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1Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru]  Empty Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru] on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:49 pm

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Boarding the ship with his men all fifty of them and his Navigator North Waters, Knuckles waited at the peer. Once all his men were accounted for he doubled checked the numbers with North. "Hey North I got all 50, and you?" "They are all here sir!" North yelled back from the ship. They were all heading to the North Blue waters along with Ataru. They were heading out to find an old partner of Ataru. Knuckles was looking forward  to meeting the kind of company his old friend kept. Once all his men were on board he went aboard to ensure they were ready for departure. The escort service he was using would be ideal for them two to travel the North Blue waters. There was extra security on board so they would be well protected. Not only that but with his new gifts wore on each a hand they were likely ready to take on anything that my try to stop them on a nice relaxing travel across the seas.  If anything Knuckles was ready to leave this frozen place. he wasn't one for the cold, his extra layers of clothing were to show for that. The snow did bring out his hair and eyes however which made them looks better than normal attracting more attention from Females.  Not a bad thing but he was a believer in any attention was too much attention when they were an outlaw organization or even looked at as Terrorist.  Leaving here would be Ideal for him and his men. They had successfully scouted the area for future missions and got a good mapping of the area.  Now that everyone was on board and ready the male made his way to the deck to get a good eye's view. He was followed by North Waters, who he trusted with alot of details. he was his right hand at this current point. It would also give North time to meet Ataru and them two a chance to get to know each other. It was critical if the two of them got along or not. Any bad feeling or heated moments could let the thread be pulled that could undo everything he had done this for.  Maybe now with his friends help he could get the resources he needed to get thing rolling on his projects.

Knuckles wasn't worried too much about any threats while aboard the underwater vessel. After all it was a high dollar vessel aswell as the normal crew aboard were no laughing matter in fact, they were deadlier than anyone Knuckles had with him or combined with him. All in all this should be a easy breezy travel to the Blues.  It would seem like no time at all by time they got there hopefully some good bonding and trust would come from this travel with his crew all together again. He looked forward to winning some money in a poker game or two over the sail.

Equipment Name: Axe Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 3
Range: Contact
Equipment Description: The Axe Dial (斬撃貝(アックスダイアル) Akkusu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Slicing Attack Shell") which cannot be found in Skypiea, delivers a thin blast of air in the shape of an X and is capable of slicing through a man and his iron shield in one blow. The fifty Goat-like Enforcers, known as the Militia, each have one and their commander, Yama, has a belt of them. Like the Impact Dial, its main use is in Sky Warfare but in some situations, it may be appropriate for other uses.
Equipment Ability: Fires an X of sharp air pressure upon contact with Dial Damage and size is Tier based. Each blade is .5m in length and thin as a sword edge.
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: Instant
Cooldown 1 Post

Equipment Name: Thunder Dial
Equipment Class: Attachment
Equipment Type: Dial
Equipment Tier: 1-6
Range: (8m,12m,20m,25m,30m,35m)
Equipment Description: The Thunder Dial (雷貝(サンダーダイアル) Sandā Daiaru?, literally translated as "Lightning Seashell") is used for storing and releasing electricity.
Equipment Ability: The Thunder Dial allows the user to fire a bolt of lighting or stream of electricity. The electricity must be natural or less than or equal to the Dials Tier. Tier 3-4 2nd Degree Burns and paralysis in struck general area for 2 post Speed Tier 4.
Attachments: N/A
Units per slot: 1
Duration: 1 Post
Cooldown 2 Post

Equipment Name: Leather Gloves
Equipment Type: Armor
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description:Basic pair of leather training gloves their is a hole in the palm.
Attachments: T3 Thunder Dial and T3 Axe Dial
Curse or Devil Fruit: N/A
Materials: Leather
Units per Slot: 2

North Waters:
Name: North Waters
Alias/Epithet: N/a
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Use: Combat
Tier: 2
Equipment: N/A
Haki: N/A
Haki Perks:N/A
Attribute Priority:Perception

