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1[Training devil fruit mode draw back] Empty [Training devil fruit mode draw back] on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:02 pm


Zeal breathing slowly and steadily in and out in and out and in out. He was very Clam and kept a very fast heart beat. Zeal begans to move his body in a wing tin style. Causing for him to do things in a very slowly like fashion. Zeal begans to shake as he begans to lift up more and more of his stone. As the stone start to rise Zeal would get less and less Clam. Moving away as the stone would follow him. Zeal eyes would go from all white back to normal in a almost ripad like way. Zeal would think to how many time this would happen in his Titan mode. Zeal knew if he was to get stronger he would have to master this mode first. Again and again and again Zeal would move in whug tin movement. Pacing himself back and forth again and again. Tired for two weeks he been doing this. Very notion Zeal couldn't believe how much progress he had made. Zeal do this for the rest of the hour which would soon pass. Zeal sat down thinking to himself how far he had came. To which he first started off controlling the very earth underneath his feet was a most wonderful gain indeed. Zeal would than eat a little to regain his much need strength. It been a while since he put in the over time to train. He did this because he knows he will need full power to confort all threats to himself indeed. The power he had tlwas like that of Gaia herself. He stood tall has he gotten back up looking up at the sky. Zeal knew it was time Zeal smiled at himself thinking. How this could be a very good day indeed. Zeal would than would grin has his eyes began to change. From his normal set to a all white set but this time they was changing back to his normal set. This was because of the hard work he put in. His body began to become like that of stone. As all the nearby Stone came his way without a second thought. Zeal smiled because he knew the tile was near indeed. His stone stone no mi give him the most powerful gift of all the gift to form a power that could rival the gods. Zeal smiled at himself again. As the stone started to pile up in a fast pace Zeal looked on has he gotten bigger and bigger. Now pretty much in his Stone Titan mode. Zeal looked around as he wasn't as tire as he used to be. So tired in fact he couldn't believe how fast he would leave the mode once he been in it. Zeal smiled because now was the time for him indeed. Zeal began to walk towards his secondary Castle as he looked around himself. Clearly pleased at what he have done clearly pleased at the fact of how motioned he was now. Zeal would than walk as he enter his mode. Laughing out loud at how powerful this mode let him be. He smiled I could fight on par with a VA at the moment how cool is that. He looked over to see a 10 meet tall Boulder he went and picked it up throwing it 59 meters away. Zeal was indeed happy with his results despite his draw back. That was the man reason he been training. Every time he used his Trump card after he used it too long he would go back to his normal self. Not only that he would not be able to move for a long time ( 2 post). This left him at odds with himself crazy right. Zeal knew if he was to ever be in a life or death type of thing. That would be a no go especially if the damn mode failed him. Zeal smiled as he looked over to see his main land looking at the people s from afar. Zeal laughed at his self now with out that stupid weakness. The very weakness that was holding him back is now gone long and gone. Zeal smiled as he began to walk back towards his Castle . Arriving there his men was not shocked because they knew it was him in side. But the funny thing was they prepared Zeal a rest bed cover and food. As doctors stood by waiting for him to leave. Zeal laughing to himself at how worry they all looked. This was the 4th time Zeal came back like this and they all did this. Zeal smiled at how loved he really was. Get out of the way you all I'm about to come out so please take cover. They all soon moved as Zeal than released his Titan mode. This caused the mode itself to fall down. The very stone used to connect it was now in free fall and so was Zeal. However Zeal didn't care as he jumped from one rock to the other. He did this before hitting the ground and a epic fashion. Zeal looked at everyone before falling to his knees catching himself. Zeal was he knew he need more training. His men rushed to his aid to help him. They was asking was he ok however Zeal remain to himself. Still mad that he nearly fainted at the slight even if it was a almost. To Zeal he still needed time to do it. He needed to gain a better understanding of how his mode worked.
It been 3 days since that time and back to the training Zeal went. Zeal looked on as he was soaking in a nice hot bath. Thinking of what he was doing wrong until it hit him. At the most I only go into my mode when it's my last option or I don't have time to play. Zeal smiled as he now understand what was wrong. His feelings his Titan can stay at full power until he starts to over feel things. Zeal knew now what the problem was. The problem was he did too much with little time. When he need to do as little as much in the time he hsd. Zeal smiled as he gotten up. Than got ready and headed back out. Zeal smiled as the moon looked so truly amazing at night. He would than walk back to the same spot he always trained at. With broken stone all over Zeal smiled soon turned into that of a serious stare. He held up his hand than began to punch the air back and forth again and again. He did this for a full 3 hours. By then the moon was in the mid part of the sky looks. As Zeal throw the last punch the very ground began to move. As the stone start to take form once again Zeal knew it was time once again he form the stone Titan now ready. Back bigger and better Zeal thinking to himself remain in his 1 goal at large. By putting everything into one thing his goal he had multiple goals and that was to win. To live on to see a better tomorrow. Zeal Titan began to walk around the Forrest as Zeal scared the nearby local life away. Zeal smiled at the sight of they thinking of scary he looked at the moment. Zeal prepared to use his Titan moves laughing at himself yet again. Zeal aimmed his stare at a nearby boulder about 30 meters taking aim Zeal fire stone like rockets at the target destorying it within mere moments. Zeal smiled as he looked on. Thinking how this have gotten easier and easier. Zeal laughed again,there is no time to be weak. I promise I will get stronger I promise I will bring a better tomorrow if not a better today. Many have tried to master this power now it is I who have passed. What most if not all have not. Zeal is I whom will bring a better day. Zeal roared at his Titan did the same. He than started walking again as the sun started to come up. Time must have slipped Zeal as he looked on and wasn't even tired. Zeal knew by now the power was his to do as he pleased with it. Rather it be for the good or for the bad Zeal. Knew this have him a advantage in most fights he might lose in. Arriving back at his Castle as his men did the same. Thing from the days before Zeal smiled as he released his Titan mode. This time as the stone fell he came down in a more king like way. Standing up this time Zeal knew he had made it. The power of the stone Titan was his and only his Zeal was Read to Fight.

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.

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