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Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza

Tier 2 Skill Name: Bumble Bombzz
Tier 2 Skill Range: 15 meters
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 Days before recreation | 3 user Posts
Tier 2 Skill Description: A duo of 1 inch robotic bumble bee bombs made with pretty decent technology. These bees are so dope that they follow their opponent for the skills duration as long as they are within the range of the user.
Word Count Preparation: 500
Servings: 2
Effects: These two bumble bees once thrown (either one by one or all together) will move at a speed of "2" towards their targets. Upon touching anything, these bumble bees will explode and cause 2nd degree burns by themselves, and 3rd degree burns all together. These bee's can reach up to 15 meters away. When the bees explode, the explosion can reach up to 5 meters in radius

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Prince Kaiza


Prince Kaiza
It was the top of the morning and Kai had already made his way towards Gray terminal. Many people would think that he was crazy for even going to the junk yard of a place, but he just simply didn't care. As he walked through Dawn island he carried a black bookbag filled with robotic parts and other solutions in case he wanted to make other things. Today was all about making a couple of servings of Bumble Bombzz. Ever since he created them he could admit that they have been getting him a shit load of money. The sun was shining, and the sky was clear. It looked like it was supposed to be a good day, but truly it was not. Nothing was good about today and quite frankly the young revolutionary was over it. Hakai walked until he saw a large gate, which meant that he had a couple of minutes to go in order to reach the Terminal. The gate was only there to divide the people of Goa kingdom, and the people were were outlawed or banished. As he walked past he could only wonder how someone would allow something like this to happen. It was sad and didn't make much sense if you ask me.

He really needed to get another space, this little section in Grays terminal wasn't going to cut it any more. Every time Kaiza attempted to start creating the product, he began to think about Joseph. Although he was clearly told by his superior not to do anything, he couldn't help but think of how much of a valuable asset he'd be if he helped. Kaiza tinkered with the little metal parts on the table as he thought angrily. These bumble bombzz were pretty powerful if you utilized them right. Soon, Kaiza would be selling gigantic robotic demons who eat marines. Kai turned towards his left in order to pick up a tweezer before picking up one of the sensors which acted as the eyes for these little robotic creations. Slowly he placed the sensors inside each metal bee and proceeded to place on the wings. The wings were probably the hardest part since he had to first palce them on, then activate them by tinkering with some things in the body. If the bees didn't fly correctly then the whole creation was fucked up.

The young scientist was nearly done. After placing each pair of wings on each robot, he then had to place the button in which activated the bees to move on their back. The button was the same color as the machines and would allow the button to be hidden in plain sight. Although the button did activate them, it doesn't really deactivate them so the user would have no worries. After placing the button, Kai then infused the inside of the machine with a liquid that would allow it to explode upon contact. Finally, he was done with the first serving.

Wrd Count: 500/500

Product Created: 1 Serving of Bumble Bombzz

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