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1Welp! Empty Welp! on Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:43 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
The Start:
Task Name:Welp
Location:Island of Dreams
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description:[i]Hiroko had just finish wrapping up the battle with Gale after the battle. He, and Gale decide to work with one another, and cease control of this poor excuse of a island.

Enemy Details:1 Gale Whitherspoon {My npc btw}
Boss: Yes

Boss Name:Gale
Tier: 3
Description: Welp! Latest?cb=20150324023928
Devil Fruit: None

*The Color of Arms - The Color of Arms is a Perk that allows the user to increase their defensive status as their Busoshoku Haki increases in Rank. The more developed the Color of Arms gets, the darker and more metallic the shell encasing the Haki colored limb becomes. This acts as a defensive skill according to the chart below. Additionally it can increase physical based damage dealt by Haki encased objects.

D-Rank & C-Rank = Tier 1 Defensive Skill.
B-Rank & A-Rank = Tier 2 Defensive Skill.
S-Rank = Tier 3 Defensive Skill.
SS-Rank = Tier 4 Defensive Skill.

*Gift of Arms - While every Busoshoku Haki user is capable of producing Armament across one limb of their body simply by having access to Busoshoku Haki itself, it is only those who take the Gift of Arms perk who can expand it to more than one limb at a time. At D-Rank this allows the user to apply Busoshoku Haki to 2 limbs, with each rank after allowing another limb/body part to be covered.
Equipment:Gale's Shit{ Everything but the gauntlets for now}
Strength: 4
Durability: 4
Speed: 5

The Knight of Truth

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The island of Dreams was in state of disarray a pillar of smoke could be seen coming for the location of the castle.The pillar of smoke have service a beacon of despair, and confusing. The locals of the island didn't know what to think, and there was a lot of unanswered question that could potential spread rumors. This development could unfold into a double edge sword for the would be king if he doesn't deal with the concern of his people it could bite him in the ass later.

It had only been a few hours since the conflict had reach it conclusion back at the castle. But none of that matter to Gale as he was only interest in his fight with the Celestial Dragon which had already reach it conclusion. As you can see both individual were gasping for air, and the concrete arena have signs of a conflict.

If that wasn't enough several puddles of magma had cover up proportion of area, and along Gale armor was scuff marks, and slight burn marks. Gale manage to catch his breath as he grunted. At first Gale was hutch over after a few seconds he had stood up to his towering massive height of 13 feet. As he did so he had slam his spear firmly on the ground as he said,"Not too bad lad. You have proven yourself as worthy opponent unfortunately if we really get serious I truly believe one of us will die. So just this one time I'll be reasonable, and submit to your orders if you can maintain my interest as a warrior then you have my complete, and utter loyalty until my last breath. I give you my word Mr. Young what do you say?"

The Celestial Dragon too wasn't looking in the best condition. His clothes had signs of wear, and tear Hiroko couldn't believe the effects of this damn man spear. It seem like he had pick a little to good. It was true that he had hold back majority of the fight because if he had used his full powers then Gale would have been burn alive just as Zeal was.

To be honest both man was holding back as neither of them was going to use there full power on each other. Each man had there own reason why they was holding back. Regardless that wasn't the issue Gale have ask Hiroko a question, and he had expect answer to his question.

Hiroko wasn't sure if Gale was a man of patience so he had replied back in a timely manner about 5 seconds after Gale had spoke. The young Celestial Dragon had said,"I would have to be a foolish man to turn down such a offer Gale. I would be honor."There was applause, and several cheers as the Cipher Pol agent rejoice in the new development. It was that, and they didn't have to report to there superiors of Hiroko death should Gale some how kill him in battle.

It was time in this battle that Gale tap the Celestial Dragon with his spear lightly, and for a brief minute cause Hiroko to buckle. They wasn't sure if it was because of the strength of the attack or because the spear hold some type of powers. Regardless everything had went smoothly, and now everyone was now a team.

Gale had nodded his head in approval his metallic armor had shield majority of his facial expression. As it very same metallic armor had shield majority of his body other then his arm. For whatever reason he didn't have them protect , and lucky throughout the entire battle he was able to avoid them from receiving any further damage by the use of a strange black armor that protect him whenever he need it.

It took but a brief moment for Gale to gather his thoughts after he had nodded his head in approval. Soon after he had said," So what next move..... I wonder where the local law enforcement is at. I mean we did kinda forcefully use this place as a battle field. Gale had pause for a moment as he look up at the sky from where they stood you could still see the pillar of smoke that emitting from the position where the castle was located.

