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1The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:38 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  J943jHQ

Their mission had been a great success. Though they had failed to bring home the living and breathing Dr. Gates, they brought the next best thing - his research - ensuring the man himself took his own knowledge to the grave. It had been a powerful, crippling blow to the Revolutionary army's scientific exploits, and one Marina throroughly believed herself and Gaige ought be rewarded by. She took a long bubblebath, soaking in the tub for hours, splashing and blowing bubbles to her heart's content. Unlike her tomboyish youth, learning to embrace her sexuality had made Marina a whole lot more feminine. She giggled every now and then, soaking as she played with the bubbles and felt the soothing, soapy water refreshing her skin. Laying back in her tub lazily, Marina breathed in the soapy scent for a good while, looking outside the small window every now and then. It was gonna be dinner time soon, and she had to get ready. Rising up from the mist of bubbles, the statuesque agent gracefully stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her body, and another around her long hair...

The latter was incredibly troublesome to dry up, but fortunately she had been blessed with naturally straight hair, and she could at least get by without too much combing. Watery footsteps marked her path as she walked out of the bathroom, and quickly disposes of the soaked towel around her body as she opened the closet... Hmm, what to wear. For a master of disguise, Marina naturally had a lot of clothes, few of which she had ever actually worn while being herself. Being someone else was much of what she did for a living...

"This will do.", smirking to herself, she pulled out a light, flimsy summer dress, perfect for a hot night like this one. The weather had gotten a lot hotter since spring came around, so much that she could already wear something like this, at least for tonight...

The silky fabric graced her skin like the a lover's caress, but the best part of dressing so light had to be how easy it was. Just slip the dress on and done! She then pulled off the towel in her hair and went to work on that, combing her long dark hair until she got her trademark look... A little spray of perfume, and voilá, she was ready to go. Heading outside with a small purse and short, casual heels, she walked to the meeting place wondering how would Gaige come dressed for something like this... She loathed skirts or pants, but she couldn't hold a dress code with those habits. Now that she thought of it, she never saw the pretty scientist wearing anything more casual than your usual shirt and skirt...

Their meeting place was a hell of a lot classier than the one they picked last time, this was where the wealthy class of Illusia came to get dinner with their families, co-workers, and especially their lovers. Even here, Marina managed to stand out: Being beautiful by Illusia standards was a feat one could be proud of, and even a beauty like her couldn't accomplish that without paying attention to her clothes, appearnce, and most of all, demeanor. She carried herself like a seductress, like nobody was out of her reach... And for the most part it worked. This was one of those cases where after wearing a mask for so long, it becomes a core part of who you are.

Calmly sitting on a street bench, Marina crossed her legs and pulled out a book, even if her eyes were seldom on the pages below. Instead, she watched the sights, and mostly the people. The latter were far more interesting than anything she could ever read on a book...

All that remained now was waiting for her dinner date.


2The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:31 am


The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  N4wbqc

Despite the minor wounds they suffer and the failure on Gaige part to captured the now dead Dr. Gates the mission could be consider a great success even moreso for Dr. Stygian due to the wealth of information she accquired during the mission. Of course she had to turn in the information back to CP1,but that didn't mean she didn't kept anything for herself leaving out a few notes and files from her report to her higher ups. After she finish reviewing the mission with her fellow co-workers and had her shoulder heal up, the blonde scientist would hold herself up in her lab as she examine the research of Dr. Gates. As expected his work was breaktaking and some of it Gaige couldn't replicate for now. Some of material and substances needed weren't located in the West Blue. Still there were a few things she coud copy and add her own spin to, but for now she couldn't do that. The doctor had other plans for the evening which require her to leave the lab and to....dress more formal. She was having dinner with her dear friend and boss, Marina (Even if Gaige perfer to call Marina her assistant). Looking at the time, Gaige figure she shoud get ready now or else she will lose hersellf in her work and forgot about her night out.

Since she wanted more room for her inventions, Gaige woud have to settle for a nice warm shower instead of a relaxing bubble bath. The sacrifices one must make in the name of science. Even if Gaige didn't consider her a girly girl she wouldn't label herself as a tomboy. After all like most women she did enjoy being pampered and the fine things in life. Oh well, maybe with the money she has saved she can afford to buy hersef a proper bathtub. With a small sign, the female agent would step into the shower and let the warm water wash over her, removing any sweat and dirt that linger on her skin through out the day. Washing herself off she would think about what her friend was doing right now to prepeared for this dinner. If only Gaige was at the level to make spy drones so she could spy erh keep an eye on her friends.

