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1The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Empty The Departure to Abfall [Travel] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:52 pm


Running briskly, no longer with the duffel bag, just with the red envelope in his right pocket and the white in the left, Hemlock was heading towards the docks at full sprint. Due to the fact that he was only given five minutes to pack his things before meeting Gale at the docks was the reasoning for the rush. Hemlock was a man of few things, and had brought nothing with him, due to the time crunch. The only thing he managed to do was deposit the 2 million beli into his bank account and dispose of the black duffel bag which cradled the money. Hemlock was zooming through people and looked at his watch, he had wasted 4 minutes and 30 seconds, realizing he had thirty seconds left even though he was at full sprint, he pushed himself even more.

The sun had already hidden itself as the sky was dark and gloomy. Hemlock made it in time to the dock which oddly enough was  and was met with a Marine ship, "I've seen these things before but I never thought I would be getting on one." Hemlock arrived on time, breathing deeper with his heart pumping faster than usual. He didn't see Gale or anyone though, so he stood at the docks facing towards the city awaiting his arrival.

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2The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Empty Re: The Departure to Abfall [Travel] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:37 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

The Knight of Truth

The Truth Shall Set You Free

,"Good you here."
said a Gale whom seems to be walking toward Hemlock from the opposite direction. It didn't take long for Gale to reach within 3 meters from him. Once he was there he had said,"Mr. Hemlock you made in right on time. There no time to chat so take this it is a brand new log pose that haven't be set to any island. Give that to Meji I hope to see you come back here if everything goes as plan it is a home for you here I promise lad. You have my word."

Gale had extended his right hand which hold the log pose. With his left hand it had held his spear firmly in place. Once Hemlock taken the log pose he would be escort on the ship by 1 cipher pol agent. Shortly after he would be given a flintlock by the same agent once he was on the ship. The agent had said,"Just in case you run into some trouble on Abfall kid. It's is loaded already by the way if you need any ammo just get it from the ship. Good luck kid."

With that the agent disappeared down the ramp, and he would waited along with Gale for the marine escort ship to departed form dreams docks. It was only then will they leave other wise they won't this was to make sure hemlock got on the ship like they had agreed.

Gale Info:

(2)Flintlock /(2)Rifleman Grunts{flintlock 6 in chamber, rifleman 8 in chamber and 10 ammo per grunt for there weapons.}

GaleGale Stuff

*He have his Spear, Chestplate, Helmet, and his Greaves.

Haki Stamina

The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

3The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Empty Re: The Departure to Abfall [Travel] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:55 pm


Hemlock was on the ship with the log pose and flintlock given to him ready to set sail.

[starting timer for travel to Abfall]


4The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Empty Re: The Departure to Abfall [Travel] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:42 pm


[aaand exit.]


5The Departure to Abfall [Travel]  Empty Re: The Departure to Abfall [Travel] on Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:52 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Abfall is not an island marine escort even goes to plus Hemlock can’t use marine escort without being a marine

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