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1Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:42 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova

Task Name: Sting Operation
Tier: 2
Location: Ilusia
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Pirate Captain Matthews is wanted by the Marines, but up until now he continues to elude the authorities while commiting acts of Piracy in Illusia. After happening upon a lead concerning his hideout, use your Cipher Pol talents and arrange a scheme that allows you to kill or capture the Pirate with the least amount of collateral damage possible.
Enemy Details: 20 T0 Grunts, T1 First Mate, T2 Captain
Boss: No

Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] G9kEGMw

There wasn't much to prepare for on Marina's side. Truth be told, she had already made most of the arrangements to deal with Captain Matthews her way, finding Gaige there and ultimately recruiting her for Cipher Pol was a welcome bonus, but when she never really accounted for at first. Thus, Marina didnt' really need to go back to base. She just needed a change of clothes as well as to make a few calls on her Den Den Mushi. Oh! And a new hairdo. She needed to kick her appeal up a couple of notches since she was just going to pull of her usual strategy: Charm her way to the target, deal with him, get out. If the fancy struck her, she could end up killing the guy, but if he was nice and not overly annoying about it, she wouldn't mind letting him live either. She didn't plan details like that so far ahead however, she just had a basic outline of how to go about it, and from then on she let her instincts take her.

The sun had by now fallen and only a dim twilight yet remained. Marina walked to the meeting pace with a slight yet alluring sway, being spared no attention in the form of catcalls, whistles, and other distasteful displays. What could she do? She intended to attract that type of crowd first and foremost... It was the crowd her marks belonged to after all. Marina enjoyed being charming and seductive, but the way she was dressed now was too much... Even for her... She had intentionately worn tight pants to excuse herself for leaving it half unbuttoned, and her top was also obviously too short.

Her training as a martial artist and ensuing tone made her look like a young woman who took great care of her appearance, and certainly a bit more than a common hooker. That said, she was still planning on posing as an escort, her excuse to get close to her target... Leaning outside the wall to the earlier pub, she awaited Gaige's arrival...


2Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:02 pm


Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] 2hp21dj

There wasn't much to prepare for on Gaige's side as well. At least in the time fram of two hours. At most Gaige simply had to contact some people and inform them on why she couldn't be with them. Making up the excuse that she needed to read some books about drug production which was a beileve half truth since she was a doctor to a lesser extent. After she was done contacting the people she needed to. Gaige would simply take some time to enjoy a nice warm bath and to be skirt free for now. Gaige would look at the outfit she was wearing ealier and frown. It was cute no doubt, but the skirt was something she wasn't fond of.

"Well its almost time to meet up with Purple. Can't be late on the first mission." The marine scientist would said quietly to herself as she rose out of the water and dried herself off. Once again Gaige would be dress in a white skirt, gray tie with red/black and white stripes and of course a gray skirt. Her travel bag would be resting over her right shoulder, her flintlock conceal within just in case. Once her shoes were on, Gaige would walk out of her hotel room and head back to the small pub from before.

Gaige appear at the pub about ten to fifteen mintues before the two hour deadline was up. It didn't took long for Gaige to spot her ally dress up like a high class hooker, well Purple did have the looks to become a hooker. Gaige would lean on the wall next to Purple. "So How much do you charge, Purple?" A small joke from Gaige as she look at Marina. She spoke in low enough tone so people walking by couldn't hear her and even people somehow were listening to Gaige. Then it would simply sound like she was making a simple transaction with a random prostitute.

Gaige would adjust her tie, so it wasn't too tight around her neck. "I didn't bring any toys, but I assume you have our night plan out." Gaige exhale as she waited for the details for this task. She came here without packing much sense she lack information.

3Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:26 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Dr. Stygian was thankfully pretty punctual, she wouldn't have to wait very long... The girl arrived merely a few minutes after Marina had leaned against that wall to await the arrival of the cute and quirky scientist. She flashed a sultry smile her way when she noticed her presence, quickly scanning her head to toe. She was wearing the same outfit as before but unless she planned on adding a lab coat, there wasn't much else she could add to the whole look. From the conversation they shared earlier, the role would fit her like a glove and nobody would doubt her being a scientist, possibly one who would go to such lengths as carry out a plan like the cover Marina created. She giggled at her playful greeting and responded in kind:

"Too much for those empty pockets, Pants.", answered Marina with a smirk, before running one hand down her arm seductively, obviously keeping up appearances to everyone else who might pass by, "Don't worry, we'll take care of that soon enough... Come~"

She slid her hand down her arm, gently taking hold of her hand and tugging her away. She couldn't help but notice Gaige had surprisingly soft hands for a scientist and a tinkerer... She would pull her into an alley as if to attend to carnal business, but once they were away from prying eyes, Marina would drop the act and look into her eyes with the usual calm friendliness she carried herself with, "Don't worry; If you play your part right you won't need to do any fighting.", reaching behind some abandoned crates to pull out a briefcase and presenting it to Gaige, "There's two billion Beli in there. That's your bait, along with myself. Be careful, if we don't bring it back, it'll come out of our paychecks!", she rested one hand on her hip, letting the blonde take the money case, explaining the plan, "My plan is to make them an offer they can't refuse. Hire them to bring you live test subjects for your research; they're already wanted by the Marines so any further crimes will likely go unnoticed."

With this she would give the good Doctor time to propose her own ideas and make her own suggestions, she was likely the smarter of the two even if she was new to the espionage business. If she used that brain of hers they wouldn't have any problems taking care of these Pirates.


4Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:26 pm


Gaige would sigh with false disappointed as she heard the price for this night of pleasure. It was expected of someone with a job like hers. Spending hours working in lab and hardly anything so show for it besides a pat on the back and some meager pay. "What a disappointment that I can't afford a night with a tantalizing creature like yourself. A doctor such as myself knows her away around the human body." The busty scientist would scan Purple. clearly pleased with what she saw. When Purple begin to lead them to alleyway, Gaige had a confident smirk on her face. Unlike Moss Head or the subby grasshopper, she was much smoother with the ladies. "No need to tell me that twice. Lead the way~"

Even with her occupation, the blonde marine was still a woman who like to take care of her body. Her hands especially since they we her livelihood. With her hands how could she invent and experiment? Soon their small act would come to an end. The curious eyes of Gaige simply smile. "I admit combat is something I could improve on, but I can defend myself if needed." She was a marine afterall, she had basic training in marksmanship, hand to hand and melee weapon combat. Receiving the bierfcase from Purple, Gaige would listen to the rest of plan and its details. Good thing she had her flintlock in her travel bag. She own a cutlass, but couldn't hide it.

"A solid plan. The simple tip off to the local forces and let them deal with it, but they might be unreliable if they couldn't deal with this already." Gaige would placed her hand under her chin as she thought about what else they could do to take care of the pirates. "Well depending on the loacation of this deal. It could be people to make his death look like an accident. You know make a small gas leak, sabotage some equipment or maybe his should have check his drink better." Of course these plans would require some preparation and heavily dependent on resources at the location. Plus this is assuming if the target was to be kill.

"Mutliple hostiles. Good thing you're here to distracted them with pleasures of the flesh. Pirates do tend to get restless with lack of women. You can handed mutliple men right? Make them fight among each other. Men like to boast about thier manliness and manhood afterall. " Gaige was aware of her innuendo laced question. Gaige rested her chin on her hand as she pondered about more ideas.

5Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:55 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
It was a rather delightful act; not that Marina enjoyed playing the hooker, but she did enjoy being on the recieving end of another's lust and attention. Her sexuality was one of her greatest weapons after all... Alas, as fun as it maybe, all good things must come to and end and before long they had moved on from pleasure to business. Nothing to worry about, as the mission in store for them had the potential to be quite fun. Marina nodded at the the good Doctor's assurance of her ability, she was still a trained Marine and thus she expected she had at the very least some basic combat training.

