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1Enemy Territory (Task) Empty Enemy Territory (Task) on Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:46 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
Task Name: Enemy Territory
Tier: 2
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Having made it to Dawn Island, Joey and his ally set foot on the Gray Terminal, main location of the Lenny Pirates. Having traveled a bit the two find themselves ambushed by the pirates who already knew they were coming. They put up a bit of a fight but were soon overwhelmed before being taken back to their base....
Enemy Details: 20 T0 Pirates 1 T1 Pirate (Only beats 10 of the T0s before being overwhelmed by the rest)
Boss: No


"Don't yell that, we will be noticed!"

"Oh, right..."

Within their rowboat, Joey, and Charles were inches away from the large Dawn Island. From their position, they could see the large Mt.Colubo, and next to it...

"The Gray Terminal...." Charles said, catching Joey's attention. "This is where those pirates are held up. I've heard things about this part of the island, that it is riddled with crimes, diseases, and who knows what." Charles explained, his eyes narrowed to the specific location. Joey turned back around at the island with an expression of awe on his face. "That really sounds like fun!" "No it doesn't!!" the rowboat finally stopped, and the pair climbed off, and onto the soft dirt ground. Joey continued to look around, trying to take in all of the scenery. "Smells kinda funky here." the blond commented as Charles walked back to the boat to grab a paddle, intending to use it for combat.

"I wouldn't recommend trying to eat any of the rats here..." Charles commented in a somewhat snarky tone. "Rats really aren't that bad if ya cook em right." Joey added as he stretched out some. "I....really don't want to know." The amber eyed pirate walked back over to Charles, looking down at the paddle he chose to carry. "Told you, these guys aren't push overs. You should really grab one too." Charles claimed, gesturing towards the remaining paddle. Joey simply shook his head, and grinned. "Nah, my "paddles" are riiigghht here." Joey claimed, raising his hands up while wiggling his fingers a bit before clenching them into fists. Charles simply smirked, and started to walk pass Joey towards the terminal.

"I guess you're no push over either."

Enemy Territory (Task) 029

2Enemy Territory (Task) Empty Re: Enemy Territory (Task) on Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:33 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
~A Few Hours Earlier~

"Hey where do you think you're going!? Get back here!!" "After him!!!"

Just a few seconds after Joey put a beat down on those four thugs who turned out to be from a pirate crew known as the Lenny Pirates back at Logue Town. The Marines had just came in to the scene after being told of a ruckus happening near the entrance to the town. Some of the soldiers went off after the blond haired pirate who apparently took down those four other criminals while the remaining Marines either went to handcuff the downed pirates who were now conscious, but a bit dazed, or going around questioning the civilians on what occurred there. Most of them were pretty much saying the same thing.

"Some kid just showed up outta nowhere, and handed those four crooks a beating!"

"That blond haired guy messed em up like it was nothing."

"Served those thieves right. Don't know who that kid was, but he's okay in my book."

"I don't know nothin about any fights. I'm just looking for the damn bathroom!!"

Among many other responses. While this was happening, a figure could be seen hiding in an alley nearby. It peeked its head out, observing the situation while listening in. The figure's eyes would focus on the four Lenny Pirates being handcuffed, and sent off to jail. "Shit!" a feminine tone would come from this figure. Upon closer inspection, one could see that this figure is feminine in appearance, sporting a common thug like attire very similar to those other four pirates. She'd back up into the alley to hide herself before pulling out a den den mushi with a ridiculous looking Elvis like hairdo. "Boss, this is bad. The others screwed up." She'd speak into it.

"Huh? Who is this?" the snail spoke back casually. "We're the ones you sent here to Logue. You know to "gather" some things." After that, things would just go quiet for a few seconds. "...Bo-""Oh heeeyyyy. You're the broad with the flat chest. How are things over there?""I JUST SAID THINGS WERE BAD!!" She'd yell out in annoyance, amazingly not catching the attention of nearby people. "Ohhhhhh. Then what are you doing shouting at me? Tell me EVERY single detail." The person speaking on the other "end" of the den den would order. The woman sighed, still obviously irritated before preparing herself. "It all started with some blond kid in barnyard clothes...

Enemy Territory (Task) 029

3Enemy Territory (Task) Empty Re: Enemy Territory (Task) on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:01 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas

The clouds that were once scarce in the night sky blanketed it now, the stars, and even the moon being completely covered saved for the vague light which peeked pass the clouds, showing where the moon is. At a slow pace, drops of water started to come down from said clouds, landing on whatever surface they could. It made light tapping noises that begins to bring sound to this quiet atmosphere. Another tapping sound accompanied this one, but it wasn't from the drizzle, but footsteps coming from Joey, and Charles who made there way into the Gray Terminal. Various lights were located in different parts of the area, mainly lamps lit by flames, but covered good enough to the point that the water wouldn't be able to douse them.

"This place stinks." Joey claimed as he sniffed, his head turning from left to right to observe the area. "Yeah, stinks of criminals, and scum." Charles added in. "No, I mean it REALLY smells." Joey said, now pinching his nose with his fingers. They were in a place filled with scrap, and garbage. This was the place that those snobby Nobles who resided in the Goa Kingdom most likely stuffed their trash. Plus the rain that was now coming down was most likely not helping...

