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1Just a few things (Energy Pills Crafting) Empty Just a few things (Energy Pills Crafting) on Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:00 pm



Foosha Village. It has been a few days since the attack on Goa and things appear to be going back to normal. The villagers have gone back to their daily lives as if nothing happened, chatting amongst themselves, marketing and having a good time. Marcel was walking down the road with a small bag in his hand containing a few ingredients. He was greeted by a few of the people walking by in which he responded by briefly nodding with a small smile on his face.

Marcel entered the one floor house of Leeann and her daughter, Rebecca where he was staying temporarily. As soon as he opened the door, Marcel was greeted by a sudden hug from Rebecca before she ran out to play with her friends. Leeann, who was cooking in the kitchen waved at Marcel who returned the greeting with a small wave before heading into the guest bedroom he was staying at.

The samurai rested the small bag onto a desk before stretching a little while looking over to his temporary bed where he left his sheathed katana. He then sat on the chair at the desk and took out the things that were in the bag which were some cups containing various things that appear to be mashed together and six small empty pill capsules. It was time for this samurai to play doctor. Marcel put on a medical mask with medical gloves and begun his work, placing the ingredients on a sheet and chopped them up into six separate pieces. He then carefully placed each of them into the six empty pill capsules and closed them.

Marcel placed the pills in a small square container which he stuffed in his pocket.


Support Skill Used:
Tier 1 Skill Name: Minor Energy Pills
Tier 1 Skill Range:
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 1 Day/250 word post
Tier 1 Skill Description: Using his expertise in medicine, Marcel can make pills that can restore one's stamina by 20. Doesn't restore it over time. Only need to take one pill for it to take effect. Taking more than three pills in one thread will still restore your stamina but will result in your pain doubling for one post per every extra pill you take.
Word Count Preparation: 250
Servings: 6
Effects: Creates energy pills that can restore one's stamina by 20.

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