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1Recruitment of sorts.  Empty Recruitment of sorts. on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:49 am

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
It wasn't really becoming of Cobain to do many things but the way the higher ups have been breathing down his neck to do things lately was at an alarming rate which made Cobain consider taking more action against those on the opposing side of the world and by that he meant Pirates and Revolutionaries. One of Cobains men had been present in his office while the lanky fellow proudly laid back in his chair wondering who would make a good mark for his bosses to leave him alone for the next year or so. it would have to be someone of great stature, at least 300 million bounty or better thought Cobain. "Hmm." Cobain began to look at the marines top 10 wanted list and couldn't figure out who he was going to go after. "No not Oceanus, he would seem like an annoying fish to fry.. There is always Elizabeth Chambers, if it isn't her time of the month she'd probably be a pretty docile opponent" joked Cobain who would look to his ensign who stood in the doorway. "Soldier" said Cobain as he gave the man a glimpse of his iris "Yes sir!" the ensign would say as he saluted Cobain. "Stop with all of the formalities, we don't do that in my division." joked Cobain as he closed his news paper. "Put in the order to find me a second in command. Someone who is willing to work hard and try for the sake of the world government." said as the soldier nodded and proceeded out of the room. Cobain on the other hand had some weird itch for the battlefield that couldn't be controlled for much longer. Being someone as calm as him didn't offer many opportunities to fight but hopefully someone would grant his wish on these upcoming days. "I assume I should go see who he grabs, my search for talent can only go on for so long before I have to make a judgement call." said Cobain as he sighed and made his way towards the gathering hall.


[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

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