Finally stepping out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body, Gaige would head to closet and pick out a naval dress she had to wear on special occasions, it might be a bit much for a simple dinner, but she didn't much to choose from. Her other attire was mainly unifroms, swimsuits and welll science outfits. It took Gaige a bit time to properly dress in her outfit. With a small top hat on her head, she was done dressing and would spary a bit of her homemade perfume (leftover liquid from an potion) which smell like mixed berries. Quicky grabbing a bag. Gaige left the lab and over to the meeting place.

Dr. Stygian would tug on her collar lighty it was warmer night than expected. The sounds of her heels signal her approach as she spotted her dinner date reading a book. Was she late? Gaige wondered as she adjusted her bow, she couldn't get it quite straight. Forgetting about her minor problem she would playfully whistle as she approach Purple from her left. The blonde agent was sure that she would be the envy of many men tonight.

"Oh my, Assistant. Don't you look stunning this evening. How does a simple scientist like me come across such a fine jewel." Gaige would then place her right arm behind her back and bow. "Forgive me if I ran late. Finding something decent to wear was troublesome to say the least plus I had resist the urge to experiment!" Gaige would then straigthen herself out, a friendy smile on her face as she look down at her bow and sigh. "Also could you help me with the bow, it doesn't want to stay straight. Heh." She wasn't a fan of dressing up, but knew she couldn't enjoy dinner with Marina if she show up like how she normally dresses she woud be kick out there faster than Moss Head hits on a hot woman.

3The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:54 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova

The sound of approaching heels and a familiar voice pulled Marina's gaze aside, and she was genuinely impressed at the sight before her. It turned out the lovely Dr. Gaige Stygian could indeed go formal, and pulled it off quite beautifully. Marina closed her book, adjusted her hair and stood up, giggling slightly as the girl bowed in a rather regal manner, perfectly complimenting her equally classy dress. Well, classy didn't even begin to describe it, she actually made Marina feel underdressed, which not every woman could pull off.

"Wow... Right back at you, pants!", Marina even blushed slightly, from being complemented by someone so good looking and from her sight alone. She scanned the girl head to toe: Just like herself, the scientist stood out even among the dazzling crowd of Illusia, together the two of them made quite a pair. However, it soon became obvious how this girl wasn't used to dressing up to this extent (in case it already wasn't), she just kept struggling with her bow, eventually giving up and asking Marina help. The girl just chuckled a little, "Don't worry... Let's see what we can do about that, shall we~?"

She approached Gaige with a soft, playful smile on her face, leaning down slightly and looking into her eyes, as if trying to gaze into her very soul. One might wonder if she didn't need to actually look at the girl's bow to fix it, but apparently she didn't: Her hands were all but idle. Marina's dexterity was nothing to scoff at and she spent a great deal of time adjusting and primping her clothes. Fixing a bow was something she could do without barely even looking...
More importantly There was a hint of seductiveness in her eyes, yet another part of the idle flirtation she and Gaige so often enjoyed. More than just peering into her, it would almost feel like she was devouring the pretty blonde scientist with her eyes.

Men fell for this look almost every time, girls less so, but some did too. She doubted Gaige would, but then that was one of the reasons why Marina enjoyed her company so much. They accepted each other's charms and responded in kind, and so far, neither of the two girls had yet to give in to the other's. Marina certainly took a bit longer with her bow than she might have needed, finally glancing down to verify it was indeed perfect, "There, All done!"

She pulled away slightly, offering her arm to the other girl, finally returning the regal demeanor she'd been greeted with. Marina would lead Gaige towards the nearby resturant; a fancy place though not too pretentious, where they would be able to eat good food in peace. The waiter pointed them to a table for two at a discreet corner by the window, where Marina hung her purse on the chair and sat down, "So, Dr. Stygian... I keep asking you about your studies, but not about something even more important. What drove you to choose that career?", asked a curious Marina, clearly hinting this was something she had been pondering about for a while but never found the proper time to ask...


4The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:16 pm


Gaige almost felt overdressed for such an evening. Though Marina didn't seem to mind at all. Maybe she was suprised that Gaige could dress formal when needed. Oh how she shouldn't underestimate her, thought with this bow and for selection of wearing darker color, Gaige figure she gave off signs of not being use to this even if she was in the marines. This outift might cause Gaige to get a bit hot under the collar unlike Purple's lighter and flimsy dress that fit the slighty older woman like a glove, a second skin even. If Gaige was a woman of weaker will she might been completely distracted with the curves of her friend, but thankfully Gaige had more class than that.

