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1[TASK] The Becoming Empty [TASK] The Becoming on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:56 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Task Name: The Becoming of Diablo.
Tier: 3
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Jade and the songbirds have been water 7 about a week now as their ship is being worked on. While sneaking out of the hotel where they are staying for some time alone, he runs into trouble when sees someone getting jumped by what seem to be thugs.
Enemy Details: 30 T1 30 T2
Boss: Yes

William D. White:
Boss Name: William D. White
Tier: 4
[TASK] The Becoming Ee95dd7d24cfad2338c8d496634c7511

William is a very handsome, charming and mysterious man. However is very full of himself, often praising his own abilities so much and refusing to believe anyone is stronger than him. William also loves his pistols, considering them an extension of himself and would go mad if anything happened to them. He loves to fight against targets he thinks he can take on easily.

Devil Fruit: Mato Mato no mi
Haki: Boshusoku - B
Equipment: x2 flame dial pistols T4 x1 breath dial
Strength: 4
Durability: 3
Speed: 5
Perception: 3

2[TASK] The Becoming Empty Re: [TASK] The Becoming on Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:39 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
The moon sat high in the sky as its gentle light shone through the open window of a hotel room, where Jade was currently sound asleep. "R, i'm waiting A gentle voice whispered in Jade's ear, waking him up from his deep slumber and slightly pissing him off. "The hell was that? Jade said sleepily before shrugging and laying back down in his bed, attempting to go back to sleep. After tossing and turning for about thirty minutes Jade grunted and threw back his cover, stomping his feet on the ground, and then making his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. After using the restroom he made his way back to his bed to scoop up his clothes that he threw on the floor earlier in the day right after he had went food shopping with Juju and Nico. As he threw on his pants and dress shirt he heard the voice that woke him up run through his head again, he didn't know who the voice belonged too but it sent shivers down his spine just thinking about it.

He decided that he would go for a little walk in water 7 to clear his head of the voice and because he knew he wouldn't just be able to go back to sleep after being woken up. He put on his jacket and walked out of his hotel room, looking up and down the hall to make sure that the rest of the songbirds wouldn't notice him leaving the hotel for awhile. He really doubted that they would care about him going out by himself for a little but as a songbirds, dangerous things tended to float their way. As he made his way out of the hotel, he ran into a couple of people that he had befriended and was asked if he wanted to join them in a late night drinking session but politely declined as he wasn't up for it at the moment. Parting ways with the friendly people, Jade made his way onto the chilly streets of water 7. Usually it was full of life but at this time of night it was basically dead, as no one was really out but Jade and some of the towns drunks along with some Galley-La's workers.

"What to do this late Jade said as he rubbed his hands together to warm them up in the cold night, his mind running wild with things ideas. He eventually decided to just walk around aimlessly through the night, hoping to find something to do. He walked through the streets of water 7 for a few hours, taking in all of the beautiful structure of the place he called home for the time being. Looking around Jade started to think about his younger brother who always wanted to come to water 7 and become a shipwrite. The thoughts of his younger brother lead to thoughts of his home back in the blues , the place where a strange man had found him and raised him with seven other children. Jade smiled as he remembered the good times with his pops before the marines took him away. His  thoughts traveled back to his brothers and sisters again, remembering the last few words that they had before they all departed to follow their dream.

Jade had achieved his dream of being a pirate and to make things even better, he was the vice captain of the most known crew out in the seas at the moment. The young male smiled again as he hoped that his siblings managed to achieve their dreams like did. His smiled dissipated as he heard the sounds of footsteps running behind him. "Who... Jade said as he turned around and was tackles by a stranger, both of them falling to the ground with a loud thump. "Sorry! the worried voice of a man said as he quickly gound his way off of Jade and the ground, immediately going back into running mode when he got up. "Get him! several voices yelled as a group of fifty men ran into the direction of the male who had just ran into him. "What the hell is going on tonight! Jade said as he watched them go by, chasing after the stranger he had met. For a second Jade debated weather of not he should go help the man from the bandits that just ran past him like he was invisible, or just let what happen, happen. However it was no thinking about this, Jade knew that he had to help him, as he couldn't just let people harm someone.  

