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1Sewers Escape Route Empty Sewers Escape Route on Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:04 pm


The girl would go with the people through the hidden passage, that passage was really only made for normal humans like her and the employees, and master of the bar that she was in. She then started to ask the master that was right next to her in the line of people heading to the sewers.

- The passage is long?

The master was calm and collected even though it seemed like a extremely dangerous situation for him, and his business at that bar. Because of that the girl stood there to protect them, even though she wasn't that strong, she was still a revolutionary army soldier. And because of that the answer of the master surprised her a bit since the man was though of as a normal human, but in reality he was some kind of historian, because he knew her race.

- I know you and your race. You really are seen as demons by most people. Be careful young lady.

The master was telling that for her well being, specially because the race was wanted so much by so many people, even though that people despise that appearance with all of their being. With that she could freak out a little in that moment, but instead of that she would show her level headed mind right now and spoke that she wasn't a demon, and she would only do what she wanted.

- I am not a demon, but i am not a saint either, i do what i want. Even though i crave for justice against this world manipulators.

She would talk about the World Government that she hates for defending the nobles, and celestial dragons. Even though she didn't know that much about them, she knew that her memories were somehow related to them in some weird way. That ended with her being near the sewers, and all the people as well. Almost all except her and master said the following.

- Finally, we made it.

But then they only reach the sewers. And needed to go all the way to the finish of them to return to the ladder that leads to the surface where a person could see if the bar was already safe or maybe not. She would go first right now to see if it was safe, she would use her perception to see if any enemies were still around, and found out that seemly they were gone from the proximity of the bar. And thus she could be back with all the people that came with her.

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