Once Marina begin helping her with her bow, Dr. Stygian would finally respond back. The soul pirecing gaze, Purple gave her with those unique and tempting eyes. The scientist expect that many people regardless of their gender or even sexual leanings. She would not be one of them. Her experince with Moss Head constantly getting in her face and Gaige general clam demeanor help her from giving into charm that spell death for many. Though Gaige had to admit it wasn't too easy to shurg off. "I didn't figure the my assistant could blush. How cute~" It was hardly noticeable, but Dr. Stygian was able to faint colored cheek of Purple.

The good doctor was blown away with how her boss was able to get the bow straight when Gaige herself fail so many times. "Amazing. Simply Amazing." Tipping her small hat, Gaige would take Marina's arm with her own and follow the statuesque agent to the restaurant nearby. It remind Gaige of their first encounter where they sat in discreet location away from prying eyes and ears.

Taking a seat directly in front of Marina, Gaige would ponder about the question. Not many seem to care why she took up the studies she did as long as she got results. "Not many people ask me that question. I had a love of science even when I was just a little kid trying to repair old machines and invent things of my own. All them were pretty much failures, but I learn that failure is a common thing in the study of science." Gaige would paused for a moment as the waiter return with two menu in hands. He would hand each of the lovely ladies on before he move on to another table. "My family was also a marine family so they groom me for the life of marine. With the backing of the World Goverment. I figure I get to expand my horzions and invent and experiment until my heart content." Gaige would chuckle a little as she look out of the window. The moon was such a lovely sight, but it pale in comparsion to the woman in front of her.

"As for my reasons for being a doctor. It was a useful trade and I figure I should learn it. After all I have to take care of the people I care for. Though I also have to make sure I can keep my speciesmen in decent condition. " Despite her laughter, beforehand Dr. Stygian was serious about both statements of becoming a doctor. Which reason was more important? Not even Gaige could answer that. Some say she mad. A claim she really doesn't confrim or deny.

Focusing back on Marina. Gaige would lean slighty back in her chair, she didn't want to be completely formal. "So. What made you choose the life you live now?" Gaige couldn't just straight up ask her why she choose to join Cipher Pol in a public place could she? Gaige held a curious look on her as always.

5The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:45 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
As expected, she not only handled her seductive look, but also managed to look into her eyes, resisting the temptation of staring down into the valley of her cleavage. Marina actually blushed a bit more when she noticed it the first time, but simply giggled it off as the two headed off... She was indeed a lot of fun to be around.

The way Gaige reacted felt like not many people would find a scientist's background interesting. Of course, most of the ones who did, were only interested in the actual scientist, not the person who created it. Marina was different however, she was genuinely interested in what the girl had to tell her and didn't bother to hide it. Dr. Stygian studied gadgets and chemicals, Marina studied people. That was half of what being a spy was all about, and Gaige was pretty interesting after all. Few scientists are as charming as her and even fewer among those ever come close to acknowledging their charm. She not only did both but also knew how to use hers whenever she bothered to try.

"Indeed. The pursuit of knowledge is one of the few subjects where an unexpected failure could yield more information than an expected success.", she commented, nodding gracefully at the waiter as he came to deliver the menu; actually two menus, one for wine, and one for food. Leaning on her own knowledge, Marina quickly ordered herself a bottle of red wine, visibly impressing the waiter by how quickly she made such a good yet unorthodox choice, like a conoisseur would. She gave an understanding look as Gaige commented how her father was also a marine, the attentive scientist would probably pick up on how her comment hit home, as Marina sighed and smirked nostalgically, "I can relate to that..."

She rested her cheek on her palm as she so often did, idly trailing her finger around the edge of the wine glass, only stopping when the waiter finally arrived to fill both hers and Gaige's glasses. She took the glass the moment it became full, gently stirring and sniffing the red wine elegantly. The aroma was incredible, and the taste even more so... She chuckled at the Doctor's final comment before smiling and leaning back as she shot her question back.

It was her turn.

For all her secretive nature, Marina had gotten the answer she wanted from her friend, and she would return it. Leaning back on her chair, she sipped her wine and started speaking, "My father was a man of many secrets... Even to me and my mother.", she explained, looking out the window with a longing look, her words being more than enough for Gaige to understand what her father did for a living. This was a rare earnest moment for Marina, but she trusted the girl standing in front of her. Even if she didn't, there wouldn't be much information for her to learn. That was just how little Marina knew of her own family, and how determined she was to rectify that, "Only after he vanished did I only start to realize who he was, what he did for a living... And even now I don't know what happened to him. I figure that if i follow his footsteps, keep learning other people's secrets; I will eventually undertand him."