Jade side as he ran off into the direction of the person he was going to help, hoping to reach the crew and him before anything bad had happened to the man. Luckily enough they hadn't gotten far from the position off where Jade had been standing, having run over into a bridge into a field full of what looked to be wrecked ships. "Woah Jade said as he looked at all the torn apart ships and their scraps, he had never seen anything like it before. It was kind of breath taking in a strange way. "AHHH" The scream echoed through the yard and followed by a large thump, Jade then knew he had to hurry and find them before they killed the man. As he ran deeper into the scarp yard full of ships, he found them behind a deck that had been ripped off of the ship.  

"This is what you get for messing with the boss! One of the man said as his crew began to stomp on the man, making bone breaking sounds as the hits collided. "Hey get off of him! Jade yelled it as he drew his sword from the sheath on his back and looked at the thugs that lay over the battered and bloody man. After his declaration, the group of males looked at Jade and began to laugh their asses off. "what can you do, kid? just put down the sword before you hurt yourself one of the men said as he looked at Jade with a grin. "I said get off of him Jade said again with a stern voice, letting them know that he was being serious. "So you wanna be a big boy, huh? boys show the child who we are" The old man said as his people disengaged the bloody man and ran towards Jade, closing the six meter distance between them rather quickly then expected.

Use your strength Jade thought to himself as he engaged the first of the many thugs making their way to his position. He quickly disposed of the first thug with a simple swing of his blade before ducking to avoid an attack by his ally that followed behind him. "Should have ran when you saw me" Jade said as he slashed upwards, creating a deep cut from the thugs chest to his forehead. "Kagutsuchi Jade said as his blade set ablaze and swung it, releasing his signature 15x15 flaming tornado that swept up most of the incoming thugs that ran his way, only leaving 20 thugs left after its dissipation. "B-boss, i know his face now one of the three thugs left said as he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolding it, showing it to the old man who had taunted him. "Jade, The emperor? the old man eyes went wide as he looked at the piece of paper and Jade, shocked by the revelation of who he actually was.

"Reduce the earth to ash! Jade said as he stabbed his blazing sword into the ground, channeling his flames into the terrain. Trying to avoid hurting the stranger he was currently saving, Jade only released the flames in a five meter radius around him, consuming seventeen out of the twenty thugs left. "W-we don't want no trouble man! one of the three remaining thugs said as they began to back away from the man they had just stomped on.

"Are you guys really scared of him? i thought i hired the real deal  An amused voice said from the darkness of the scrap yard, and it sounded just like the voice that had woken him up from his sleep. "Who is there Jade said as he looked around frantically, freaked out by he sudden appearance of another person. Before anyone could see anything, the last three thugs where shot right through the heart and dropped dead right on the ground next to the man they were going to kill. "I guess I should have hired some marines instead of local filthy thugs The voice said said again and a tall man with red hair and half his face covered with a mask appeared from the shadow. He was as tall as Junbei was with long following red hair that could rival Charlotte's his clothing choice was, however, in pretty bad taste as he wore a flimsy blouse with baggy dress pants and dress shoes. The stranger tapped the pistol he had in his hand on his head as he laughed and looked directly at Jade. "I guess those fodder where really nothing for you, R. So I guess I'll play this little game with you instead" the red haired man said as he started laughing maniacally and drew the other pistol from its holder that was attached to his chest. He pointed both guns at Jade from his eight meters distance and began firing off rounds of what seemed to be fire, quickly returning Jade's mind to Skypeia where he fought the girl Misa.

