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She had never felt so rested, so much like herself again, minus the rush of panic that filled her very being. Looking around the room, trying to move her hands only to find them restrained by the same material created by the womans sword, Sea stone. It drained the energy of those whom wore it when they had Devil fruit powers. Yet the velocity of the drainage seemed to depend upon the purity of the sea stone. At this point in time, it would seem the sea stone cuffs only hindered her devil fruit power, other than that her abilities to function were not hindered in the slightest. Probably so that they could have their victims walk properly instead of needing to be carried.

As she tried, she would realize her true strength would not be able to defeat the sea stone cuffs. Yet they were not superior in weight, she could move her arms without much effort, Her eyes scanned the dark room, wood. Much like the battleship they were upon. Of course a battle ship, one that was docked at the same place the sea train entered. They couldn't just shove these pirates in some room on enies lobby, the damage was too disastrous and the small island they had been upon had been damaged to severe. They would have been brought to the battle ships, which would await the gates of justice to open, first they would need to get in touch with those on the other side of the gate for safe passage as well as continue to clear and patch up the debris and possibly drain the chamber to reach the controls to the gates on this end as it required both ends to be manned prior to opening, they couldn't just have the ships wait at the gates either for the current would annihilate them thus the only safe option was on board the ship.

In the end Melissa did not know what happened, she had gotten through the door and darkness struck her, perhaps she had passed out, yet the rest had rejuvinated her. She was blue and battered from the events yet the girl of snow was not as weak as she had previously been. Her eyes lingered upon two figures. "Come ya butts, wake up, it looks like we are alive, but it seems to me that we may have run in to a little mishap." she would utter, her usual charm slowly returning. No one else was in the room, probably guarded from the other side. "That fish better be waiting on us, we called her forever ago and she never turned up." Melissa scoffed as she sat up, there was no chains holding her, she was free to move around but she remained upon the floor only moving to sit up.

"Whats our plan Captain" Melissa would say, relief that her team mates were still alive, all they had to do now was escape from the ship and get the fuck away from this place right?"[/color]



Nicholas let out a low groan as consciousness slowly returned to him, his body aching. What had happened? He remembered complete pandemonium in Enies Lobby. A destroyed tower, half the island burning. Then there was that underground tunnel, rubble falling atop of them, water, so much water. Did they die? There was no way they could have survived that.

As he slowly opened his eyes, his vision blurred, he took note that he appeared to be in a dark room, a voice echoing in his head. Was this the afterlife? It was a lot darker than he had expected it to be. With a small groan, he shifted his body, only now noticing the chains the bound his form. Nicholas blinked. Oh god, they were in hell! This was it wasn't it? They had died and thrown straight into the fiery pits of hell! Though strange, eternal torment didn't seem that bad. Sure, it was dark and the chains were uncomfortable, but it wasn't anything he couldn't live with.

As he sat up, it was becoming clear that they weren't dead (oh thank god!), but rather, captured and sitting on a ship. So, they had pulled them out of the water just to chain them up? Odd. It would have been easier to just let them drown. Not that Nicholas was complaining, but it just seemed rather, well, stupid. Granted, Linnea and Melissa were wrapped in seastone chains, but if they thought they were just flashy devil fruit powers and dials, they were sadly mistaken. He sat up against the wall, listening to Melissa ask Linnea what to do.

"I may have a suggestion," Nicholas spoke up, holding up his chained arms, "You guys are wrapped in seastone, but I'll bet they just used regular iron on me. If you could break this off of me, I can try to grab the key to yours and set you guys loose. Then, well, then we start wrecking their shit. I'll let you guys work out the details, but we first need to get these off."

Naga D. Linnea


Naga D. Linnea
This had been a colossal shitstorm. One might say that destroying half of Ennies Lobby was a bad idea, and indeed it was, but in the end there wasn't much they could do about it in the first place: If one were to consider the ridiculous amount of marines they had after them and even more so the backup that arrived later, that worthless Island was by far the most efficient death trap Linnea had ever set foot in. If they were gonna go down, then might as well go down swinging.