She looked back at Gaige with calm, but determined eyes and the ever present smile, wondering what she'd have to say about that. Meanwhile she crossed her legs, leaning into the wall slightly...


6The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:02 pm


So, Marina also came from a family who had a marine background. It seems like the two of them share a bit more in common, though unlike Marina's father, Gaige father was still around doing something she figure. Ever since her deployment she hasn't kept in contact with her family. Maybe after this night with Purple is over she should check up on them for old time sake. Family was important right? Dr. Stygian wouldn't let the shock show on her (or at least try too), but she was taken back about how Marina actaully seem interest in reason for her studies. Or maybe she shouldn't be.

When the female agent got her glass of wine. A slightly frown sketch itself across her face with a small hint of worry. Gaige tended to stay away from drinks like wine and beer. Those drinks were known to kill brain cells plus Gaige was a complete lightweight. One sip shouldn't hurt her. Regaining her confidence, Gaige would take a small sip of the red wine. She had to admit the smell was nice, but the taste it felt like her thoart was bruning. Hopefully she wouldn't suffer any ill effects from the drink. How can anyone clamly and freely drink anything of this sort was mind blowing to the young woman.

Gaige would take in all the information she learn about Marina even if it wasn't much and would just sort it out in her mind. So following in the dear old footsteps of her father in a quest to understand him? To gain more information? Interesting. The blonde agent would about to comment, before she stare into the determined eyes of her friend. A look that pretty much say she will acheive her goal by any means. It reminded her of Moss Head. Even if Gaige did have a feeling that they could fail, her words would fall on deaf ears.

"I could make a speech about how there a chance that you won't find anything more on him and there maybe you might find yourself targeted in this choice of yours, but...." Gaige simply paused for dramatic effect as she twirl the glass of red wine in her hand. A condfident almost sumg grin on face. "Luckily assistant you have me to help you out. I can't say I'm interested in your father, but if be would in poor taste if A scientist fail to support their top assistant. Plus If we ever cross paths with your father I could earn his blessing~"  Gaige finished her statement with a bit of teasing as she pick up the meun and look at the various meals that were offer.

"You know. I was wondering. Is there anyone else you work with. As much I enjoy having you all to myself." Giving the purple haired woman a small wink as she countine to speak. "Is anyone else going to join us? You just have this ability to pull people towards you." She wouldn't mind expanding their team as long as she was replaced of course.

7The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 1:50 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Elegantly raising one hand in front of her lips, Marina let out a playful, provocative giggle at the strained expression of the good Doctor trying to keep up with her on her drinking. She was obviously not used to it, struggling to drink even a slight sip while Marina calmly stirred and appreciated the classy drink, "You know, Doctors say a glass of red wine a meal is good for your health.", she quipped, a light jab at her friend's reluctance.

She chuckled slightly, her myserious gaze only growing more resolute as an intellectual girl like Gaige pointed out an obvious fact. Well, it might not be obvious for Marina. Connery told her the same thing when she was but a child, and even then she already realized it. Her father had only just disappeared, the pain of his loss was much too fresh in her heart for her to miss it: Following his path could lead to the same fate as him. Worse than simply dying, completely vanishing without a trace. If the same were to happen to Marina, she wouldn't even have a funeral or anything: As a Covert agent of Cipher Pol whose very existance and purpose were classified, neither the Marines nor the government would report anything: "A man I admire told me the same thing once... I accepted that truth a long time ago.", Gaige's words were still more reassuring than his was. As a retired agent, all he could do was pass on his knowledge to give her the best odds of survival, which he did. Gaige was still here, sitting in front of her. She was young, talented and beautiful, in her prime no matter how Marina looked at it, "Thank you, pants! And, don't worry, you don't need his blessing to do anything~", she winked teasingly, taking another sip.

Marina uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way, gently stirring the glass as she heard Gaige's question, and thought back to Isabella, "There's another colleague of mine I've been working with, Isabella. She can be an insufferable idiot sometimes...!", Marina looked away, her cheeks puffing and reddening slightly as thought back to how infuriating Isabella could be, reflexively stirring her glass more vehemently and taking a long glup, before her briefly annoyed look softened, "But, she's strong and reliable too... We work together well enough."

