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Free Agents
Free Agents


Mashiba Ryuuhei

Rubeck was an interesting island. Despite being established so many years ago, the civilization remains largely unchanged from when it was first established. It also manages to still be considered advanced technologically even though it is so old. Mashiba was quite fascinated with the island, from its beautifully crafted pyamids that always made you look at them and say "They wouldn't have been able to accomplish that without slaves" to its numerous temples and shrines dedicated to gods and figures Mashiba didn't know about and probably never would understand fully. This fact didn't stop him from enjoying himself though, and he took his time flying over the city while he dealt with his own personal dilemma.

'Everyone I've ever known knew their purpose and had  a goal they wanted to achieve,"Mashiba thought. All of his friends growing up had known exactly what they wanted to do in life."I want to be a marine like my daddy!" The children would shout or "One day I'm going to be the kind of the Pirates!" There was even that one wired kid he knew who went on and on about being 'Hokage' or something stupid like that. Everyone had some sort of "hero" or idol they looked up to and then there was Mashiba. He had no heroes, not goals or anything like that. All he knew was that he wanted to go on adventures and hope to find himself at some point during his journey. But here he was, at the point in his life where he STILL didn't have any life goals or dreams. He'd been to preoccupied training and honing his fighting skills to actually have any specific goal in mind with it. He'd never understood why other kids spent so much time playing and other nonsense when they could've been training to get closer to their goal. "Why do it if you aren't trying to be the best you can be?" He would always say to them. And there it was. In that moment, Mashiba realized what he wanted most in life which had been in front of him from the very beginning"I'm going to be the greatest martial artist in the world!"he yelled, startling the people he flew above.

With his new goal in mind, Mashiba now had to figure out  exactly how he was going to become the World's greatest Martial Artist. 'I guess the first step would be to become as well known as possible' It would probably be easier to get known as a notorious criminal but it would probably be easier to gain reputation capturing criminals and avoid having the marines on his back. "Ok, now i just gotta find some criminals" Mashiba decided to just fly to the nearby marine base and see if there were any criminals around they needed help catching.

Mashiba swooped down in front of the local base, and just as he went to open the doors, he was knocked back by a woman frantically running out of the base. She ran into Mashiba with enough force to knock him on his ass(mostly due to the element of surprise but impressive nonetheless). The woman also fell, landing on top of Mashiba but she jumped up almost instantly. The woman began backing away and continued to do so until her back was against the wall. After getting up, Mashiba noticed that the woman had been crying. Tear streaks ran down her cheeks and her eyes were very red. "Wait, why are you crying?" As he spoke, Mashiba began walking closer to the woman. The woman began to whimper as Mashiba walked closer, becoming more frightened the closer he got. "Don't be scared ma'am, I'm not going to hurt you" His words did nothing to ease the woman's fear, as she visibly flinched when  he spoke. Mashiba took another cautious step towards the woman, who finally had enough and took off running in terror, leaving Mashiba stuck and confused.

'What could've happened to that woman to make her that scared?' Mashiba wondered. 'Who leaves a marine base crying like that? Did those marines have something to do with her crying like that?' Mashiba decided to investigate, and if it turned out they caused that woman to cry they wouldn't be safe from his wrath. Mashiba walked into the base, and walked into the base to hear a group of marines talking. "Did you hear that bitch? Talking about she was raped by Trayton" One of the men laughed about the situation loudly. "These women around here are crazy. Always accusing someone of something,"one of the other marines said. The conversation disgusted Mashiba, these men hadn't even considered that the woman had been telling the truth. 'I gotta find her, if these idiots wont help her then I'll have to do it myself.

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Free Agents
Free Agents


Mashiba Ryuuhei

Mashiba left the base and flew 20 meters into the air. He looked down below and surveyed the area to find the woman. Unable to find her, he would mutter"Shit" to himself before swooping down to about 5 meters above the ground. He turned in the direction where she had run off too and flew that way at full speed. After a bit, he managed to find the woman just about to enter into what appeared to be her home.'Wow, what amazing timing,'Mashiba thought. He swooped down next to the woman and greeted her by saying,"Hey" The woman was startled initially, but managed to compose herself rather quickly. Mashiba found that sort of strange considering how scared she had been before, but he wasn't really one to judge so he let it slide. "What do you want? Here to call me a 'lying whore' too?" The woman said sharply. "They called you that?"Mashiba asked. He knew those marines were jerks but he didn't know that they would be like this. "Of course they did, thats what they say to all the women who report that idiot Trayton," The woman would normally have been cautious having a conversation like this with a stranger, but she hated Trayton so much that she found herself willing to talk about him to anyone willing to listen. "That arrogant, alcoholic, asshole!" It was obvious that she was beginning to lose her cool, and Mashiba would be forced to calm her down. "Okay chill, chill, its gonna be okay," Mashiba's attempt to calm th woman down only served to increase her rage. "You're wrong!" That woman shouted. The sun had begun to set, so the majority of people around had retreated to their homes, but there were still a few night owls around to hear her outburst. "As long as that monster breathes, I doubt anything will ever be 'okay' for me," As the woman spoke, she began to lose more and more of her fire, eventually her words became just more than a whisper and after she finished speaking she was only able to sob. Though she may have lost her intensity, Mashiba seemed to have picked it up. "Hey, like  said, it's gonna be okay." With those words, Mashiba achieved launched himself into the air, and went searching for Trayton Lysander.