In the end they were done in by water and rocks and woken up in the brig of a battleship. Judging by the sounds of water coming from below, they were at the bottom of the ship, the ideal place to restrain two dangerous devil fruit users: There was no way to go but up, and there were plenty of Marines between here and there. As she woke up, restrained and unarmed, Linnea felt rage more than anything else: She knew where they were taking her and had no intention of giving in to the Marines or their corrupt sense of justice. It had been created only for the express purpose of protecting nobles who were far worse than any criminal that has ever lived; Their entire organization was rotten to the core, and no matter how self righteous some of the lower ranks might fancy themselves, ultimately they were nothing more than tools for protecting the World Nobles. Disgusting...

But before continuing on her quest to make their lives miserable, she had to save her comrades: Flash and Melly were also locked in here, and Sabrina had yet to appear. Waking up to Melly's call, Naga grunted in pain, but other than that and the cuffs on her wrists she was fine.

"Knowing her, she's probably just waiting for a good chance: It's up to us to give it to her.", Linnea commented, her mood visibly colder than before. Flash woke up soon after, once more proving himself a man with a plan. The captain smirked, stretching our her wrists and offering the cuffs to him, "Do your thing."

If anything, this whole experience nurtured the Pirate's hatred for the World Government and all its institutions. The fact that something so crooked could stand at the moral high ground and pass "justice" was sickening.

A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)



Would you all like to reroll the encounter dice or do you want to just be refunded?



Refunded [It has already been done]


Marina Samarin:

A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  Nagisa.%28Psp2i%29.full.496581

Name:Marina Samarin
Alias/Epithet:One Eyed Death[Among-st Pirates/Revs], The Winged Crusader[Among-st Marines/Others]

Occupation:Weapon Specialist
Devil Fruit:N/A
World Position:Vice Admiral
1 T5 Seastone Edge GreatSword
1 T4 Steel ChainMail like UnderArmor which covers her arms,chest cavity, and thighs.
1 T4 Rifle
T4 Bullets.

Haki Aura:Stardust Haki

A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  1652602-11461___kurojishi_nagisa_phantasy_star_portable

General Appearance:

Marina appears as a tall, slender Caucasian skinned woman who weighs about 145LBS and is 5'7. Possessing an eye-patch over her right eye which a pirate gave her back when she was an Ensign, her eyes are green colored and her hair is long and black, dressing in a white with golden tones formal dress top that goes down to her thighs. Sporting black stockings with golden outlines on them for her lower half, she dresses elegantly wherever she goes, even on the battlefield as she simply does not care. This does not effect her combat performance in the slightest however. Marina has a blue rose on the left side of her top, and a blue dial like pin in her hair with three leaves attached to it.

Her wings are only about 2 FT and are Birkian winged in nature.

She carries a solemn, focused look that almost never changes, a constant stern look that never seems to change no matter where she is.
Weight:145 LBS
Personality:Marina is a Ruthless person who does not back down from any sort of threat to the World Government or the marine cause as a whole. Being a firm believer in the concept of Absolute justice, she will not hesitate to take down any pirates,revolutionaries or corrupt marines no matter how good they seem. Going so far as to cut through entire towns nearly if it means the possibility of just 1 notable pirate being among-st the towns people there. She can be very grim, expressionless and stern when looked upon by others, almost radiating a very intimidating like presence from the strong gaze she has inside of her eyes. Like a dragon constantly ready to lash out at whoever and whatever stands within it's way.

Anyone who attempts to get in the way of her while she is on the job or on the hunt for anyone that is remotely suspicious will be cut down almost immediately, as Marina is almost a blind zealot to the marine cause. Although she promptly will give them the warning to stand down before they face her wrath first. She lives to eradicate each and every single one criminal within the world, openly advocating for the suppression of any new attempted "Age of Piracy" that some idiot out there will try to start.

At very rare instances though, Marina will actually smile and loosen up, though this is rumored to only happen once a year, as she is almost never seen not being so focused and determined. In truth the entire reason Marina is so fervently obsessed and dedicated to the Marine cause is so that she herself can retire and enjoy life, over time she began to grow tired of things and as a result, wanted to put an end to it all.However to do so, in her own beliefs she must eradicate every single "criminal" or threat to the world government so that she herself can be satisfied and live a life of luxury. This is all an "act" that is put up so that things will merely go faster, as time has progressed. Bits and pieces of her real self have slipped out, but still nothing too notable.

