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[Social] Levels of Hebi  Mask

"Well. This isn't Water 7 is it?" Siegfried stated, as his rowboat washed up on the shores, a few miles off Hebi's official docking point. At this point, the West Dragon had no clue where he was, hell, he didn't even know what time it was. After the assault on Tres, escape was the most imperative point. Lunging from the Row Boat, onto the dirty sandy shores, Siegfried took time to take in the ocean breeze. It was around evening, the sun was setting on the horizon and the sound of cicadas could've been heard from his position, combined with the sound of the waves crashing against his feet, only for most of the moisture to evaporate. It be at this point where Siegfried would begin move towards the lights in the distance, in the same direction of the intended dock. The 6'6 foot man's current appearance was pretty intimidating to say the least, first off, his usual Tiger Skin sleeves sat on top of his skin, perfectly paired with his trademark Dragon Bomber. Around his waist was his Tiger Skin coat, as outside wasn't either chilly or hot, due to the make up of his body, at this point, it was just a fashion accessory. However, the coat had helped Sieg in days when he was still fully human to get by, so, it held much sentimental value. Covering his face was a brazen mask, nothing to special to whoop or holler at, it would have a woven black silk concealing his hair and most of his head, and it's face section contained a wooden oak finish, which was painted in gold. It was the last part of their plan, these masks were to be used after they were days away from Tres, and no one would know that these masks were to be used to conceal the identities of the Dragon Fist Pirates in the next few weeks. It was always a thing of there's, always have multiple identities to work on an island, or a mission, it just made more sense that way.

After a few hours lost with his thoughts, and readily trekking footsteps, he'd made it to a wooden bridge, which connected all newcomers to the central entrance of Hebi. At this time of the night, not many new arrivals were to be expected, and even as a Revolutionary Turf, the security at this main entrance had seemed a bit slack. This train of thought continued until Sieg realised it wasn't an entrance at all, at the end of the bridge was indeed a gate, but it just lead to a forest area, with mostly wild life. Within this area, Sieg continued, looking from side to side as the large trees towered over him, standing at about one thousand twenty-five times his current height, or more. Hoisted on each ring of the ancient trees was a level, or more so, different connecting bridges which hoisted houses, from the lights that slightly glimmered, from the ground up. As he walked, several ruffles in the bushes could've been heard, whoever was trying to 'greet' him wasn't exactly very proficient in concealing their identity. The Masked Dragon enjoyed a good ruse, so he'd continue his trot much like a tourist would at an amusement park. Gawking overly animated, adding in a few convincing 'Oohs' and 'Aahs', give this man an Oscar. This would all continue until the figure bolted from the bushes, black hood concealing their face and rushing towards his current position form his right flank. Allowing them to get close enough, not losing his cool, the strangers blade pointed at the bottom of his back sternly. "May I help you?" Pollux inquired. "Hehe... You may. Any reason why you walking around on ground level at this time of the night?" Stranger inquired. "To be fair... When I got here... the Sun was still setting? I didn't even know this was a 'level', I'm new to these parts." Pollux explained.

A slight steam began to trickle underneath Pollux's mask but sense he was backing the attacker, and since it was dark out, the man didn't even know the world of trouble he'd stepped into, this was in correspondence to the man's next statement. "The only people who were masks in a place like this... are the really infamous. For all the wrong reasons... I'll cut you a sweat deal. Give me everything in-" the assailants words came to an abrupt end. Using his foot techniques, Pollux had shuffled around the man in a orbital manner, sinking his uncoated 'Claw' into the robed man's shoulder. The immediate pain made the man drop his knife, and instantly, beg for mercy, this began to piss of Pollux even more. "BOO. 0 Points." Pollux exclaimed. "You're total score is 10 out of 100 for execution." Pollux concluded. "First off... You had the nerve to jump me... And you're end goal was... pocket change? How boring." Pollux exclaimed yawning, as he'd grown bored of this whole situation. Tightening the grip on the man's shoulder anymore would only make him pass out but he'd be Pollux's tour guide for the rest of the evening. "Please! Please! Just let me go! I have a family in the Outer City who needs me!" the Stranger pleaded. Loosing his grip slightly, as the pain etched away, the man tried to use the moment of weakness to escape but even with half of a half of his power in his grip, the man's motion was suspended in mid-air, now swinging his legs back and forth as Pollux hoisted him upward. "Relax. I'm not going to kill you. I just need information. I'm thirsty. Take me to a nearby pub." Pollux inquired, licking his lips underneath the mask. The thought of a hot meal and a large glass of ale was all that would put his mind to rest at this point. Putting the man back onto the ground, "If you run, I'll kill you." Pollux said, chuckling afterwards. Following the man's lead, Pollux was taken up a series of steps which lead to what the man described as the 'Light Level of Hebi.' This level was about eighty feet off the ground, and at the centre, like every level spanning from these trees, they were all connected to a spiralling staircase that continued all the way to the mighty trees peak. After exiting the staircase for this level, the man lead him to a small pub not to far from getting off by the name of the 'Wench's Hole.' Not the, umm..., most eloquent of names but it'll do for a basic meal.