As the bullets closed in, Jade managed to jump to the left next to a pile of ship scraps to avoid the bullets, but failed to realize that the man had fired off more as soon as he moved. "Shit Jade said as pain burned through his left pectoral and right leg with the last bullet barely grazing the thigh of his left arm. The hits confirmed to use flame dial guns just like Misa did however, this was much more fire power compared to her, just who was this man? "come on R, I know you can do way better! the red haired man said as he suddenly turned into a blur closing five out of the eight meters in a matter of just one minute. What the Jade's eyes couldn't keep up with the speed of the man as he closed in and shot more bullets at Jade, aiming for a shot directly at the heart. "Flying flame! Jade yelled as his blade set ablaze and he swung it horizontally, sending out an arc of flames that consumed the bullets that the man shot. Sadly the man easily dodged the attack by jumping up in the air and shooting three more bullets from each gun at Jade from the air, sending six bullets to rain down on Jade's body with no specific place in mind. Jade didn't have time to throw up another arc of flames so he simply raised his arm of the bullets coming for him and covered it in his Busoshoku haki, creating a dull metallic shine. Three of the bullets bounced off of his haki covered arm while the rest hit the ground or some of the ship scraps that lay behind him.

Even though Jade had managed to block the man's attack with his haki, his haki wasn't strong enough to keep him from obtaining second degree burns. As he looked up the damage of his arm a hand grasped firmly on his shoulder, throw him into the air before slamming his body onto the scrap yard floor. The young man's mouth opened wide as all the air in his lungs escaped, leaving his breathless for a few seconds. "you should really watch your enemy, R The man said as he began to laugh and put his gun to Jade's head, Bye bye, Mr.Emperor The man said as he pulled the trigger on his gun. click is all Jade heard as he thought his life was going to end but no bullet came, filling Jade with some kind of hope. "damnit, I have to reload The man said with a sad expression as he dropped his clip out of the pistols and reached into his pocket for another one. However Jade was going to take advantage of the situation at hand "Flying Flame Jade said as he quickly grabbed his sword off the ground as it quickly set on fire and sent out an arc of flame. The red head couldn't react in time as he was too close to Jade and took a direct hit to the chest, making him fly back five feet into a large pile of ship scraps.

Urgh, I thought I was a goner Jade thought as he made his way off of the ground, pain racking his body as he stumbled around. "I'm going to fucking kill you The malicious voice of the red haired man rang aloud as he made his way out of the scrap pile, rage filling his eyes. Jade looked at him and readied to use his Kenbunshoku haki if it was needed but something happened that he never would have thought. "Stop it, William a solemn voice said from the shadows behind the red haired man whose name was actually William. It was weird but Jade knew the voice, he had known it since he was found by the old man back in the blues. It was the voice of his protector and the oldest of them all. "Why! He fucking burned me! William said as a figure stepped out of the shadows next to him, his face lit by the moon light. He was 6"3' with blonde hair that reached down too his lower back, he wore a white double breasted trench coat with white pants and boots with cold sky blue eyes and a broadsword attached to his hip as well. You can't kill him,at least not yet Said the blonde haired man who looked Jade directly in the eyes with his cold ones. Shock filled Jade's face as he looked at the man he looked up too more than Junbei and his father, his eldest brother Issho.

"Issho! What are you doing here with that man who tried to kill me? Jade said as he looked at his older brother, what could he possibly be doing here in water 7? "Well R, or should I say Jade? Issho said with a smirk before continuing "I came to test your skills after I saw you became the vice captain of the most known pirate in the seas so far Issho began to move towards Jade little by little as he talked. "I came to test your skills with staging that whole man getting beat up thing, you did well with that but not so well against my friend William there Issho's mouth turned into a frown "and that's upsetting, I thought my favorite sibling could be more powerful than the rest Issho said with disappointment as he reached into his pockets and threw several photos onto the ground in front of Jade's feet. Still watching Issho, Jade picked up the pictures and turned them around too see that they where photos of each of their siblings, all of them but Jade and the two youngest Ulrich and Griffith had an X through their face. "if you are wondering what the X's are for, that means I killed them Issho said nonchalantly as he turned back towards William. Tears and sadness filled his eyes as he took in the worlds, it felt like someone had just stabbed him. "w-why did you kill our siblings! I thought we all meant the world to each other! Jade yelled as tears fell from his eyes, not wanting to believe what his older brother just said. "Things change Issho said as he shrugged and looked at his buddy William who still looked at Jade with anger.