She will never immediately reveal it, but Marina respects those with strong ambitions in the world, those who have the will to fight for their right to pursue what they want, as that is the same ambition Marina possesses in her very blood. To gain her respect though takes more than just ambition, moreso being actual strength. As she's cut down the ambitions of several hundred pirates in the past already. What more are you than another kill to her unless you prove your worth in the world?

Crew:Marina has a crew of similar beliefs to her that all follow the principle of Absolute Justice and wish to see all these damned pirates in hell and behind bars.

In truth, they are a group of Individuals that all share the same goal as her, being around similar age. They all want to put all these damn criminals to rest so they can retire and live life in luxury like they believe they have earned.With some basic marines under them as well. Her newkama sister supports her out of concern despite not being a marine.
40 T1 Marine Seamen

6 T2 Marine Swordsmen

12 T3 Marine Rokushiki Specialists

1 T4 Winged Female Martial Artist who Specializes in NewKama and Okama Kenpo.

Hand to Hand:
Melee Weaponry:6
Devil Fruit:


Marina was standing on the bridge of her vessel; the recently captured criminals rest in the bowels of her ship. Things had gotten rather hectic for the World Government due to a measly three pirates. Her superiors had ordered numerous of her comrades to scour the seas looking for any pirates that may be causing any kind of trouble. It wasn't like the marines hadn't been doing this already, yet it became even more of a point after the Ennies Lobby incident. "In the end however Justice prevails." The words of the Vice Admiral were stern and empowering. "Aye Ma'am!" The few members of her crew that were in the bridge alongside her quickly responded to their leader. Marina's weapon was snug in its holster on her lower back. She turned and exited the bridge, leaving her men to guiding the ships course.

Marina, The One Eyed Death, proceeded to the deck of her vessel. He 20 or so seamen on the deck immediately stopped what they were doing, faced Marina, and saluted her. It was obvious that her crew held her in high regards. "Where is Naomi?" Marina said while saluting the men back. One of the marine men who appeared to be well versed in hand to hand combat stepped forward. "She is headed to the brig to check on the prisoners ma'am." Marina nodded as she expected that much from her sister. The Vice Admiral remained standing on the deck; those who stopped to greet Marina continued their work. The remaining forces of Marina were spread throughout the ship.

Naomi had finally reached the brig, and saluted the marines tasked with guarding the recently captured pirates. There were three guards outside of the room that held the pirates, one on each side, and one standing with his back to the wall facing the door. Three more guards stood at the end of the hall. All 6 of the marines wielded swords. Naomi approached the door, as she did so the winged marine slid open a slot in the door that allowed prisoners to be checked on. The lights that lit the brig invaded the room and the darkness that engulfed it. "Escape is futile." Naomi said upon seeing Naga holding up her restraints to her companions. Naomi closed the slot while stepping back. "Keep them under wraps. Failure is not an option." The guards saluted to Naomi's words. The winged woman turned and began walking away from the guards. "Use the Den Den Mushi to contact me if anything happens." Naomi exited the brig and returned to the deck alongside her sister.



Her aura extended outwards, the young female sitting, sensing the mass amount of people on the ship. With the vast amount of marines, attempting an escape as grand as she had wanted would not be accessible, even more so if Naga and Flash wished to recover their weaponry at this point in time it would be made nigh impossible with the vast amount of crewmen onboard the marines. Melissa for once was oddly silent, even when the marine woman came in and told them it was futile to escape. Alas though futile may not be the ideal word. Melissa Devaroux would simply look at Naga as the woman left. "She should be on her way right? I think we should high tail it out of here as soon as she arrives, our lives are more important than weaponry, we can always get more" Melissa would say.

Alas she would ofcourse as she had done prior whether right or wrong, follow her captain and do what ever she needed. Unlike before when they were assaulted she was now at full capacity, she was ready to bring about terror....if she could only harness her devil fruit abilities, this also showed her the limits to her strength, she could not destroy the shackles that bound her devil fruit power. As she sighed she would wink to her fellow warriors. "Let me know when, and i'll blow this ship to pieces" Melissa would say with a smile, though her voice was kept low enough that even Naga and Flash would have to lean in to properly hear her.