Still, she couldn't help but sense something behind Gaige's curiosity, and thus she didn't really stopped talk, instead flashing her calm, affectionate smile, "But, don't worry...", Marina spoke softly as her idle hand slowly trailed across the table, tenderly resting upon Gaige's, "We may not have known each other for long but... You're already irreplacable to me."

Her hand was even softer than she remember last time. Marina wiggled her thumb in a sweet, reassuring caress; for once there didn't seem to be any wanton seduction behind this touch...


8The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:06 pm


Well Gaige couldn't counter that statement about the health benefits of red wine. There were some studies done to back up those claims. Gaige would quickly glare at Marina when she giggle. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't handle her drink despite her parents being drinkers themselves. The scientist would just munble some words under her breath as she took a sip, no more like a gulp of wine. Resisting urge to spit it out to show that she could keep up with her friend drinking. Of course Gaige knew she couldn't and wish this place had some root beer or something simialir to wash out this linger taste in her mouth.

Gaige would wave her hand in a dimissed manner. "No need to thank me. Just looking out for my assistant. That all. Burple..uh Purple." The blonde scientist smile before she hiccup a few times due to wine she was drinking. She only had half a glass and she was already starting to feel its effects, but ugh her pride just couldn't let her stop drinking, but her common sense told her to stop before she does something that she might regert. "Good. I didn't want to start wearing pants to look good in front of your folks." Gaige once again look down at her glass and shook her head. She let Marina win this time. One of the first times, that she chose to back down from something.

When Marina started talking about this woman named Isabella, Gaige would watch with an asumed look at Marina reaction when mentioning her. It was first time she ever saw anyone work up such a respone from her boss. Instead of teasing Marina about her reaction, Gaige would talk about Isabella or well at least give her thoughts on this woman she has never met. Of course what she was going to say might come across as insulting, but it was just Gaige guess on what Isabella maybe. "She sounds like the standard dumb muscle that people hired. Not too bright (at least when she not in combat), but loyal to a fault I take it. When I met her I think I call her Grunt. Yup I have you as my lovely Assistant and her a my faithful Grunt. Hopefullly she looks as good as you or comes close to it." She was so distracted by talking that she didn't notice the soft hands of Purple caressing her hand.

Unlike other times, Gaige couldn't sense any teasing coming from Purple. Gaige wasn't quite sure how to react as she was thrown off her game. Did Marina read her mind or was Gaige that easy to read? She wasn't sure with one impressed her the most. "Thank you Marina. That means a lot to me." The blonde scientist would reply after a moment of pondering it was nice to know that even if they were both CP  agents that she won't have to worry about Marina throwing her away like a used tool. Was the wine getting to her? Or maybe it was heat due to her outfit. She didn't call her Purple or Assistant. No witty retort. Just a thankful experssion.

Soon a waiter would cough lighty to get the attetion of the female agents. "Please get me some ice cold root beer." Gaige would say before the waiter could open his mouth to speak. When ask the duo on what they wanted to eat, Gaige would just give him an annoyed glare and ask him to bring her whatever was the most poplaur dish for the night. Once both orders were taking her would take his leave.

9The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:41 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Marina just kept chuckling at the pained reaction - especially the unintentional pun - Gaige could beat her at all sorts of games relating to science, and even keep up with her seduction wise, but she was outmatched on alcoholic tolerance. It shouldn't be something for Marina to feel proud of, but in the end she was, against all manner of wisdom. She was especially good at pretending to be drunk, which was one of her favorite tactics. She had no need or desire to use it on her friend especially with the surprisingly personal moment they were sharing. Marina nodded at Gaige's interpretation: "Pretty accurate picture... We each have information the other needs, which is as good a reason as any to cooperate.", she confessed, a little more cold and dismissive than one might imagine after her earlier reaction, though the chosen nickname almost made Marina spit her wine with sudden laughter, "Her reaction would be priceless! I'll drink to that!", she raised her glass, leaning into the table before taking a good gulp.

She just kept looking into her eyes as they shared a sweeter moment which Marina was sure was unlikely to come again. Neither herself nor Gaige were the sweet type. Her smile widened as she heard the girl speak her name for the first time, "Anytime, Gaige~", thus, she returned it in kind. Finding a smart scientist who was both cool headed enough to handle her and easy on the eyes to boot? Dr. Stygian was a catch in more ways than one, and holding her hand like this reminded her of just that. Of course, there had to be a waiter with terrible timing... There always was...

