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1The Task Empty The Task on Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:31 am


Some would say it would fate. Some would say it was random. But Xerxes knew what this was. This happened because of what he had done to those Marines back in Alabasta. He slowly walked down the stone streets of the mysterious island. Before he had washed up on the shore of this island he had been lying on a beach in Alabasta and before that he had just defeated a group of marines. However the leader of the group he had stabbed in the stomach. A deep dread would fall over him as he didn't know if the Marine was still alive or not. Xerxes had never killed anyone so he wasn't sure if the gods were cursing him or if what had happened was just pure coincidence. Whatever it was he really didn't know. He only knew that if he was going to survive out here, on this new island. He would need to gather Beli and that meant either playing his music or robbing people.

He wasn't really up for sitting on a box and waiting for Beli to come his way, so robbing a group of pirates would be best. As he walked, with every step his staff would hit the ground. Making a clicking sound that would signal his arrival everywhere he went. At the moment he was near some ships so he had assumed he was at the docks. This would cause him to lift his staff up off of the ground a little bit so no one would hear him. What type of robber would he be if people knew what he was about to do. He was behind a large tower of crates. There was space in between a stack of them so he would peer through it with a single eye to scope out his next victims. With his eyeing moving over the docks. He would see a rather fancy looking man with a tattoo of his face. A tattoo of a skull. A pirate crew member? Xerxes didn't know why people were so open to telling others that they were pirates. Xerxes was glad that no one had took notice of him with his robbing or he would be labeled as one as well. Still looking at the man Xerxes would see that he was flaunting. Showing that he has a lot of beli to fund his crew.

Xerxes would begin to think of a rather good plan to take care of the man but he would still need to find the crew seeing as all of the Beli could be on the ship. Gripping the wood staff. He would slowly move to the outer edge of the boxes that were near the water. He would look over them and see people carrying crates to a ship. The people all had tattoos or pictures on there clothing that were of the same style that the man had on his eye. Bingo! He had easily found the crew now it was the matter of robbing them. Xerxes would take another step and jump into the water in order to swim to the both but just as his feet had been lifted off of the ground. He would be grabbed by the neck and held in the air. "Aye Boss! I found a little runt over hear with some good looking stuff." Said a very large man who had grabbed Xerxes and held him the hair as he took him towards the man with the tattoo on his eye. Upon getting to the man, the pirate captain would seem to study Xerxes. Looking him up and down as he wondered what he should do to the small boy. "His clothing are of a exquisite fabric, but I really don't have a use for them. They would be far to little on a body such as my own, but that little flute there seems to be made of Gold. Could be a wonderful piece to add to my collection." Said the man as he would begin reaching toward Xerxes in order to rip the flute from his neck.

But Xerxes wouldn't go for it. He had both the flute and the staff for his whole life so he wasn't about to let some petty thug steal it. Some could say he was a hypocrite but he needed to steal in order to survive. Xerxes feet were still dangling which meant that he could still kick. Just as the man came close enough. Xerxes would climb his chest by placing his feet on the man and running upwards. This would cause him to flip over the man who was gripping his neck and send him flying into the sky. Just as Xerxes feet would touch the ground. His staff would fully extend and touch the stomach of the pirate captain as he would scream "Thunder Charge!" A small ball that had lightning flowing in it would appear on the end of his staff. The electricity would from Ball would run all over the mans body and cause him to go limp as he was very paralyzed. Xerxes would smile and say "That's what you get for talking about my flute like that." Upon saying that he would take off running in the dock itself and heading for the ship of the man. The members of his crew had already seen what he did so that were quite mad at the Little Lord. As well as a litttle cautious seeing as he had just taken out two of the crews best men in just two hits.