While Nicholas wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of losing his dials, Melissa did have a point. Getting out of here alive was much more important. Just where was that mermaid anyway? She certainly was taking her sweet time getting her. I mean, when she was in trouble, they came to her aid lickety split. She should at least do the same for them.

Then, one of the marines, a rather attractive one to be exact, walked in and gave the same old spiel they would have come to expect. Escape is futile, blah blah blah. Nicholas was almost tempted to mouth the words along with her, but while he was chained up, that left him way to open for crotch shots, and he had a feeling marines like this one would capitalize. Still, at least she had a nice ass, as Nicholas was all too happy to take in as the marine walked out, giving orders to the guards as the doors closed.

Little did the marines know, they weren't planning to simply escape the ship. They were planning on demolishing it. "Well, while we wait," Nicholas replied, leaning back but still keeping his voice down, "Why don't we sit back and enjoy the comforts of 'chateau de marine'. Comfy hard wood floors, cozy living spaces, these guys know how to live." When you wake up chained in a cell after all the crap they had been through, you were allowed to be snarky.

Naga D. Linnea


Naga D. Linnea
Sooner than later one of the Marine crooks came by to gloat, as if trying to infuriate Linnea even further. Ignore the nuisance until she once more closed the porthole and went back to her business, the Pirate took a deep breath. If she was consumed with hatred and rage like this, she wouldn't get anywhere... She had to be like she always was, calm and calculating. Indeed breaking free from here on their own wasn't an option, but then neither was accepting the corrupt justice and being sent to Impel down like every other pirate who passed through that gate.

"Agreed...", she whispered back to Melly ensuring no further nuisances would hear them, "If we send the whole ship to Davy Jones' Locker, we can always get Sabrina so swim back down and retrieve them."

The Kuja activated her Haki, feeling every presence on the ship, one by one. There were some pretty strong marines here... Even with her weapons this

would be all kinds of troublesome to deal with. Letting out a chuckle, Lin nonetheless closed her eyes and focused on her aura. And only then did she notice it. 15 Meters below the ship - roughly below their position - an eight legged mermaid. Sabrina was finally here. With the pirates locked on the lowermost part of the brig, it would be easy enough to break the bottom of the ship and sink down, but that wouldn't be enough. They had to ensure these pirates had no means of following them; and hopefully make them more concerned with their own lives, "She's here.", Naga whispered to her first mate, "Let's go."

In the meantime, Sabrina had been following the Marines ship for a while now. She kept herself beyond 100 meters away at first but eventually grew impatient and got closer. Her allies were cutting it too close, "What's taking them so long?!", she thought, annoyed at the wait. Regardless, her powerful Kenbunshoku Haki allowed her to see exactly where her crewmates were and remain below them. Nobody expected a Devil Fruit user to swim their way out and nobody knew of their alliance with a mermaid... But it would be best to stay put until something happened, hopefully the trio would catch the marines off guard...

Lin used A-rank Kenbu Haki

Sabrina used S-rank Kenbu Haki

A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)


"Big Sister!!"Naomi yelled while skipping onto the deck of the ship. Her personality often changed around her sister. When she approached Marina, he older sister, the vice admiral turned gracefully. "You're so beautiful big sister!" In the eyes of Naomi she looked like a model that  was on the runway and posing. "The prisoners have been secured in the brig!" Marina looked at her sister with a somewhat soft gaze. "Good, but do not let your guard down. We have dealt with many pirates; all of which have tried to surprise us by using all kinds of methods. Besides only three of the Uroboros Pirates have been captured. There could be more of them nearby or on the way." Naomi nodded to the advising commands of her elder sister. Soon after Marina had finished instructing Naomi her Den Den Mushi had began to ring.

"Ma'am the gates of Justice controls are totally destroyed. We're going to have to repair them in order for you to continue on. It's going to take at the minimum 10 hours to fix the gates to at least allow you to pass through." Marina remained calm by the unfortunate news. "Alright, good work."Silence swept over the deck before Marina pulled out a Den Den Mushi that had wings on hits shell. "This is Vice Admiral Marina Samarin. The Gates of Justice controls are in need of repair. I have high priority targets with me that need to be escorted immediately." Silence fell over everything, however only briefly before being broken. "Copy that. En route." After it was confirmed Marina hung up the Den Den Mushi and returned it to were it belonged. "The flying ship Hermes is on the way to help us escort the pirates."

