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Task Name: The Chieftain vs The Fishman
Location: Crescent Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: Yes

The Warrior Begins the Climb! The Masked Murder vs the Raging Fishman, Chapter 1 part 2 Tribal_man_by_porxys
Boss Name: Chieftain
Tier: 2
Description:The man simply known by his people as Chieftain is a old man with deathly pale grey skin. Wearing strangely clothes made from a humongous crimson feathered falcon while using two surprisingly regular but effective spears. The Chieftain is the leader of a rather violently group of travelling wildmens, known for his unnaturally behavior compared to normal people and his way of fighting.
Devil Fruit: -
Haki: -
Strength: 1
Durability: 3
Speed: 2
Perception: 2

Draco's eye were directly onto one person, They stood on one of the trees as they stared right down at the beast of a being that was Draco V. Zephyr only to hop down onto the ground ten meters away from the Fishman. As Draco got a better look at him, he noticed just how strange this man before him really was....well, his clothing was far better than his followers....or subjects...or whatever they were to this man. He held a spear in right hand while he was holding another that he rested on his shoulder.

The man stared at Draco for a couple more seconds before he spoke "So...Who are you.....Demon?" A raised eyebrow on the face of the megalodon fishman appeared only for a savage grin and roaring laugh erupting through the interior of the jungle as Draco replied to the tribalistic man "Well,
i'm the man that will destroy anything that gets in his way,
the crusher of many and living, slaughter of men and women who try to battle with me! I'm Draco V. Zephyr so here's a better question, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?
" The tribal man stared in surprise as he didn't expect the quiet warrior before to suddenly explode with a angry tone, the man then replied back as he said "I'm the Chieftain of this tribe and the leader of my people.....i believe i have to kill you."

Draco snorted at the stupid response that warrior before said, he got into fighting stance which the man in the rather well made feather tribal clothes got into his own. A small smile appeared on the Chieftain's face as he then said "Let's fight beast, i'll mount your hide before my children so they will known of this glorious battle." Draco roared as he charged forth and the two clashed, this was gonna be one of hell of a battle.

Word Count: 340/250

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The jungle seemed peaceful......too peaceful. the frogs crocked, the snakes hissed, the capillaries crawled and the Gorillas climbed the trees. The peace was very good and relaxing for animals in the area only to hear a sudden explosion and the thundering of a tree falling down, everything became silent as the creatures looked around force the source the noise that interrupted the peace of the area. A snake slithered around as it searched for the noise which suddenly got louder, it got closer only for the tree it had been only to explode into pieces as the body of the Cheiftain had been thrown through it.

He rolled around only for him to kick up and land directly onto his feet as he got his spears ready before Draco plowed through the stump of the destroyed tree which they had just ended. Draco raised his fist and slammed into wooden shafts of the Chieftain's Spear, a look of shock appeared right on his face only for him to dodge out of the way of a counterattack. The Chieftain's face had twisted into one that wasn't meant for a human but rather a wild creature as he chased after dodging behemoth that was the fishman that he was fighting, He threw his spear at Draco who was forced to dodge as the man was beginning to close in.

Draco landed on the ground as he stomped his feet and stood strong, looking at the charging tribal man before he thought of only one thing. 'let's see just how tough you are, "Cheiftain!"' He cocked his fist back as he charged forth, the arm of the fishman stretched back while it began to twist a bit. The Cheiftain gasped as he saw the unnatural stretch that Draco was doing, He couldn't stop what he was doing so he had so he had to attack. Yelling a battlecry as the Cheiftain charged and Draco's only response was "GOMU GOMU FLINTLOCK!"  A large purple fist slammed right into the stomach of the tribalistic man who was sent flying back with a angry fishman chasing after him.

Word Count: 372/250



The Chieftain couldn't breathing in a lick of air because the wind was knocked out of him by Draco's Gomu Gomu Flintlock as he flew far, ramming through tree after tree. Landing on a patch of murky vegetation, Chieftain took a breath as he talk to himself. "How does he have that much like...that man." He managed to recover as he leap right to his feet and jumped into the trees. Draco slammed right into the area that the Cheiftain had been, confused that he couldn't see or know where that bastard had went so he tried to look around as he slowly walked through the area. Unknown to Draco, A spear was thrown which he managed to dodge but he then landed into a trap that Chieftain's tribe put early.