"Matthew's crew has always managed to win every round so far... No point in alerting the authorities unless we can fix the game in their favor.", assessed Marina, looking at Gaige with a pondering look as she suggested simply killing them and making it look like an accident. At that point, Marina shook her head. Though she had no qualms with killing the pirates should it come to that, there was no need to pull out the final solution from the get go. Thus, she shook her head, crossing her arms, "We have a licence to kill, but no specific orders to do so. Unless their crew try to make it difficult, we should leave them alive... The Higher ups do love their public executions after all."

Reaching one forearm up and rubbing her cheek, chuckling at her rather sultry question, Marina answered in kind, "More than I'd ever care to count.", and then she gave Gaige the rest of the information the girl didn't yet know, "They're hiding in a shoddy bar downtown, and they're already expecting a scientist to come do business with them... If we convince them you're there for business and I'm there for pleasure, I can easily threaten the captain into making his crew stand down. Once that happens you just have to call the nearby guards."

With this, Marina gestured for Gaige to come along, pointing out the way. It didn't take long for them to reach the bar, but when they did she'd stick close to the Doctor, letting her take the lead so she could better play her part...


6Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:20 pm


Her idea to stage the death to be an enviroment hazard was shot down. In fact all of her ieas that led to outcome of death was rejected. So it was a more optimal outcome to keep the crew alive if possible. That was surely seomthing Gaige could respect and see the logic in. While the saying 'A dead man tells no tales' is false. Keeping a target a alive can yield better resluts and open up more opportunties in the future. Though went Marina went on to mention how the higer ups enjoy thier public executions. This time Gaige had to shake her head. A noticeable frown on her face. "I wish the idea of public executions were reexamine. I do beileve they do more harm to the public image of the World Goverment and Marines. While they are effective in instilling fear, they tend to draw resentment and hate." The marine scientist would then stop herself before she got off topic.

Gige would chuckle along with Marina at her answer to one of her perivous questions. "I'm curious to see you in action then. Playing my role should be easy. Who to say that I'm not looking for live subjects. Hehehe. Anything in the pursuit of science, right?"  If Gaige was joking or not, she would let Marina decide for herself. It was clear that it was Gaige turn to take the regins of this operation for now.

"Now come along assistant. Time to earn your pay." Gaige open the doors to the shoddy bar, and cough a bit as cloud of smoke hit her face. The typical seedy bar. The rundown bar, rock music playing in the background. Druken men playing pool and throwing darts. Oh how someone of her cailber stood out. The bar was complete sausage fest before Gaige and Marina enter. While Gaige caught a few glances, Marina clearly held the attetion of the lustful men. Those tight clothing showing off her curvy body. Her top barely holding in her 'assets' and half unbotton pants. Marina far suprass Gaige in sex appeal.

A quick scan of the bar and Gaige could see their target. He had the biggest table with the most men around him, she assume the rest of his crew were scatter around the bar. They seem to be slightly drunk as there were a few bottles of beer scatter across their table.  

"Hello, Boys. Hope I didn't keep you waiting." Gaige would sit down in an empty seat that was on the opposite end of where the captain was located. She would ajdust her tie as a sign she was getting ready to dicuss business. "The word around town is that you good at stay under the radar. My research has hit a brick wall and I need some lively subjects to speed things along."

One of the grunts cut in. "What are you resreaching, huh and who that fine ass with you."

Gaige smirk as she brush some hair away from her face. "Experimental drugs. I hoping to make drugs that increase performance of the standard body. My last batch of subjects die on me. Maybe I put too much XER into the last batch." Gaige said with such an disappointing voice at her 'failure'. She let Marina introduced herself.

"We see. We could accquire more subjects for you, but kidnapping people and bring them to another place is such a hassle."

Nodding her head, Gaige would point towards her 'assistant' Marina. before placing the briefcase on the table.  "Of course. I can make this night. A night you never forget." Gaige would remained slient, letting her words sunk in and the men talk among themselves.

7Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:48 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Marina couldn't help but chuckle at Gaige's jokes, knowing full well that she was right, knowing her they could very well be god's honest truth. Marina herself wasn't above death row inmates being used for scientific experiments before their untimely execution... Just as the good Doctor said, those public executions gave the World Goverment - and by extension the Marines - a thoroughly fearmongering reputation. Anyone with two inches of brain could understand what that message meant, "Fly a Jolly Roger and the same will happen to you". Though she saw public opinion as yet another resource that shouldn't be squandered, she didn't yet have the power to change anything to suit her personal tastes in strategy.

"Lead the way, Dr. Stygian~", she answered playfully, following the girl into the bar with a a slight, yet alluring sway of her hips as she walked. Every motion, no matter how subtle, had been trained to perfection to keep her targets looking exactly where she wanted them, and Marina was a pro; one of the best at what she did. A soft sultry smiled adorned her face as her attentive eyes picked out every detail of the sleazy bar: Weapons out on display, number of of possible hostiles, escape routes... And eventually the target.

Marina licked her lips slightly as she looked into the Pirate Captain's eyes, standing behind Gaige as the girl spoke with the Pirate Captain, easily tempting him with both the money in the case and the seductive girl hanging next to her. At that time Marina was all but idle: Captain Matthews was at the edge of his seat the moment she came in, and his gawking only intensified as the raven haired seductress stood behind Gaige seat, laying her arms on the head rest and bending over slightly. She casually played with her hair as if she wasn't interested in any of what was being said, even if she occasionally spared a wanton gaze towards her prey. By the time Gaige nodded towards her, all the pirates eyes' were on her, particularly the captain's"

"And what can you do...?", asked the Pirate Captain as the fake Call girl walked over to his seat.

With this, she could only giggle before putting on her most seductive smile and answering, "Everything~", as she sat down on the receptive pirate's lap, immediately feeling his rough hand resting on her buttock, gasping and blushing slightly as he squeezed. She was close enough to smell the booze on his breath, she often did... After all this time she could even identify what her targets had been drinking before she had her way with them. Cheap Illusian Rhum for this one. Her hand traced shapes on Matthews' chest, slipping inside his half unbuttoned shirt. Leaning into him, she whispered into his ear with a low, breathy voice, "I'd make you forget all about your troubles with the Law... And remind you how there are far worse enemies out there.", this word seemingly alerted him to something being wrong but by then it was too late. He shivered as Marina's touch grew cold and murderous, and the air became filled with bloodlust: At that moment, the Pirate suddenly screamed in pain as Marina effortlessly stabbed her palm through his chest.

Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] GcIAMPy

Startled, two of the closest Pirates opened fire on her and Marina reacted instinctively, clenching and hardening her muscles, making all the bullets ricochet away, "Tekkai.", before retaliating by kicking one of the toughter looking attacking Pirates, shooting a wind blade his way and slashing his chest open, "Rankyaku."

With this sudden skirmish, all of the not-so-innocent bystanders hid behind something in a rather keen reaction, clearly hinting that such fights weren't really uncommon in this place. All eyes were on Marina however, keeping collateral damage to a rather respectable minimum.

"S... Stop...! You morons...!!", the Pirate Captain's struggling words soon stopped his allies the moment they opened fire, "You... You're gonna get me killed..."

"Hear that? I narrowly missed his heart... Stand down boys, unless you want your Captain to be a martyr.", she commanded with giggling mockery, wriggling her hand slightly and making the wounded pirate scream once more, "Play nice and the good Doctor here can make sure he doesn't die."

"Do... what she says..."

At his words, all of the pirates reluctantly dropped their weapons with angry, ferocious looks in their eyes; the captain being too wounded to do so himself. Yet Marina didn't care. She had pretty much grabbed them all by the nutsack. Once Marina verified they had all dropped their weapons, she smiled at Gaige, not really removing her forearm from the pirate's chest until she came over, instead petting his head with her other hand, "Good boy... You're up, pants~!"