The soldiers on the deck saluted to Marina. "Yes ma'am!" They all began scurrying off to handle their respective duties in order to prepare for departure. Only the lower ranked Marines were the ones that had begun preparations. "Naomi I want you to go retrieve the prisoners and bring them to the deck." Naomi saluted her sister and winked. "Aye sir!" The winged woman skipped of. It didn't take Naomi any time to return to the brig. On her way down to the brig she had informed the 6 guards of what was going on. The 6 men split into duos. Two of which held sea stone chains. Naomi stood in front of the door as the 6 marines in, carefully approaching the three fugitives. Seeing as only the two women had devil fruit powers their torsos were ensnared with the chains. Their male companion was simply wrapped in more chain. If they couldn't walk with their own power then they would be carried by the marines. As they pirates were escorted to the deck Marina looked at them for a split second without saying a single word.The trio of pirates were taken to the main mast and placed there. Just about every marine on the deck could get a good view of them.



Melissa would await Naga's command, with a simple smile the female of snow would activate her own haki capabilities, not as powerful as Naga's own yet the vast range allowed her full sensory on board the ship as well as being able to deduce Sabrina's own position. This also allowed Melissa the ability to "see" what was going on with the marines onboard. Naturally they had yet to set sail for Impel Down, the island with the controls had been the last place the trio had ended up, they had been fished out or perhaps washed upon a rock or something, that part of her mind was incredibly hazy. Yet her reactions, her skill, that was second nature. So when the saluting entity brought forth six guards and herself, making it so that seven people would in the end be standing directly in front of the door, the wily minx had already formulated a plan.

As the woman skipped, heading in the directon that they were in Melissa would look to her crew mates. "Behind me now and get sabrina to get back" she would say as she walked forward, putting a three meter distance between herself and the door allowing Naga and Nicky to get behind her. Melissa would pull her cuffed hands backwards and to the side readying herself. As the guards positioned themselves on either side of the female who she supposed would be intended to open the door, Melissa would strike as she [or whomever] moved to open the door. Perhaps the smartest option would have been to check the prisoners through the port hole like she had done previously alas though this would be her mistake. For as the hand of whomever was intended to open the door reached for the handle, Melissa's own hand shot forth.

From her hands, power obliterated all in front of her, power that shot forth with a diameter of seven meters, easily able to ensnare all seven foes in front of the door, the door shattered instantaniously and those caught in front would not only be blasted away through god knows how many rooms onthe ship but projected in to the sea itself, yet this would not save them, for the utter force that connected with their bodies would see to it that what was left of them was nothing but a crushed mess, identifying those caught within would be a struggle on a good day. The entirety of the ship in front of them within this range oblitering twenty meters in front of them in an instant. Yet the lady of strength was not finished, for her hand soon met the ground, her haki allowing her to know exactly how much time she had. Her hand struck the ground and the ship split in front of them, yet the shockwave passed through the wood from the strike all around them, due to the wooden nature and the destruction already caused, the floor beneath them would also give way, falling in to the sea directly below were they had been held.

This would mean one thing. her body froze locking in place, heavier and heavier it felt as she fell through the ocean, her bodies power being stripped away from her completely, something the marines would more than likely be regretting that their sea stone chains did not. It would more than likely be surprising, why would devil fruit users chose to go in to the sea, why would they chose such an end. Yet it would seem that would be the end of the Uroboro's pirates.

tech used:

Tier 4 Skill Name: Titanias Wrath
Tier 4 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 4 Skill Range: 20 meters
Tier 4 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 6 posts/Instant
Tier 4 Skill Description: Through use of utter force, the user punches the air, this releases a vast and compressed burst of air almost like a beam, the beam has enough force that steel can easily be obliterated, this technique can break through most ships with ease [seastone hulls not included] while also knocking them back up to 5 meters,buildings can be devastated via this technique with utter ease. it can knock a target back 15 meters while completely crushing the body of those caught in it with blunt force damage. The "beam" is 7 meters in diameter and can travel up to 20 meters.