A large rack of wooden spikes appeared that then impale Draco's side but it wasn't very deep which if it was deeper, it have been the end of him but that didn't mean it didn't hurt like hell. Chieftain jumped down next to the spear that he had thrown early as he grabbed it and lunged forth at Draco while yelling a war-cry, trying to stab his spears right through the rubber fish only for one of them to be grabbed and the other to be dodged as Draco then kick the man directly into his gut, knocking him back. Draco then said "That was dirty bastard." The Chieftain's bloodthirsty smile eappeared onto his face while replied to the statement made by the megalodon Fishman "I couldn't care what you think of. i'm a warrior, not some fighter. Honor means little when it's a battle to the death." A understanding nod was the answer of the statement made by the tribal man as Draco shook off the injure and charged forth while the Chieftain do so as well.

Word Count: 337/250



The Chieftain's stab was parried by Draco's large fist punching it out of his way while Draco's attack was moved out of the way by the shafts of the Cheiftain's Spears. The two warriors duked it out, brawling with eachother as if their lives depended on it and quite sort of did. The Cheiftain's spear nicked Draco's cheek while a sharp kick that grazed his chin had spilled some blood, Draco's grin came back in full force as he saw the sour look on the face of the man that he had been fighting with.

A large cut mark appeared on Draco's chest because of a sloppy dodge that was caused by diagonal slash that Cheiftain did, a flash of pure rage covered the fishman's face as he responded with a roar as he yelled "Gomu Gomu Cutlass!" He then proceed to down a chop which hit Chieftain's neck which stunned him only for a clothesline from hell to come and slam into the tribal man's throat as he was spun around in the air before he land on his face.

Draco took a deep breath in as his face was cut up and bloodied, The Chieftain began to get up as he was busy cough like crazy. Draco's attacks usually took the air right out of anyone he hits if he could get a good solid attack on them but the Chieftain wasn't normal, he was very tough for a human and very stubborn as a warrior as well. So....this was a warrior who has seen true combat......interesting......this was fun....It WAS TOO MUCH FUN! Draco's insane grin reappeared onto his face as he ran at the downed warrior.

Word Count: 309/250



Draco's rush caught Cheiftain off guard as punches, kicks and other strikes came out of nowhere. The Cheiftain hadn't dealt with Draco well before but now that he was happy, the tribal man had no chance anymore against the beast which was the rubber fishman. Draco's grin never ceased as he began to break bones, he knocked the Cheiftain through a tree as he continued to attack with relentless abandon. Draco then grab the man as he jumped into the air before he threw him into the ground below him, Draco then stretched his arms back as he screamed at the top of his lungs " GOMU GOMU JAVELIN!" He then slammed both of his fist right into the gut of Cheiftain, Draco then stood over the much smaller man as they gave a roar that was very similar to a sea king before he then walked over to a tree and started to lean on it.

Coughing was heard as the Cheiftain wheezed loudly, barely conscious as he then said to Draco "Your too strong for your own shouldn't belong in this place......I WISH YOU LUCK WARRIOR, You'll need it against...him. If you seek a challenge go to the grandline....The Greatest Warrior of my people is there....and he will butcher you!" Draco nodded as he stared at the now unconscious man before him, He got and walked away towards his boat.

At the beach, he then hopped directly onto his boat and laid down as he peered into the afternoon sky. The marks that had appeared onto his body were gonna scar him like crazy but he didn't mind not one single figuring bit, he didn't care what happened to his body most of the time....He was going to get stronger...and stroger and stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger AND STRONGER AND STRONGER AND STRONGER AND STRONGER!!!!!!!!!! Draco's thoughts were running wild as he slowly drifted off into a incredible deep sleep where kept on thinking about his fights....damn.....he was gonna remember what happened this day.

Word Count: 369/250

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