one were to venture deep enough into this dense forest, they'd find that not every plant is as beautiful or pleasant as it first appears. Deep within the forests of Arcadia lie massive man-eating plants, which can camouflage easily with the surroundings. While camouflaged they usually spread out their thick vines along the forest floor to snare prey and drag them back into their venus-fly trap shaped mouths. However it's not just the plants that travelers have to worry about as massive millipedes the size of small ships roam through the forests, along with swarms of mutated bees with potent enough venom to take down a Giant in seconds. While beautiful on the outside, Arcadia remains reclusive due to more than just its library.

Species: T2 Swarms of Killer Bees; T3-T5 Man Eating Plants; T4 Giant Millipedes
Influence: N/A Independent
Status: Unclaimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 25

Population: 3

Housing: 5

Army: 2

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 2

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