T1 pirate beat


Feint attack - An ability developed due to her favorite training partner being much stronger and experienced, as well as posessing Observation Haki: Her excellence at hiding her true intentions and actions translated into an natural aptitude for feinting. While performing any other movement, she can burst and suddenly accelerate a single body part to full speed (one arm, one leg, or head) changing direction if she wants. This is based on instinct and reaction - having conditioned her body through intense training - and thus its activation cannot be antecipated or telegraphed by either eyesight or Observation Haki, forcing the opponent to be able to see and react the actual movement following the feint (2 Post cooldown)

Tier 3 Skill Name: Shōken (掌剣, Palm Sword)
Tier 3 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 3 Skill Range: Contact
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4, Instant
Tier 3 Skill Description: A custom variant of the Shigan skill created by Marina, in which she uses not a single finger but her whole outstretched palm and forearm to stab her enemy, making the effect more akin to being impaled by a sword than shot with a bullet. To use it without hurting her arm, she hardens it with Tekkai, before striking with the Shigan technique. This technique is meant for stabbing and not cutting, relying on piercing power just like a normal Shigan.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Tekkai (鉄塊, Iron Body)
Tier 1 Skill Type: Endurance
Tier 1 Skill Range: Self
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 Post|1 Post
Tier 1 Skill Description: The Tekkai hardens the users' muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from certain attacks. However, it can be broken by strong enough forces or ignored by attacks that involve fire or attack internally. When Tekkai is active, the user should remember they are unable to move.

Tier 1 Skill Name: Rankyaku (嵐脚, Storm Leg)
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range: 15m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 4 Post/1 Post
Tier 1 Skill Description: The Rankyaku is a powerful projectile technique, in which the users start by kicking at very high speeds and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. The default length with a leg or arm is 7m, while the width is up to .5m. This Rankyaku is solely used through the arms and legs with swinging motions.


8Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:40 pm


With all of the cheap booze around them. She did manage to find a glass of water. Gaige would reach over to the glass of water and take a few sips of it. As the Pirate Captain was enjoying her Assistant. "And by everything she really does mean it. As my assistant she is skill in all thing sexual and scientific, I personally made sure she up to the task. Plus with my medical skills, you don't have to worry about any of those pesky diseases." Gaige felt her words were falling on deaf ears, as she could see a couple of the men drooling over Marina. Gaige would casually hand one of the pirates a napkin, when felt a bit of drool landing on her hand. The lack of self-control they have was quite asuming.

Before Gaige could dicuss the beli she had as the mood in the room took a more tense, more dangerous. The blood cruling scream of the pirate Captain fill the air as her assistant stab the poor guy right in the chest, nearly killing the captain. A couple of pirates would try to harm Marina, but sadly for them, her assistant was out of their league. Of course one had to wonder what Gaige was doing during the short skirmish. The answer to that was simple. Nothing, she watch the skirmish with a clam experssion on her face as she sip her glass of water. As if she was use to this sort of action.  Heck her experssion was one that could be view as boredom.

Once Gaige heard the sounds of weapons dropping to the floor. Gaige would raise an eyebrow to her assistant as she stood up from her seat and look at the pirate captain's wound. "You know how I get when I see my near flawless assistant in action. This display has certainly work me up. Heh. Another long night in the lab~" Gaige grab a bottle of whiskey and pour some of it on a cloth as she hasty clean the wound not really caring for the comfort of her paitent. "Tsk. You're lucky my assistant is such a tease or else you would been dead. Sadly only a few selected people can handle her like me."

The crew of Matthew would watch with worrying and slightly confused looks as Gaige would dig through her travel bag. Even if she didn't have any toys(gadets) she did has some thread and a needle which she use to close the wound. Of course the needle was clean as she stick through the captain. His screaming was annoying, but she couldn't blame him. It would take Gaige aa few mintues to close the wound completey. She would rub her forehead clean of sweat and wipe her hands.

