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1The Green Mile [Travel] Empty The Green Mile [Travel] on Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:40 pm



With the four prisoners that had been captured being securely bound in seastone and held in the brig, the Marine escort ship finally began to make its journey away from Fishman Island and towards its destination of Impel Down. Even though the drama that had occured on Fishman Island hadn't been expected in the slightest, the World Government couldn't help but feel triumphant in regards to how these events had unfolded - a Yonko and Supernova had been captured today. Many heaped tons of praise on Howard D. Saint for finally capturing the treacherous Junbei Von Echo - a pirate that had caused much mayhem and destruction while also wreaking terror wherever he went. They also made sure to praise him for his ability to dispatch so many of his crew members. On the other hand, there were also many that celebrated the new Shichibukai, Eleanor Bonnet, with her victory and capture of the powerful and infamous Supernova, Bazel D. Wiggins. Many still weren't too sure how to feel about this woman, however, the general consensus appeared to be that she was proving her dedication to her role as a Shichibukai.

Two pirates of such calibers being captured in such a way was something that had been unheard of in recent memory, and once they found their way to Impel Down it was almost assured that they'd soon be facing the gallows. Despite that, regret was one thing Nora couldn't allow herself to feel. There were more things at stake in the grand scheme of things when compared to the lives of four pirates. While she could feel sympathy for them, she couldn't allow this to deter her from her goal. If they were to potentially evade whatever fate was the befall them, it would have to be on their own.

Once the seastone hulled ship docked in Impel Down, Nora's plan would be to ride this very same escort ship back to Marineford with Howard. She'd likely be debriefed in regards to what occurred on Fishman Island, but after that, she'd once again board her own vessel and sail on her own terms until the World Government had use of her again. In the mean time, she'd need to make a few more connections. When things finally started to come to a head, she'd need as many allies as possible to pull things off without a hitch.

OOC: Travel initiated in this thread Link. Howard and the other Marine forces, including the prisoners are aboard this escort vessel headed to Impel.

-Exit. 1 Hour timer starting now-

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The Green Mile [Travel] Tumblr_o9t77xiuAW1thug2po1_400

As the waves crashed against the hull of the Marine Transport Vessel, strapped in a plethora of Sea Stone chains, Junbei, Alaric, Bazel and Nico all sat below the deck in the brig of the ship, each separated into different cages which ran vertically inside a holding area about fifty-two meters or so in width and about twenty two meters in height. Junbei's cell was situated in the centre, the apex between both Bazel and Nico, with Alaric to Bazel left. Since he'd regained consciousness, Junbei had been pretty much unresponsive. Nico had tried to start up a conversation with him multiple times, and even if Bazel did, he'd also chime out. It wasn't anything personal, where Junbei's mind was at honestly, concentration was the last mental function he'd possessed. He'd simply stare off into space mumbling, "I'm so sorry... Jerome... Octavia... Please forgive me.", over and over again, eventually until it became loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. This state is prior to what happened 1 hour earlier.

Awakening from this unconscious state, groggy and bewildered, the sight of Howard standing silently in front of his cell set Junbei into a blind rage. Lunging from his knelt position against the floor towards the gate, the Sea Stone's effects of his Devil within drained him to the point that after crawling a few inches, he'd already felt exhausted, yet, from his position peering up at Howard from the ground, he'd ask sternly, "Where's Octavia and Jerome!?" the Yonko commanded, after scanning the room and only seeing four prisoners among the twenty or so cell's present. After several minutes of asking with no response, Howard exited the room to Junbei's screams. "OI. WHERE ARE JEROME AND FROG!?" Junbei shouted, his voice tapping out from the pain of his screeches. Finally, Nico, breaking down in tears chimed in, "Junbei. That's enough!" Nico shouted. "Jerome Hart... alias Frog or Hilda Valentine was pronounced dead. Octavia... is also dead. They're gone Junbei." Nico said, tears streaming down onto the floor. "Nico." Junbei simply say, crawling towards Nico's cell. "I told you never to lie to me again. What do you mean... They're dead? Jerome would never die that easily... Octavia could've protected herself. What do you mean, they're dead!? Huh!? Oi!? I'll kick your ass if you lie to me like that-" Junbei began to scream but after a few moments of whimpers and silence from Nico, the Yonko's mind shattered.

"This is all my fault." Junbei stated plainly, over an hour later, breaking out of his zombie like chants. Dropping against the floor, his face rubbing against the dirty floors of the cells, "If I was stronger... I wouldn't have lost. I promised Octavia's Father I'd always look after her... Now this is the result of my selfishness. I'm done... They can lock me up... Execute me... It doesn't matter. Everyone associated with me, ends up dying anyway." Junbei said with the blankest of expressions and dullest of eyes. "Nico. As of today... The Songbird Pirates... I can no longer Captain them." Junbei stated sorrowfully. "I don't deserve to live anymore... Yonko... Supernova... I've always been in over my head." Junbei continued on. "That's enough Junbei." Nico chimed in. "If you say anything else, I'll come over into that cell and put two bullets in your head myself once I find us a way out of here." Nico said. "Besides... This is only the beginning. This might be the end of the marines hold on the world." Nico stated.

Iron Tres Lotus

On Egypt, the remainder of the Songbird executives, Charlotte, Juju, Caprice and Mimi all sat around a long meeting room table, made out of mahogany wood. In the centre of the table, the Vivi Cards each member selectively possessed began to burn and shrink in size. "We need to let the rest of the crew know. Something's happened to Junbei.." Charlotte stated. "This is on you guys." Caprice chimed in. "I told you.. We should've all just went to the New World with him. Octavia isn't a fighter... and Nico's skilled yes, but without all of us with him-" Caprice commented, interjected by Juju who simply pour himself a glass of tea as Caprice spoke. "We all had different opinions on what should've been done but it's over now. What's apparent is that our Captain is in trouble. As long as the Vivi Card remains, Charlotte can lead us to wherever he is. Look, it's no longer pointing downwards either... It's definitely somewhere above water." Juju commented. "Then it's settled. Where going to War... Get the Pacifista's ready... Tell the men to load the Dutchman filled with enough food for at least a month or two, and get the vessel ready. I'll try to charter us all the possible islands in the direction of the Vivi Card as we move along the seas. Whoever has em' are as good as dead." Charlotte commented. "Junbei... What in the world is going on?" Charlotte thought to herself.


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