After the brief pause which only took him a moment he had continue to speak as he said,"I am going to assume you had something to do with that pillar of smoke after all it did took you a several minutes to get here. So what happen over there Hiroko?"ask Gale. Before Hiroko could reply one of the Cipher Pols Agents who present within the area had said," Sir we have to move sir this area isn't safe too many blinding spots. So I request that we continue this conversation somewhere else other then this place sir."

Hiroko had nodded his head in approval as he said[color=#990000],"Very well. Gale let finish this conversation somewhere else that is a secure location.
The request from the Cipher Pol Agent had kinda fit the predicted that the young Celestial Dragon was currently in. There was only a few of the Cipher Pol Agents who was debrief on what had happen so far.

Hiroko didn't completely debrief all the agents on what had occur back at the castle. They only seen a proportion of the castle in flames before they pull back with the Celestial Dragon. It was the Cipher Pol job to protect Hiroko if something should happen to him not only would they be out of a job but the entirely of there life would cease to existence. But that was a whole other matter right now the top priority was to safely escort him out of the current area.

For those whom didn't know the arena that Gale, and Hiroko had fought on it was 30 meters perfect square. The entirely of the battle arena was made of pure concrete slabs. The outside the of arena was cover in grass which had surround the arena that Gale, and Hiroko had fought on.

As stated before place was swarming with Cipher Pol Agents that number about 50 each of them was equip with various of weapons. Some stood around the arena in which Gale, and Hiroko had fought. Then some was patrolling the stadium the rest was at each exit of the stadium.

They had strict orders to fire on anyone who dare to come within range of there weapons that wasn't apart of the Celestial Dragon direct party.
No question, no hesitation, just a bullet no matter whom the person should be. Well if the person in question was a high rank official such as a marine Admiral,another Celestial Dragon, and the Gorosei then maybe they won't fire but if it was anyone else the only greeting that caught was a bullet,stab,or a missile to the head.

After a few seconds the Celestial Dragon had said,"DO you have a route secured for us?" The Cipher Pol agent nodded his head in approval as he gesture his superior in the direction of the guide Cipher Pol Agent that would help them arrive at there new destination.

Make no mistake each agent was dress in normal clothing attire as they wanted to blend in with the people of the city.The route they had took was hidden passage that one of the Cipher Pol agents manage to find while he was securing the facility . The passage way was a narrow path about 30 meters long, and 9 meter wide made up of stone.

The passage was beneath the arena.The arena that Hiroko, Gale, and the undercover Cipher Pol Agent was at is as tall as
157 feet, and it cover about 8 acres. The passage was just beneath the arena which is a colosseum.

It didn't take long for the party of the Celestial Dragon forces to pull back from out the area, and head toward marine out post. Which was already aware prepare for his arrival since a marine of his status get special treatment.

Just as before if anyone whom stupid enough to attack Hiroko his passive would protect him. The entirely of this development Hiroko intangible passive was on the ready should a surprise attack happen his body would go into a state of intangible. Hiroko , and Gale had payed close attention to there surrounding as they was on edge.

Hiroko had used up a fair amount of stamina about 45 stamina so he had a quite a bit left. Regardless the group of people precede through the under ground passage heading to the out post.

1,338 / 1,200 WC Exceed.
Gale Info:

GaleGale Stuff

*He have his Spear,Chestplate,Helmet, and Greaves.

Haki Stamina


Hope in Glory
{Hiroko}20 bullets in pocket, and 6 bullets in revolver the chamber.

*Baby Den Den Mushi on Left Wrist.

Company A {Cipher Pol with Hiroko}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
5 Bazooka Grunts { These can only shot once per post, and they have three in chamber.}

Company B{Cipher Pol with Gale}
10 Pistol/Slingshot Grunts{ 6 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}
10 Melee Weapon Grunts
5 Rifle/Bow Grunts { 8 in chamber, and 10 ammo per grunt}

Hiroko Stamina/Techniques:

Stamina Conditions:100%
400/400{Will be taken away if hit is confirm etc}
•{-15} Reactionary intangibility if activate.
• Mastered Logia Lv3 : Hiroko has mastered logia to the point where he can automatically go intangible when an attack he doesn't see, hear, feel, etc hits him. Meaning if he is looking at a building and someone shoots a gun at him and the bullet hits him in the back of his head. As soon as the bullet touches an fragment of his head he will auto go intangible at instant speed with no damage being done to him. However, this can only be done 3 times per topic with a 30 Stamina cost each time done.If activate.

Welp! Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

2Welp! Empty Re: Welp! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:12 am



Nothing major happened here because it was a T1, def can't justify giving Beli of any kind because it wouldn't really make sense.

300,000 Bounty
8,000 EP
1 SP

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