General Appearance: Short, Blue Hair, Glasses,Fit.
Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru]  2eogpp2
Height: 5'10
Personality: North is the type of man who always has not one plan but several. He uses his superior mind to calculate every possible outcome or situation when it comes down to planning. His mind is often looking for challenges to conquer, which is why he chose a life of Navigation. What better challenge than to map route across the sea. However he isn't all brains, not only does he like to train his brain but also his body. He stays on a certain diet and does a difficult workout routine everyday he can. The Man is very caring and is more passive aggressive than anything. He would rather be picked on himself than to allow other to be bullied. This feature is why he join the Revolution seeking to change the way the Marines were treating people. He understands most of them are likely doing what they are told, but there is a few in higher levels that are solely using the foot soldiers to gain power without restraint. He also wishes to break as few laws as possible and doesn't feel like Pirates are for good conversation to opped to join the Rev under the Command of LT. Shi.
Story: While LT Shi was recruiting one day a bright young lad came and challenged the Officer to a game of chess. The Deal was if Knuckles won he would join the cause, if North won He'd join under Knuckles directly. He felt something honest about the way the men acted when the Lt was around and he wanted that kind of group to work with everyday. Thus he became the Ships Navigator.

50 Unarmed Grunts

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2Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru]  Empty Re: Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru] on Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:17 pm




Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru]  Latest?cb=20130525203411


Tundra to North Blue[Travel W/Ataru]  3002-2019-00-7_1

  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Ministrel Helmet
  • Jet Boots
  • Jet Dial x2
  • Oxygen Dial
  • Vision Dial

Total Equipment slots used: 7.5(dials count for half so they equal 4.5)

Ataru grabbed all the gear he would need for the trip, including his unfinished project of his boots and helmet. He planned on installing some dials in them before they met Aloeus, plus the helmet would conceal his face from now on, something that he needed to do increase the anonymity of his business. He put the helmet on after strapping up on the rest of his gear including his boots, he didn't put the leather in his clothes this time since they were leaving. He hoped the sea would warm up fast but he was capable of staying warm for a while until they were in warmer seas. It would be nice to be headed back to the blues Paradise was a dangerous place. Every island he had been on so far he had managed to be jumped by some enemy, none of them even knew who he even was. Just another reason that Ataru, didn't prefer to travel alone. As he was getting ready to leave the Submarine Rosa, tried to seduce him as usual. This wasn't surprising he had already told the Minstrels that he had an important assignment and would be back eventually with no date given. Rosa of course took this much harder since she had to watch the sub. It was designed to be comfortable living, so Ataru didn't feel particularly bad for her. Especially since he would be the one entering all the danger while they got the benefits. Except the benefit of freedom you, hypocrite.

They were still there but they had calmed down a little more lately, he knew that he had to do something sooner than later about the slave situation. They were starting to realize that something was off since there hadn't been any Slave Master orders in a while. Ataru was having difficulty deciding what to actually tell them to do, his voices seemed to fly into rage whenever he thought about it. He met Knuckles and the Escort group at the pier, he had his whole crew with him. Well no he doesn't you've just arrived haven't you.

Chuckling to himself as he approached Knuckles he spoke "Hey Cap'n , guess its time to introduce myself to the rest of the crew." He would wait to see if Knuckles introduced him then speak, if he didn't then Ataru would start speaking to introduce himself to everyone. "Hey, I'm Ataru, you can call me Ru for short I'm good with dials and swords. If you have any questions feel free to approach me, and I  have a joke to break the ice. Heard about the drug addict fisherman who accidentally caught a duck? Now he's hooked on the quack." Laughing at his own joke he looked over the rest of the crew seeing the responses.
None of them seemed bothered a couple even laughed along with him. It would be a good crew, and Ataru would never run out of great jokes either. He looked out into the sea, wondering what adventures were waiting for him. He also thought about how all the future crew mates they would gather were staring at this same sea.
WC: 526/500


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