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Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
Task Name: A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny
Tier: 2
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After busting out of their prisons in the Lenny Pirate's base, Joey and his ally separate to look for the stolen item they've come for. That is when Joey finally finds himself against the captain of these pirates Captain June S. Lenny while Joey's ally finds himself facing his own problems. Now with this clash that is about to begin their is more at stake than just this item that is so precious to the family.
Enemy Details: 10 T0 Pirates 1 T1 Pirate 1 T1 Boss
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: June S. Lenny
Tier: 1

A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 3206361_1365554635521.58res_460_344

A cocky pirate captain who loves pushing others around. Is skilled with mallets.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A
Equipment: A T1 Iron Mallet
Strength: 1
Durability: 1
Speed: 1
Perception: 1


Things appear to have taken a completely different turn than before. Joey, and Charles came into the Gray Terminal located on Dawn Island to get back a precious watch that belonged to Charles' mother. The trinket was stolen by the nefarious Lenny Pirates, and with the help of Joey, Charles intends on getting it back. Things were looking good at first. The two teens made easy work of some of the Lenny Pirates, but unfortunately their short victory was turned to defeat as more members came in, and ambushed them! Now the two find themselves locked in a prison located in this pirate crew's base.

Charles finally came to from being knocked out. His hand rested against his forehead as he finally sat up. His vision is a bit blurry at first, but it soon stabilizes. "Where am..." he looks around to see that he's in a cage like prison with two pirates sitting on the outside, sleeping. Some guards they are....

Charles would then turn to see Joey face first on the ground next to him. "Oh shit, Joey!" Charles yelled as he nudged the down teen. Finally he turned him to his back, fearing the worst only to hear....snoring. Charles' look of worry quickly turned to that of aggression as he picked Joey up by the collar, and started shaking him. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING SLEEPING AT A TIME LIKE THIS, WAKE THE HELL UP YOU LAZY BASTARD!!!"

Charles would continue to shake Joey, eventually leading to slapping him constantly. Finally after all that trouble, Joey's eye open half way.

"Oh heyyyy. Is it breakfast already?"

A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 029

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
Charles begun to grit his teeth before letting go of the half awake Joey. "Please tell me you're not being serious right now." Charles pinched the bridge of his own nose in annoyance. Joey simply rubbed his eyes before looking around. The guards were amazingly still asleep despite all that yelling which Charles was relieved to see. "We need to find a way out of here..." Charles muttered to himself. He walked up to the bars, and grabbed onto them some, attempting to pull them off only to be unsuccessful.

Sucking his teeth in annoyance, Charles turned around, looking at the ground in hopes of finding his paddle. "No good..." It would make sense that the pirates would leave something like that behind...

Joey finally got on his feet, and walked over towards Charles who was still looking around for a way out. "This isn't good. Who knows what they'll do to us if we don't ge-""They'll kill us probably." Joey said as he folded his arms behind his head. "..." Charles continued to look, trying his best not to think about this. His eyes quickly widened as he may have found their ticket out! There was a key on a desk close by the cage. Most likely the key used to lock this damn cage. "We need to get that key. It's the only way." Charles stated as he tried thinking of ways to get to it. "Or we can just knock the door down." Joey suggested with a smile while cracking his knuckles. "Already tried that. The door is amazingly sturdy for a shit hole like this." Charles claimed before going back to brainstorming. "Perhaps there are some rope we could use. If not I guess we could use our shirts. Tie them together, an-"


The floor shook a small bit, and dust rose off of the ground, Charles closing his eyes, and crouching in the process. Once ever thing was clear, he stood back up, and opened his eyes slightly before widening them along with his jaw once seeing....the door...on the ground....with Joey's fist pointing straight out. "See? A whole lot more easier than tryin to get some ol key." the blond claimed with a snicker only to be interrupted by one of the two guards...."Wh-what the hell!?"

A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 029

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
"What the hell do you think you two are doing!?" one of the guards exclaimed. Both pirates quickly picked up their spears beside them, but before they could do anything with it, BAM!! One of the guards were met with an unforgiving punch across their face by Joey, sending him flying across the room into a wall! The other guard watched in complete shock while Charles who seems to have gotten a bit use to Joey's amazing strength picked up the downed guy's spear. "Pretty sure this will work better than a paddle." Charles commented.

"The prisoner's have escaped!!" the other guard shouted suddenly into a den den alerting both teens. "I repeat, the prisoners have esca-" before he could finish, Charles smacked the snail out of the pirate's hand, and crushed it under his foot before giving said pirate one good SMACK that would down him. "Hmmm, we should go." Joey casually said as he opened the door, gesturing towards it as Charles nodded in agreement. The two ran out the door into a dimly lit hall. The walls, and ground was riddled with trash that could make one puke by just the smell alone. As the two rounded a corner, they saw three other pirates coming in their direction, holding pipes. Once they were close enough, Joey rushed one of them, slamming his head directly into their stomach which quickly downed that one. Charles took care of the other two by tripping one of them over with his spear, causing that pirate to fall right onto the third one before the two continued to run.

"Wait!" Charles shouted before stopping, Joey following his lead. "Hm?" "Two directions..." Charles gestured to the branching paths. One hall on the left, another on the right. "This might be a bad idea, but..." Charles walked towards the left. "We should split up. No doubt this is their base. So...the watch must be somewhere in here." Charles claimed with determination in his eyes. Joey quietly looked over to the right before nodding with a smile. "Gotcha!" Joey said before running down the right. "Good luck!!!" Joey yelled, his voice echoing down. Charles then made his way down the left, a small smile growing from beneath his serious expression.