Charles sighed, not even wanting to comment on it. Joey wasn't wrong, but it was pretty obvious to the point that it really didn't need to be brought up. "Just...stay on your toes. We are in the enemy territory. The Lenny Pirates may claim a big part of this dump, but there are still other crooks creeping around, ready to take advantage of anyone." Charles claimed as he looked around, seeing people creeping about here, and there. They weren't paying much attention to the two newcomers, but were rather doing their own thing. Joey was looking around too, but as soon as he looked forward, he stopped walking causing Charles to stop, and look at Joey. "Hey what are you doing? We can't just stop here, or we might get am...." Charles finally looked forward to see about ten crooks, all wearing attire similar to those other Lenny Pirates at Logue Town, all showing sinister grins while some snickered as if they were prepared for a fight.


Enemy Territory (Task) 029

4Enemy Territory (Task) Empty Re: Enemy Territory (Task) on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:33 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
"Well who do we have here? A couple of small fries who appear lost." One of the Lenny Pirates said in a baby like sarcastic tone as the other pirates started to laugh. The ten pirates were either armed with common crap one would find in a junkyard like pipes, busted baseball bats, or were simply bare handed. Charles looked towards them with a sign of fear mixed with anger, his teeth gritting a bit while Joey simply looked towards them with his usual plain expression with hints of confusion. "Ehhh what you staring at shrimp? Got something you wanna get off your chest? One of the pirates walked up to Joey, pointing a pipe to his face.

Despite the obvious threat, only Charles backed up a bit once that one pirate came up, looking over to Joey as if he was fearing for the blond's life. "Not really." Joey said before gently pushing the pipe away from his face. "Maybe ya can help me, and my friend find those Lenny Pirate fellas. Ya haven't seen em around have ya?" Joey asked while once again looking around. Charles couldn't help, but open his mouth wide in pure...shock while the Lenny Pirates each gave their own expressions, but were all pretty much saying "IS THIS GUY FOR REALLLL!?!"

"Listen up kid. If you are looking for the Lenny Pirates...." the thug would gesture to himself, and the other nine. "We're riggghhttt here." They would all start laughing again, snickering those sinister snickers of theirs. Charles watched them with obvious hints of anger, and hesitation on his face, gripping the paddle he brought with him, conflicted on whether to strike, or not. Joey simply watched them quietly as they continued to laugh. "Oh, cool!" "What, coo-"


Without warning, Joey punched the pirate who talked too much clean in the face, sending him back some! He would've fell over if it wasn't for two of his mates catching him. Charles was stunned. He....he didn't think TWICE about what he just did, Charles thought. Hell it didn't even seem like he thought once! The other pirates were obviously stunned as well. "Did that squirt really just...""Wait a second..." Two of the other pirates spoke. "Blond hair...barnyard clothes....""Yeah, ain't that the kid, the one the captain wanted us to go over to Logue, and teach a lesson?"

"Shit..." is all Charles could spit out.

Now with all that out there, smirks, and grins regrew on those thugs faces, dropping their unconcious comrade on the ground before preparing themselves. They were ready for a bloodbath, and one was going to happen.

Enemy Territory (Task) 029

5Enemy Territory (Task) Empty Re: Enemy Territory (Task) on Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:02 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
"Wait what? Barnyard clo-" was all Joey was able to get out before the pirates started to charge, yelling out what is probably their battle cry! The nine remaining pirates ran up on the two teens, some maneuvering around to the point that they were now surrounded. Other people who resided in this terminal heard the commotion, and moved up to see what the hell was going on. Soon people started to cheer like animals, not for anyone specifically, but for the violence that was about to occur.

One of the Lenny Pirates attempted to swing their bat across Joey's face, but he noticed the attempted strike, and ducked just in time only to get kneed in the stomach by another, taken by surprise. Joey coughed a bit, bending over somewhat, but still stood his ground. Just as Joey was about to look up, the same pirate with the bat was about to swing down only to instead get bashed in the face by a paddle, belonging to Charles. "Don't die on me now, pirate!" Charles would say, directing to Joey. The blond pirate grinned before raising his head back up which smacking another thug right under their chin with the back of his head. A totally accidental strike on Joey's part, but hey, it wasn't something to complain about.

More of the pirates attempted to strike the two down, but were simply met with remarkable resistance by the two. Joey continued throwing punches, striking faces, stomachs, weapons, anything he could hit! Charles on his end was ducking a lot of incoming attacks. Although some still managed to land, Charles was not giving up as he landed his own attacks with the paddle. Ramming the paddle into these thug's guts, slapping their faces around like pinatas. The Lenny Pirate's were dropping like flies, and the crowd was loving it! Even to the point that they started beating each other up which made things all the more crazy. It wasn't until the last Lenny Pirate was dropped that the crowd of people who were still standing stopped with bloody noses, and bruised body parts. Like fools they cheered while Charles, and Joey breathed heavily from the brawl. If it wasn't for the rain pouring down, one would easily be able to see the sweat coming down their faces.

"Wow....yer a good fighter...." Joey complimented Charles who simply smirked before looking out at the crowd. "That was pretty easy." Joey added as he walked over to an unconcious body, crouching down to search their person. "Now to find that watch.""Yeah...wait. That was....too easy." Charles commented, coming to the realization. Just then a figure stood over Joey who wasn't aware of this. "JOEY LOOKOU-" Charles attempted to warn the teen, but before he could even finish, the figure knocked Joey unconcious with a pipe to the back of his head.

As Charles attempted to run towards the downed blond, he'd stop only to see that there were ten MORE pirates behind this one. Gritting his teeth, Charles would back up a bit, and grip his paddle. He was overcome by fear. All that work the two did only to find out that there are still more!? Now, running on fear, Charles blindingly rushed forward, yelling as if he in an attempt to take down all these pirates himself....

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this will go in his favor.

-To be Continued-

Enemy Territory (Task) 029

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