The Wench's Hole was a small one story pub, about 800 Sq Feet by 1000 Sq Feet, with several dining tables, a central bar near the entrance to the establishment. Sitting by the stools, the nervous robed man would tremble, as now making it to light, he noticed how freakishly tall Pollux was in comparison to him, at around 5'8 in height. "FUCK. I tried to rob this guy... How much did I drink before this?" the Stranger thought. "Hey." Pollux said very serious. "YES SIR!" the Stranger responded instantly. "Gosh. Relax." Pollux said, sighing. Signalling to the barkeep, the man dressed in traditional black and white dress clothes would clean them two mugs and ask for their orders. Pollux would order two ales and whatever was their special to eat at the joint. "Look. You can call me Ryu for all sakes and purposes." Siegfried said, taking off the silk hood, leaving on only the wooden face mask, which he'd tilt upwards and sip of the Two Ale's the Bartender just slid their way. After stopping both Mug's motions with a single finger, Sieg would slid the other one in the man's direction, "I'm looking to get to this place called Water 7." Sieg continued, downing his mug. After which, he'd signal to the bartender for another two. "Well. You're bust luck. This is Hebi. What are you doing travelling around Paradise without a Navigator?" the Stranger asked. "The last ones dead." Sieg said plainly. "That's besides the point." Pollux stated. "Is there anywhere around here I can at least get voyage to the next island?" Pollux inquired. "Of- Of- Of- course. Hebi is the melting ground of Black Market Merchandise. You can get anything here. Drugs. Weapons. Women. Slaves. Whatever." the Stranger retorted nervously after the comment about the dead Navigator. "Eh..." Siegfried exclaimed. "Isn't this place ran by a Revolutionary? They allow that kind of shenanigans?" Pollux inquired. The man belted out in laughter, "The Revolution has to be funded somehow. The old leader got sloppy. A lot of Revolutionary Captain's don't have the weight to control places like this. Hebi has always been a mercenaries Paradise." the Stranger explained.  

[Social] Levels of Hebi  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

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Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
The LT walked the streets on his nightly patrol, something he had done since he stayed here on Hebi to lead the Rev's until the Captain of this Island returned. Knuckles had stopped most of the larger gangs around but there was somethings even he couldn't do alone. His attempt to liberate this island from its hideous ways wasn't for nothing, the Rev patrols were being picked up, they were being hired for security details, and even starting to make larger arrest without him in the streets with them. Though every once in awhile the crimson haired male would make his way into the streets to keep himself on his a game as well as make a few arrest and ensure things were going to keep moving smoothly. Even still with all his efforts he didn't have the manpower to free the entire island on his own. He was having to train leaders, recruiters, and a large list of many job titles to keep the ranks growing from the island itself. The natives were on his side from the actions of the Falcons previously, but the rumors of a strong crew taking out bandits and mercs sailed around the sea, giving a challenge to those trying to prove themselves. With most of the Falcons spread out through Blues he alone had to Bare this task. Having to fight stronger and strong people every few weeks was nice and all but he felt like he was stuck here unable to achieve much outside of this island. It was as if he was in prison on the island of a Rev base. Being the highest ranking officer currently around didn't help with time to himself or to leave island for that matter. Perhaps it was time to go and hunt down a higher ranked rev and bring them back here to get the resources they needed to eradicate the issue...

Wearing his titanium and gold alloy suit, which covered him from the neck down to his feets gave him the protection to walk alone and not worry about getting sliced by a bunch of lower gnang members. The suit alone could stop attacks like that however his skin itself was equally as tough as the suit in some ways allowing him to fight more than one person with ease at times. With the jet engines on the back of the suit it gave him great ways to attacks or adjust when outnumbered by threats. Worn at his waist was his plasma cutter ready and able to be used as a sword if needed. He stood on the roof looking down onto the streets searching for something to get into. He wore his come chip behind his ear to talk with North Waters, his Navigator over at the Rev base.


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[Social] Levels of Hebi  Mask