(T0 Pirates 5/10 T1 Pirate 1/1 T1 Boss 1/1)

A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 029

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
Joey ran down the empty hall with the look of determination in his eyes. He was completely focused on finding that watch for Charles. On and on, Joey continued until he came to a sudden stop after coming to a realization.

"Wait...What DOES this watch look like?" he asked himself, placing a hand under his chin. All this time, and the blond youth didn't even know what the watch looked like!? "Maybe I should go back, and ask Charles." he contemplated, turning around as he crossed his arms. He tilted his head a bit before shaking it with a smile growing on his face. "Nah, it'll probably fine!" Joey claimed before continuing his run down the hall until he stumbled upon an opened door at the end of it. Joey stopped, and peeked in, noticing a guy standing there with his back facing Joey's direction.

"Ah, the farm boy. Come in come in." the guy said, causing Joey to blink a few before doing just that. "Errr, farm boy?"

Meanwhile on the other hall, Charles found himself in another room surrounded by five more of these Lenny Pirate thugs. The teen bit his lower lip while his eyes swayed from left to right, gripping his spear as he was prepared to attack. It was quiet with only the sound of a single sweat dripping from the side of Charles' head to the ground making noise. One of the pirates behind Charles finally decided to make a move, pouncing towards the boy. Hearing this incoming attack, Charles quickly turned, and whacked the pirate on the side hard enough to immobilize him. The other four then yelled, and attempted to do the same only for Charles to simply move out of the way, causing the remaining four pirates to ram into each other hard enough to knock them out. "....I may have overestimated you all..."

Just then another pirate stepped into the room, who appeared more brute like compared to the other five. It was the pirate that came in, and knocked the two boys out earlier! "Spoke too soon." Charles commented before preparing himself. His eyes shift to the brute's wrist before widening. "I-Is that...?" The brute wore a watch, but it wasn't just any watch. It was the one Joey. and Charles came all this way for! The one that belongs to Charles' mother! "!" Charles demanded only for the brute to ignore him, and charge. Raising his eyes at the sudden rush, Charles hesitated a bit, but with one more look at the watch, his fire lit back up. Charles charged as well, but instead of attempting to tackle the brute which would be a very poor idea, he slide between his legs. Using the brutes surprise of the sudden manuever to his advantage, Charles pulled off one good, and forceful swing against the back of the brute's head, rendering him unconcious.

As the brute fell to the ground, Charles walked around until he was by the arm holding the watch. Charles leaned over, and unstrapped it, picking it up with a relieved smile on his face. "Nothing broken." he said in relief. "Speaking of, I hope Joey is in one piece..." he said, turning his head to the side.

A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 029

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Gabriel Lucas
Back to Joey. Joey is currently engaging the male stranger with the...odd hair style! The man picked up what appears to be a war hammer made of iron, and started to swing it around in hopes of hitting Joey. Fortunately, the blond pirate managed to dodge every swing, the hammer only meeting the walls, and various furniture in this room. The guy finally stopped, and rested the hammer over a shoulder, a smirk growing on his face. "You're a bouncy little one, aren't you, kid? To think that you are responsible for taking out about half of my crew. I need some more competent folks..." the man stated.

Joey went from his battle stance back to standing regularly upon hearing that. "Your crew? Wait you're the captain!!?" Joey asked in a surprised tone. "Why yes, yes I am." the captain said with pride as he rested a hand under his chin, snickering a bit. "I am the one who runs these parts, the boss of bosses, the hammer of destruction!" the captain said, raising his hammer into the air. "The one, the only! Captain Lenny!!" As he finished, Joey rested his arms behind the back of his head with an eyebrow raised. "Your hair is weird." is all Joey could think of, pointing towards the man's Elvis shaped hair. "EXCUSE ME!?" Lenny yelled before patting his hair. "Waiiiitttt. If you're a pirate captain, then why are ya cooped up here in some base instead of traveling?" Joey pointed out. "Uhhh, well you see...""Where is your ship, your jolly roger, your-""Enough of this!" Lenny demanded, having enough of this constant questioning.

"I will not be questioned by some farm boy.""Hey, why does everybody keep calling me a farm bo-" before Joey could finish, Lenny charged at Joey, and swung his hammer, smacking Joey right in the arm, causing the blond to crash onto the floor, wincing in pain. "After I crush that skull in, I will send it back to what ever farm house you came from..." Lenny said as he walked towards the blond. Joey managed to get back on his feet, holding his injured arm, but let go shortly after as he clenched a fist. "I'm...sorry...but I'm boy..." Lenny stopped, and raised an eyebrow at the man's words. "I'm...a..." Once he finished concentrating all of his strength into his fist, Joey pulled off a punch with his good arm, aiming it straight at his chest. The punch had enough force to crush his chest in which kills him in the process.

I'm...a cook..."

Joey fell to his knees right as the now dead Lenny slammed back first into a wall. Charles came into the room a few seconds later, wondering if Joey was okay. There he saw that the blond came out victorious thankfully. Joey turned around, and gave Charles a weak smile which he returned along with showing Joey the watch. "Let's get out of here."


A captain and a cook: Joey vs Captain Lenny!! (Task) 029

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