"I didn't have proper tools with me, but his life is save. He lost a quite bit of blood, but not enough to be fatal. He going to be feeling weak for a few days and still I suggest not having him do anything too taxing for a couple of weeks. Let the wound heal."  Gaige shrug afterwards. They could take her advice or not. Gaige would walk back to her seat and pick up the briefcase. Well they didn't try to steal it the fear of Marina hurting them or Gaige not saving their captian life.

Doctor- As the doctor of the crew you are in charge or caring for your crew members, may it be diagnosing illness, treating illnesses, sewing up wounds, bandaging up injuries, etc. You can create medicines and various other things to assist your crew in their adventures.

I.Occupying one post worth of time you can treat one moderate and unlimited lesser wounds without registered medicines or drugs.

9Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:30 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Everything was easy... Too easy. These Pirates may be strong and smart enough to evade and elude the Marines, but not a pair of covert agents who had planned long and hard on how to get a chance of getting rid of them.

More Impoertantly, Gaige was indeed impressive... Unseen fighting skills aside, her cold blooded demeanor was nothing to scoff at. Marina's natural talent aside, most people needed years of training to achieve that cold blooded demeanor... Indeed she was right to have reached out to her for this, Gaige would feel right at home working for Cipher Pol.

Pulling out her bloodied right hand from inside her foe's chest, Marina could feel the crimson dripping from her forearm as her other hand reached inside her pocket and pulled out her den den mushi, promptly calling the nearby marine squad she'd warned beforehand. She had told them Captain Matthews and his crew would soon be ripe for capture. They could get the credit for all she cared, her Cipher Pol bosses would know who had truly done it and that was enough for Marina

Keeping her eyes on the disarmed Pirates as Gaige tended to the Captain, she chuckled at her words, remembering how she had to persuade her partner of how important it was to keep the targets alive unless they tried very hard to die... Fortunately, they surendered easily enough and before long the eager Marines waltzed in to reap their much deserved credit, and Marina promptly praised her partner, "Impressive, pants... You didnt even flinch under all that gunfire...! You'll fit in right at home working with me. We should do this together more often."

[Exit and forming crew. ]

Note: on phone


10Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] Empty Re: Sting Operation [Task/Gaige] on Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:12 pm


The mission went over more smoothly than Gaige would have thought. At first she would have figure Murphy's Law would come into effect, but it didn't which the marine was thankful for. The flintlock she stored in her travel bag was unneeded this time. Luckily because she realize that she didn't pack any extra ammo. How embrassing would that have been if she was only able to fire off a single shot and she had to admit while she did get basic training in main forms of combat she wasn't very skill in them, she was more of a jack of trades. Skill in all area, yet a master in none of them.

It wouldn't take long before a reignment of marines would arrive at the bar to arrest Captain Matthews and his crew. None of marines seem to recongize her or Marina which was good if they wanted to stay under the radar. Gaige which her travel bag and the briefcase full of beli, she would follow her assistant out of the bar listening to the praise she was getting. "I had no reason to fear gunfire when I have my assistant near me. Plus with marine training, dealing with perverts and seeing some less than appealing sights for my training as a doctor. A few shots won't frighten me so easy." Of course if Gaige was all alone and was doing this mission, she may have not been so clam. What was she thinking? She generally kept a clam front unless there something that captures her interest. Anyhow after this she needed to do some work, reseacrh and training.

The mad(?) scientist would nod her agreement as Marina suggestion they work together more often. "I take you up on that offer. Hopefully I get to showcase more of my skills the next time our paths cross again. Until we meet again Purple. If you need me I'm staying at the local inn.."Gaige would wave goodbye as she would part ways with Marina to return to the inn she was staying at. Maybe she should working on making that potion she came up with. It shouldn't take much time to make it was very simple after all.

Hmm, too bad she had to return this briefcase full of beli it would have help her so much in her reseach and development.


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