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1Travel complete [Zanji] Empty Travel complete [Zanji] on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:21 am



The sunny weather allowed for smooth sailing from Impel to Enies, easily traversing the calm belt as the crew had done many times before. Isabella kept an eye out on all the prisoners, knowing full well that they where still criminals, did she care personally? Nope, she wasnt a true marine so really she couldnt give two shits. But alas this is how she was supposed to act, as if this where her job completely. Doing so was simple, eventually the marine escort with its crew would make it to enies who were informed about the drop off and had another marine escort on land. As the ship docked hundreds of marines stood lined up ready to lead the prisoners to the sea train which was waiting for the prisoners. Once they left Enies they would officially be free, ISabella would remain on board the ship watching everyone descend, ready to move if required. Though if nothing happened, and the prisoners where on the sea train, which she would wait to leave before she to left. A job hopefully well done, the sea train completely vanishing from her vision before the marine escort service began to push back into the sea heading back towards the prison.

2Travel complete [Zanji] Empty Re: Travel complete [Zanji] on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:25 am



It was fair weather the entire trip and he made no fuss or made any sort of bad behavior. He was a guest on the ship and he only wanted one thing and that was to get back to his second beloved ship. The red dawn he hoped that she was alright. After the terrible mishap on Fishman island, he was unsure of her safety. She was a very high priced valuable ship, after all, it was made out of seastone along the outer body as well as the bottom of the ship. He made sure his face was entirely covered during the entire trip taking his meals to private areas so that he could eat in peace and such.

So far it had been successful but now that they have finally landed. He was going to have to be extra careful since there were more people in the enies lobby. He pulled tight against his cloth face wrap and made his way off the boat with the other passengers and headed towards the train station. He was getting the hell out of here too many marines for his own personal liking. He smirked behind his mask and proceed out of the docks hopefully blending in with the locals making his way to the train station.

[zanji exit]

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