Marina simple turned her gaze down and away from Gaige slightly as she made her order, only to the look at the waiter with her typically alluring yet distant cool. He was at least kind enough to fill her wine glass again, but there was only one person in this restaurant who got to see her warmer side, "In that case, I'll have the second most popular."; the waiter then left, leaving the two alone once more, "Beer huh? And here I though you weren't a drinker.", she said playfully, once more going back to her wine as she looked at her dinner date with a quizzical eyebrow.


10The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:13 am


Once again it would seem like Gaige's hypothesis on a person were once again correct. If or better yet when she ever gets the opportunity to meeet Isabellla girl she was sure that they would get along fine for the most part though there might be a bit of tension between the two depending on how reactions to the nickname she will be given by Gaige. She would wonder how close Isabella was to Marina compare to her. It was a question that she could ask, but then that could across as Gaige getting jealous which she wasn't. Gaige eyes widen just a bit when she watch Purple gup down the wine like it was nothing. "Don't expect me to drink with you." Gaige push her glass to the side as that same waiter who runied the rare moment bewteen return to fill Gaige glass with root beer finally.

"This is the strongest drink you ever see me drink when we going out. I can handle small amounts of that mess you drink. A drunken scientist and doctor is something you don't want to deal with right? These magic hands can't function properly if I get wasted. From machines to the human body~ I aim to please. hehe" Now it clear that Gaige enjoy root beer as she easily down the drink with no effort what so ever. The wine from earier didn't effect her as much as she expect, but she still felt a bit hot. The cold glass of root beer help a little bit.

For thrid or a foruth time, Gaige lost the waiter would return with their food which cause Gaige to frown when she manage to catch a whiff of one of the dishes. Fish...She did not like fish despite being a marine and living close by the sea. When the plate of fried fish with side of scalloped potaotes was place in front of her she held back from complaining she did ask for it. "Thanks. I didn't think this was a fan favorite. I should have order what my Assistant is having or just eat....." The waiter would blush as he quickly excused himself. What a pity she didn't get to finish her teasing statement. Gaige would take her fork and knife and cut up a part of the fish and eat it. Not half bad.

"So. I'm glad to say that I'm able to produced some new products due to the work of Gates. Do you have any requests? My mind has several ideas, but I can't seem to foucs on one." While Gaige normally didn't ask for any input when came to her work she figure if why not. That remind her that she had some enegry pills she needed to test...hmm. She worry about that later.

11The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:02 am

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova

"Oh, but Pants, sweetie... You already are!", Marina hummed playfully, chuckling and lifting her grass to bump it against hers. It didn't matter what manner of brew one chose to drink, sharing alcohol was still a strong sign of trust regardless. When one drinks, the truth tends to flow out on its own, "Cheers!"

The blonde soon admitted what Marina already suspected, she was indeed a lightweight: The hiccups, the struggling, the flushed cheeks. She didn't drink anything heavier than the root beer she was drinking right now. She nodded affirmatively on the drunken doctor part, knowing that she would rather her doctors have sober, steady hands especially if they were working on her, or any equipment she was supposed to be using. Of course, Gaige's suggestive statement wouldn't slip the attention of the uninhibited secret agent, who simply rested her head on, "Do you now~? I wonder how good those deft, silky hands of yours really are...", she'd ask with a sultry, almost challenging smirk.

Of course the flirtatious air between the two girls only seemed to get more and more intense, slowly but steadily. The alcohol didn't help... Or well, it did, depending on prespective. Both of them certainly seemed to like it, but any serious conversation undoubtedly took a hit for the worse. The way Gaige shot all of Marina's teasing right back at her never ceased to impress her, and before long, the taller girl's instincts would drive her to escalate things a bit further. The waiter once more proved to have incredibly poor timing: Not only did he not allow Gaige the time to answer Marina's question, he also excused himself just as she was about to say something fun. At least thats what it sounded like. She giggled at the young man's embarassment, no doubt either of the two girls alone could pull it off easily enough, the two of them together with all the swelling sexual tension certainly even more so.

