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1Rematch: An Arm for a Head! Empty Rematch: An Arm for a Head! on Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:56 am




Rematch: An Arm for a Head! 6c1f9f2f696b94e672e9fed633a3cc7a214df2b3_hq

Task Name: Crimson Queen Versus the Scorpion Queen
Tier: 3
Location:  Boin
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Cerulean after resting heads back in to the lair of the Scorpion. She has taken Bert to lure the marine back in. Ceruleans wounds and scars having healed after the two weeks of rest she stands ready to fully unleash her entirety of anger on the scorpion queen.
Enemy Details: Domascal
Boss: Yes

Rematch: An Arm for a Head! 29d23a159ab6283ed1f351efce92436b

Domascal is a strange creature a scorpion whom consumed the hito hito no mi human model and has now become partial human. though her craving for anything but human flesh seems to be her downspot. She is incredibly powerful with massive pincers and is much larger than any animal on the island being that of half a full grown giant. her skin is incredibly durable and her poison is potent though not deadly it is instantaniously paralyetic before she eats her opponents. her opponents can not move though feel every single bite that she takes from them. Fire does +1 damage to her.

Devil Fruit: Hito Hito No Mi
Haki: Buso Haki
Equipment: Iron Staff.
Strength: 7
Durability: 7
Speed: (5
Perception: 5

Her blade in hand, Cerulean danced along the shore line that they had previously cleansed of the islands life, she moved with grace and poise as she danced among the many particles of sand that flung their way in the air with each step. It was thankful that her fighting style prior had been the two sword style. Wielding a sword in each hand meant her single sword style was still as handy as ever, that the loss of her arm did not mean the loss of her fighting capabilities. It meant focusing more on her right side, and not defending with her left, having spent the past few weeks training herself to be more vigilant with Mini, she had recieved a number of numerous scars from her training partner, though this was good, this meant that her friend understood the dangers of what she needed to do.  Gem was in her hand, flowin , cutting the air itself with the speed in which she was being wielded, sweat pouring from the head of the Vice Admiral. Yet Ceruleans face was contorted in to one of annoyance as she continued to push herself forward, if one where close enough they could probably hear her mumbling as she swung her blade.

"Not fast enough" She uttered to herself as she slammed her blade in to the sand, "I need to get faster," She said as she felt the burn in her chest, Yet she pulled her blade from the sheath of sand, flicking it in to the air, "FASTER" she shouted as she moved like a blur, cutting the tiny sand particles, each one being sliced in half, or so it would look to the naked eye, with her haki enhancing her vision. She saw the sand in which she had been too slow to slice open, Sighing ever so softly, she would bite her lip in frustration, only to hear a roar from behind her, the thudded footsteps of a familiar beast. Turning, she would see the T-rex, the giant lizard whom now came towards her, the look in her eye was obvious. Cerulean pulled her leg back, while keeping one forward, ready to pounce, she waited as the creature got closer, "Your not gonna beat me Mini" she shouted with a devious smile upon her face. The giant creature roared as she slid upon the grass, and then, her body rotated.

The tropical sun beat down, it was indeed thanks to this that she was able to detect the quick change in material that made up the T-rex's skin, at first red, in its full dino form, now it had taken on a metallic hue that the rotation had hoped to have hid, this would have been true, had the sun not given her away. Quickly Cerulean brought her blade up, though it was then she realized an error. Putting as much power as she could in to her legs she jumped, her body vaulted over the slicing tail of the dinosaur, which passed her feet by mere inches. Yet her vault which also included a backwards somersault would allow her to land perfectly upon the ground, the Vice Admiral would turn her body so that her weaker side was the furthest from the beautiful creature. "Not bad Mini, switching your forms in a split second, and going for my weaker side, that was an interesting tactic, but not good enough" Cerulean said goading the creature. Mini in annoyance would roar, but this roar would release a heated burst of fire that rapidly came for her. Yet Cerulean did not move.

The flames over took her, the Vice Admiral being bathed in them, they licked at her skin, her hair, her face, yet the flames cowered in fear, they did not dare to burn her, did not dare to burn their master, the flames that erupted from the dial imbedded within the dinosaur belonged to her, flames she had missed, with a wave of her blade, she dismissed them. "You know that has no effect on me" she uttered to Mini, whom stomped her feet angrily in the sand. "Come" Cerulean uttered, as the duo charged. How could one small one armed girl stand up to such a gigantic creature, surely her battle with Dalmascal had taught her to pick on those her own size, but no. Mini was still smaller in comparrisson, by a vast amount to Damascal but was the largest thing that Cerulean had to fight against. The duo charged, the distance closed, "See ya" Cerulean uttered as she vanished from the dinosaur's vision.  Confused the creautre looked around, yet it would only be when she felt the weight of her master upon her head did she halt. "And that, was just fast enough" Cerulean said with a smile as she sheathed her blade, crouching down to rub begind the ear of the dino.   

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