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1Welp, you're gonna die [Task] Empty Welp, you're gonna die [Task] on Sat May 28, 2016 6:09 pm

Sakuramachi no Kijimuna


Sakuramachi no Kijimuna
The day was bright and beautiful. The birds were chirping. The wind was blowing. It was a nice day for a picnic....for anyone other than Kijimuna that is. The giant bandit was currently resting against a tree in silence. His eyes were shut as he felt the wind blow over his dirt-covered skin. He hasn't bathed in over a week. He couldn't find any lakes and the ocean was too far away. His skin itched here and there. He has been through worse however...or so he kept telling himself as his stomach began to growl. He hadn't eaten with 4 days as well. There hasn't been any game for a few days, thus, not allowing Kijimuna to hunt. The young giant was starving as he looked up at the clear blue sky, wishing he had something to chew on.

And then, he smelled it. A warm, sweet scent that came from the north. A scent that was not natural to the wilderness that Kijimuna called home. A scent that meant food. Slinging the harness to Kita over his left shoulder before grabbing Minami in his right hand, Kijimuna set off in the direction from where the scent came from. He walked in silence, gentle in the placing of his feet as to not alert anyone who was near by. After a few moments, he began to hear giggling.

2Welp, you're gonna die [Task] Empty Re: Welp, you're gonna die [Task] on Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:38 pm

Sakuramachi no Kijimuna


Sakuramachi no Kijimuna
Finding cover behind a tree, Kijimuna took a look. Within a small clearing amongst the trees at a couple. A man and a woman, both looking to be in their early twenties. The man had blonde, combed back hair while the woman had long, black, and silky hair. Both wore casual clothing...and both were having a picnic. Both were holding some sort of pastry in their hands. Kijimuna couldn't identify it, for he never ventured to the Kingdom (plus Wano is rather...old fashioned). Nonetheless, it smelled delicious. They had bottles of some sort of brown liquid in them, possibly sake, and they had a basket that was no doubt filled with more food. His mouth watering behind his mask, Kijimuna slowly unsheathed Minami, the dark blade shining in the daylight, and silently made his way to the couple.

They were currently busy looking at each other, saying delicate sweet nothing and what not. Nothing that concerned Kijimuna or made him care. It wasn't long until he now stood in front of the couple, katana pointed at them in silence. The man was the first to notice, his smile slowly disappearing. Meanwhile the woman's eyes widened and she quickly drew closer to the man, gawking at the blade wielding giant in front of them. "....Give me your food." Kijimuna said simply in his raspy voice, his irregular eyes never leaving the couple. The man slowly nodded and reached for the basket...though his hand ever so slowly entered it as well, reaching for something.

3Welp, you're gonna die [Task] Empty Re: Welp, you're gonna die [Task] on Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:56 pm

Sakuramachi no Kijimuna


Sakuramachi no Kijimuna
Kijimuna's eyes widen as the man suddenly snatched a pistol from the basket and took aim at his chest. Kijimuna, however, was much..much faster than the man. With the bringing down of his arm, the katana licked at the man's hand and wrist. Blood quickly formed as he yelled in pain, holding his hand, as the pistol fell and misfired when it hit the hard forest ground. The woman screamed upon instinct and began to stand to run. Kijimuna, however, didn't allow that. His free hand suddenly shot out, grabbing the top of the woman's head and lifting her up off the ground. She screamed loudly as she flailed about, tears streaming down her cheeks, calling for her boyfriend. The man in question reached for the pistol. Doing this, however, he left himself open. Thus, Kijimuna's large foot was suddenly brought down on the man's normal hand as it reached, slowly crushing the appendage and making him yell.

With that settled, Kijimuna brought his attention towards the woman and, aimed his katana, pierced her through the neck. Her loud scream turned into a audible gargle before the giant suddenly flung her body like a rag doll, hitting a tree. Then he looked down at the man. Tears were in his eyes, either from the pain he felt or from the loss of his beloved...or both. With a swift movement of his fingers, Kijimuna held Minami upside down, like a knife in the position. And then, he brought the blade down into the man's head and then to the ground. Movement ceased from him, even as Kijimuna slowly withdrew his blade. Removing his foot and wiping the blood off his blade with his arm, Kijimuna sat down and began his feast. First was the pastries. They were made of bread and were quite small. A sort of pink cream rested on top of them while the body was wrapped in paper.

Taking his time, he expertly removed the wrapping and then removed his mask before taking a bit. It was much more sweeter than he expected, which he liked. Looking at the basket, he began to rummage about it. He was excited to see what else was in there.

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