Xerxes would only eye the grunts as he would wait for them to make a move. They would wait for him to make one as well. Though one of them had grew bold enough to talk and would say "Boy why don't you join our crew. We could use a pair of hands like yours." Xerxes would think about it. He didn't really want to join a crew as people would most likely try to take advantage of him and make him swab the poop deck. He didn't want to be a janitor of a crew. He would smile at the grunts and say "Sorry Uncle but I don't really want to be in a crew. If you want though I'll let you get the first attack." Said Xerxes as he wasn't even going to take this fight serious. Upon saying that twenty grunts would charge at him. Some with bare hands and others with weapons but Xerxes was no pushover so he would begin to take them all on. One would attempt to swing a sword at him but Xerxes would quickly duck his head and deliver a small jab to the mans wrist that would break it due to the sheer strength coming from it. The man would scream and pain and drop the sword on Xerxes head.

A sword that Xerxes didn't even realize was so heavy. The impact would send shocks through Xerxes head and knock him out cold as he would lay on the docks blacked out once again.

Hours would pass by as Xerxes would find himself in a room full of animals. The room smelling very rudely of poop. He would cover his nose and say "I let my guard down again." He wondered if they were out at sea or still at the docks because he was pretty sure he had been captured by that pirate crew. He would move some hay from the floor and place his hear on it. He didn't feel the sway nor the sound of the boat moving atop water. It was a good thing they were still docked. Looking around he would see a door that he can bust through. Running towards it. He would knock the door off of its hinges and go flying into a wall breaking that one as well. Flying through the second wall he would hit two crew members who were instantly knocked out due to the force of the door powered by the weight of his body. The people seemed to be sitting at the table playing cards and they looked at Xerxes quite bewildered.

Xerxes would also stare at them but would take advantage of the situation and throw ale in one of the man eyes and grab the other by his head and push his head towards the wooden table. Knocking him out upon impact. The other was screaming due to burning sensation but Xerxes would leave him as he would begin searching around the ship. After opening room after room he would finally find what he was looking for. The holdings of the crew and like he thought it was full with all sorts of things ranging from Beli to gold to clothing as well as a stick. He would shout in happiness as he grabbed his staff and thruster his pockets full of gold and Beli as he would begin to take off towards the upper deck but then he would realize that he didn't have his flute around his neck. He would frown and knew that the captain must have took for a spoil of war. The captain wearing the flute would send anger through his body as he broke through the door and into the sunlight once again. They seemed to be having a meeting that. Xerxes had interrupted seeing as all of them was sitting in chairs with the captain talking about random things. They would look at him as a tick would begin to appear on the captain forehead. "Those imbeciles were suppose to be watching you." He screamed as his arms would turn a metallic purple color. He would begin running towards Xerxes with his flute dangling off of his neck. Xerxes would act quickly as he broke apart his staff and put both the heat and cool pole on top of each other forming a X and put them on top of the thunder pole making a bat like instrument.

He would swing the newly formed clima-tact at the man causing the X to fly off of the thunder pole and towards the captain. Due to the sheer speed of it it would quickly come to impact his body but his arms were crossed in front of his body having caused the climatact to hit it making his body not even move a budge. However of course that wasn't the attack so Xerxes could see why the man seemed to be quite happen. Not even a second would pass the a cyclone would explode from the staff and send the man flying backwards into his crew mates along with the cyclone. The clima-tact would come back to him just like a boomerang causing Xerxes to grab it in his hand and form it back into his staff.

His Flute had somehow ended up on the ground which would cause him to picket it up and place it back around his neck. Running off of the ship he would scream "Asta Lavista Baby!" And run into the streets with his pockets full of riches. Now he could buy him some things to get off of this island. But then he would realize it. He had failed to cover his face now the people would know who he was and report him to the marines. What would his bounty be? Probably a cool million or so due to taking out a Paradise pirate. Whatever it would be Xerxes would dread it seeing as the marines would be on his tail now. He would need to find someone to sell all of this gold if he was to convert it into Beli and that meant going to a pawn shop not that he knew where any was on this island. A island that he still didn't know the name of and he had been there for a couple of hours. While running he would see a really large sign that said "Water 7. Home of the Ship Builders."

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