"I should kill you myself for being weak, but as you are my favorite I won't kill you right now He said as he turned to face Jade again, this time with a malicious grin. "I'll give you time to get stronger but if you are still at this current level when we meet again, I will murder you with my bare hands Issho's tone and eyes showed how serious he was and it scared Jade. "N-none of that answers my question, why did you kill our siblings! Jade said as the tears came harder now, and for some reason they wouldn't stop. "I can't explain it right now, but sometime soon you will know Issho said, reverting back to his cold voice as he turned to walk back into the darkness, signaling William to follow. "We will meet again and you better hope your brother is around to save you from the torture I will bring upon you The man said as he walked into the darkness with Issho, completely disappearing from Jade's sight. "get stronger, my favored sibling or you won't be alive long the next time we meet Issho's voice echoed in the darkness before finally fading. With them gone, Jade finally fell to his knees still crying, not believing what had just happened. Maybe his brother was lying? No Jade knew when Issho lied and he detected no lies in his words. Then why would he kill their family? They were all so close! It made no sense at all and it crushed him. He had to find the last of his siblings before Issho did, but he had no clue where too start, all he knew was that he had to find a way.

"Hey man, are you okay a voice said from behind Jade, which prompted him to turn his blade in that direction. It was the man he had saved from the gang, he thought he had run away when the last of the thugs were shot by William. Jade just shook his head as he looked at the stranger he saved who quickly ran off into the night afterwards. As Jade stood on the ground, he felt something feel his body and it was the feeling of self hatred. He wasn't powerful enough to stop the man who almost killed him, and he barely held up in Skypeia. What could he do now that his family was getting killed off? Nothing as he almost got himself killed but the image of himself with black eyes appeared in his head. "Become me, the devil that lies within you and become strong enough to match Junbei and become strong enough to stop Issho The dark eyes version of Jade said as it looked at Jade in his mental world. They touched hands and fused together, a strange sensation feeling Jade's physical body as he accepted the part of him. His Haki training had birthed the devil within Jade and tonight had fused them together. Jade would no longer apply to the moniker "The Emperor" as he was no emperor, he was to be something more powerful. Jade had finally become "Diablo" and he was going to kill his brother Issho along with his partner William when they met again.

Word Count: 3,225

Stamina and Techniques used:

Stamina: 275/400

Skill Name: Reduce the Earth to Ash
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Speed: Own
Description: This technique starts off with Jade setting his sword ablaze. After setting his sword ablaze he stabs it into the ground, channeling more fire from his weapon into it. This produces blazing flames that destroy and come out of the ground in a 20 meter radius all around him, causing clothes to instantly burn and 3rd degree burns to all those caught in it. This attack even scorches the ground.

Skill Name: Flying Flame
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 20M
Speed: 2
Description: Jade engulfs his sword in fire and swings it in a horizontal or downwards fashion. Doing this causes fire to shoot from his sword in an arc shape, flying towards whatever he aimed at. This arc of flame is 10 meters in height and 5 meters in width and instantly incinerate material from the list along with causing 3rd degree burns to all those who are caught in it.

Skill Name: Kagutsuchi
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 20M
Speed: 2
Description: Setting his blade on fire and positioning his blade over his shoulder, he quickly swings creating a gust of hot air. The hot air instantly turns into a flaming tornado that is 15 meters in height and width. All this caught within it are full body third degree burns and all material related to the tier of this attack instantly melt upon contact. The tornado can reach up to 20 meters max.



The Color of Arms - The Color of Arms is a Perk that allows the user to increase their defensive status as their Busoshoku Haki increases in Rank. The more developed the Color of Arms gets, the darker and more metallic the shell encasing the Haki colored limb becomes. At D-Rank, the user’s defensive capability is equivalent to a T1 defensive skill, increasing the defensive ability of Busoshoku Haki by a Tier per every additional Haki Rank after D.


0 T1
0 T2
William D. White (Escaped)

3[TASK] The Becoming Empty Re: [TASK] The Becoming on Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:10 pm



Hrmm Jade's going crazy and it's getting dark....nice ^.^ I also like that you didn't kill this guy and the interaction you had with him. Good set up for later CD.

1,000,000 Beli
15,000,000 Bounty
18,000 EP
3 SP

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