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Free Agents
Free Agents


With the meeting wrapped up, the siege on Tres Iron Lotus was right around the corner. All that was left was to get an updated intel report on the island. While the Marines knew the basics, it had been two years since the Yonko claimed the island as his own. There were bound to be renovations and it was Murcíelago's job to obtain this information since he was in charge of the campaign. The only issue was that since Tres Iron Lotus was such a technological behemoth, they had access to all Marines on file as of two years ago at the very least. For that reason someone who wasn't a Marine or at least wasn't a Marine when the island was taken over was needed for a successful espionage mission.

That made this all an extremely risky job, but it was a risk that needed to be taken. For that reason Murcíelago was standing at the docks of Marineford with Knox. "I always told you the universe had a reason for keeping me in your circle." Murcíelago stared out into the darkness that was the Calm Belt as if he were bringing someone into submission with his glare alone. "That's true, but I'd call it God's will as opposed to some general term like the universe." The waters were pretty calm as the brushed against the docks and made the Arakhne bob up and down. Knox' job was to be escorted to a rendezvous point where she'd then be escorted to the Yonko's private retreat. She didn't have much in her possession that was worth noting other than tickets to the Yonko's next performance on Tres Iron Lotus. It'd work as a great reason for why she was there.

"Anyhow. Be safe. I plan to see you back in one piece in a week's worth of time." Knox nodded and boarded the Arakhne without another word.
[Historian Deployed to Tres Iron Lotus]
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