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1[Task] Interesting Rumors  Empty [Task] Interesting Rumors on Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:04 pm





Task Name: Interesting Rumor and the Search for Clues
Tier: 1
Location: Marineford
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Elendril was having a normal day of issuing orders and filling out paper work. while on break he hears an interesting rumor and deciedes to look into it.
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

Kimura set at his desk in his office , drowned by paperwork as he was becoming accustomed to since he had made his way to the grand line and the rank of Vice Admiral, something the young marine was not expecting at all, as he would hope that the more he rose in the ranks of the Marine Core the more his adoptive father Oda would see that he could handle himself and truly had a run at the shot of being one of the beast swordsman in the world If Oda just lessened the reins on him allowing for Kimura to do as he pleased. Since Being a Vice Admiral in the Marines was no help when your adoptive father also had the same rank as you and seem to hold way more authority then you did at the current moment, as Oda seemed almost effortless in managing to get Kimura stationed to desk duty here in paradise on Marineford. Showing what it mean to truly have authority and power as a Vice Admiral, something Kimura only hoped he could prove to his adoptive father but was seemingly to fail drastically at.

Or more or less not even letting him try, as Kimura was nothing more than a dragon who longed to spread his wings and breathe his fire, something that Oda was seemingly not going to let happen at all. And that was something Kimura seemed to accept as he looked out the corner of his eye at the three Dragon Katana’s the rested themselves on the left side of his desk, each of the swords being beautiful crafts that the young Marine longed to let out. As being a great swordsman was something that Kimura took pride in as it was also something that helped him raise in the ranks of the Marines, though he did have to give his teacher credit for his great skill, and that teacher been none other than Oda himself.

Upon finishing up a small stack that had clustered his desk Kimura figured that it would be a good time for him to stretch his legs as he was growing tired of being stuck at his desk filling out all the different forms that were required for numerous Marine things that he barley cared for. Though he did get to see a lot of important documents as well as some of the more interesting news that was going on in the grandline, like document that informed Kimura of the capture of two high powered pirates and the leaving of the fleet admiral from Marineford do to this great news as some would say. Kimura knowing that execution was soon to be underway if the names he read on the document were correct.

2[Task] Interesting Rumors  Empty Re: [Task] Interesting Rumors on Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:25 pm




Standing up from his desk and proceed to touch his three dragons, Kimura’s door would proceed to open and he would could instantly tell the person that entered the room by their presence alone. “Well what you doing here Lil Mura, you know you can’t let your dragon’s breath, father Oda won’t allow it. Ever since you got hurt he only allows for you to sit here in the office and do paperwork” Finishing his childish statement Sinbad would proceed to give a chuckle in the knowing fact that it would irk his Vice Admiral Kimura even more just by the fact that he was making fun of the fact that he wasn’t allowed to leave Marineford currently. Though luckily Sinbad knew Kimura well enough that the young Vice Admiral would not snap to break his neck or slice him in two for his comments, though the Navigator knew that he was in for more than a few words from his Vice Admiral.

“FUCK YOU SINBAD!!! I shall let my dragons breath soon enough again you shall see, I shall become one of the greatest swordsman this world has ever seen. Just you watch me, Oda will give up this ridicules plan of keeping me stuck on this island soon enough, and we shall have a chance to sail the sea once again, just you watch you bastard!” Finishing his emotional speech Kimura would make sure to say it with complete authority as he wanted for Sinbad to see how serous he was about accomplishing his goal. Plus the womanizing Navigator had a knack for getting under the young Vice Admiral skin, though the two had come to have a rather close bond over the years they spent together in the Marines both being the same age. Though Sinbad was still Kimura’s subordinate with him being lower in the ranks.

Kimura would proceed to place his dragons in his belt along the left side of his waist as he moved away from his desk and approached the way of the now weary looking Sinbad. “Now Vice Admiral you wouldn’t dare let your dragons breath on me would you ?” Sinbad would say in sort of sarcastic manner as he knew it was honestly no true telling ever when it came to Kimura, as he seemed to be like a dragon himself some times, being hot headed and stubborn. As well as knowing the fact that his dear friend was starting to come to his limits of his accepting of this captivity of sort. As nether of the two had seen any action for some time do to Vice Admiral Oda.

“Keep annoying me and we shall see”. Kimura would come off with his statement sound dead ass serious, though then again he was also not a man who would hurt a friend close to him no matter how much he annoyed him with his horrible corny jokes. Looking at Sinbad Kimura would proceed to make his way out of his office with Sinbad instantly getting the idea to follow behind the young Vice Admiral as Kimura headed out to spread his legs and get a break from the paper work he had been pilled under.

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Kimura and Sinbad proceeded to head towards one of the Marine dinner halls in the headquarters, figuring that the best the for him to do was to get a bite to eat and see what some of the other base was up to, with the dinners  in the marine headquarters being one of the best spots for one to find out information on various things going on in the Marine core, as all the things happening in the government tended tbe the topics of discussion at all times. Leaving from Vice Admiral Kimura’s office the walk to the dinner would be of a short walk with Kimura having a luxury of having a office near to one of the dinners as the young Marine did tend to get hungry, as well as the fact that it was perfect as he tended to always know the location of Sinbad if he wasn’t in the office. The Navigator being one who was almost always found in the dinner flirting with its numerous females, though he tended to fail more then he succeeded.

Making their way into the diner Kimura and Sinbad would proceed to take a seat not too far from a group of Enlist and a few captains of the core. At first Kimura and Sinbad would proceed to mind their business but utterly the conversation that they were hearing from the table over would be come to interesting for the two to stop listening in on. As it would seem that the Enlist spoke that it was rumor of the Revs having influence in the Marines and trying to sway the war by drawing the Marines to Abfall so that they could attack Marineford, something that was daunting on the minds of both Sinbad and Kimura as something they could not let go un searched.

“Lil mura”  Sinbad would whisper to Kimura as he looked at his Vice Admiral trying to make sure that none of those on the table over could hear them. Though Kimura would just give Sinbad a look as he proceed to instantly get up from the table and make his way back towards his office as he was remembering the faces of all those that he spotted at the table in the dinner. As Kimura knew that if these rumors proved true it held big problem for Marineford and could lead to just the action that he needed to let his dragons breath.


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You didn't really do much to gain Bounty or Beli so I'm just going to give you a decent chunk of EP

1 SP
10,000 EP

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