Tier 4 Skill Name: Titanias Howling Fist
Tier 4 Skill Type: Hand To Hand
Tier 4 Skill Range: eight meter width/1 meter forward.
Tier 4 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 6/Instant
Tier 4 Skill Description: The user strikes with a closed fist either upon a body or surface. This skill enhances the users strength to the point were a large shockwave passes through what is struck, this creates major internal and external damage on the target enough to easily shatter bone while creating an eight meter wide shockwave that travels up to one meter through an object/target. Capable of destroying steel and anything lower on the destruction list.

C-rank ken used 

[will do stamina next post]



And just like that, everything happened. So quickly it was hard for Nicholas to even keep up with what was going on. As marines came to escort them somewhere (where? They were in the brig and they hadn't left the island yet), Melissa moved to completely obliterate them in one move. The navigator made a mental note not to piss Melissa off. He liked his body to be in one piece.

Then came the main part of the plan. Melissa's hands came down on the floor, and before they knew it, they were all in the water, water rushing upwards as it flooded into the ship above them. Or was the ship coming down? Hard to tell in the rush of bubbles and shredded wood.

Nicholas only had a small amount of time to regain his orientation, for unlike himself, his two crewmates did NOT have the really helpful ability of swimming, their devil fruits locking up their bodies and causing them to sink like hammers. Adjusting his position as best he could, considering he was still chained up, the young man began to swim downward, trying to catch up with the sinking bodies of his crewmates, trying to grab a hold of them to stop their descent. He didn't need to worry about anyone coming after them. The marines in the lower decks had been obliterated by the attack, and the marines were probably too busy panicking about the sinking ship in order to worry about the prisoners just yet. Nicholas managed to swim up to the pair, managing to grab a hold of them both. Though their combined weight made swimming difficult, all he had to do was ensure they stayed up long enough for Sabrina to meet them.

Speaking of which, where was that octopus girl anyway?

Naga D. Linnea


Naga D. Linnea

Linnea closed her eyes the moment their plan was ready to go. It didn't really bother her for she could see everything with her Haki alone, for that moment alone she was at peace. Whatever would happen next was completely out of the Amazon's control, she could do nothing but trust the crewmates for whom she'd do anything to protect. But now... She had to rely on them to do the same to her. Melissa got into position to intercept the Marines, and so she did, before obliterating the floor of the brig and letting them all drop into the sea below. Lin felt her power wane even more than it did with just the handcuffs, becoming completely immobile, even if the handcuffs that bound her would provide an excellent place for Flash to hold onto. Sabrina's attack hit at that point too, further widening the hole beneath them and effectively nullifying any attempt to not fall into the ocean, even if they wanted such a thing... But only mere instants after her Navigator grabbed onto her, she would suddenly feel a sharp , wrenching pull as Sabrina grabbed onto Nicky. Thus began her descent into the depths, away from ennies Lobby, assisted by a powerful whirlpool and powerful currents weaved by their cook's free hand... Doing what little she could, she swallowed air to equalize the pressure in her ears and not get hurt as much.

Sabrina waited... Waited... and Waited... She knew her comrades. She knew Naga would likely be on the lookout for any help from below and she knew that Melissa would be looking for an opportunity to rip these guys a new asshole. More importantly, she knew that even with their infernal luck of getting Ennies Lobby as the first island, no way she was gonna let her new crewmates get sent to impel down so quickly. Eventually, Melissa got moving: Antecipating her attack with her Haki, Sabrina brewed up a twister with her tentacles, empowering and speeding up her skills, moving aside to steer clear of the ship wrecking blast. In addition, she'd unleash her own attack, timed to hit the marine's ship in the instant immediately following Melissa's second attack: Her Spring Tide technique

Gathering water between her hands and empowering it with the twister around her tentacles, she compressed her currents into a small focal point, before hurling it upwards with destructive force. She was keenly familiar with her attacks and their area of effect, and after traking this time to study the currents they found themselves in, she knew where to angle the attack to ensure the maximum damage on the enemy ship, as well as preventing her allies from suffering from the side effects.