Marina got a swordfish flambé which looked decidedly tastier than the one Gaige got. Marina looked mostly indifferent, she cared more about the company than the food after all, "Not a fan of fried fish, huh? Well, mine isn't that different, but you're welcome to some..."; of course there was something else she could do to make the seemingly unimpressive meal more interesting, as Marina's right foot had now slipped out of its sandal, just as the smart scientist commented on her progress made from Gaige's works, "Requests, huh...", she commented, pondering on the question as she picked her knife and spoon and cut herself a piece of fish, "I could do make use of stimulants, adrenaline pills, the kind of stuff that could make me a bit faster in a pinch.", she looked into Gaige's eyes after that, that same deviously playful smirk appearing on her face once more, "Of course, my most interesting requests have nothing to do with science~"

Just as finished this sentence, her foot would reach across the table, her toes drawing a slow, up and down caress on the soft skin of the blond's calf... The long white towel perfectly concealed what she was doing from the prying eyes of anyone else, suddenly creating yet another secret the two of them could share. Yet not once did Marina's expression change or her eyes drift away from her colleague's crystalline blue.


12The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:43 pm


Memory loss one of the signs that one is under the influence of alcohol right? How could see already forgot about the red wine she consume earlier. Supressing another fit of hiccups or well try to least, she let another espaced from her lips. Almost causing her to spill the glass of root beer she had onto her dress uniforrm. Not that it woud have been a major problem, she had more than dozen varations on her uniforms at her station.

Was her assistant questioning her skill? Oh she couldn't let that statement go without some sort respone, but with her somwhat drunken state she knew if she have prove herself on the spot she mosty ikely woud have fail. "I suppose I could be like most guys and brag about my skills like Ah girl I can rock your world! Or some sort of lame pick up line, but you seem to be a woman of action, so I just let my hands speak for themselves when the time comes. My dear assistant~ Then you can come up to your own conclusion. I try not to be a dog who all bark and no bite." If Marina was indeed challgening her, Gaige wouldn't back down. If anything with the blonde experince with other people she guess that most people tend to back off if she pushes back.

Dr. Stygian would shake her head at Marina offer. It was sweet, but she didn't want to deal with eating more fish than she had to. "I'm not a fan of fish in general. When you spent most of your life eating nothing but fish you tend to get tried of it. Yet I'm not picky enough to waste a meal, but thanks for the offer." Of course the blonde agent would be completely unaware of what her friend was plotting even when she gave off that deviously smrik of hers. With al their prior interactions she would expected another suggestive comment.

Due to Gaige talking about her work and with the win still present in her body she had to say her usual resistance was weaken a tad bit. "Your in luck. I'm finalize the degsin of recovery pill that should" Gaige would stutter mid sentence as the unexpected caressing of her calf took her by suprise. Unexpected, but not unwelcome to say the least.. "Renegrize you in combat or in give you extra kick you need for more strenuous activites." Gaige manage to regain her composure even with a sight darkerning of her already redden cheeks from the wine.

Leaning her body slighty forward, Gaige let a playful smile appeared on her face as she did her best to ingore the actitivty happenig under their table. Sadly her uniform covers up any sort of cleavage which made this move less effective. "I didn't knew my assistant was so impatient. We have to finish dinner before we move onto dessert~ " Gaige would let her gaze lower from Marina eyes to her chest for a couple of seconds, let her eyes do the teasing for her. "Maybe I get to test those recovery pills soon than expected." Gaige return to staring into Marina eyes. Gaige face was one of clam and confidence with a hint of mischievous. Neither woman was backing down from other taunts and teases. Who would pull back first was anyone guess. The scientist was sure that it wouldn't be her even if she let a few of Marina actions get to her.

13The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:34 pm

Marina Koslova

Marina Koslova
Watching her adorably drunken reactions was a world of fun on its own, and one Marina had no intention to miss in the slightest. Hiccups, wild flushing of her cheeks, she even almost spilled a drink at some point. Yet all the while Marina just calmly drunk her wine, looking decidedly interested even at her intentionally corny pickup lines. Of course, they wouldn't have worked if she didn't find the beautiful scientist incredibly charming to begin with, "Indeed, no bite would be incredibly disappointing.", commented Marina, biting her lip slightly at the, "You too have already shown to prefer a hands on approach anyway."

The offer to switch some of their food was shot down, apparently Gaige's issue was with any and all kinds of fish. Marina gave an understanding nod as she calmly kept eating her food in between sips of wine, yet that didn't mean Gaige would be allowed to get by without the usual quip, "Picky, huh? It's alright, I'll keep that in mind, next time I eat you out- I mean, eat out with you~!", she quickly corrected herself with a faintly embarassed blush, yet the playful giggle that followed would let the good doctor wonder how accidental this little slip up might have been. If there was anything she loved about drinking, was how easily her usual humor got even more suggestive.