Mashiba flew aimlessly above the town his was in. In his haste to find Trayton, he didn't actually get any information that would actually have made him easier to find. Hell, he didn't even get the damn woman's name. Mashiba would probably have to go back and get some clues as to where Trayton could be, but he was reluctant to go back and ruin his epic exit."I'm such an idiot!" Mashiba was angry at himself, but he then remembered how angry that woman had been at Trayton. She'd called him an arrogant, alcoholic asshole. He'd never heard someone called all three of those at once but he did appreciate the alliteration. 'Wait a second...alcoholic!' If Trayton really was a heavy drinker like she claimed, he'd probably be at a bar at this time of night considering he'd have plenty more opportunities to find victims there. Finally with some direction, Mashiba swooped down to the bar nearest the home of the woman he had spoken to. Working under the assumption that she wouldn't go too far to drink, and hoping that Trayton was dumb enough to prowl the same place where he'd attacked his last victim, Mashiba entered the bar full of hope. This hope was crushed brutally by the realization that, in an even greater act of stupidity than before, he had failed to get any significant details about the man's appearance. Kicking himself for being such an idiot, Mashiba approached the bar and ordered a drink."Gin and Tonic,"the 16 year old said, as he had seen the men in his hometown do plenty of times when he snuck into a bar."I don't think so kiddo, you should probably just stick to your juice boxes,The man keeping the bar said."I'm old enough to fight for my life everyday, I think I'm old enough to have myself a drink,"Mashiba defended himself."Sorry kid, still going to have to tell you no,"The bar keeper continued to deny, leaving Mashiba upset."Thanks for ordering my drink for me kid, I'll be taking that,A tall, white haired man stood over Mashiba and said. "Excuse me sir, but this is my drink. Just because this stingy bastard doesn't want to give it to me doesn't mean you can have it.Mashiba was having absolutely none of this guy's foolishness."Nice try Trayton, but we both know you don't know this kid." Realization filled Mashiba's eyes upon hearing those words. This guy right next to him at the bar was the guy he intended to kill."You must be real scum, trying to steal drinks off kids. If Trayton were truly as arrogant as advertised, there was no way he'd take that lying down."Why you little-" Trayton was interrupted by Mashiba"Sorry, I've got important people to meet and things to do. Mashiba got up and left, leaving Trayton stunned. As soon as he got outside, he took off into the air, looking down at the door. Just as expected, Trayton exited the bar, with a small golden knife in his hand."Where is that little punk?" Mashiba heard him say. Mashiba shook his head,"He's making this way too easy." In his search for the kid with wings, he somehow neglected to search in the sky until it was much too late.Soru when Trayton finally did look up, Mashiba was moving much too fast for him to react to. Shigan In that split second, with one movement Mashiba changed the world for the better. While Trayton may not have been a huge criminal in the eyes of the world government, he was the embodiment of fear for one young woman and possibly even more victims. For them, Mashiba was a savior, and that mattered more to him than the recognition he would receive from the world government. Now Mashiba would only need to deliver the good news  to the woman he had met, choosing to drop the body onto the desert sand over night, hoping the animals would take care of it.

"I believe I was correct when I said everything would be ok,"Mashiba would say to the still unnamed woman. "I don't think I'll ever be able to thank you properly for the great service you've done for me and my community" Mashiba smiled at her and simply said,"I don't need thanks, though it wouldn't hurt my if the word spread of the brave hero who helped you so immensely." Even though he added a wink to the end of the statement, she still said with a completely serious look on her face,"Of course, if I have anything to say about it there wont be anyone on Rubeck who doesn't know of your deeds. Mashiba grinned again, and said,"That'd be great, well I have to get going, when you're a hero there's always someone who needs saving." Mashiba then left, and flew away into the night. After flyinf for a while with a smile on his face, he was once again struck by his own stupidity."I still didn't learn her fucking name!"
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