Below the ship as she was, she aimed towards the prow of her ship - starting next to her allies' cell - and then move her hands further towards the front, along the keel. The high impact of the torrent would easily capsize the ship if it were intact, but after Melissa's attack this would likely finish splitting it, ensuring the Marines would have their hands full. If that weren't enough, the attack would also break the ship's keel in more than one place, dooming it to sinking in a matter of minutes at best, faster if they tried to make it move elsewhere. Even better, this would knock her allies into the sea should they still have any second thoughts.

After this, she would quickly use her Conveyor skill to project a watery road, allowing her to freely travel upwards, until she wrapped her arm around Flash's waist (right after he grabbed onto Linnea and Melissa's handcuffs for a firm grip), at which point she would use her idle hand to create a tight current, for a near 180º turn - as tight as she could - and plunge into the depths. By slowing down slightly before grabbing onto Flash and steadily accelerating after that, she would keep her allies from getting hurt by the sudden pull. All her friends had to do was hold their breath, as she would take them no deeper than a 100 meters - keeping a steady decrease in depth to avoid hurting them too much with the pressure drop - with this depth helping them hold their breath a bit longer. Regardless, she would constantly swim away from the Marine's vessel and ennies Lobby, keeping her Haki eyes on her surroundings.

She had been careful enough to wear a net as an unusual shawl or poncho, enabling her allies to have something to hold on to... Her slippery skin could otherwise betray them at the last moment. Most of all, she would stop for no reason other that finding one of her crewmates had gotten loose and had to be picked up again.


Tier 3 Mode:

Mode Name: Waterspout
Mode Type: Buffer
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From: Merman Combat
  • Acceleration mastery - With this mode, Sabrina makes full use of her octopus mermaid body combined with her control over currents, and takes it to the next level. By suddenly spinning her tentacles, she not swims fast but produces a powerful current, and the two combined let her accelerate instantly. By spinning them in the opposite direction, she can stop just as suddenly.
  • Propeller - While the whirlpool is active, she swims with +1 Tier speed due to added thrust.

Mode Description: By rotating her tentacles like a propeller, she produces a vortex that not only lets her move faster underwater, but also lets her rise above the surface while bringing the ocean after her, by sucking the water upwards. It's an advanced version of her Current Weaver passive in which she molds not a simple current, but a whirlpool of T3 level. When surfaced, the vortex can rise up to 20m above the water and be extended to 5m in width, but cannot be made to move faster than T4 (Already includes Mermaid racial passive). While this endows her with a constant supply of water should she wish to fight above the ocean surface, the main purpose of this mode is simply maximizing her underwater speed with a constant boost that's faster than simple swimming. This increases the potency of T1 and T2 skills by 1 tier
Speed: +1 Tier (Maximum T4 when surfaced)
A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  T0DiUlH

Tier 2 Skill Name: Spring Tide
Tier 2 Skill Type: H2H
Tier 2 Skill Range: 20m
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4, Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: A more basic version of the signature Ultramarine technique, Sabrina amasses and compats water between her hands, and thrusts it forward in a compact, 2m wide torrent. This not only deals concussive damage but also propels enemies away for roughly half its range.

Tier 2 Skill Name: Conveyor
Tier 2 Skill Type: H2H
Tier 2 Skill Range: Up to 10 meters long
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3+Upkeep
Tier 2 Skill Description: A very basic, yet incredibly effective technique that works as an upkeep version of Flux. With simple motions of her hands or tentacles, she can momentarily weave currents around her while swimming. These currents - which can be up to 10m long - can be woven in any shape she desires, but the tighter ones (such as spirals or full 180º) must be woven with her tentacles. By swimming into these currents, Sabrina can follow and use them to change direction without losing momentum, being useful for high speed manouvering (3 uses per turn). Once this technique has been activated, she can upkeep it with simple, current weaving motions from a single hand or tentacle. However, though it helps her accelerate twice as fast as she normally might, it isn't instant acceleration or a speed booster, and so she needs to make full use of the current shifting ability to maintain her speed. This can override natural currents equal to the skill's tier.

T2 Skills get +1 tier due to buffer mode; another due to mermaid underwater passive.

A light in the dark, an escape on the horizon.  UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)


Due to this being paradise the ships hull is made of sea stone. As such Melissa has plunged you all into what is basically a sea stone cage.


Crew Remaining:

  • 40 T1
  • 12 T3
  • 2 T4

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