It's a good thing the blonde was distracted by the explanation of her new drugs, Marina was able to see every bit of her priceless reaction once her impish foot started teasing her bare leg, and though it made her laugh a little, she was still impressed at how easily she regained her composure and followed suit. At first Marina couldn't help but feel like she was taking advantage of the girl... Would she still react the same way were she completely sober? She may simply enjoy a good flirtation but have no interest in taking it any further. Though Marina wouldn't mind if that were the case, her smirk widened into a genuinely lascivous smile when she realized that wasn't the case.

Mimicking her body language, Marina humoured the blonde's curious gaze, leaning over the table as she calmly lead small forkfuls of food to her mouth; making it a point to bring her arms a little closer to highlight her already impressive cleavage. Classy restaurants like this one never served too much food at once, something that she was actually glad for once:

"Oh my~ I never imagined one could actually look forward to being a test subject.", she answered with a calm yet obvious interest, antecipation even. With the girl busy staring at her chest, the taller agent could simply let hers slowly trail down - undressing the supple blonde with her eyes - while her foot trailed up at a desperately slow pace. Even for all her cool, she couldn't really fight the faint blush on her cheeks from wine and increasing heartrate alike...

Gaige's confidence was nothing short of intoxicating, routinely making Marina wonder when and if she would ever reach some kind of limit, or if this would lead to a passionate, naked embrace thoughtout the night. It was a certainly appealing thought that had her biting her lip once more as her caress easily slipped under the blonde's skirt (a garment she probably wished she didn't have, knowing her), rubbing the back of her knee where calf met thigh...


14The Promised Dinner [Gaige]  Empty Re: The Promised Dinner [Gaige] on Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:58 pm


A hands on approach? Now that she thought about it when came to her interests romatically or well in this case sexually she never thought about a style. Purple was cleary a seductress who lure men and women alike into her web of temptation. Moss Head, Gaige wasn't quite sure with him. For now she would compare him to a playboy of sorts who had the mindset that he could win over girl if her try hard enough. Amazing despite all of the sexual tension between her and Purple, Gaige still find her mind drifting back to Moss Head. Anyhow. Compare to thier styles, Gaige thought about her interactions with them. The doctor mentioning touching purple and with Moss Head there was her comments about leashes and even being Mistress. Sure she did thought about strapping him to a table, but that more of her interest in him from a scienific viewpoint. All of those thoughts and comment involve Gaige being hands on and well pretty direct.

"I suppose you're right. My approach is rather forward and hands-on. Being a scientist and a doctor it comes natural to me." There was no teasing or suggestive tone in this statement. In fact it sound like Gaige was making a realization which was trigger by Marina's comment. When Marina made that not so accidential comment about eating her out, Gaige woud giggle along with her giving her a knowing look. It must be this wine that was making her friend more suggestive. It was almost magcial that the effects of drinking can have on an individual. Gaige was smart when chose not to drink anymore whine. If she kept on drinking she wasn't sure if she still be able to countine this game of seduction. Heck she might have pass out on thrid or foruth glass.

Dr. Stygian should have remember that Marina was skilled if not a Master at this. She thought that the purple-haired agent assets got slighty larger when she look down. Maybe looking down wasn't such a smart idea. While she remain mentally strong and could put up a clam front. Even an experinced doctor like herself couldn't stop her body from reacting and giving away her hints of arosual. She couldn't ingore Marina touch under the table. Gaige had to break eye contact and stare out of the window, drinking some of her root beer in order to get rid of this heat she was feeling. "Heh. We like before I do aim to please. You have to give someone a reason to come back to you." The root beer was helping her out thankfully or.....

It would have work until she felt someone bypass her skirt causing the good doctor to spit out her drink. Gaige mentally ranted about the weakness of the human body. Gaige knew that sooner or later that they would reach a breaking point. This could lead to a night where all of their sexual tension could be released in evening of unbridled lust or lead to them (At least Gaige) leaving the place a bit frustrated. The fromer was alluring, but the outcome of it could lead to problems down the road. Even with her inhibited state. The analytical mind of a Gaige was still functioning just not at peak peformance.

Dr. Stygian would try to fight the wants of her body as she spoke. It was harder, but she manage. "You won't regert being a test subject, but I rather do that when my mind is clearer. Assistant. I let you have dessert some other time~" It would look like Gaige would be the one to fold first as she walk back her comment a bit. Not that Gaige confidence was wavering, but she knew when to make a tactical retreat when its needed. Still she did so with a small tease.

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