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15 Treasure Hunt in Illusia [Task/Uroboros] - Page 2 Empty Re: Treasure Hunt in Illusia [Task/Uroboros] on Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:55 pm

Liara Reyold

Free Agents
Free Agents

Liara Reyold
they must be felt
"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, or even touched

Liara looked down just in time to see the arrow going through the man's gut. She blinked in surprise. It was in that moment that she also noticed the knife that the man had brandished. It would have pinged uselessly off her armor, but anywhere else and she would have been in serious trouble.

Naga had caught it.

If she hadn't, Liara might be dead right now. She thought about that for a second as she stood there, ringing her wrists a bit. They ached from all the climbing and sudden whipping of her hands. She rolled her whips up and took one last look at the man that had just died. Maybe in a different place and time, they could have been friends...

The armored woman secured her confidence and rummaged through the unattended packs and pockets of the men around them. She pocketed any beli she found before making her way back towards Linnea and Mea. She noticed how the trees were etched in marks from the bullets ricocheting off them. The arrow to bullet ratio was astonishing. It seemed like everytime Naga notched a arrow, she hit her target. Not a single arrow was wasted... Was that the power of a Kuja? It was impressive... Liara truly wanted to study it further.

When she reached to two girls, Liara nodded to Naga's thanks. She actually enjoyed going through all that. It was like the books she read when she was little and no one would talk to her. She felt like she had super powers. Like she could do anything! So when Naga officially asked if she would like to join the crew, the redhead smiled radiantly. Mea's speech only added to Liara's decision. She'd grown to really like the people she was sailing with and she couldn't imagine being without them. As Liara picked up her portion of the treasure, she weighted her options in her mind.

She could stay on her own and look for her mother. It was a tireless task and Liara would be limited by her transportation. If she joined up with Naga and the rest of them then she could still look for her mother while actually being able to enjoy herself... Liara smiled a bit after setting her treasure down in her room. She blinked in surprise. She made it all the way here in such a short time?

Liara locked the door to her room and took a deep breath before setting out to look for Linnea.

"I hope they don't have some wierd initiation..."

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• notes: Equipment: T2 Armor & Bastilla Shards 1 & 2

 Treasure Hunt in Illusia [Task/Uroboros] - Page 2 0Bqbiwk

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